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Fewer Apps Than A Cell Phone, But Far More Useful

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Iosso Products New Lubricant Keeps Zippers Free Flowing -- Especially Important for Your Life Jacket

ACCESSORIES ---- Various useful boating products

FreezeFrames Cool Eye Wear Solves Puffy, Tired Eyes

No doubt after spending time on the water with the sun glaring down, your eyes may be tired and puffy. Now there's a solution in a new product created by a nurse offering a way to alleviate bad eye days. The dual function of FreezeFrames offers stylish wearability and convenient functionality for both men and women who are on the go and involved in outdoor sports. With this product you can stay refreshed on a hot day and/or soothe allergic puffiness. It's even good to revitalize after a long flight and relieve computer, dry eye strain and more.

Alison Read invented the cooling eyewear and her patented Gel-Pad attachments soothe the puffy and tired eyes with gentle cooling compression similar to how a nurse might apply ice to swollen, symptomatic eye areas. Her treatment solution magnetically clicks into place within the freezeFrames casing and they are anatomically engineered to target zone-specific problematic eye areas.

Included in the purchased package is:

One (1) pair stylish sunglasses for everyday wear and is readily available for 'bad eye days"; Four (4) reusable cool therapy gel-pads to go on any of the seven (7) magnetic attachment sites; One (1) Gel-Pad storage freezer pouch, and One (1) thermal travel case gel-lined with pockets built in for the Gel-Pads.

Available for $89.95 exclusively on-line at web site with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

For more information please go to

For more information please go to

Eliminate Mold and Mildew and Prevent Rust with Air-Dryr by Davis Instruments

Everyone knows that musty, dank odor. It's a sign that mold and mildew have taken hold. Worse yet, it signals that damage such as rust may be happening. It's easy to eliminate the humidity that causes these problems with Air-Dryr from Davis Instruments. Perfect for boats, RVs, vaults, small rooms and storage units, it's inexpensive 24/7 insurance against the ravages of moist air.

Using Air-Dryr is as simple as plugging it into a 110/120V outlet. Placed low to the ground, it draws in cool, moist air via convection and warms it to above dew point. It has no switches or moving parts, so operation is completely silent.
Air-Dryr is safe to use and can be handled when plugged in. A thermal cutoff switches off the device in case airflow becomes blocked. UL Listed, its housing is built from rugged polycarbonate for a long service life and the occasional hard knock.

Two sizes are offered. Air-Dryr 500 has a 70 watt heating element and handles up to 500 cu. ft., yet draws only 0.6 amps. It measures 14" L x 5" W x 4.5" H. With a 130 watt heating element, Air-Dryr 1000 takes care of up to 1,000 cu. ft. of space. Drawing only 1.1 amps, it is 13.5" dia. x 4.25" H. Air-Dryr 500 costs $65.99; Air-Dryr 1000 costs $79.99.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;

Getting Onto and Off A Boat Has Never Been Safer Thanks to the Safashor Dock Model

Getting onto and off a boat is difficult, especially when it's moving or for those with limited mobility. Falls are common and can be quite dangerous. With the Safashor Dock Model, boarding and exiting a vessel has never been safer. Permanently mounted to a fixed dock, it lowers to form a wide, handled gangplank that's easy to traverse. It's an important step in keeping the whole family involved in boating.

Tested to hold up to 350 lbs., the Safashor Dock Model is built in the USA of T61/63 marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel. The slip-resistant 38" standard gangplank works with tidal fluctuations up to 4'. It's ideal for use with private and commercial vessels 21'–36' long with 24"–38" high gunnel walls. Using the Safashor Dock Model couldn't be easier. From the dock, the gangplank is lifted slightly and allowed to deploy forward to the boat. The two-piece, telescoping adjustable handle is then set into place. An available second handle can be used for even greater security. Once done, it stows upright and out of the way. Check out the video at <>

Installing the Safashor Dock Model is simple. The mounting chassis is pre-drilled and adjustable for a wide range of applications. It attaches in minutes using 6–10 bolts and washers. It's also easy to maintain, requiring an occasional spray lubrication and bolt tightening, as needed. For locales with tidal ranges more than 4', 50" and 62" gangplanks with hydraulic shock dampers are available. Higher than average docks may use the optional drop-down extension bracket that reduces the gangplank pitch.

The Safashor Dock Model comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. It has an MSRP of $1,795 FOB. For more information contact Safashor Products International, 5900 Orange Ave., Fort Pierce, FL 34947. 772-828-2696. Web Site

Ritchie Helmsman New Compass Bests Digital Technologies

GPS receivers and other digital technologies transformed marine navigation, but they're no substitute for a compass, especially when there's no power. The HF-743 Helmsman Flush Mount CombiDial has all the superior build quality and features Ritchie Navigation is renowned for, and does something no GPS can: display an actual heading. The HF-743 Helmsman has a 3-3/4" CombiDamp dial with a hardened steel gimbal movement set on a matched sapphire jewel. Its polished dome has 45° lubber lines for easy reference. Integrated compensators adjust easily for deviation and powerful DirectiveForce magnets ensure fast heading lock-on. It has a moveable sun shield and built-in 12V green NiteVu illumination; a red lighting kit is available. Solidly built with high-temperature composite construction, it's available in black or white.
Easy to install by OEMs and DIYers, the 5-1/8" wide HF-743 Helmsman Flush Mount CombiDial fits a standard 4" mounting hole and requires only four screws. 6" adapter rings are available. It's 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

For over 160 years, Ritchie Navigation has guided generations of recreational boaters and professional mariners. Its Ready to Boat program provides free online boating safety education to new owners, through OEMs and dealers. It counters the growing trend of sole reliance on GPS for navigation as well as utilizing undersized compasses.

For more information please contact Ritchie Navigation, 243 Oak St., Pembroke, MA 02359. 781-826-5131., Web site:

CGEAR Sand-FreeBackpack

I tried this new product both when I went fishing and also boating -- and it's excellent. CGEAR Sand-Free Backpack is a versatile beach bag designed to be as functional as it is durable. It features a see-through mesh body, fold-over top, hanging loop, and a zippered bottom compartment made from the only patented sand-free technology on the market. I loaded it with a lot of my fishing equipment when I went ocean fishing -- and found the bag free of sand even when I put it down on the sane. It also worked great in my kayak. When a motorboat caused a wave to splash on the bag - both fishing gear and my iPhone - everything remained dry.

It's similar to the company's sand-free totes but with the convenience of over-the-back carry, and this bag is perfect for a range of outdoor and water-related activities and adventures.

Hassle-Free Durability – In addition to its open-mesh design, this bag uses only high-quality PE / PVC material to ensure extreme durability and resistance to water, stains, mold, and UV damage.


The company's proprietary system works by staggering precisely engineered layers to form a type of conveyor belt. As you walk, particles of sand, dirt, and dust naturally sift through the fabric. Because the layers are staggered, sand can only go one way (out), so debris won’t come up through the bag when you set it down. Because only high quality material is used, this bag is quick-dry, won't have that moldy smell, and is UV resistant.

In addition to its zippered bottom compartment, the CGEAR Sand-Free Backpack has an internal sand-free pocket, adjustable polymer buckles, and a fold-over top that can accommodate different sized loads.


Dimensions: 19” (H) x 16.5” (W)
Weight: 1.06lbs
Perfect for carrying a CGEAR Sandlite Beach Mat – as well as towels, toys, refreshments, snacks, and more.

Sand-Free Weave Technology
Mold-Free Material
UV Resistant


Get FREE Shipping when you order any Backpack.*

For more information or to order, contact CGEAR, 1017 N. La Cienega Blvd., #216, Hollywood, CA 90067.

Onboard Air Conditioning Is Safer With Smartplug

As summer draws near, many boaters are planning overnight cruises. To sleep comfortably, they'll rely on factory installed or portable air conditioners. These appliances, however, can put tremendous electrical loads on outdated, twist-type shore power electrical connections, leaving owners wide-eyed awake wondering if their older plug is going to overheat and catch fire. Using the revolutionary SmartPlug not only greatly improves onboard safety, but allows cruisers the worry-free rest they need.

The amperage draw of an air conditioner can be substantial. Whether the power is 30 or 50 amp service, as the unit cycles off and on, sharp peak loads are generated. This is on top of other appliances, lighting, pumps, toilets and all the other sundry items plugged in throughout the boat. Traditional shore power plugs have thin blades with just enough metal touching to make an electrical connection. Age-related corrosion reduces this contact further. This causes resistance, resulting in overheating and the potential for arcing and fire, especially as those massive, sudden loads from A/C units are placed on it. A common symptom that this is happening is a slight browning of the plastic around the pins in the boat-side inlet.
SmartPlug Systems' approach is different. Its revolutionary shore power plug and inlet is a robust pin and clip design with over 20 times the metal-to-metal contact than old fashioned connections. The unique design easily—and safely—accommodates the large power loads placed on it.

Unlike clumsy twist-type connectors that require aligning both the L blade and threading the locking collar, the waterproof SmartPlug pushes straight in and clips in place. It's asymmetrical, so it's foolproof to use, even in dimly lit conditions with one hand. Installing the SmartPlug is an easy DIY project with common household tools. It has the same cutout and mounting hole pattern as older, twist-type inlets. With a Retro-Fit Kit, owners can save some money by using their existing cable.

The SmartPlug meets or exceeds all current certification requirements and is available in 30 and 50 amp. The inlet cover is offered in stainless steel, or non-metallic white, grey or black to match any boat décor. A matching 30 and 50 amp Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter is available, as is a phone/TV/data inlet.

For more information please contact SmartPlug Systems, 2500 Westlake Ave N., Ste. G, Seattle, WA 98109-2262. 206-285-2990; Fax: 206-285-2981.;;

Fewer Apps Than A Cel Phone, But Far More Useful

Cell phones have their place onboard, but even with all their apps they can't compare with the Snap Tool Multi-Key from Davis Instruments. About the same size, it packs 19 of the most useful boat tools into a pocket-sized package that doesn't need charging, won't break if dropped and will open a bottle at the end of the day.

The multiple award-winning and patented Snap Tool Multi-Key has four SAE and three metric hex wrenches. Add slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers, a scraper and line cutting blade, and it's a toolbox that can be carried in a back pocket.
The Snap Tool Multi-Key was designed by boat owners who know firsthand the problems that plague boaters everywhere. That's why they added a button snapper and unsnapper and zipper pull for those stubborn fabric accessories. A deck plate key, it opens all common deck caps and its shackle tool is perfect for unscrewing corroded and rusty pins. There's even a hole to attach a lanyard. The bottle opener is a given.

Made from thick and strong hardened 304 stainless steel that won't break or corrode, Snap Tool Multi-Key was meant to be used in all marine environments. It measures 2.75" W x 4.48" L, weighs a mere 2.8 oz. and sells for $13.99.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;

Seasucker Party Barge Is A Cup Holder on Steroids

The anchor's dropped, music cranked, LEDs are pulsing—it's party time. Whether in the cockpit or attached to the outside of the hull, SeaSucker's Party Barge is the ultimate portable bar. It holds it all: beer, liquor and mixer bottles, cans, wine glasses, koozies, and even salt, limes, olives and cherries. It's a cup holder on steroids.

Made in the USA, the Party Barge features five deep 3–1/2" cup holders, a center 4–3/8" hole for a standard two-liter bottle and two outer 5–1/8" round or square holes with adjustable arms that lock a bottle—and its valuable contents—into place. A raised ring is the ideal spot for garnishes. At 22" L x 16" W, Party Barge has the capacity to keep the party going for hours. And because it's made with stainless steel and UV-resistant materials, it's built to last, even in extreme environments.
A fully stocked Party Barge is heavy, but no match for a 6" SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. Unlike a suction cup that loses its holding power as soon as it's applied, the SeaSucker Vacuum Mount holds an astounding 210 lbs. on a wide range of surfaces without leaving a mark. The Horizontal Party Barge uses one 6" SeaSucker Vacuum Mount and costs $200; the Vertical version has two mounts and costs $300. Both are available in black or white.

For more information contact SeaSucker, LLC, 1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203. 941-900-1850.;;

Compact Ski Tow From Acorn Marine Fits Any Transom

Many boaters would like to add a ski tow to the stern of their boat, but don't want to further clutter what is often an already busy space. Many boaters would like to add a ski tow to the stern of their boat, but don't want to further clutter what is often an already busy space. The Flush-Mounted Ski Tow from Accon Marine keeps the transom free of protruding hardware while providing a discreet and secure point for attaching such a line.

Made from durable 316 stainless steel for optimal strength and corrosion resistance, the patented, four-piece assembly consists of the main body, a sealing cup, backing plate and gasket. Installation is a simple matter of drilling a 2.5" hole and attaching the hardware with four 1/4" stainless screws. The recurved hook design faces back into itself for safety, while still providing an accessible attachment point that works with any standard tow rope.

Measuring just 3.5" square and 1.25" deep, the Accon Flush-Mounted Ski Tow is functional and effective, while neatly blending with the décor of any vessel. The MSRP is $48.26. For more information contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762. 727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.

Popular Pick Available in Shorter Model

A versatile tool is indispensable to boaters, and Beckson Marine has long been a trusted source of such quality marine accessories. Its new 5.5" Shipmate Stainless Pick/Probe provides the same unparalleled dependability and versatility of the original 7" model, now in a more compact and manageable package. With its simple yet durable design, the 5.5" pick/probe is perfect for use while boating, hunting, fishing or camping, as well as for a wide range of household jobs. In addition to chipping or splitting large chunks of ice, it can be a hole starter, leather and thin sheet metal awl, scraper, digger and even a lobster pick once adequately cleaned.

The 2.5" stainless steel blade does not flex under normal use. Its unbreakable marine plastic handle ensures a lifetime of reliable utility. The specially designed handle fits anyone's hand, with a shape that prevents it from accidentally rolling off counters and decks.

The 5.5" Shipmate Stainless Pick/Probe comes in a gift box and includes a mounting clip and two screws. It also arrives with a sheath to protect the blade during storage and makes a great holiday present.

Suggested retail price for the 5.5" Beckson Shipmate Stainless Pick/Probe is $20. The 7" model costs $21.25. Custom colored handles and logos are available upon request with quantity orders. Contact Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605. Email:; Visit <>

Convenient Tool & Knife Holder Now in Stylish Acrylic

Having tools and knives scattered about a boat is inefficient and downright dangerous. SeaSucker's Pro Series Tool Holder organizes and secures this gear, and mounts where it's most convenient to the boater—without drilling any holes. In time for the fall boat shows, it's now available in clear acrylic to match any décor, from classic to modern.

Made in the USA, the Pro Series Tool Holder has 17 assorted slots and holes to fit a wide range of implements. Its 11" L x 5" W acrylic or white high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shelf has room for knives, pliers, dehookers, snips, lures and hooks. In the galley, it holds large and small kitchen utensils. When doing a small repair job, it conveniently keeps tools within arm's reach. When it's time for a new project, it's easily moved to where it's needed and stowed when finished. The adaptability of the Pro Series Tool Holder is due to its powerful 4.5" vacuum mount. It holds an impressive 120 pounds—a far cry from a common suction cup that begins to lose its seal as soon as it's applied. It adheres to any clean, non-porous surface, including textured and curved.

The Pro Series Tool Holder is built for a harsh marine environment. Its components are UV-stabilized and all hardware is stainless steel. The new acrylic Pro Series Tool Holder costs $125; the HDPE version is $80. For more information contact SeaSucker, LLC, 1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203. 941-900-1850.;;;;

Clean Clothes Anywhere, Anytime!

Wash Clothes Faster - in 3-5 minutes per load - and wash them cleaner (no more dirty sinks), plus use less water (3-6L - 1.5 gal.) per load) with the Flexible Internal Washboard when you use the Scrubba Wash Bag. It's lightweight, features a waterproof fabic (Polyesther-Tru Lining); has a super grip backing; a valve for releasing air, a roll down clip, a transparent window, and an Ultra-Flexible Washboard.

There are just 6 easy steps to free laundry:

Fill bag, roll & clip, deflate, rub, rinse and dry!

For more information check web site

It's perfect for campers, backpackers, hikers, boaters and kayakers, business and vacation traverlers, RVers, aid workers, climbers, cruisers - and anywhere you want to save money and wear fresh clothing.

Trailer Moving is Easier With PARKIT360.

With the arrival of spring, owners are moving boats out of storage, only to remember how difficult it is to back a trailer. Parkit360 Force 5K and 10K electric powered trailer dollies move up to 5,000 and 10,000 lbs., respectively, over almost any terrain, easily turning tight corners and safely maneuvering around obstacles. Parkit360 dollies are completely self-contained, and small and light enough to fit into the trunk of a compact sedan. A conventional 12V battery powers a robust 1.5 hp Bosch electric motor with a built-in charger and monitor. 4" wide tires provide massive traction, even up slight grades.

Using a Force 5K or 10K electric powered trailer dolly is completely intuitive. Once the device is quickly attached to the included 1–7/8", 2", 2–5/16" or 50mm ball using Parkit360's proprietary Stableloc technology, a thumb toggle switch on the handle controls forward and reverse. The user simply walks behind the trailer with the ability to see exactly where everything is at all times. If the trailer is equipped with electric or surge brakes, they can be connected to apply when the device is in the neutral position. A video of it in use is at

Parkit360 trailer dollies come with a 2-year warranty and start at $1,095, with online pricing commonly available.
For more information contact Parkit360, 130 Industrial Ave. Unit 600, Carleton Place, ON, Canada K7C 3T2. Toll-free 888-926-5517.,

Launching Small Boats Easy With Wheel-A-Weigh 

Unlike their larger brothers, small boats typically aren't launched from a trailer. Owners tend to wrestle them to water's edge, often damaging hulls and backs in the process. With Davis Instruments' Wheel-a-Weigh™ launching wheels, one person is all it takes to easily roll a RIB, rowboat, dinghy or inflatable with hard transom to the shoreline. Best of all, the innovative device doesn't even need to be removed to use the vessel.

Wheel-a-Weigh is built to last using 316 stainless steel. The pivot brackets install easily on a wood, fiberglass or aluminum transom. Mounted as wide as possible, they accommodate an outboard and provide maximum stability when rolling. Attached using quick-release detent pins, the robust wheel assemblies can be flipped up and locked into position when the boat is in the water, or simply removed.

Offered in two sizes, Wheel-a-Weigh Standard is perfect for boats up to 220 lbs. Weighing a mere 9.4 lbs., it has 10" inflatable tires with non-corrosive hubs that accommodate almost any terrain.

For boats up to 330 lbs., Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty comes with 14" inflatable tires with non-corrosive roller bearing hubs. Its unique curved frames are engineered to move the point of balance forward to make rolling even easier. It weighs 15.9 lbs.

 Davis Instruments' Wheel-a-Weigh Standard sells for $169.99 and Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty, $259.99.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA  94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;

Wicks Means Sweat-Free Vision to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

If you're tired of blurred vision or stinging eyes from sweat, Wicks has come up with a strip that keeps the sweat from your eyes that can be used while boating, riding a bike, gardening chores, kayaking or, performing any sports activity or while working. They are great for any physically demanding activity where “Sweat Free Vision” is a must. When sweat drips into your eyes or onto your glasses it blurs your vision and stings your eyes.

After trying to wipe my eyes one crash too many, while mountain biking, the inventor - Joseph Vanderwoort -I thought there had to be a better way to keep sweat out of his eyes and s came up with WICKS. Standard Helmet Pads and Head/Sweat Bands just aren’t as effective, functional and simple as Wicks are.

Wicks comes in 10 pair backs for $7.99 and in an assortment of colors. For more information, please check web site

Outdoor Edge’s New Grill-Beam Tongs and Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula Cast a New Light on Grilling

I've tried just about every grill light known to man or woman over the past few years -- and all failed to please me. They were either bulky to hold, wouldn't stay attached to the grill, or fell apart shortly after purchase.

Now I'm a happy griller (as is my friend who owns a big boat with a grill on board -- for Outdoor Edge, the company that combines functional design with the sharpest steels and hand craftsmanship to create high-quality knives and tools, has made the barbequing season a delight --- with the introduction of its new illuminating Grill-Beam Tongs and Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula combo. These innovative, patented grilling tools are so easy to use and lit up my outdoor barbeque perfectly.

The Grill-Beam BBQ tools integrate powerful, 22-lumen AA LED flashlights in their spring-loaded tong pivots to put the spotlight on your culinary masterpiece. Designed for versatility, both the Grill-Beam Tongs and the Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula feature unique sliding shafts that telescope and lock for the option of a shorter, more controllable 14-5/8 inch tool, or expand to a full 17 inches in length to safely work a flaming grill or campfire. Both Grill-Beam models keep the chef happy and hydrated with a built-in bottle opener. The Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula combo feature an added grill cleaning notch and serrated edge to cut into the meat and check for doneness.

Crafted of sturdy, dishwasher-safe, 304 stainless steel, matched with a heat-resistant Zytel glass/nylon handle, the Grill-Beam tools are built strong enough to lift a heavy roast and will ensure a lifetime of use. A clip mounted at the end of each Grill-Beam makes them easy to close and store away. They are also lightweight, weighing in at only 16.6 oz.

The Grill-Beam Tongs and the Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula have suggested retail prices of $35.95 and $39.95, respectively. The Grill-Beams are available at retailers nationwide as well as conveniently online at For more information on the BBQ sets visit the website or an Outdoor Edge retailer.

About Outdoor Edge: Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Denver, Outdoor Edge is a leading designer and manufacturer of knives and tools. Today, Outdoor Edge continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art products—not only for outdoor enthusiasts and game processors—but everyday carry tools for survivalists, handymen and others who require the very best knives available for their leisure, work and everyday carry needs. The company prides itself in offering a variety of products that undergo extensive field-testing in harsh, rugged environments resulting in durable, long-lasting products that come with a lifetime guarantee. For additional information on Outdoor Edge and its full line of products, write to: Outdoor Edge, 5000 Osage Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80221; call toll-free (800) 447-3343; email; or visit

ShoreStation's New Power Curtain Shields Boats from Sun and Debris

Protecting docked boats from the sun's relentless UV rays, as well as windblown debris, is a push-button cinch with ShoreStation's new ShoreScreen Power Curtain. Designed to install under a canopy, it shields valuable wakesport boats, luxury pontoons and other high-end vessels on all four sides.Engineered to fit new or existing ShoreStation canopies, the Power Curtain's black SunTex 80 woven mesh absorbs and dissipates most of the sun's heat, yet allows substantial air flow to circulate, combatting mold and mildew growth on the boat. When fully extended, the curtain is 7' long.

Two 12V DC motors, installed on opposite corners of the frame, roll the Power Curtain up under the canopy frame when boaters are headed out for a cruise. All four sides retract as one, wrapping around the Keder Track Roll Bar System without cables or pulleys.

Operation is simple with either the included wireless remote or dockside toggle switch. The ShoreScreen Power Curtain runs off an existing boat lift battery. Owners of ShoreStation FlexPower lifts can use a single remote for both products.
Designed exclusively for ShoreStation, the Power Curtain is maintenance free and utilizes a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. Microban technology in the fabric prevents mildew from forming on the curtain when rolled up. For boaters in northern climates, the ShoreScreen simply rolls up onto the canopy frame for winter storage.

It's easily installed by just two people in as little as two hours. Kits are available to fit ShoreStation canopy frames that are 24', 26' or 30' long. Suggested retail prices of the ShoreScreen Power Curtain start at $3,700.

For more information please ontact ShoreStation, a division of Midwest Industries, 122 E State Hwy 175, Ida Grove, IA 51445. 800-859-3028; Fax: 712-364-3361.

Trekking's Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towels

No matter where you're going or what you're doing, pack up one or more of Trekking's Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towels. It's great whether you're sweating or drying off -- and especially useful if you're involved in archery, boating, fishing, picniking, camping, hiking, shooting and more.

I tried the large 58” x 34” towel that weighs under 6 oz and packs into very small spaces. It’s large enough to wear as a sarong or wrap, and perfect for swimming or bathing! It makes an instant shawl for sun protection, and a wonderful travel blanket for the plane, car or train. I even tried it to cover my legs while paddling my kayak! For the serious backpacker, the 3 oz. half-size 34” x 28” towel is just right. Either size dries so fast, you won’t think you even had it wet.

For traveling minimalists, there’s an even smaller version weighing about 1.3 oz and about 19" square. Use it as a towel, neckerchief or headgear.
The Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel dries faster than any other towel on the market. Unlike microfiber towels that can take time to dry, the Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel dries quickly and is ready to use again in no time!

These towels offer superior odor resistance due to their Silver antimicrobial technology, so no need to worry about funky odors that come from bacteria. The Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel will stay clean and fresher between washings!

Both beautiful and functional, the Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel comes in vibrant patterns and colors that won’t fade. These towels range from $14.95 to $59.95.

For more information, please visit or contact Chicblvd Inc 2, 820 Los Vallecitos Ste A-C, San Marcos, CA 92069 United States

Snap Stick Keeps Marine Closures Working Like New

Few  things can be more frustrating than snaps and zippers that stick, refusing to operate properly. It's a common problem for boaters, and often related to corrosion.

Snap-Stick is a solid lubricant from Shurhold that protects snaps and zippers from the effects of corrosion and grime build up to ensure they always work well. Users simply dab the product to the male side of a snap, then fasten it to lubricate both halves of the closure. For zippers, boaters can rub the Snap Stick along the length of an open zipper, then close and open it several times to fully work the lubricant between the teeth. A single application provides up to three full months of protection.

Snap Stick comes in a 0.45 oz. twist-stick tube that ensures a controlled application without any messy residue on the surrounding area. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, and won't harm fabrics, plastics or metals. This handy lubricant works on snaps and zippers on tents, golf bags, wetsuits, and more. It can even be applied to keys, perfect for keeping locks working smoothly. Snap Stick retails for $6.48.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

For more details please contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990.800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.

Coghlans All Weather Wallet

Tired of having water splash on your driver's & fishing license or other valuables? Then purchase Coghlans All Weather Waterproof Wallet that's only 4.5" x 6.25" and provides waterproof protection for hunting/fishing licenses, permits/receipts, money & other valuables. Its PVC construction with zip lock closure is a sure way to safeguard your important papers

For more information contact Coghlans at web site

Joby's Convertible Neck Strap Helps Safeguard Your Camera

JOBY recently launched two new products – Pro Sling Strap and Convertible Neck Strap. New to the Pro Series, the Pro Sling Strap is designed with a SpeedCinch pulley system, which allows photographers to quickly secure their DSLR camera to their needs. The Convertible Neck Strap is a 2-in-1 strap, which goes from a neck strap to a wrist strap.

Made of high-quality weave from France, the Convertible Neck Strap has quick-release buckles and an always-on wrist strap.

For more information contact Joby at;;;; or

Unburn Sunburn Relief

You had such a good time boating, that you didn't realize the sun was burning your skin - that is, until you got home and felt as though your skin was on fire.

Unburn provides fast relief of pain associated with sunburns. Unburn has been specially formulated by WATER-JEL Technologies – the world leader in emergency burn care and first-aid products. WATER-JEL Technologies provides state-of-the-art emergency burn care and first-aid products to various services, including All Services of the U.S. Military Armed Forces• Sea Air Rescue
Fire/EMS/Formula 1 Motor Racing Worldwide• Manufacturing Facilities
• Food Services• Industry
and even boaters in addition to providing emergency burn care and first-aid products for people from all walks of life who want the confidence and preparedness to handle burn emergencies in their homes.

Unburn is a topical water based gel for fast sunburn relief that actually draws the heat out of the burn to cool the skin. 

Unlike standard aloe vera gel that seals in the heat from a burn and cool, Unburn removes the heat for fast healing and relief. It's a great product to have on hand for archers, hikers, or anyone spending a good amount of time outdoors.

• The gel controls cooling by acting as a heat exchanger
• The gel promotes heat transfer through the gel into the air
• As the sunburn-affected area’s skin temperature drops, convection decreases heat until the burned area and gel are equal in temperature
Formulated with 2.5% Lidocaine, Unburn gives you quick pain relief in addition to Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe the skin and prevent peeling.

Unburn is available available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles and available at Walmart, and other stores nationwide. An 8 oz bottle of Unburn is family-sized, good for vacations, barbecues, and camping trips and sells for $11.99.

Dependable Cable Sets Deliver Safe Shore Power

Years of innovation result in industry-leading products. With Hubbell Marine's sole focus on electrical equipment, its 50 amp Ship-to-Shore cable sets provide dependable, safe options for powering up onboard. Hubbell's 50 amp cable sets feature LEDs with green "Power-On" and red "Incorrect Wiring" indicators at the power source. These safety features immediately warn boat owners of live or dangerous connections. The durable, high-intensity LEDs are visible even in bright sunlight.

Each vinyl-jacketed cable set is factory pre-wired with molded-on male and female ends for superior waterproofing. They incorporate a special flex design to help prevent the terminations from loosening—even when the cord is severely bent or stressed. Inside, Hubbell's exclusive copper crimp barrel terminations provide tighter connections for longer life. A threaded, stainless steel sealing ring at the connector end makes the inlet interface secure and watertight. A thermoset (Bakelite®) interior helps resist high heat that could damage a boat.

Hubbell Marine 50 amp Ship-to-Shore Cable Sets are available in 125V or 125/250V models, with yellow or white jackets in 25' or 50' lengths. Retail prices start at $500. The company also offers adapters to power a 50 amp boat from one or two 30 amp dockside receptacles. Its products meet USCG requirements, are UL listed and have ABYC approval.

For more information contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484. 475-882-4838;

Iosso Products New Lubricant Keeps Zippers Free Flowing

Spending a lot of time outdoors means that zippers and snaps will inevitably become difficult to work with.  E-Z Snap zipper and snap lubricant from Iosso Products reduces wear, friction and binding caused by water, tree sap, insects and more.         

E-Z Snap protects snaps, zippers, hinges and hardware from the corrosion, dust and grime that makes these devices stick.  Its non-hazardous formula does not contain any solvents, silicone or Teflon.  It will not stain or damage surrounding fabric or surfaces.  And it won’t evaporate or run in hot weather.        

The lubricant is also easy to use.  RV owners simply clean the surface removing any sand, dirt or debris and put a small amount of E-Z Snap directly to the head of a snap, along a zipper or on the barrel of a hinge.  It is easily distributed as the zipper or snap is used.  To prolong the life and usability of zippers and snaps, RV enthusiasts should reapply E-Z Snap periodically and prior to storage periods.          

Iosso Products has been supplying innovative and environmentally friendly products to the outdoor and RV markets for over 25 years.    

From Iosso Products, a 1.5 ounce tube of E-Z Snap has a retail price of $5.46.

Contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove, IL 60007.  Phone: 847-437-8400; Website:*

Be Safe & Stay Healthy With Camp Casey ™ Sanitizing Hand Towels And Spray

Kill 99.99% of Germs And Bacteria That Can Spread Diseases. Camp Casey ™ Sanitizing Hand Towels and Spray are the perfect take-along items for archers, campers, hunters, travelers, or anyone who spends time in the outdoors where soap and water may not be readily available. The convenient 8” x 5” hand towels come sealed in individual packets so they never dry out. The sanitizer kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria.

The 2-ounce spray contains the same formula as the towels. The sanitizer dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue or odor. The towels and spray work great for removing dirt, lead, grease, and bacteria. Camp Casey Sanitizing products are a must for anyone who needs a quick and easy clean up. The 25 pack of the hand towels has a suggested retail price of $7.10 and the spray bottle $5.30.

For more information, consumers can log onto the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7900 Fuller Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2195 or call 800.328.6156 x7933.

Davis Instruments Ultimate Key Ring Prevents Sinking of Keys, Tools and More 

Water can be a black hole for boaters, anglers, swimmers and other outdoor enthusiasts' keys and small tools.  Not anymore, thanks to the innovative Key Buoy from Davis Instruments.  If the Key Buoy should fall into the water, the patented, self-inflating key ring automatically pops open, inflates its air tube and rises to the surface. 

In as little as 60 seconds, owners can get back their keys, small tools or deck plate keys weighing up to 2.8 oz.  A convenient, bright orange 14" air tube makes the versatile Key Buoy easy to spot and retrieve.  It maintains buoyancy for over an hour.

A great, practical gift, the compact Key Buoy measures just 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/2" and weighs merely 1.1 oz.  Made entirely out of plastic, it can be recycled after use.  Suitable for single use only, owners should keep a spare on hand.

The suggested retail price of the economical Key Buoy from Davis Instruments is $6.99. 

Contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA  94545.  510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188; E-mail; or go to web site for more information. 

The Sport 20 Armpocket

The Armpocket SPORT 20 is great for the environment. Why? Because it's made from recycled materials. The Armpocket Sport 20 is also great when you go boating -- especially when canoeing or kayaking when you want to listen to music, and more, and long for a spare hand.

Stylish and ultra comfortable SPORT 20 has 20 cubic inches of storage capacity, and provides easy-access to your music, cell phone or PDA, keys, ID and more when at the gym, or a training run. It's Also great when attending sport events, concerts, a day of shopping or a walk on the beach. Safe and secure from theft, pick-pockets, or purse-snatchers.

Available with a window for touch-sensitive electronics, or an easy-access front pocket it sells for approximately $29.95, you can select the strap size (Medium for arm size 10-15 inches; Small for arm size 8-11 inches), or even smaller straps. Available in black and pink it's a must-have.

For details check web site

Tappening Water Bottles

Thanks to the 'Tappening' campaign, there has been a national movement to encourage people to make tap their water of choice, whenever possible. The campaign and its website,, both launched only in November 2008, have served to educate the public about the wastefulness, excessive cost, and pollution of the Earth caused by the bottled water industry. The Tappening founders - Eric Yaverbaum and Mark DiMassimo - introduced their own line of bottles that are reusable. Their entire initial inventory of 39,000 plastic reusable bottles sold out in 36 hours after launch of the website. To date, over 300,000 Tappening bottled have been sold. What are the bottles made of and what are the benefits?

The 100% BPA-free plastic bottles are available in green or bue. The Green bottle says "Think Global, Drink Local;" the Blue bottle says "What's Tappening?" They sell for $124.95 each plus $3 S&H. The stainless teel bottles are available in silver, blue, gold and red at $18.95 plus $3 S&H. ABCs 'Good Morning America' cited the Tappening bottle as being "one of the hottest products for 2008," calling it a "hip new reusable water bottle."

Today, the company also makes a Tappening Message-In-A-Bag from yesterday's discarded single-serve water bottles and yogurt containers. The message on the bag is "Think Global, Drink Local" and it sells for $49.95 plus $3 s&H. All of the money raised via the sales of the bottles and bags has gone directly back iinto the educational website and campaign. Both the bottles and bags are available for purchase at web site

PowrTran's Push of a Button Tilts Motor Safely Out of Water

Launching, loading and cruising in shallow water is challenging when an outboard has to be tilted out of the water˜especially on short notice. The PT10SS Powr Tilt by PowrTran angles outboards completely out of harm's way at 72° with just the push of a button.

Powr Tilt features PowrTran's exclusive electro-mechanical linear actuator. With no messy hydraulics to pollute the water and air, the actuator has "zero creep" and will stay precisely where positioned.

Marine-sealed, the actuator operates for years in a harsh, wet environment. It requires no maintenance, is easy to repair, and carries a two-year warranty.

Rated for motors up to 40 hp, and weighing only 15 lbs., the PT10SS can be installed in 30 minutes without special tools or removing the motor. Simple wiring allows the unit to be operated from anywhere in the boat.

Ideal for pontoons, small boats, dinghies, inflatables and kicker engines, the 14"-long PT10SS Powr Tilt retails for $335. PowrTran also offers similar products combining trim and tilt functions. Its PTT60SS is for motors up to 130 hp and the PTT60PSS works with clamp-on engines up to 50 hp. Additionally, the company carries an array of jack plates and power steering units, all featuring electro-mechanical linear actuators.

For more information contact PowrTran by Janal Distribution Inc., 24253 Cty. Rd. 7, St. Cloud, MN 56301. 800-466-7697; Fax: 320-203-8870.;

E-pad Laptop Desk Is A Great Convenience-

Ever struggle on your boat trying to be comfortable while using your laptop on your lap? Struggle no more, because Brookstone has created the e-pad. Use it on the seat, in your cabin, wherever. It's a perfect portable workstation for your laptop; it's soft, angled design provides just the right support; it's cushioned to keep your lap cool and comfortable; it has a sturdy surface for e-mailing or just surfing the web; and it's also great for reading, writing and working on your bunk. Available from Brookstone ( and on-line.

Small Fuel Vent Cap Prevents Big Headache

When volatile fuel vapors collect under a shrinkwrapped boat, the stage is set for disaster, so wise owners take certain precautions. After filling the tank and adding fuel stabilizer, it's essential to close the tank and properly cover the fuel vent to prevent dangerous gas fumes from escaping.  This is not a job for duct tape. Dr. Shrink comes to the rescue with an inexpensive plastic fuel vent cap.

The flexible polyethylene cap fits all round fuel vents. It simply pops over the vent for a snug fit and doesn't protrude. The sturdy plastic is recyclable. Dr. Shrink serves the global market as a single-source supplier of shrinkwrap and all installation accessories. All shrinkwrap is 100% virgin resin with maximum UV inhibitors.   The company invented the popular REBAG® Recycling program and is an authorized 3M supplier.

The fuel vent cap retails for 75 cents.

For more information contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; or check web site

Super Grips from Fastening Solutions, Inc.

With Super Grips from Fastening Solutions, Inc. (FSI), you can easily secure heavy electronics, appliances, and portable equipment from shifting or toppling when RVing or boating. Capable of holding up to 100 lb. with two-corner attachments and up to 200 lb. with four-corner attachments, they are non-hardening, the peel and press adhesive pads remove cleanly, are safe for countertops and gloss wood finishes, and if permanent attachment is desired, mounting holes are provided. Available in black, white and gray, the MRV-200 kit is packaged for 2-corner attachment and includes four fasteners, two locking straps, alcohol pads, and instructions. The suggested retail price is $10.95.

Available from FSI, 15230 Burbank Blvd., Suite 106, Van Nuys, CA 91411; 1-800- 232-7836.

Harmony's Johnny Bar

The Johnny Bar is a kayak accessory attachment system that allows rod holders, fish finders, GPS units, outriggers, camera boxes, and just about anything one can think to attach to a kayak, to be attached to a kayak without having to permanently mount them. The Johnny Bar attaches to a kayak's existing deck hardware and can be added and removed in a matter of seconds.

The manufacturer's suggsted retail price is $69.99. For more information, check web site


Watercraft Innovations Introduces Waterproof Amplifier Without Battery Drain

Now, boaters and personal watercraft (PWC) enthusiasts can enjoy the day out on the water even more with their MP3 players, marine stereos or satellite radio.  Watercraft Innovations introduces its new Full Wave Audio Waterproof Stereo Amplifier that's completely submersible and has a low power draw of less than three amps, making it the most efficient amplifier on the market. This robustly designed amp is IP68-rated and comes with the industry's only three-year unconditional replacement warranty.

Designed specifically for applications where battery capacity is limited, this durable amplifier allows users to easily enjoy music for long periods of time while out on their boats, PWCs, kayaks, canoes or ATVs. Featuring digital amplification, it boasts a true 18 W per channel, performing equally to a traditional 80 W unit. Offering crisp clear sound, it has to be heard to be believed.

The remote sealed push buttons let owners easily control power, volume and a mute function from any convenient location. The small profile of this amplifier allows mounting where others can't.

With the Full Wave Audio Amplifier's polyurethane encapsulation, there is no need to worry about corrosion, salt water or vibration. The MP3 connection has a gold-plated 3.5 mm jack and only marine grade wire is used to further withstand harsh marine conditions.

The system comes standard with 15' of PVC jacketed battery leads, 15' of speaker wire leads and a 6' source line. Watercraft Innovations' Full Wave Audio Waterproof Stereo Amplifier has a suggested retail price of $307.60. Watercraft Innovations is a leader in ground-breaking watercraft product development. Offering waterproof audio systems through Full Wave Audio, its other branch PWC Industries developed a unique patented braking system and Safety Alert Lights for PWCs and boats.

For more information contact Watercraft Innovations, 17683 Summerlin Road, Fort Myers, FL 33908. 239-481-0274.,



Anchor Selection Made Easy With Simple Considerations

Many boat owners overlook the importance of an anchor. But in storm conditions, it's often the only thing keeping the boat from dragging into other boats, a structure or onto land. The process of selecting an anchor isn't the challenge many think it is, however. Fortress Marine Anchors offers simple considerations for finding the ideal anchoring solution.

The weight of a fully loaded boat is a major factor, but so too is its dimensions. Most anchor manufacturers offer guides to help choose based on size, but there's more to it. A 30' trawler with a flybridge offers far more windage than a center console or sloop of the same length. Add a light chop and there's a lot of strain on the anchor. A common misconception is that such pull demands sheer weight on the end of the rode. Actually, mass has little to do with an anchor's effectiveness. It's a combination of design, materials and bottom conditions.

Traditional anchor designs are seen more on tattoos than boats these days. For the most part, anchors for recreational use fall into three broad categories: fluke, plow or claw. All three can be used with a bow roller, but only the fluke folds flat so it can fit in an anchor locker. Some can actually be disassembled for easy stowage.
Anchors are made exclusively of metal and while strong, it's actually the weld that typically fails. Stainless and galvanized steel are common, but are often extremely heavy—a consideration when a windlass isn't used and the anchor is brought up on deck by hand. Rustproof aluminum-magnesium alloy offers the advantage of light weight—something that's important to sailors—and the ability to sharpen fluke edges to bite into the bottom for maximum holding power.

The type of seabed is another factor. Mud, vegetation, hard sand, coral and rock all offer challenges and certain styles of anchor work better than others in specific conditions. Some, like the Fortress anchor, adjust to 32° or 45° to optimize effectiveness.

The anchor rode and the scope play an important part in holding power. Even a short 6' length of chain can make a dramatic difference. Spliced to a length of three-strand nylon rope, it helps the anchor pull horizontally to bite into the bottom. A minimum scope of 5:1 is recommended for most conditions, up to 10:1 in storm conditions.

Cost and quality come into play. Some anchors are made in countries with lower quality standards than the US. Examine all welds carefully and inspect the finish for flaws. Top manufacturers offer warranties against damage, some, such as Fortress, include lifetime parts replacement.

Before heading to the store with these considerations in mind, it's helpful to talk to others. Like most things, boat owners are happy to share their opinions, and local knowledge is often invaluable in aiding the decision-making process. Fortress Marine Anchors offers eight models for vessels up to 150'. Prices start at $99.99.

For more information contact Fortress Marine Anchors, 1386 W McNab Rd., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309. Toll-free US only 800-825-6289, 954-978-9988.

See the full range of innovative Fortress Marine Anchors at the Miami International Boat Show, Feb. 15-19, booth C284.

Anglers Can't Go Wrong Choosing a Fortress Anchor

Power poles are useful for fishing shallow, calm water, but when water is deeper and a breeze is building up a chop or a strong tide is running, anchoring is the way to go. And for anglers, the Fortress Marine Anchors FX-7 is hard to beat. Ideal for flats and bass boats, skiffs and center consoles up to 27', it outperforms anchors weighing twice as much.

What separates the FX-7 from traditional anchors is its phenomenal holding power. At a mere 4 lbs., it's fast to deploy—crucial when getting on a hot bite—yet provides a massive 2,800 lbs. of holding power in hard sand. Even in soft, problem mud, it delivers 840 lbs. of grip. The Fortress design is so effective, the US Coast Guard uses the 69 lb. model on its 154' Sentinel-class cutters.

Most owners of small fishing boats choose to stow their anchor instead of installing a line-snagging bow roller. The FX-7 folds flat and disassembles quickly into a compact, easily stored package.

All Fortress anchors are manufactured in the USA of precision-machined, marine-grade, aluminum-magnesium alloy. Faster setting than the competition, their sharpened flukes bite into a wide range of bottoms and are adjustable to 32° or 45° to optimize effectiveness. MSRP for Fortress Marine Anchors' FX-7 is $139.99.

For more information contact Fortress Marine Anchors, 1386 W McNab Rd., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309. Toll-free US only 800-825-6289, 954-978-9988.

Anchoring Packages Take Out the Guesswork

Too often, owners are unsure of what size anchor and how much rode to purchase, how to connect the chain and proper splicing methods. Fortress Marine Anchors takes out the guesswork by offering three complete anchoring packages perfectly sized for everything from small bass boats and pontoons to large sailboats and cabin cruisers. Fortress anchors are unlike any other. They disassemble quickly and easily for storage. They're exceptionally light, yet have commanding holding power. In fact, its largest model, at 69 lbs., was chosen as the main anchor for the Coast Guard's 353 ton, 154' Sentinel-class of cutters.

With the Fortress Commando Small Craft Anchoring System, everything needed to properly and safely anchor a boat is neatly packed in a convenient DuPont Cordura® storage bag. The rust-proof and highly efficient Guardian G-5 anchor is shackled to 6' of 3/16" galvanized steel chain. This is connected to 150' of 1/4" double-braid nylon rope. Developed for boats 12'–16', it weighs a mere 3 lbs.
Fortress FX-7 and FX-11 Complete Anchoring Systems boast anchors that adjust for different seabed conditions. Performance-driven, they're made from precision-machined, marine-grade, aluminum-magnesium alloy. Both come with 15' of 1/4" proof coil chain spliced to 250' of 3/8" three-strand rope and a 1/4" shackle. The FX-7 weighs 4 lbs. and is for boats 16'–27'; the FX-11 weighs 7 lbs. and is for vessels 28'–32'.

The Fortress Commando Small Craft Anchoring System costs $129, and the FX-7 and FX-11 Complete Anchoring Systems cost $299 and $349, respectively.
For more information contact Fortress Marine Anchors, 1386 W McNab Rd., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309. Toll-free US only 800-825-6289, 954-978-9988.

NOTE: See the complete line of Fortress Marine Anchors at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Nov. 1–5, 2017. Bahia Mar/Orange Zone Boating Accessories 201.

Fortress Anchor Chosen for the F/V

Nowhere is it written that an anchor needs to be heavy to be effective. At 21 lbs., Fortress Marine Anchors' FX-37 is easily deployed, yet, in hard sand and 30 kts of wind, it holds up to 12,000 lbs. That's why Capt. Dave Carraro, renowned for his adventures on National Geographic Channel's series Wicked Tuna, outfitted his 44' Calvin Beal F/V with a lightweight and highly efficient FX-37.

The FX-37 is engineered for boats 46'–51'. Like all Fortress anchors, it's adjustable to 32° or 45° to optimize the angle of its shank and sharpened flukes for different seabed conditions.

The anchor deploys effortlessly from a bow roller or by hand. Rustproof and non-magnetic, the FX-37 is made in the USA from a precision-machined, marine-grade, aluminum-magnesium alloy. Unlike comparable steel anchors that weigh twice as much, it can be disassembled for stowage and has no welds to fail. "I can't compare Fortress to any other anchor after 40 years of fishing," said Carraro. "It's lightweight, holds like a mooring and durable." Carraro holds a USCG 100-ton masters license and is also a charter fisherman. His website is

Fortress Marine Anchors' FX-37 costs approximately $499.

Contact Fortress Marine Anchors, 1386 W McNab Rd., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309. Toll-free US only 800-825-6289, 954-978-9988 for more information or go to web site

Rocna Anchors

Rocna Original Galvanized Anchors Are Rock Solid in Every Detail

For exceptional setting and holding power in all bottom conditions, Rocna Original multi-purpose galvanized anchors offer a rock-solid design and RINA type approval to the highest level of Super High Holding Power (SHHP). Recent independent tests have even shown these anchors to exceed the RINA SHHP proof load up to 6.7 times and surpass the breaking strength of the recommended G40 chain by a significant margin.

Extra durable, a hot dip galvanized finish covers the entire surface of every Rocna with protective zinc, including the interior of the hollow roll-bar. Due to its optimized design, these anchors are not susceptible to sudden trip out and will remain embedded if dragged under extreme loads.

The roll-bar ensures instant-set and that the anchor always lands on the ideal angle for penetration. It also reinforces the blade for massive strength. The blade toe contains no lead, yet its high weight ratio, paired with a sharp chisel tip, provides a reliable set every time. In soft seabeds, the setting skids even elevate the heel and direct the tip for a superior set. Environmentally friendly, owners don't have to worry about anchor drag with the Rocna. Constructed from high-tensile steel, the shank is designed for self launching of the anchor.

For vessels of all sizes, the RINA type approved Rocna Original line ranges in weights of 9-243 lbs. with larger models up to 606 lbs. available. The line is also offered in a stainless steel finish. The company's Fisherman anchor is designed for owners who re-anchor frequently. Rocna Original Galvanized Anchors have suggested retail prices starting at $159.99.

Contact Rocna Anchors, PO Box 340 064, Birkenhead, Auckland, 0746, New Zealand. North American distributor Suncoast Marine Ltd., #395 – 2242 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 5X6; dealer locator:

Slide Anchor

Slide Anchor's Box Anchor Compact and Reliable

When perfectly positioned to land a prize catch, anglers need a dependable anchor.  That's why they trust Slide Anchor's Box Anchor to hold tight in any water depth, bottom conditions or severe weather.

With no chain and weighing only 13 lbs., the Box Anchor won't load down small boats, so anglers can quickly get to the fish. Using only half the usual anchor line, the Box Anchor's fixed scoop design and narrow side panels quickly set it like a cookie cutter in sand, mud, grass or rock.

Its narrow side panels also eliminate upward resistance for easy retrieval. Should wind or current change, the Box Anchor rolls over and resets in seconds. A stainless steel stabilizing arm and spring make it easy to lock open.  The Box Anchor collapses flat for compact storage.

This unique anchor comes in four models, each with a storage bag. A 13-lb. "Baby" is perfect for bass boats and costs $109.95.  The 20-lb. "Small" retails for $129.95 to hold sport boats 18'-30' or cabin cruisers to 24', while the 25-lb. "Large" is for sport boats to 40' and cabin cruisers to 32' and costs $159.95. The 38-lb. "Ex-Large" holds houseboats and cruisers over 32' and is $229.95. A list of Slide Anchor retail outlets is available at

For more information contact Slide Anchor, 1751 Industrial Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. 928-855-1108; Fax 928-855-1918.;

Slide Anchor's New Adjustable Danik anchor Hook Frees Boaters From Knots

Constantly correcting and retying anchor line in changing water levels is a huge hassle. The Danik-Hook from Slide Anchor makes it possible to anchor without ever having to tie a knot in the line again.

Quick and easy to use, the convenient Danik-Hook accepts rode 3/8" to 5/8" in diameter and adjusts in just seconds. Compatible with polyester, nylon, braided and twisted line, one end of the line is fixed to the anchor and the other simply slides through the passage in the hook.

Made of marine-grade 304 stainless steel with a custom bead blast finish, the durable anchor system allows line to move freely when holding the lever down. When released, the unique mechanism grips at the desired position.

The user-friendly device effortlessly hooks to the boat for easy mooring anywhere. Featuring an integrated ring for a buoy line, the Danik-Hook can also save a prime anchoring spot while out boating.

The innovative Danik-Hook from Slide Anchor has a suggested retail price of around $35. A list of Slide Anchor retail outlets is available at

Contact Slide Anchor, 1751 Industrial Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. 928-855-1108; Fax 928-855-1918.;

Soft Lines' Anchor Lines

Durable Anchor Lines Keep Boats Secure

A good rope makes boaters feel safe and secure when anchored. Manufactured from multi-filament polypropylene rope, Soft Lines' Anchor Lines are softer and more flexible than nylon anchor lines.

These Anchor Lines are offered in many different colors and in lengths of 50', 100', 150' or custom sizes to fit any boating need. The rope is also available with 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8" diameters. Lightweight and easy to clean, they will stay pliable and won't sliver like other lines on the market. Soft Lines' Anchor Lines also release knots easier than nylon or cotton ropes. Strong, hand-sewn webbing connections make the lines durable, while galvanized steel thimbles keep them secure.

Prices for Soft Lines' Anchor Lines start at $35. Free personalization is offered with every order. Wholesale pricing is available.

Soft Lines, Inc. manufactures rope products for the marine, pet, horse, hunting and related markets. Using soft multifilament polypropylene rope in a variety of colors and diameters, it custom manufactures its products to specifications.

For more information contact Soft Lines, 422 Third Street W, Ashland, WI 54806. 715-682-3774; Fax: 715-682-3775.


Glomex Marine Antennas USA

8' Glomex VHF Antenna Backed by Lifetime Warranty

The key to an effective VHF radio system is a quality antenna that delivers maximum transmission and reception range. The RA1225HP 8' Classic High-Performance VHF Antenna from Glomex Marine Antennas features innovative engineering and robust construction that provide years of trouble-free service. It's backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

With a frequency range of 156/162 MHz, the RA1225HP collinear-phased antenna has a gain average of 6dB, maximum input power of 100W and 50 ohms impedance. Vertically polarized to minimize signal reflection on the water, it's ideal for inland, coastal and offshore vessels. The internal elements of the Glomex RA1225HP antenna are made of spiral copper wires inserted into brass radiator tubes. This is what provides its astounding range, clarity and power to enhance the radio's overall performance.

Weighing only 1.6 lbs., the double-thick fiberglass tube has a smooth polyurethane finish with five layers of anti-yellowing paint. The 1" ferrule on the RA1225HP is cast 316 stainless steel with an integrated feed-thru. It comes with 20' of RG-8X low loss, twin screen coax cable with a pre-wired FME connector and PL-259 adapter for simple connection. To reduce the cost of mailing an oversized container, some competitors reduced the length of their antennas, necessitating a change to its UPC code; others simply increased the MSRP. In contrast, Glomex
introduced an innovative 95" shipping tube that completely protects the 8' antenna and avoids extra fees without any change to its price.

The Glomex RA1225HP 8' Classic High-Performance VHF Antenna costs $185.
For more detail contact Glomex Marine Antennas USA, Corp., 1825 St Julian Place, Suite F1A, Columbia, SC 29204. 803-722-7296.;

Glomex VHF Antenna Marries Performance and Unique Style

Modern boats have clean, flowing lines that are easily disrupted by clunky accessories. With smooth surfaces throughout, the 8' 6dB RA1201 VHF Antenna from Glomex Marine Antennas USA complements their sleek appearance, without any concession to performance. Unlike traditional marine antennas that have large metal ferrules, the RA1201's is internal. It creates a seamless transition between the shaft, mount and boat.

With a limited lifetime warranty, Glomex antennas are built to last. The reinforced double-thickness fiberglass radome tube is painted with three layers of UV-resistant, anti-yellowing paint. As good as the RA1201 looks, it's a serious, durable performer. Internal dipole elements are solid brass, crucial for peak power transmission and reception. With a 6dB gain, it has an impedance of 50 ohms, maximum input power of 100 watts and a frequency range of 156/162 MHz. It has vertical polarization and a standing wave ratio of ≤ 1.3 at 156.8 MHz.

The RA1201 comes with 20' of low-loss, twin-screen coax for maximum signal transfer and has a DC ground. With the optional RA115 4-way heavy-duty ratchet mount, installation is fast and easy due to its built-in cable slot and feed-thru. The Glomex RA1201 8' VHF antenna weighs 1.1 lbs. and has a retail price of $78; the RA115 mount, $31.

For more information vontact Glomex Marine Antennas USA, Corp., 1825 St Julian Place, Ste. F1A, Columbia, SC 11201. 803-722-7296., <>

Antenna Installation Simple with Glomeasy

Installing and removing aerials used to be a hassle until Glomeasy. The innovative line from Glomex Marine Antennas USA revolutionized how VHF, AIS, FM and DAB (digital audio broadcasting) antennas are installed on a boat, and are so reliable they come with lifetime warranties.

High-performance Glomeasy antennas feature fast-fitting, waterproof FME (for mobile equipment) connectors. With them, there's absolutely no cutting, snipping or soldering of the coax cable. Truly DIY, they're simple to install or remove for stowage without re-running wires. Because they rotate freely when threading, there's no danger of shearing, especially inside the mount, or damaging them by twisting. A video is at

Ideal for recreational or commercial vessels, professional-grade Glomeasy VHF, AIS, FM and DAB antennas are built to last, and available in 3', 4' and 8' lengths. They feature a smooth, glossy white finish that guarantees years of trouble-free use and good looks.

Glomex offers a wide range of mounts to work with most applications, including masthead installation. Multiple connectors, extenders and cable lengths provide a truly custom installation. Glomeasy antennas start at $88.

For more information ontact Glomex Marine Antennas USA, Corp., 18 Bridge St., Ste. 2A, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 305-497-2681. <,

Shakespeare Electronics

High-Performance Antenna With Upmarket Appearance

Even in the most punishing weather conditions, Shakespeare® Phase III™ marine antennas deliver serious performance, outpacing the competition. Backed by an industry-leading eight-year warranty, the Phase III line of professional-grade VHF, AIS, HF/SSB and AM/FM models are ideal for commercial vessels and offshore sportfish, as well as coastal and blue-water yachts. The company has extended its national promotional campaign for its flagship antenna line, featured at the Miami International Boat Show, booth C803.

Rivaling the look and quality of the industry's finest stainless steel fishing and deck accessories, Phase III ferrules install easily with standard 1" 14 thread mounts or U-bolts. Shakespeare's SO-239 connector eliminates coax rerouting and enables quick removal for storage or passing under low structures. The Phase III 12-sided faceting prevents shaft rotation and potential cable shearing.

Shakespeare's high-strength fiberglass radomes are unsurpassed in the industry. Phase III antennas have silver-plated elements for maximum electrical efficiency. Stranded tinned copper inner conductors deliver peak signal strength and an Ethafoam spacer system isolates the radiators from vibration and moisture for a long, reliable service life.

Three VHF antennas are offered in 4', 8' and 18' lengths with 3dB, 6dB and 8dB gain, respectively. The 4' AIS model has a 3dB gain and the 18' HF/SSB handles 1kW output power. Two AM/FM units are available in 4' and 8' lengths. Prices for Shakespeare Phase III antennas start at $269.95.
For more information contact Shakespeare® Company LLC, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. 803-227-1590; Fax: 803-419-3099. Shakespeare® Company LLC is a subsidiary of Newell Brands (NYSE: NWL).

About Newell Brands
Newell Brands (NYSE: NWL) is a leading global consumer goods company with a strong portfolio of well-known brands, including Paper Mate®, Sharpie®, Dymo®, EXPO®, Parker®, Elmer's®, Coleman®, Jostens®, Marmot®, Rawlings®, Oster®, Sunbeam®, FoodSaver®, Mr. Coffee®, Rubbermaid Commercial Products®, Graco®, Baby Jogger®, NUK®, Calphalon®, Rubbermaid®, Contigo®, First Alert®, Waddington and Yankee Candle®. For hundreds of millions of consumers, Newell Brands makes life better every day, where they live, learn, work and play. Website is

Emergency VHF Antenna Mounts Instantly

Time is of the essence in an emergency, so quickly finding and mounting a spare VHF antenna can make all the difference. The 5910 Emergency Stowable Antenna from Shakespeare Electronic Products Group is easy to spot, grab, and connect, helping save valuable minutes.

A 9" bright yellow, metal tube helps protect the antenna during storage and becomes part of the mounting system. It hangs neatly on a bulkhead, or wherever it's accessible yet out of the way. Pre-installing the included mounting clip helps prepare the antenna for use. In an emergency, the user simply removes the cable and flexible whip from the tube, mounts the antenna securely on top, and then slides the tube onto the mounting clip. After assembly, the antenna is 16" long.
The dependable VHF whip comes with 20' of RG-174 mini coax cable and a pre-installed PL-259 connector.

The Shakespeare 5910 Emergency Stowable Antenna, backed by a 2-year warranty, retails for $95.95.

For details, contact the Corporate Offices at Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223 USA
+1-803-227-1590; Fax: +1-803-419-3099; website

           European Offices
Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, Enterprise Way, Fleetwood, Lancashire, FY7 8RY England; +44 (0) 1253 858787; Fax: +44 (0) 1253 859595

5415 Galaxy 3dB Low-Profile VHF Antenna for Reliable Connection

For effective VHF communications on RIBs and center consoles, boaters need a small, durable antenna. Specifically designed for applications requiring short overall length, the style 5415 Galaxy 3dB antenna from Shakespeare delivers high performance in a rugged, low-profile package. The half-wave, end-fed antenna features a sleek and durable all-black finish. The helical design prevents excessive whipping action. A unique, solderless connector at the base of the stainless
steel whip allows for easy installation and removal of the 2' antenna. Providing long-lasting service, the Shakespeare Galaxy 5415 antenna has a power input up to 50 watts. A PL-259 connector, an L bracket and 20' of black RG-58 coax cable are included for mounting. The antenna is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Suggested retail price for the Shakespeare style 5415 Galaxy VHF antenna is $144.95.

Contact Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 3801 Westmore Dr., Columbia, SC 29223; 803-227-1590; or check web site

Shakespeare's Self-Storing Emergency VHF Antenna Is Easy to Find

In times of emergency, a spare VHF antenna needs to be simple to spot and fast to mount. Shakespeare comes to the rescue with its 5910 Emergency Stowable Whip. Its bright yellow storage tube doubles as part of the mounting system.

The compact 9" metal tube stows easily until needed. A boat owner simply pre-installs the included mounting clip. If the emergency VHF antenna is called to service, the tube slides securely in the clip as part of the mount. Once fully assembled, the VHF antenna is 16" long. This system includes 20' of RG-174 mini coax cable and a pre-installed PL-259 connector for quick and secure use when timing is critical.

Suggested retail price of the Shakespeare 5910 Emergency Stowable Whip is $89.95.

For more information contact Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. 803-227-1590; Fax: 803-419-3099, or go to web site

Antenna's Sleek Ratchet Mount Is Easy on the Eyes

While an antenna mount may not be the most elegant item on a modern boat, it certainly doesn't have to be ugly. Determined to changes this stigma, Shakespeare Electronics introduces the stylish, strong and functional, new 5187 Ratchet Mount to spice up any craft.

The stunning mount provides a sophisticated appearance that complements any boat. Its simple lines arrive from an innovative nutless, boltless design.

Featuring a beautiful mirror-like finish and stainless steel construction, this four-way, free-standing Ratchet Mount employs standard 1"-14 threads. Easy to fit, the versatile and adjustable mount can be installed on vertical, horizontal and slanted surfaces. To ensure the antenna is mounted as vertically as possible, the teeth on Shakespeare's Ratchet Mount allow adjustments of 5°, rather than the standard 10° increments.

The antenna cable may be routed through the unique cable slot on the side of the mount for a streamlined look. It also eliminates the need to remove most factory-installed connectors.

The classy 5187 Ratchet Mount from Shakespeare Electronics has a suggested retail price of $82.95. Mounting hardware sold separately.

Shakespeare Electronics is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, reliable antennas for marine applications.

Contact Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. 803-227-1590; Fax: 803-419-3099.

Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna Sports Low-Profile Design

Satellite radio opens up a world of listening options for boaters. Shakespeare's tiny new Galaxy Style SRA-25 Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna makes it easy to tap into a wide variety of commercial-free stations.

Specially-designed for smaller boats that navigate inland waters, the sleek SRA-25 measures only 3/4" H x 2-3/8" W x 2" L when installed. Small as it is, the innovative antenna delivers plenty, including weather, news, music, sports and entertainment from Sirius Satellite Radio.

Offering a variety of simple mounting options, it comes with a 25' coax cable and can be installed with or without running the cable through the mounting surface. Longer cables are available for larger craft. When mounting the SRA-25, it is important to have a clear view of the horizon. To locate the best possible spot, a helpful satellite shooter template is included.

It attaches to surfaces up to 1" thick by a 9/16" diameter threaded shaft.  To secure the antenna to any flat surface where access to the area underneath is difficult, a convenient SM-32 Surface Mount Kit is included.

Built for the harsh marine environment, the Galaxy Style SRA-25 Sirius Satellite Radio Antenna from Shakespeare retails for $74.95. A separate Sirius receiver and subscription are required.

For details contact Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. 803-227-1590; Fax: 803-419-3099, or check web site

Automatic Identification System (AIS) Antennas Help Owners Monitor Traffic

When navigating shipping lanes and busy harbors, the ability to monitor speed and direction of other vessels is particularly important. Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology, originating from the shipping industry, has been a great help to recreational boaters in these areas. Shakespeare offers AIS antennas in various styles, specifically designed to meet the broader bandwidth requirements of popular AIS transceivers.

The 4' Shakespeare Style 396-1-AIS features commercial-grade construction with brass and copper elements, a white, heavy-duty fiberglass radome, and an SO-239 connector at the base. U-bolts are included for mast mounting.
Another 4' fiberglass model, the Galaxy 5396-AIS, has a beautiful high-gloss polyurethane finish that won't turn yellow in the sun. Its durable construction includes brass and copper elements and a 1"-14 thread stainless steel ferrule. Shakespeare supplies 20' of RG-8/X cable and a PL-259 connector for easy installation.

From its famous Squatty Body series, the lightweight, low-profile 3' 5215-AIS has a stainless steel whip that sailboat owners have come to favor. Designed for masthead mounting with a supplied stainless L-bracket, this slim antenna has an SO-239 connector at the base. Its tin-plated, copper wire coil is sealed against the elements for superior performance.

Simple installation and compact size characterize the 5250-AIS Skinny Mini. This 3' stainless steel whip utilizes a chrome-plated brass canister, which minimizes the de-tuning associated with plastic canisters. The antenna comes with 15' of RG-58 cable and a PL-259 connector. A mount with a center-hole such as Shakespeare styles 4187 or 5187 is required.

For more information contact Corporate Offices, Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223 +1-803-227-1590; Fax: +1-803-419-3099


The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety & Clean Water

The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is a national leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating. Funded primarily by donations from the over half-million members of Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), it provides innovative educational outreach directly to boaters and anglers with the aim of reducing accidents and fatalities, increasing stewardship of America's waterways and keeping boating safe for all. A range of boating safety courses – including 33 free state courses – can be found at

Boat U.S. - Boat Owners Association of The United States

BoatU.S. - Boat Owners Association of The United States - is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters providing its 670,000 members with a wide array of consumer services including a group-rate marine insurance program that insures nearly a quarter million boats; the largest fleet of more than 500 towing assistance vessels; discounts on fuel, slips, and repairs at over 835 Cooperating Marinas; boat financing; and a subscription to BoatU.S. Magazine, the most widely read boating publication in the U.S. The member-funded Boat US Foundation is a national leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating and offers range of boating safety courses--including 33 free state courses--that can be found at

Boating Safety

575: The number of locations across the country (all 50 states + District of Columbia) where you can borrow for free a child’s life jacket through the BoatUS Foundation’s Kids Life Jacket Loaner Program.

94,791: The number of students who have taken or enrolled in the BoatUS Foundation’s free Online Boating Safety Course in 2013, which qualifies as boating safety certification in 33 states and can qualify you for a discount on your boat insurance (

2 weeks: The average length of a low-cost EPIRB (Emergency Position-Indicating Rescue Beacon) rental from the BoatUS Foundation EPIRB and PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) Rental Program (

Clean Water

2,131: Miles of fishing line recycled by the BoatUS Foundation Reel In and Recycle Monofilament Fishing Line Recycling Program (

50%: The average reduction in cigarette litter seen at 43 marinas that participated in the BoatUS Foundation’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.

On the Water Boat Towing and Assistance

70,000+: The total number of requests from boaters for on the water assistance received by the BoatUS Towing Service's 24-hour dispatch centers and local TowBoatUS and Vessel Assist towing companies in 2013 (

300: The total number of TowBoatUS and Vessel Assist towboat locations in North America ( Over 600 towboats are in the fleet.

$750: National average cost of an on the water towing bill paid out-of-pocket by non-members in 2013 (Amount paid by BoatUS members with annual BoatUS “Unlimited” Towing Service Plan:  $0).

160,000: The total number of downloads for the BoatUS Smart Phone App since its launch in 2011, which provides an easy way to see, text, email and share via Facebook your boat’s location (including latitude & longitude), or to call for a tow on the water or to summon roadside assistance (

Roadside Trailering Assistance

43%: Percentage of requests for roadside assistance to the BoatUS 24-hour Dispatch Centers attributed to flat tires (the #1 request, followed by #2 bearings: 24%; #3. axle: 10%; #4. tow vehicle: 5%).

$14: The cost of adding the BoatUS Unlimited Trailer Assist to a BoatUS membership, which will tow both a broken down boat trailer and tow vehicle up to 100 miles to repair facility, safe area, or home (

18,000: The total number of roadside assistance companies across North America offering BoatUS Unlimited Trailer Assist, dispatched 24/7.

BoatUS Angler Program

100%: Percentage of BoatUS Angler members who fish: 100% ( Overall percentage of BoatUS members who fish: 59%.

300+: The number of fishing tournaments (including B.A.S.S., FLW, PAA, LBAA and Collegiate Bass Fishing) sanctioned by the BoatUS Angler “Weigh-to-Win” cash bonus program that pays the highest-placing BoatUS Angler member. (

$75,000: Bonus dollars available to BoatUS Angler members who registered for the BoatUS Angler “Weigh-to-Win” program in 2013.

Boat Insurance

$7.8 Billion: The total hull value of all boats insured with BoatUS Marine Insurance in 2013 (

75+: The number of BoatUS Catastrophe Field Team members assigned to Hurricane Sandy, the single biggest recovery effort in the 40+ year history of the BoatUS Marine Insurance Program.

Government Affairs

175: The number of Congressional meetings BoatUS Government Affairs attended on Capitol Hill in 2013.

45+: The number of organizations, including BoatUS, who are partners in the Smarter Fuel Coalition that is fighting against increasing amounts of engine-harming ethanol in the nation’s gasoline supply.

Consumer Affairs

$2,500: The average dollar amount returned to a BoatUS member who sought third-party negotiation assistance from the BoatUS Consumer Affairs Dispute Mediation Program to resolve a complaint in 2013 (

DSC VHF Radio Registration

15,000+: Number of MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) numbers issued at no cost to boaters in 2013 through the BoatUS “Free MMSI Number” DSC VHF Radio registration at

Boating and Fishing Discounts

1,050: The total number of boating and fishing businesses offering discounts to BoatUS members (

365: The number of BoatUS Cooperating marinas across the US that offer BoatUS members up to 10-cents off per each gallon of fuel (

4%: The percentage of West Advantage Gold Rewards earned back by BoatUS members when shopping for boating supplies at West Marine.

7.1 million: The number of visits to in 2013.

For membership information visit or call 800-395-2628.

Fishing League Worldwide (FLW)

FLW is the world's largest tournament-fishing organization, providing anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for millions in prize money in 2016 across five tournament circuits. Headquartered in Benton, Kentucky, with offices in Minneapolis, FLW conducts more than 235 bass-fishing tournaments annually across the United States and sanctions tournaments in Canada, China, Mexico and South Korea. FLW tournament fishing can be seen on the Emmy-nominated "FLW" television show, broadcast to more than 564 million households worldwide, while FLW Bass Fishing magazine delivers cutting-edge tips from top pros.

Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association

Provides opportunites for group paddling through member-organized trips, skills sessions, and club sponsored picnics and events. Members also enjoy discounts with selected ACA instructors and retailers. JSSKA is committed to protecting our waterways and has participated in clean-up activities throughout the paddling season.

Visit the JSSKA web site at to find an event calendar, extensive launch site directory, and trip planning and discussins on the Paddlers Express forum.

Le Quebec Maritime

Marketing organization that represents the easternmost regions of the province of Quebec: Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspesie, Cote-Nord and Iles de la Madeleine. Quebec maritime is a land of adventure. With over 1900 miles (3000 kilometers of coastlin and a network of 9 national parks, Quebec maritime is an ideal destination for sea kayakers. Paddle with the whales on the magnificent St. Lawrence River, approach the famous Perce Rock by water, or explore renowned rivers such as the Magpie and Bonaventure.

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

The National outdoor Leadership School is the leader in wilderness education. Courses are offered from 10 days to a full academic year for people of all ages in some of the world's most awe-inspiring backcountry classrooms. Students develop technical outdoor skills, strong environmental ethics, and active, positive leadership skills that stay with them for a lifetime. NOLS runs kayaking, canoeing and sea kayaking courses all over the world with college credit available.

For more information, chekc web site

Paddling Bares Canoe Club

Serious canoeing for people that don't take life too seriously. Members are taught low impact camping mehtods and the advanced paddling techniques needed to get the most out of his/her paddling experience. Trips vary in length and difficulty from easy 8 mile day trips to 2 weeks long, 100 plus mile trips in the Everglades, northern Maine or Paddle& Portage trips in the Adirondacks.

RBFF • 500 Montgomery Street • Suite 300 • Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone (703) 519-0013 • Fax (703) 519-9565 •

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF)

RBFF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and boating, thereby protecting and restoring the nation's aquatic natural resources. RBFF developed the award-winning Take Me Fishing™ and Vamos A Pescar™ campaigns to create awareness around boating, fishing and conservation, and educate people about the benefits of participation. Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar help boaters and anglers of all ages and experience levels learn, plan and equip for a day on the water. The campaign websites,, and, feature how-to videos, information on how to get a fishing license and boat registration, and an interactive state-by-state map that allows visitors to find local boating and fishing spots.

AUDIO (Marine)

Chrome Speakers Add Modern Accent to a Boat

Combining form and function, Prospec Electronics' Milennia MILSPK552CH speaker delivers high-quality sound and a sleek chrome finish. This outdoor speaker is ideal for boat owners who want to add an edgy touch to their vessel without sacrificing sound quality. This 5" round coaxial speaker is designed for outdoor use and is UV-protected. It offers a maximum power of 100 watts.

Prospec's Milennia MILSPK552CH Speaker has a retail price of $59.95 for a pair. Prospec also offers Milennia black boxes, controllers and accessories that focus on the portable media movement.

For over 25 years, Prospec Electronics has manufactured and distributed some of the world's best-known marine audio products. In addition to Milennia, other Prospec brands include JBL Marine, Infinity Marine and Seaworthy. A leader in the marine aftermarket, the Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, company has grown to become a major domestic and international supplier.

For more information contact Prospec Electronics, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.

Prospec Debuts Marine Bluetooth® Receiver

The latest stereo to join the Milennia brand, Prospec Electronics introduces the MILPRV21. The 4 x 45W, AM/FM receiver offers Bluetooth® audio streaming and many other features in a compact size. Implementing US and European tuning, the MILPRV21 has a USB input for playing USB sticks. An auxiliary input enables users to plug in portable media devices for more music versatility.

Clearly marked, intuitive controls make playing music and the radio simple. Users can easily adjust the volume with push-button keys. Built to handle the rough marine environment, this receiver has a waterproof faceplate and measures 6" L x 4" W x 2" D. Prospec also added an RF remote ready option to the unit. Remote can be purchased separately.

Prospec Electronics' MILPRV21 retails for $169.95. Prospec has manufactured and distributed Milennia, JBL Marine, Infinity Marine and Seaworthy brands for over 25 years. The company's products include stereos, black boxes, controllers and accessories that focus on the portable media movement.

For more information contact Prospec Electronics, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.

Marine Audio Mini-Plug Expands Versatility with USB

Listening to high fidelity music just got easier for boaters who like to bring their favorite tunes onboard. With Prospec Electronics' new SEA USBMINI plug, they can now listen to their iPod and satellite radio or hook up a laptop, eliminating the hassle of additional wiring. TV and movie soundtracks are enhanced by plugging the audio output of the TV, VCR or DVD into the SEA USBMINI.

A compact auxiliary input, the SEA USBMINI produces ideal sound quality by transmitting audio from an MP3, DVD player or VHF radio through the boat's speakers via the USB. Standard RCA plugs also are included for non-USB compatible devices.  It works with most Prospec JBL and SeaWorthy stereos.

SEA USBMINI's wiring is neatly hidden simply by drilling a discreet 1-5/16" diameter hole. Supplied with 8' of cable, the suggested retail price of Prospec's SEA USBMINI plug is $29.95.

Contact Prospec Electronics, 3325 Hwy. 17 N., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466.


Water's Edge Marina Updates With Golden Boat Lifts

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Water's Edge Marina in Peppertree Pointe is a true boating lifestyle community. Its residents recently renovated their 32-slip private marina, with help from marine contractor Stokes Marine and Golden Boat Lifts, the leader in state-of-the-art boat lift technology.

Tony Wallis, Stokes Marine sales professional, had been working on the project for three years. With his help, the residents came to understand the benefits of out-of-water storage—less maintenance, a cleaner hull and improved speed—but the existing slips were too narrow to fit traditional lifts. He worked with Golden Boat Lifts to design a solution that shares a center beam. "It was a great team effort," he said.

Stokes Marine installed new piles and 13 4-Post Lifts with 7,500 lb. capacities. Each is fully welded of premium 6061 T6 marine-grade aluminum. Components such as cables and hardware are 300 series stainless steel. The combination is a product that will provide safe and reliable service for decades to come. Stokes Marine is an exclusive Golden Boat Lifts dealer. "It's a great product and they have the best drive in the industry," said Wallis. Golden Sea-Drives® are so reliable that in over 22,000 manufactured, not one has ever failed.

A leading custom marine contractor in southwest Florida, Stokes Marine installs boat lifts, piles, rip rap and seawalls, and builds docks, decks, boardwalks and boat houses. It boasts eight construction crews, a full time service department, a fleet of trucks and three crane barges.

For more information contact Golden Boat Lifts, 17611 East St, North Fort Myers, FL 33917. 888-909-5438 or 239-337-4141.;


Centurion Boats

Centurion Boats Celebrates Inland Surfer’s 10 Year Anniversary With The Chronicles Of Wake Surfing Video

Centurion Boats and Inland Surfer wakesurf boards have released their collaborative effort called the Chronicles of Wake Surfing. As a tribute to Inland Surfer founder Jeff Page, the historic video stretches back fourteen years documenting the birth of wake surfing and significant milestones along the way. The video also includes appearances from Centurion's CEO Rick Lee and Keenan Flegel, the winningest wake surfing athlete of all time.

Jeff Page, President of Inland Surfer had this to say, "We are proud to be a part of a sport that has become today's leading behind-the-boat pastime. Ten years ago, few people gave wake surfing a chance and most told me that I was crazy to pursue it. They never believed that it could have progressed to the place where it is today. Our team's hard work and dedication has paid off and we are looking forward to progressing wake surfing another ten years and beyond."

For more information regarding this news please contact Fineline Industries, Inc. at 209-384-0255.

About Centurion: Centurion Boats is most recognized as the first boat company to produce a dedicated wake surfing boat and with its new Enzo FS44 model, Centurion remains at the top-of-the-class in this space. In addition to world-class wakeboarding and slalom ski boats, Centurion has been a pioneer in watersports towboat technology. Centurion held the first World Wake Surfing Championship in 1995, an event that has grown to become the world's largest, annual, premier wake surfing event. For more information please call 209-384-0255.or visit


Luxurious A29 Bowrider loaded with premium features including Breeze by Webasto

Cobalt Boats' latest offering has taken the marine industry by storm. Winning a prestigious Innovation Award at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show and named a Boating Industry Top Product, the luxurious A29 bowrider is loaded with the latest technology and premium features. One such option is the revolutionary Breeze by Webasto. It's a sterndrive engine-driven air conditioner and heating system developed specifically for open cockpit boats.

Breeze by Webasto works much as an automotive air conditioner does. The primary difference is seawater is used in place of coolant. The belt-driven compressor, condenser, pump and evaporators are all compact, so it's simple for boatbuilders to incorporate the system into a Volvo Penta-powered model without modifying molds. And because it's a 12V system, it doesn't require a generator. As the demand for greater onboard luxury increases, Breeze by Webasto is the perfect amenity to offer. At engine idle, it generates 7,000 Btus, enveloping passengers in an ambient cloud of refreshingly cold air. At cruising speed, it delivers an impressive 27,000 Btu. In cooler months, it provides 29,000 Btus of warmth. It's the one option that can truly extend the boating season for open cockpit boat owners.

Breeze by Webasto is a collaborative effort of Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Volvo Penta and Four Winns Boats, who introduced it as an option on their HD270. "Since its debut at IBEX, we've had numerous conversations with industry insiders who've provided valuable feedback," said David Wollard, senior director of leisure markets at Webasto in the Americas region. "We're already working on the next generation of Breeze by Webasto." Available as an option on the new A29, Cobalt Boats is considering incorporating it into its other current and new models, possibly as a standard feature.

For more information contact Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc. 15083 North Rd., Fenton, MI 48430. 800-215-7010.

About Webasto:
The Webasto Group is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automobile manufacturers and among the top 100 suppliers in this industry sector. The company's product portfolio comprises a broad range of roof and heating systems for every type of vehicle and all drive types as well as battery systems and charging solutions. Moreover, Webasto has a strong position in the aftermarket, providing dealers and end customers with customized solutions and services relating to thermo management and electromobility. In 2018 the company generated sales of 3.4 billion euros and had over 13,000 employees at more than 50 locations (with over 30 of these being manufacturing plants). The headquarters of the company, founded in 1901, is located in Stockdorf near Munich (Germany). For more information please visit /

NOTE: See the full line of leading-edge marine comfort solutions from Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America at the Miami International Boat Show, Feb. 13–17, booth E546.

Stor N Boat

Imagine having the ability to take this boat and all your gear stowed securely on top of your vehicle. You choose the outdoor water venue and Stor N Boat, a new kind of Hybrid, put you in total control of your next adventure. Fishing, duck hunting, water tender, recreational boating or exploring the next river or stream you come upon in your travels.There is simply nothing like this new product.

Whether you use a small outboard engine, an electric trolling motor or row your way over to the secret fishing hole this rugged 8', double- hull, polyethylene boat fis your ticket for total outdoor enjoyment.

It is for 2 person, holds a 450 lb weight limit w/ 2 hp outboard, is rugged with a double-wall, high-density and UV Protectd. Double-Wall, High-Density, UV-Protected. In addition it has 3/16” Impact Resistant Polyethylene, is Maintenance-free. The length is 96" with a beam of 42". The transom depty is 16", and has a storage base unit. Overall height is 17.5" and weighs 99.5 pounds w/o seats, 108.5 pounds with seats. Its Storage Base Unit Weight is 38.5 Pounds, Storage Base Cargo Capacity 14.7 Cubic Feet. It is available in either Mallard Green or Mallard White. Please note that specifications are subject to change.

Available at Cabela's or other sporting goods stores. For more information contact StorNBoat Ltd, 5017 Pine Creek Drive, Westerville, Ohio 43081; 614-794-2628, or go to website, or contact

Yamaha's Product Line-Up

Yamaha's new products represent the cutting edge of marine technology, while offering Yamaha’s signature power and reliability. Below is an overview of the all-new “game changers” from Yamaha Marine Group.

Helm Master™

This is a fully integrated boat control system for Yamaha outboard-powered boats. Helm Master offers the latest technology for operating and maneuvering large, outboard-powered boats. Available to Yamaha boat builders, Helm Master is programmed for maximum performance on specific boat models. It not only makes docking easier, Helm Master also incorporates additional boat control functions, such as automatic trim, speed and even automatic steering friction control.

The new Helm Master system integrates multiple components. They include, but are not limited to, exclusive Helm Master Digital Steering Helm, Electronic Key Switch (EKS), digital remote control, electronic control units, steering cylinders and pumps, joystick and Command Link Plusï¿1⁄2 6Y9 gauge.

Helm Master offers a revolutionary level of control, even in tight quarters. At the touch of a button, the system integrates all boat control devices while eliminating the need for bow thrusters in most boats. In addition, a user-selectable high mode allows the engines to operate at higher rpm for increased control when docking. Helm Master makes maneuvering less stressful by allowing the operator to concentrate on docking, without using multiple operating devices.

The system’s joystick operation is based on the principle that the operator is the point around which all maneuvering occurs. Helm Master puts the operator in the best possible control vantage point for ease of use and maximum precision. This approach provides the user the most comfortable pilot-centric steering using the responsive joystick that translates movement into speed and directional commands.

In tight quarters, Helm Master allows movement of the boat with the joystick, not only fore and aft and port and starboard, but the joystick can be rotated for turning and positioning the boat. In addition, the joystick movement is incremental in nature. If the operator moves the joystick lightly, then the boat movement response is paced slower and with minimal thrust. If the operator pushes with more pressure, the system translates the increased effort into greater thrust and directional movement.


Yamaha’s new four-cylinder four-stroke F200 is the lightest 200-hp four stroke on the market and can easily replace lower horsepower or larger V6 outboards, thereby increasing the performance of mid-sized boats. At the same time, when used in twin applications, the new F200 can dramatically reduce overall weight on the transom.

Yamaha’s F200 is light weight, compact, quick, powerful and efficient – just the right combination for many kinds of boats, including center consoles, pontoons, sport boats, bay and flats boats, deep V aluminum, and fish and ski boats, just to name a few. At 487* pounds, the new F200 is up to 119 pounds lighter than Yamaha’s V6 F200, and just 14 pounds heavier than Yamaha’s two-stroke Z200 HPDIï¿1⁄2 outboard. In fact, the F200 has the most favorable power-to-weight ratio of any four-stroke 200-hp outboard. The outboard’s four-cylinder, 2.8-liter, 16-valve, dual-overhead camshaft (DOHC) powerhead breathes easily and responds quickly, with a valve train design that’s sophisticated yet proven by millions of hours of use.

Like its Yamaha V6 Offshore siblings, the four-cylinder F200 is equipped with Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing System (VCT), which helps deliver quick acceleration and a strong midrange punch.

V MAX SHOï¿1⁄2 150

Yamaha takes V MAX SHO1⁄2 high-performance capabilities to the 150-horsepower segment with the introduction of the new V MAX SHO 150, a four-stroke outboard with the kind of torque curve and hole shot that bass boaters have come to expect from a machine called “V MAX SHO.”

Whether running a bass boat, flats boat or other performance hull, the V MAX SHO 150 truly delivers the performance that is signature to the Yamaha V MAX SHO, while providing all the benefits associated with four-stroke power, including clean, quiet operation and great fuel efficiency.


The popularity of pontoon boats and the resurgence of the midrange have brought the Yamaha F50/F60, T50/T60 and F60 Jet sharply into focus. That’s why Yamaha decided to give them a new, more modern look.

Now, the F50/F60, high thrust T50/T60 and F60 Jet have the modern cowl shape of Yamaha’s newest outboards. With that comes a new lower engine pan, which helps to improve drainage. In addition, both models get Yamaha’s new graphic treatment. Over the last decade, Yamaha’s F50/F60, high thrust T50/T60 and F60 Jet have helped to define what Yamaha four-stroke products stand for: reliable, clean, efficient outboard power. What made these outboards famous remains the same.


The Yamaha F9.9 and T9.9 are among the smallest and lightest 9.9-horsepower four-stroke outboards available on the market today, and they just got better thanks to a thoughtful redesign that improves the convenience, control and appearance of this SOHC two-cylinder portable.

For greater convenience, the redesigned F9.9 and T9.9 now have an added resting pad to increase storage options and improved storage stability. On the F9.9 tiller handle models, the tiller handle has been redesigned to improve its folding characteristics, allowing the stored motor to take up less space. It also has an improved, built-in carry handle. In addition, the cowling of the F9.9/T9.9 has been redesigned to bring the outboard into the new, more modern, Yamaha family.

Yamaha has announced the impending arrival of two new performance propellers: the V MAX SHO 22-inch and 23-inch. These propellers will be the continuation of Yamaha’s vaunted “T1” V MAXï¿1⁄2 Ventless propeller series. Their single-inch pitch increments allow fine tuning of wide-open throttle rpm for peak performance on V MAX SHO-powered bass, bay, and flats boat applications, especially those using the new V MAX SHO 150.

Reliance SDSTM Propellers

Since its introduction in 2006, Yamaha’s Reliance propeller has time-and-again proven itself as a complete performer, on a wide variety of applications and boating platforms. At the same time, Yamaha’s patent-pending Shift Dampener System (SDSTM) has quickly become the sought-after standard in propellers for its quiet, smooth, “no clunk” shifting. Now, the two technologies have been combined into the Reliance SDS propeller, and the result is ideal for a great many boats.

Performance XL4TM and XL4TM-HP with SDSTM

With the power of Yamaha’s 5.3L V8 F350 and the push of Yamaha’s Performance XL4 and XL4-HP lines of four-bladed propellers, you’ve got thrust that has to be felt to be believed. Add Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System to the mix and you’ve got quiet and smooth “no clunk” shifting, too. Manufactured to Yamaha’s stringent standards of outstanding performance and durability, the XL4 propellers are available in 15-inch or 17-inch pitch, and the XL4-HP propellers are available in 22-inch or 24-inch pitch in both right- and left-hand rotation.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builder partners with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMAï¿1⁄2’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception.

Visit; for more information.

Northern Marine Revives Glas-Ply Fishing Boats

Custom yacht builder Northern Marine has acquired the assets of the Glas-Ply boat company, a 46 year-old brand known for its durable line of fiberglass models from 7'-28'.  Northern Marine will bring production to its Anacortes, Washington, facility, turning Glas-Ply into a custom-made offering for the industry.

Historically known for their rugged construction, Glas-Ply models will now be made with closed cell foam cores and vacuum infused hulls to uphold that reputation.  The hull and deck are fitted and glassed together in the mold for exceptional strength.  With a range of gasoline outboard and diesel sterndrive powered models, the Glas-Ply offering runs from small open runabouts up to cabin cruisers.
"These are solid boats that hold up over time.  There are many Glas-Ply models from the 1970s that are still being used for crabbing, fishing and running around Puget Sound," said McDonald.

            Glas-Ply has seen several owners during its history, most recently with Jerry Caldwell.  Production stopped more than 10 years ago.
"Glas-Ply is a unique boat line, and I'm glad we have the opportunity to offer these quality designs to people again.  We'll continue to live up to the brand's reputation for durability, now in a custom offering," said McDonald.       

    Northern Marine has a long history of building world-class, fully-customized luxury yachts and long range expedition yachts.  The company's quality craftsmanship is enhanced by efficient manufacturing techniques such as modular building and bead and cove construction.

Contact Northern Marine, 310 34th St., Anacortes, WA 98221.  360-299-8400.;



Mad River Canoe's New Synergy

Mad River's new Synergy canoe blends the best attributes of a sit-on-top kayak with thcm.anoe.crose of a canoe for a truly unique boat that offers a great alternative to conventional sit-on-tops. The Synergy has exceptional stability and high carrying capacity with its generous fore and aft storage areas, which feature custom fit mesh covers. Offered in 12 and 14 foot models with an optional rudder or angler package, the Synergy has adjustable foot braces, padded seat and backrest.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price, depending on length and outfitting, is $750 to $1235. For more information, check web site


Four New Eco-Friendly Woods Now Available

Merrimack Canoes has introduced some new styles this year, including four
eco-friendly woods that consumers can chose from: Purple heart, Teak, Zebra and Yellow Heart.

Each limited edition Merrimack Canoe is built from scratch using the perfect combination of traditional design, superb wood working, and modern hull materials. The luxury canoes are guaranteed for life and are handmade by Randy Pew and Scott Hale in Crossville, Tennessee.

Merrimack Canoes has been handcrafting and custom designing wood canoes since the 1950s- the showstopping pieces are very strong, but lightweight canoe that is as much a pleasure to look at as it is a pleasure to paddle and are guaranteed for life.
The yet to be named eco-collection will allow consumers to eco-fy existing styles of the Merrimack a customer could order the “Baboosic” style- but made with teak rather than the traditional wood.

The canoes start at $3,100. For more information check web site



New Compact Aere 3.7 Inflatable Catamaran Fits in Tight Spaces

RVers and campers no longer have to rent a sailboat once they reach their destination or tow it behind them the whole way. Simple to transport, the new AERÉ 3.7 Inflatable Catamaran weighs only 130 lbs. and can be separated into 3 or more bags, with the heaviest weighing less than 50 lbs. Extremely compact when disassembled, it will fit in most small cars and on top, behind or in the basement of most RVs.

Great for day-sailing, the innovative AERÉ 3.7 Inflatable Catamaran provides easy handling and set up for novice and experienced sailors alike. Taking owners less than an hour to get it from the RV or car into the water, the 12' catamaran can be completely assembled by one person without tools.

The incredibly responsive AERÉ 3.7 Inflatable Catamaran tacks from any point of sail, jibes well and safely holds the point of sail with virtually no effort. A recessed trampoline cockpit enables sailors to sit between the hulls for added safety and comfort. The rugged catamaran was designed to withstand severe weather and sailing conditions. Advanced hulls and a specially-engineered mast/sail/boom system enable better control than nearly any other small boat, monohull or catamaran. It can cruise comfortably with loads up to 500 lbs.

The durable craft is built to last and employs anodized marine-grade aluminum tubing with stainless steel fasteners, aluminum castings and powder-coated, solid-cast aluminum rudders and keels. With a 5'6" beam and 45 sq. ft. sail with wishbone boom, the AERÉ 3.7 has four flotation chambers each with separate inflation and pressure relief valves.

The economical AERÉ 3.7 Inflatable Catamaran has a special introductory price of $4,995. Also available are 110 and 12 volt electric pumps, safety/righting and tow/docking lines, wheel kits, storage bags, splash guards, folding paddles, anchors and other accessories.

For more information contact AERÉ, 12207 NW 35th St., Coral Springs, FL 33065. 954-345-2373; Fax: 954-344-1414. mail to: catamarans@AERÉ.us; or check web site


Aquila Power Catamarans Made itsWorld Debut of Fishing and Diving Edition at the Miami International Boat Show

At the Miami International Boat Show, in February 2018, Aquila Power Catamarans presented their Aquila 48, Aquila 44, and two layout options of the Aquila 36 – including the world debut of the fishing and diving edition.

Custom built to significantly elevate the boating experience, the Aquila 48 has been developed to set a new standard as the state-of-the-art, pure-bred power catamaran with a perfect balance between luxurious comfort and performance. The award-winning Aquila 44 boasts Aquila's signature fresh evolution of classic boating traditions where efficiency in design and performance compliment her luxurious living.

The all-new, award-winning Aquila 36 is a power catamaran that blends plentiful live-aboard space and qualities perfect for socializing with offshore capabilities. Offering the conveniences of a large yacht including topside summer kitchen with smokeless grill, the Aquila 36 has cockpit seating for over two dozen adults and two comfortable cabins with private en-suite heads. A hardtop is available with or without an opening sunroof. Powered by efficient and reliable twin 250 horsepower Mercury Verado outboards, the Aquila 36 provides spirited performance and excellent fuel economy. Or, step up to the optional twin 300 or twin 350 horsepower Mercury Verado outboards. Add its open water capabilities, wide stance and twin sponsons, and the boat is remarkably stable making it exceptionally comfortable at speed or while at rest.

Meet the all-new fishing and diving version of the Aquila 36! While still offering the conveniences of a large yacht including two comfortable cabins with private en-suite heads, the new fishing and diving layout of the Aquila 36 integrates key fishing and diving features. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the spacious livewell, generous storage with knife and tool holders, fishing rod holders, and large fish box, all thoughtfully placed. Dive tanks easily store away in the aft and easy access to the water is provided with an integrated dive ladder. Additional options include a second BBQ, more refrigerated space, and extra storage.

“You spoke and we listened! Many have requested additional features and we have delivered. These new layouts allow for more customized usage of our newest and best-selling model, the Aquila 36. This is just one example of how we strive to continuously provide the most innovative models available,” continued Mountain.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit


Recognized globally for its high-quality, advanced composite manufacturing capabilities, Sino Eagle Yachts builds Aquila Power Catamarans in a state-of-the-art facility to exacting standards. With one of the most talented teams in the industry providing the combined knowledge and extensive experience, Aquila has established a game-changing new standard of power catamaran innovation. Leading the way in the market segment, Aquila continues to pave the way with strong international sales of the award-winning Aquila brand. Uncompromising design coupled with unmatched industry experience, engineering and manufacturing by world-class builders, make up the Aquila line of true pure-bred power catamarans.

For more information visit


New 43' CAT by Jaguar Powerboats Has Racing Heritage, Family Safety Pedigree

Some might question whether a 43' center console catamaran with twin Seven 627sv outboards capable of topping 100 mph could be classified as a family day boat or hardcore fishing platform. But at Jaguar Powerboats, the answer is a resounding yes. The new Model J43 from the custom boatbuilder draws upon a robust racing heritage while delivering a safe, stable and fuel-efficient ride at any speed. Hull #1 debuts at the Miami International Boat Show, Feb. 13–17, dock 327.

"Our goal wasn't to build a full-on race boat," said John Clarke, Jaguar Powerboats president, with a wink. "While some customers will no doubt take advantage of the J43's unprecedented speed, it's first and foremost a safe boat that slices through rough seas and carves through turns like it's on rails." Clarke is the son of APBA powerboat racing legend Jack Clarke.

The J43 is a statement in hydrodynamics. Steps are engineered to generate massive lift to decrease the wetted 40' running surface and resultant friction. Complimentary to this, centerline pads draw air up under the hulls to maximize speed without sacrificing stability or maneuverability. The bows of the J43 are designed like a race boat's with a precise anti-stuffing angle that stops the boat from nose-diving at high speeds when in rough seas. If a particularly large wave is encountered, the hull rides up and over on the front of the aerodynamic tunnel. If water does get into the boat, it's self-bailing.

As for draft, at a mere 18", it will easily beach where other comparably sized boats have to remain anchored offshore. While the J43 is unquestionably fast, it's incredibly fuel-efficient. At 60 mph at a modest 4,000 rpm, the dual Seven outboards burn a negligible 50 gph. Comparable performance monohulls of this size are red-lining their engines—taking years off their lives—and gulping massive amounts of fuel. The 4,300 lb. Kevlar-reinforced, race-quality unibody hull and deck of the J43 are built using 100% Core-Cell and vinylester resin. It's vacuum-bagged twice to ensure maximum stiffness and reduce any chance of delamination and dry spots. So confident in their construction, Jaguar Powerboats has a lifetime warranty on the hull and deck.

Completely customizable, the Jaguar Powerboats Model J43 is available in three configurations: family day boat, dedicated fishing and a cuddy cabin for overnight cruising. With a 9' 4" beam, there's plenty of deck and internal space for any activity. Rigged per the customer's specifications, the cat can be built with a range of fuel capacities from 200–600 gallons. Power options include two or four outboards or twin diesel inboard engines with a maximum 3,000 hp.

"We've spent the better part of a year testing the J43's hull and engines in every conceivable condition," said Clarke. "Our focus has been more on performance and safety than deciding the color of the LEDs on the hardtop. I guess my dad was right: racing is in my blood!"

As configured, hull #1 of the Jaguar Powerboats J43 costs $750,000. A video is at For more information contact Jaguar Powerboats, 2100 M.L.K. Jr. Dr., High Point, NC 27260. 954-931-1834.;

See hull #1 of Jaguar PowerbEditor's note: oats' incredible J43 at MIBS, Feb. 13–17, dock 327. To arrange a cruising run at the show, contact



Sun Tracker pontoon boats now come with a new 10-year full coverage warranty

Tracker Marine Group has announced a new 10-year bow-to-stern factory warranty covering 2014 Sun Tracker pontoon boats. The new 10+Life coverage includes limited lifetime structural and deck warranty and full coverage during the warranty period with no pro rating. In addition, the warranty can be transferred to a second owner. The 10+Life coverage offers a one-stop solution, eliminating the need to pursue separate warranties with component manufacturers. It’s these features that make 10+Life the best factory warranty in the pontoon business.

'From the early days when we started making pontoon boats, we worked hard to make good quality boats with great family features. We are very thankful that our customers are satisfied with their boats and continue to reward us with their loyalty,' said Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Marine Group. 'Now we are giving back with the best warranty in the market. And we are telling the more than a thousand customers who have already purchased a 2014 Sun Tracker that their boats are covered, too.‚'

Studies, warranty history reviews, and customer feedback show Sun Tracker quality, construction and customer service are already considered excellent. The 10+Life warranty is expected to offer pontoon boat customers even greater peace of mind about choosing a Sun Tracker pontoon boat. The new coverage offers a level of assurance boat buyers can’t get anywhere else.

As part of the Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Marine Group family, Sun Tracker takes over three decades of family-friendly innovations, comfort and quality and weaves them into every model to produce a lineup of pontoon boats that are loaded with value. Sun Tracker pontoons feature high-sheen fencing and graphics; sleek consoles, gauges, and controls; and plush carpet and luxurious upholstery. In addition, customers can expect more fishing seats and dual livewells on fishing models.

Sun Tracker high customer satisfaction and dealer satisfaction are the result of several factors, including diligent response to the customer, a dealer network dedicated to delivering a great experience to buyers, and LeanSigma manufacturing techniques and tools, which are focused on quality improvement.

For more information about Sun Tracker pontoon boats, visit

About Tracker Marine Group

Tracker Marine Group (TMG), a division of Bass Pro Group, is the #1 boat builder in the United States. Founded in 1977, TMG manufactures TRACKER aluminum fishing boats, SUN TRACKER and REGENCY pontoon boats, NITRO performance fishing boats, TAHOE family sport boats, MAKO saltwater fishing boats and ASCEND kayaks in the Midwest. Each brand is manufactured within 100 miles of company headquarters in Springfield, Mo. The Tracker Marine Group boat brands are sold and serviced through more than 60 Bass Pro Shops locations and more than 200 independent dealers from coast to coast. Visit for more information.


Recently, Benetti delivered two yachts from their Benetti Fast 125’ line, SKYLAR and CONSTANCE JOY, to MarineMax clients. “We are excited to have worked with Benetti to provide our clients with such unique yachts. These innovative and beautiful yachts are truly one-of-a-kind”, exclaimed Paul Cummings, MarineMax Regional President.

Both yachts are equipped with the new generation propulsion system designed by Rolls Royce specifically for the Fast 125’ family: the Azipull Carbon 65 (AZP C65), a high performance, lightweight, steerable thruster that uses carbon fiber throughout, even for load carrying parts. Thanks to the reduced weight, the system offers a quiet ride as the engine room can be placed farther aft, leaving the guest cabins quiet and vibration-free. Another advantage offered by this innovative propulsion system is the excellent maneuvering capability both in navigation and while docking.
They also share a revolutionary D2P Displacement to Planing hull form with a wave piercer bow that allows the owner to use the yacht in displacement mode with low fuel consumption at low speeds and in planning mode at higher speeds.

The Fast 125’ CONSTANCE JOY was the second Fast 125’ to be sold since the line has been launched, and she distinguishes herself for her characteristic red hull. The Fast 125’ SKYLER is a four deck semi-wide body yacht with a total of 5 cabins. Both were built in Benetti’s Viareggio shipyard with a superstructure made of carbon and epoxy resins that are 40% lighter.

The sporty exterior of these yachts was designed by Stefano Righini who used an expanse of horizontal windows to accentuate the model’s streamlined look. The interiors of both yachts were designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon. The interior of SKYLER, in particular, is based on the “Air” configuration, the most modern and minimal of the three interior style options that Benetti offers to their Fast 125’ owners.

MarineMax is happy to have worked with Benetti to bring such amazing yachts to their clients. They look forward to providing more opportunities for custom yachts with the new MarineMax Superyachts Division.

About MarineMax

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, MarineMax is the nation's largest recreational boat and yacht retailer. Focused on premium brands, such as Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Meridian, Hatteras, Azimut Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Galeon, Grady-White, Harris, Crest, Bennington, Scout, Sailfish, Sea Pro, Sportsman, Scarab Jet Boats, Yamaha Jet Boats, Aquila, and Nautique, MarineMax sells new and used recreational boats and related marine products and services as well as provides yacht brokerage and charter services. MarineMax currently has 62 retail locations in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Texas and operates MarineMax Vacations in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. MarineMax is a New York Stock Exchange-listed company. For more information, please visit


Galeon Yachts New Model Galeon 6409 FLY

The 640 FLY is a game changer, once again offering solutions never before seen in this class. This transformer yacht will revolutionize the segment with its innovative approach to layout and space distribution. The 640 FLY will follow a new design path to allow for bigger volume and better space distribution, all while maintaining the great exterior appearance Galeon models are known for. Outside, the aft cockpit dining area holds eight people who can enjoy an entertainment system with a TV sliding up from the aft galley, all while protected from the elements by the electric aft sunshade. Further back, find the hydraulic bath platform capable of handling all water paraphernalia and a convenient access to a large skipper cabin.

The Flybridge is enlarged to offer a generous dining space, a full-sized bar and plenty of lounge space surrounding the steering console. The bow deck area can be approached by the revolutionary, electric front window entrance revealing two separate movable sofas with integrated convertible tables for sundeck purpose. Serve the area from a nearby forward bar to further impress your guests. Everyone’s favorite Beach Mode makes a welcome reappearance, fitted with six-meter-long balconies with partially glazed floors and a breakfast bar on both sides.
Inside find extensive lounge and dinner areas with openable side windows next to the bar and steering station. Thanks to the innovative, two-way stair system, a three full-beam cabin layout was made possible for extra privacy and comfort. A four-cabin layout is sure to please enlarged families and charter enthusiasts. Embrace the future of luxury yachts with the upcoming Galeon 640 FLY!

Every Galeon yacht is a piece of handcrafted excellence and thanks to the unparalleled attention to detail, cutting edge technology and great designs the company has become one of the premier European boat builders. With over 30 years of experience in the business and thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world – you can be sure your next Galeon yacht will meet all your expectations. Established in 1982, Galeon remains a privately-owned company specializing in constructing luxury yacht and motorboats. With clear vision and steady growth, we have reached employment of over 800 people working on 18,000 square meters of production and assembly halls, capable of taking on even the most ambitious projects. The invaluable experience we have gained over the years allows us to be on the forefront of innovative boat builders, constantly introducing new and daring designs. With each new generation of Galeon yachts we push the limit even further. For more information, visit


92' Viking Yacht Debuts with Seakeeper on Board

When the owner of a Seakeeper-equipped Viking 66 approached the venerable Viking Yachts about purchasing Hull #1 of the largest boat in its 50 year history—the ground-breaking 92—both knew it would include a Seakeeper. With a whole new product line recently launched, Seakeeper, the global leader in gyro stabilization, was ready with its Seakeeper 35 model.

Known for unprecedented quality without any sacrifice to performance, Viking Yachts has installed Seakeeper gyros on close to 50 boats. "The people at Seakeeper are a good partner for us, they're interested in selling the whole Viking experience," said Peter Frederiksen, Viking Yachts marketing director. And on a 92', state-of-the-art sportfisher that will make 36 kts, part of that experience is unmatched stability without affecting hull dynamics.

"The Viking 92 is luxurious, it's fast, it's made to fish and to do everything you could possibly want. The Seakeeper brings in that 'other' factor," said Frederiksen, "and it really makes a difference in the overall experience of the boat. You can never achieve this speed with your typical stabilizers that extend outside the hull."
Viking captain Ryan Higgins can attest. Recently out in rough conditions—20 kts out of the northeast, tight 4–6' waves—the Seakeeper 35 excelled on the Viking 92. The stabilizing effect when turning on the Seakeeper is beyond merely noticeable. "It's like a light switch when you lock it down. It's pretty impressive. You don't look at the waves the same way when you have a Seakeeper," said Higgins.

He notes that many owners of Seakeeper-equipped Vikings are able to fish more, going out on days others typically stay ashore. "On rough days, without a gyro, you're limited to trolling up- and down-sea for comfort; in more of a beam sea you tend to roll like crazy in a non-Seakeeper boat. Seakeepers are able to troll at any angle, in any sea condition. It's a definite advantage from that standpoint."
"Viking is known for unparalleled performance and exceptionally beautiful and luxurious yachts, and we've had great success with our gyros in their boats," said Andrew Semprevivo, Seakeeper VP of sales and marketing. "Our new Seakeeper 35 is perfect for the 92's needs. It enriches what is already an unsurpassed onboard experience."

The 35 is designed for single installation use in vessels up to 140 tons. Like all Seakeepers, it draws minimal power and reduces resonant roll by 70-90%, whether a boat is at rest, slow speed or underway. The compact and lightweight systems are completely internal, quiet, easily-installed and virtually maintenance-free.
For future Viking 92 builds, the Seakeeper 35 will be a standard option. Viking also offers Seakeeper on all models from 42' to 92'. "It's right there in the beginning," notes Frederiksen. "We tell people, 'you definitely want a Seakeeper.' When people experience it, they want it." The first Viking 92 makes its debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Information is available at or contact Seakeeper, 44425 Pecan Ct., Ste. 151, California, MD 20619. 410-326-1590, e-mail, or check web site

PDQ 34-Foot Catamaran Joins Charter Fleet at Southwest Florida Yachts *

Southwest Florida Yachts has added a new PDQ 34 Power Cat -- ChriSea -- to its charter fleet for cruising the scenic Pine Island-Sanibel-Captiva corridor.

The spacious catamaran features two cabins with queen-sized beds, a fully-equipped galley and a roomy head with a separate shower. It has a large dinette with a settee that converts to an extra large bed for additional sleeping room. Amenities include a generator, color TV, washer and dryer, and a CD player with stereo speakers. The skipper's array of navigation and operation electronics includes GPS and autopilot.

Barb Hansen of Southwest Florida yachts said the power vessel is economical to charter and to operate. It charters for only $3273 per week in the summer and $4090 in the winter. The vessel is known for being stingy with gasoline. It is powered by twin Yanmar diesel engines, each generating 100 hp.

Hansen said ChriSea is docked at Marinatown Marina in N. Fort Myers. Marinatown Marina provides quick cruising access, via the Caloosahatchee River, to the sheltered Gulf ICW. ChriSea is now part of a fleet of nine power cruisers from 32 to 50 feet The company's five-boat sailing charter fleet is based at Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda.

Southwest Florida is ranked as one of the best cruising and sailing areas in the world. Visitors have scored the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva as the best islands to visit for their ambiance, beaches, friendliness, restaurants and scenery.

For more information about Southwest Florida Yachts and Florida Sailing & Cruising School visit ,, Mailing Address: 3444 Marinatown Lane, N.W., N. Fort Myers, FL 33903. Telephone: 800-262-7939 or 239-656-1339, or email

Three Cabin Catamaran -- Albino Wino -- Joins Southwest Florida Yachts Charter Fleet*

Southwest Florida yachts has added a 50-foot Wright Power Cat to its charter fleet. The newest yacht in the fleet has three cabins and three heads and it hops from one beautiful barrier island to the next at a rather speedy 16 knots, thanks to twin 350-hp diesels and an efficient catamaran hull.

Proprietor Barb Hansen said charter cruisers may be inspired to lift a glass of wine to salute the name on this vessel -- Albino Wino -- but its spacious salon and multi-cabin comfort (including 6' 5" headroom) should provide more than enough lift for all onboard.

Hansen said Albino Wino sleeps seven in style with queen beds in two spacious cabins, twin beds in another, plus a single berth in the pilothouse. It features an L-shaped dinette on the starboard side and a coffee table with seating on the port side. It has four-zone air conditioning and heat to smooth out all kinds of weather.

Albino Wino has two refrigerators, a three-burner stovetop, microwave/convection oven, icemaker, trash compactor, washer/dryer, AM/FM stereo, color TV, and DVD player. Power is supplied by twin Yanmar 350 hp diesels. Fuel capacity is 480 gallons with consumption ranging from approximately 10 to 15 gallons per hour. The engine room is ventilated and well lit.

The latest in marine controls is available to the captain including radar, GPS and slave unit, autopilot, depth sounder, and VHF radios, plus instrumentation panels at both helms.

Albino Wino charters for only $4,131 for five days in the winter season and $3,303 in summer. Hansen said Albino Wino is docked with 11 other power cruisers from 28 to 50 feet at Marinatown Marina in N. Fort Myers. Marinatown Marina provides quick cruising access, via the Caloosahatchee River, to the sheltered Gulf ICW. The company's sailing charter fleet is based at Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda.

Southwest Florida is ranked as one of the best sailing and cruising areas in the world. Visitors have scored the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva as the best islands to visit for their ambiance, beaches, friendliness, restaurants and scenery.

For more information about Southwest Florida Yachts and Florida Sailing & Cruising School visit,, Mailing Address: 3444 Marinatown Lane, N.W., N. Fort Myers, FL 33903. Telephone: 800-262-7939 or 239-656-1339, or email

Southwest Florida Yachts Has a New Power Cruiser - Lucy

The Southwest Florida Yachts charter fleet has a new power cruiser -- her name is Lucy -- a spacious Custom Cat 45 that accommodates up to eight adults for exploring the beautiful Southwest Florida coastline and inland waterway.

The roomy catamaran has four double cabins and two heads with walk-in showers. It has a huge salon where friends and family can relax around a U-shaped settee and listen to music or watch high-def movies on a flat screen TV with a surround-sound speaker system. The galley is large and fully equipped for refueling a boatload of cruisers. The coffee table has four large seats that pull out to provide storage below.

This cat loves the water. Lucy is powered by twin four-stroke 250-hp Suzuki outboards with excellent fuel economy and providing responsive steering while underway and for docking. The skipper has a full array of instrumentation including GPS and autopilot navigation assistance.

Lucy is one of nine power yachts from 32 to 50 feet in the Southwest Florida Yachts fleet at Marinatown Marina in N. Fort Myers. Fleet headquarters just off the Caloosahatchee River gives charters easy and quick access to one of the best cruising and sailing areas in the world, the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway along scenic mangrove island rookeries and relaxing ports of call on Sanibel, Captiva, Pine and Useppa Islands. Visitors have scored the barrier islands tops for their beaches, ambiance, friendliness, restaurants and scenery.

For more information about Southwest Florida Yachts and Florida Sailing & Cruising School visit,,, and SWFYachts. mailing address is 3444 Marinatown Lane, N.W., N. Fort Myers, FL 33903. Telephone: 800-262-7939 or 239-656-1339, or email

Viking Yachts

Viking Yachts Feature Silent, Efficient Head Ventilation

Viking Yachts builds the quintessence of well-appointed, high-performance sportfishing and motor yachts. The company's 92 and 75 both employ Delta "T" Systems' automatic marine head ventilation system to complement the distinctive experience of these vessels.

Owners and guests expect a level of quiet, understated luxury on a Viking, from the salon to the head. With this next-generation ventilation solution, they no longer have to contend with the noisy, annoying whine of a blower mounted in the lavatory. "Until Delta 'T' Systems' new centralized unit, we installed a vent fan in each head," said Peter Frederiksen, Viking Yachts marketing director. "It was simply too loud for our standards."

With the flip of a switch discretely mounted in the vanity, the highly-efficient system activates a remote fan and damper. Quickly, the air in the room is refreshed and the humidity removed. "Because the blower is located in another part of the boat, it's virtually silent," noted Frederiksen.

Delta "T" Systems offers optional sensors that automatically activate the system when someone enters the head. The venting remains running while the area is occupied, and several minutes thereafter. Adaptable for OEMs, the system is easy to install, and very cost-effective. Dedicated 3" ducting can be run through overheads, within bulkheads or any place where it's convenient. A single, self-contained plenum box houses all of the major components and requires a minimal power draw. The single, powerful blower will run four heads; the use of dampers increases its efficiency. One exhaust port is used to vent the air, reducing visual clutter on the boat's exterior.

Delta "T" Systems has supplied Viking Yachts with its advanced products for 15 years. "We have a strong, long-term relationship with them," said Frederiksen. "We've been using Delta 'T' for engine ventilation for years—they've come up with some innovative solutions for us."

For 50 years, Viking yachts has led the industry in delivering luxury and speed, in a hull form that turns heads. It currently offers models ranging in length from 42'–92'.

Delta "T" Systems engineers and manufactures marine ventilation systems. The company produces axial fans, blowers, duct fans, controls, dampers, moisture eliminators, weather closures, vents, louvers and grills. Its equipment has been installed in over 14,000 vessels. It's also the exclusive authorized agent for Cranston-Eagle Marine Hooks in the US.

Contact Delta "T" Systems, 858 W 13th Ct., Riviera Beach, FL 33404. 561-204-1500; Fax: 561-848-1611.;



Carolina Electric Boats Introduces Deluxe Twin Troller

Better than ever, the new, fully-loaded Twin Troller DeluxX10 from Carolina Electric Boats offers numerous upgrades, including a ProMariner ProMite battery charger, Fish-On rod holders and Humminbird PiranhaMAX 170 fishfinder. Going where other boats can't, the innovative craft can reach speeds up to 6 mph and operate in as little as 6" of water. Its dual, recessed MotorGuide Electric Trolling Motors can travel over submerged trees, grass and other underwater obstacles without damaging the props.

Providing superior maneuverability, the patented Twin Troller propulsion system controls the motors independently with unique, variable-speed foot pedals. The Twin Troller is the only truly hands-free boat of its kind on the market, freeing hands to fish, hunt, bird watch or just enjoy the outdoors. The convenient foot pedals transition smoothly between forward and reverse. With a revolutionary 0° turn radius, the amazing Twin Troller DeluxX10 can rotate 360° in one location and make effortless 90° turns.

Providing automatic charging, the ProMariner ProMite features charge status and power LED indicators. With durable molded housing, it is completely water- and shockproof. The dual-beam Humminbird PiranhaMAX 170 fishfinder has a temperature sensor, 240 x 160 display with 8-level grayscale and a tilt and swivel mount.

Ergonomically-designed Tempress seats sit on black-powder-coated seat frames to ensure proper height and comfort. Now fully saltwater compatible, the versatile 10' craft features an improved, waterproof foot control design. The hull is available in beige with Shadow Moss seats, as well as standard blue and green hull options.

The Twin Troller DeluxX10 comes ready to hit the water. It includes built-in beverage holders, outboard motor mount and deep, self-draining rod trays with pockets for reels. A deep-cycle marine battery under the back seat will run the boat for 6-8 hours between charges.

The simple-to-transport craft can be easily lifted into the back of any pick-up truck or trailer and weighs just 175 lbs. Fitting two people comfortably, the durable Twin Troller DeluxX10 can handle up to 585 lbs. At 48" wide, the balanced pontoon hull design provides unmatched stability.

Roto-molded in a single piece using advanced Surpass polyethylene resin, the streamlined Twin Troller DeluxX10's hull material is lighter and tougher than fiberglass. Completely recyclable, the UV-protected resin resists cracks, won't take on water and has an amazing 5-year warranty.

Endorsed by Ray Scott, the godfather of modern bass fishing and founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS), the state-of-the-art Twin Troller DeluxX10 from Carolina Electric Boats has a suggested retail price of just $2,695. The standard Twin Troller X10 costs $2,395.

Contact Carolina Electric Boats, 501A South Wall St., Benson, NC 27504. Toll free: 877-882-0099; Fax: 919-207-2522; e-mail to; or check web site

Note: The new Twin Troller DeluxX10 from Carolina Electric Boats will be on display in booth #638 at ICAST in Orlando, Florida from July 15-17.



Torqeedo-Powered Sea Eagle Kayak

Adventurers who wish to explore secluded waters, travel long meandering rivers or motor through intimate salt marshes can do all this with the new Sea Eagle FastTrack e385 & e465 Green Machine Packages.  Powered by a 1 hp Torqeedo Ultralight 403 electric motor, these kayak packages come with a Sea Eagle FastTrack inflatable kayak, 23 Watt PowerFilm flexible solar panel, Sea Eagle QuikSail and one or two Sea Eagle paddles. 

These Sea Eagle FastTracks are the forerunners of a new generation of environmentally friendly craft that enable owners to utilize multiple propulsion sources.  Owners can sail when the wind is with them, paddle when they are in the mood and motor when facing stiff winds.  And if the sun is out, they can motor at slow speeds for hours as the solar panel keeps the motor's lithium manganese battery charged.

            Torqeedo's Ultralight 403 features a propulsive power equivalent to a 1 hp gas outboard.  Completely submersible and IP67-rated, it will operate even when fully submersed.  At slow speed, it provides a range of 12-15 miles.  An integrated board computer combines information from the motor, batteries and a built-in GPS, enabling kayakers to monitor battery charge, speed and remaining range at current speed.

The ultimate, true zero emission craft, the FastTrack kayaks are very lightweight and easy to transport.  The e465 package weighs just under 70 lbs., yet holds an amazing 795 lbs. of passengers and gear. 
Sea Eagle FastTrack Kayaks will go straight in whatever direction the user wants and hold a course no matter what angle they are paddling or motoring, in relation to the wind.  Its extraordinary performance is due to its patent-pending drop-stitch outside keel, inside drop-stitch floor and large removable skeg.  The PowerFilm Solar Panel will fully charge the 23 watt lithium battery in 16 hours.
Combining lithium batteries with leading-edge motor technology and propeller design, Torqeedo's high-tech outboards have won numerous awards.  Environmentally-sound, they offer unrivalled strength and efficiency for superior range.

For more information   contact Torqeedo Inc., 171 Erick Street Unit A-1, Crystal Lake, IL 60014.  815-444-8806; Fax: 815-444-8807.;


The Agent, Dagger's latest high performance whitewater playboat, has quick edge to edge transition while retaining hull speed for explosive bounce off waves allowing paddlers to push aerial creativity and pioneer new aerial maneuvers. Add the included IR Overthruster and the performance and pop goes through the roof. The Agent, available in three sizes for paddlers ranging in size from 80 to 225 pounds, features Dagger's new outfitting including thermo molded foam seat pad, hip pads and backband.

The manufactuer's suggested retail price is $925. For more information check web site


CK 100 Catamaran/Kayak

One of the best self-bailing, leisure kayaks is now available - the CK 100 Catamaran/Kayak.  It’s hull has been shaped for less resistance to achieve higher speeds on the water, and it sports a refined, textured, streamlined design which provides superior stability, exceptional tracking and an efficient glide. With its convenient pull-strap and bungee tie-down integrated into the hull without the use of any hardware, it will stand up to salt or fresh water, and the ultra-comfortable folding backrest and aluminum scratch guards protect the hull. Standard features include graduated foot braces to accommodate children and adults alike, a molded-in beverage holder, a built-in side paddle holder, and a buoyant, spoon-shaped paddle with drip guards that reduce splash. While out on long adventures, paddlers will find the optional watertight storage compartment and bungee tie-down cords ideal for taking along personal belongings. Use the pull strap for walks along the shore and the new backrest that folds down to use storage space on the beach more efficiently.  Available in Sunburst Yellow and Riviera Blue, constructed of UV-treated, durable polyethylene, the CK 100 is 127” long x 27” wide x 20” high and has a carrying capacity of 250 pounds, but weighs only 55 pounds. Suggested retail cost is $360.

For more information contact Future Beach Corp, 181 Oneida Drive, Pointe-Claire, Quebeck H9R 1A9, Canada; 800-357-7837 or check web site


Mirage i9S

Hobie’s i9S was specifically designed for people shy on spare acreage but who dream of spending their time kayaking, fishing or sailing (via the optional Sail kit).
The compact i9S offers on-the-water performance that rivals rigid boats, and its rugged, PVC-vinyl construction and reinforced underside eliminate fears of rocky beaches.

Crew: 1
Length: 9' / 2.74 m
Width: 36" / .91 m
Capacity: 325 lbs / 147 kg
Fitted Hull Weight: 41 lbs / 18.6 kg *
Fully Rigged Weight: 70 lbs / 31.8 kg *
Bag Dimensions: 30"x25"x12" / 76x64x30cm
Hull Construction: 1000 Denier PVC
Color Options:
*All colors, graphics and specifications of all models are subject to change without notice.

Hobie MirageDrive180

Powered by MirageDrive 180 . . . . . The ungainly paddle is replaced by the sheer efficiency of the MirageDrive 180, the original pedal kayak drive. With the largest human muscle group now in play, kayaking becomes easier and more efficient than ever.

“Drop Stitch” refers to a method of construction that allows for much higher inflation pressures. Thousands of tiny threads connect the top and bottom layers of the floor, counterbalancing air pressure when it is inflated. This allows for remarkable structural rigidity (and increased performance) without sacrificing portability.

Rolling Storage Bag

The Hobie i-Series is the perfect choice for the kayaker who is short on space or storage. When portability is paramount, Hobie inflatables easily fold up and pack nicely within the included rolling travel bag.

Featured Options
Hobie evolve Electric Motor Kit

This quiet and efficient electric motor will dramatically expand your horizons.


A cart designed specifically for inflatable models takes the effort out of getting the boat to the water’s edge after inflating.

Sail Kit

Add sail power using the sail mount and attaching a few shrouds to the fully-collapsible mast.

Hobie Mirage Outback Special Edition

In November 2015, a new orange Hobie® was seen on waterways around the world …but there will not be many of them.  In celebration of the 15th birthday of Hobie’s iconic Mirage® Outback, a limited edition model with visually distinct special features was introduced at ICAST...the Hobie Mirage Outback Limited Edition.  Each of them will be individually numbered one to 500. The Outback, Hobie’s first boat with molded-in rod holders, is what kicked off Hobie’s entry into the kayak fishing market and is now being used by anglers across the globe. 

Over the past 15 years, the 12’ Outback has medalled consistently on the sales floor and in tournaments while bringing sheer enjoyment to thousands of anglers. With increasingly more units in use every day, a celebration is well deserved.  The Mirage Outback Limited Edition model combines the well-proven features of the current Mirage Outback (utility, speed and stability) with MirageDrive Turbo fins, an oversized rudder, hookless map pockets, custom on-deck EVA pad kit and large padeyes for attaching accessories in the cargo area.  And then there is the visual look.   The new custom orange color will not fail to solicit attention. Molded-in graphics subtly depicting fish species from all over the world and contrast color and logo stitching on the Vantage CT seat complete the picture.

Since 1950, Hobie has been in the business of shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water, and innovative quality products. From their headquarters in Oceanside, California, Hobie Cat Company manufactures, distributes, and markets an impressive collection of eco-sensitive watercraft worldwide, with subsidiaries; Hobie Cat Australasia, in Huskisson, NSW, Australia and Hobie Cat Europe, in Toulon, France and independent distributors; Hobie Kayak Europe and Hobie Cat Brasil. These products include an ever-expanding line of recreation and racing sailboats, pedal-driven and paddle sit-on-top recreation and fishing kayaks, inflatable kayaks, fishing boats and stand-up paddleboards, plus a complementary array of parts and accessories.

New Hybrid Hobie Mirage®  Revolution Fish Incorporates Speed, Capacity, and Maneuverability.

Hobie has not been resting on their laurels after the successful 2006 launch of the Hobie Mirage® Adventure Fish solo and Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fish tandem pedal-driven fishing boats. Now by popular demand comes the hybrid Hobie Mirage Revolution Fish with the speed of the Adventure Fish, capacity of the Outback Fish, and maneuverability of the Sport Fish. Returning favorites to the lineup include Hank Parker’s Limited Edition signature models, the large capacity Hobie Mirage Outback Fish, and smaller Hobie Mirage Sport Fish, as well as the Hobie Quest Fish for those who prefer to paddle instead of pedal.

There is no learning curve on any of Hobie’s fishing boats. All six provide easy-to-use, stable, and efficient alternatives to traditional fishing boats. They enhance the fishing experience with elevated padded seating and speed to get to the best spots quickly; maneuver easily on shallow flats, rivers, lakes, and oceans and are easy to transport and store. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife estimates the number of adults in the U.S. who fish at 42.1 million. Hobie’s goal is to provide boats to meet all levels of expertise and help keep that number growing. 

Hobie did not just stop with a new boat. A series of fishing-friendly accessories make it possible for anglers to customize boats to fit their own preferences. All fishing boats will now come standard with the new Plug-In Hobie Trax Cart complete with pneumatic wheels for easy rolling of heavy loads over rough terrain and soft sand. Three new Gear Buckets are also part of the package, each stored in a mesh bag that fits into the eight-inch hatches. Optional accessories include ST Turbo Fins that can increase boat speed by over ten percent and an inflatable Sidekick Ama Kit (think Hawaiian Outrigger) for extra stability while standing. Hunters and bird-watchers will especially appreciate the Hobie Camo Dodger to hide leg movement and Bimini to shield the sun.

Hands-Free Fishing

Hank Parker, well known and respected in the world of fishing, enthusiastically endorses the unique pedal-driven, sit-on-top MirageDrive boats as a “new way to fish” for the approximately 82 percent of freshwater anglers, as well as the remaining 18 percent of those who troll the saltwater. He believes that Hobie’s pedal-driven boats are “waking up” fishing, and that they “can take you effortlessly and quickly to places where fish have never seen a lure.” 

Hobie's patented MirageDrive pedal mechanism is connected to two underwater flippers, much like penguin wings, enabling anglers to propel themselves quickly and effortlessly. Steering is controlled via a left side, fingertip-controlled rudder system, making it easy to cast, hook, and land fish while maneuvering to that secret spot. The rudder can be rotated out of the way for chopping through weeds in very shallow water and for transport or storage. Rudder steering lines are made from Spectra, the world’s strongest fiber, up to 15 times stronger than quality steel. The combination of the MirageDrive rudder system and the hull design ensures a stable ride and enables anglers to cover long distances with little or no fatigue, even against the current or in windy conditions.

The Lineup

Hobie Mirage Revolution Fish Paddle Boat --

is the MirageDrive version of the popular Quest Fish paddle boat. Both models are fast and efficient enough to get to the fish quickly, but with plenty of stability for a stress-free, relaxed-pace outing. Fishing-friendly features include abundant storage capacity, an eight-inch and a large 13-inch bow-hatch with space for an optional eight-inch hatch in the stern, two rear molded-in rod holders, and a console with a utility tray and flat area that can be customized with additional equipment. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets provide easy-access storage for tackle and tools. Cup holders ensure that thirst can be easily quenched, whatever the flavor.

Hobie Mirage Adventure Fish Solo Fishing Boat --

is a 16-foot fishing machine, the fastest solo fishing boat in the fleet and the boat with the most legroom. With its large storage capacity, it can carry all the gear necessary for extended fishing trips and/or overnight camping. At 12 feet eight inches, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fish adds a short and light tandem MirageDrive boat to the fishing line. Both models feature the patent-pending, Twist and Stow rudder that can be lifted and turned to lay flat on deck when not in use, whether in the water, on top of the car, or in storage. Patent-pending Twist and Seal hatches open and close effortlessly with a simple turn of the handle, are highly water resistant, feature a smooth nonskid surface, and seal with a compression O-ring.

According to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, over one quarter of all anglers are female, and most people are introduced to fishing at a young age by a family member. The Hobie Mirage Sport Fish, Hank Parker Edition,  is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users, including these important demographics. At a lightweight 45 pounds, it is designed with a unique adjustable seat, which accommodates four-foot youths to six-foot adults. As the seat is moved forward, the adjustable pedals move backward, shortening the distance for smaller anglers, and vice versa for taller anglers. The Hobie Mirage Outback Fish, Hank Parker Edition.  is longer and faster for those who want to carry more and get to their fishing destination of choice in a hurry. Both boats are easily transportable in the back of a pickup truck or on a roof rack, eliminating the bother of hauling a trailer. 

NFL Hall of Famer, Jackie Smith, is an avid proponent of Hobie’s MirageDrive boats. “The only way to appreciate the uniqueness of Hobie’s MirageDrive boats is to just get in one and experience it. I have fished all my life, and these boats, with their innovative design, are in a category of their own. They not only give anglers unique advantages, they also bring back the essence of the fishing experience. For anyone questioning the stability of a fishing kayak, 6-foot, 4-inch Jackie added that, “I’ve used my Hobie in the wake of barges on the Mississippi and I’ve gone upstream on the Illinois river when it was flooding. These boats are remarkably stable.”


All Hobie kayaks are constructed of seamless rotomolded Super-Linear II polyethylene hulls and are designed with an open-deck construction and angler-friendly features, including molded-in utility trays, rod holders with caps, and room for tackle, and ample storage. Deluxe two-piece paddles and deluxe, padded back-support seatbacks are included with every model. All six models are available in the new Khaki and Moss, as well as popular Safety Orange.

Hobie Mirage Adventure Fish

Length: 16’                       Width: 27.5”              Hull Weight: 62 lbs            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs            Capacity: 350 lbs

Additional Standard Features: Oversize forward hatch. Two eight-inch Twist and Seal hatches. Twist and Stow rudder that can lie flat on the deck. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. On-deck receptacle with cap for sail mast, dive flag, or nav-anchor light. New Plug-In Trax Cart. Two molded-in mid-boat carrying grips. Rear cargo area.

Optional Gear:  Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick. 

Hobie Revolution Fish
Length: 13’ 5”             Width: 28.5”            Hull Weight: 59 lbs            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs            Capacity: 350 lbs.

Additional Standard Features: Oversized forward hatch. Two eight-inch Twist and Seal hatches. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. On-deck receptacle with cap for sail mast, dive flag, or nav-anchor light. New Plug-In Trax Cart. Two molded-in mid-boat carrying grips. Low-profile working tray.

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick. 

Hobie Quest Fish

Length: 13’                        Width: 28.5”            Hull Weight: 57 lbs.            Capacity: 350 lbs.

Deluxe Package Features:  “Easy Open” hinged hatch with access to large storage area. One eight-inch Twist and Seal hatch conveniently located in front of the seat. Aft room for second eight-inch optional hatch for additional storage. Adjustable foot braces for paddling leverage. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. Two molded-in mid-boat carrying grips. New Plug-In Trax Cart.

Optional Gear: “Twist and Stow” Rudder Kit

Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fish – (Tandem)

Length: 12’ 8”                        Width: 34”            Hull Weight: 72 lbs            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs            Capacity: 450 lbs.

Additional Standard Features: Three eight-inch Twist and Seal hatches. Twist and Stow rudder that can lie flat on the deck. Forward and rear cargo areas. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. On-deck receptacle with cap for sail mat, dive flag, or nav-anchor light. New Plug-In Trax Cart. Mid-ship carrying handles on both sides.

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, bimini, and side kick.

Hobie Mirage Outback Fish

Length: 12’ 1”                        Width: 33”            Hull Weight: 62 lbs.            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs.            Capacity: 400 lbs.

Additional Standard Gear: Oversize hinged hatch in bow with access to large storage area.Two Twist and Seal eight-inch hatches. Molded in utility trays. Oversize rear cargo area to accommodate a cooler, milk crate, or bucket. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. On-deck receptacle for sail mast, dive flag, or nav-anchor light.  Mesh-covered stowage pockets. Mid-boat carrying handle. New Plug-In Trax Cart.

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick.

Hobie Mirage Sport Fish

Length: 9’ 7”                        Width: 29.5”            Hull Weight: 48 lbs.            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs.            Capacity: 245 lbs.

Additional Standard Features: Deck layout featuring storage trays. Six-inch Twist and Seal hatch with a storage bag. Eight-inch Twist and Seal hatch. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Oversize rear cargo area to accommodate a cooler, milk crate, or bucket. Mid-hull padded carrying handle. Built-in mast receptacle for optional sail package that goes easily to windward for all levels of sailors. New Plug-In Trax Cart.

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick.

For more information contact


Necky Kayaks have introduced the new women's-specific Eliza Kayak in a fiberglass lay-up. One of the lightest women's kayaks on the market today, the 40-pound composite Eliza's egonomically designed cockpit is wide at the hips to account for a women's center of gravity and shorter in length allowing for easier spray deck installation/removal. The shallow V-shaped hull is very reactive to slight edging, yet provides an excellent balance between tracking and maneuverability.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $2,549.

For more information, check web site


Prowler Big Game by Ocean Kayak --

is geared toward the serious kayak fisherman. The 12' 9", 69 lb. kayak easily accommodates anglers of any size with all the necessary fishing gear, including fish finders, GP, transducer, rod holders, tackle boxes and even live bait wells, all of which can be smartly mounted or stowed on and arund the boat.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $999 (standard); $1369 with rudder, large center square hatch and bow Pro hatch.

For more information, check web site


The Old Town Cayuga 130 was created with the single-minded focus of keeping the users mind free from thoughts about stability so they can fully concentrate on enjoying their time on the water. primarily designed for day use, the Cayuga 130 has all the comfort-centric design features that have made the Cayuga a paddlesports favorite, including exellent primary and secondary stability, easily accessible hatches, comfortable Extrasport XtraComfort seats, adjustable foot pegs and padded thigh braces.

Manufacturer's suggested list price is $899.

For more information, check web site


The Prodigy series made by Perception are solid performers for paddlers looking for a stable recreational kayak. With generous cockpits and the new signature Perception hull design, paddlers can glide ad maneuver these boats easily and in comfort. The Prodigy line is available in 10 and 12 foot models and in a number of outfitting options including the addition of a rudder on the Prodigy 12.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $350 to $925 depending on length.

For more information, check web site


Trak Kayaks has introduced the world's first Adaptable Kayak. TRAK changes shape! No longer is there a compromising choice between a kayak built for speed, or one built for easy turning. TRAK does both. Shift the shape from performance speed in turning on a dime, instantly. It easily neutralizes changing conditions without a rudder, and it comes with a golf size travel pack and goes together in 10 minutes or less. Whether you're an expert or beginner, you'll be impressed with its performance.

The manufacturer's suggested list price is $5,575.

For more information, check web site


Wave Sport's new Habitat kayak takes whitewater creek boat design to the next level with a hull design that provides soft landings while maintaining excellent boat handling in extreme whitewater conditions. The Habitat has a number of safety and outfitting features, including a backpack-ready conversion system for portaging, a roto-molded bow pillar for improved structural stability, a low-profile seat for easy access to gear, ad five grab handles for additional carrying and attachment options.

It is available in 74 and 80 gallon models at the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1000.

For more information, check web site


The new Kestrel 120 has a recreational type cockpit and the hull design is Swede form, shell "V". Available in red, yellow, and lime green for the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1,374.

For more information check web site


Fishermen have loved to stand and cast from the Ride for years. The new Ride 135 features a redesigned pontoon-style hull for better performance and a new deck layout for easier access to gear, including molded-in rod guides that hold rods out of the way of paddle strokes. The Ride features a large bow hatch and a rear tankwell for diving tanks, milk crates, or buckets and is offered with an optional rudder and available in an angler package.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $800-$1185 depending on outfitting.

For more information, check web site



You can feel secure and stable in your kayak while fishing with the Scotty Stabilizers attached to your kayak. Made with easy to inflate inner bladders, which offer over 30 lb of extra buoyancy. The new Locking Posts make installation and removal quick and easy, too. These stabilizers can easily be adapted to fit on most canoes. Each pontoon includes 4 permanently attached D rings, and a Scotty adjustable mounting system for easy installation and removal.

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Bass Baby New Eight Foot Bass Boat Great for Female Anglers

The new eight foot bass boat, called the Bass Baby, is a perfect fit for female anglers. Produced by Connect-A-Dock, it weighs a mere 143 pounds and has easy- grip handles and integrated wheels, so it’s easy to push or pull like a wheelbarrow. Getting it to the lake is very simple since it fits in back of a full-size pickup truck, making a trailer unnecessary. Durable and easy to maintain, the portable fishing boat is made of polyethylene plastic to resist oil, gas, UV rays and saltwater. With its two swiveling bucket seats that slide on heavy-duty seat frames, it'’ also comfortable - plus it sports four, no-spill cup holders, a molded in ruler and a tackle compartment to keep equipment secure. When not in use, the boat stores upright in the garage. Front and rear mounts allow for dual motor control and can handle a 2-hp engine. The Bass Baby meets strict US Coast Guard safety regulations, is rated to carry 475 pounds, and measures 54” x 96”, and comes with a two-year warranty.

For information, contact Bass Baby, 1000 Flag Road, Adair, IA 50022; 641-742-3071.



Viking Raft Saves Fishing Family from Frigid Alaskan Waters

There's nothing scarier than the thought of a loved one being swept overboard on a sinking vessel. For the Pruitt family from Kodiak, Alaska, this nightmare became reality. If it wasn't for their Viking Liferaft and a father's fast thinking, the Pruitt family wouldn't be alive today. After abandoning their sinking fishing boat and surviving 62 hours in the open ocean, the exhausted and cold family of four was rescued by the crew of Sea Storm, a federal research vessel.

A family commercial fishing operation, Dale Pruitt, 47; his 18-year-old son Mitchell; 15-year-old daughter Calista and 18-year-old niece Callie, embarked on what they thought would be a two-day fishing trip aboard Magnum, a 56' leased seiner. After successfully catching nearly 10,000 lbs. of salmon, the crew turned to head home. Dale called his wife, Mindy, to say they were heading back when suddenly, the weather turned bad, the wind picked up to 50-60 mph and the swells grew to 12-15'.

According to Dale Pruitt, as they tried to reach land, something went very wrong with the boat. It rocked violently from port to starboard. With barely time to issue a mayday call and get the kids into survival suits, Magnum started to rapidly take on water. All of a sudden, Callie was swept overboard. Dale and Mitchell tried in vain to release the metal skiff attached to the deck as Magnum capsized.

In about 47° water, the family swam out to Callie, who had drifted over 100 yards away. She was clinging to the 6-person Viking Liferaft.

Dale made his way barefoot and in just a T-shirt and shorts, having lost his survival suit in all the confusion, toward Callie and the raft. Luckily, he was able to inflate it and get all the kids inside.

The Viking Liferaft battled the storm as Dale battled hypothermia. "We made a hat out of the foam packing we found in the raft's equipment bag in an attempt to contain body heat," said Dale. Calista wrapped her body around her father's chest to warm him. Always hopeful, the crew passed time telling family stories and talking about what they'd do when they got home.

The Coast Guard never received the distress call from Magnum. Pruitt's family notified the Coast Guard when the crew was 24 hours overdue. The Coast Guard immediately initiated a search pattern and broadcast a message to others to help look for Magnum and its crew. Finally, after 62 hours afloat in their Viking Liferaft, rescue came from Sea Storm, a 105' fishing vessel under contract with NOAA.

"The hardest part was waiting," said Mindy. "My community and the Coast Guard were amazing though. They started looking for my family right away. It was quite an ordeal, but I'm just so thankful for the liferaft and that they were all alright."

Viking built its reputation manufacturing life-saving equipment to the highest possible safety standards. For over 45 years, Viking Life-Saving Equipment continues to provide high-quality, reliable marine safety products for the offshore, cargo, fire, defense and yachting markets.

For more information contact Viking Life-Saving Equipment, 1400 NW 159th St., #101, Miami, FL 33169. 305-614-5800; Fax: 305-614-5810.;


VEI Displays Featured on New Release 46 Sportfish Boat

Custom sportfishing boatbuilder, Release Boatworks, showed its Release 46 at the Miami International Boat Show, February 16-20, 2012.  Offering only the best to its customers, the Release 46 showcased the VEI Technologies' 12" sunlight marine displays in a semi-custom, one-piece bezel. 

VEI's sealed monitors are manufactured from marine-grade aluminum and include stainless steel hardware.  They're built to resist shock, vibration, water and corrosion.  Black, white or gray finishes are available to match any interior with custom bezel or no bezel options.

The 46 is the flagship of the Release Boatworks fleet and is one of the first boats in its class to be designed from the keel up to utilize pod drives.  Strikingly beautiful on the water, the 46 is available in three different configurations, convertible, express and walk-around, each with a distinctive benefit for its owners.           

Contact VEI Technologies, 1181 South Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, FL  33487.  954-727-5139; Fax: 954-302-2476. 



Dealers Applaud Centurion’s Innovative FX-22 Tow Boat

At the recent Centurion Boat Dealer Meeting and FX-22 Launch Party as many as 40 top dealers were on hand to review and see the all new FX-22 for the first time. Centurion held its annual dealer meeting along with the Back Stage Pass photo shoot at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, NV on May 20-23, 2012. By all accounts, the audacious concept of having the two events overlapped was extremely successful. Dealers were able learn about the 2013 sales program from Centurion’s sales staff and top vendors and then they got to see the new FX-22 perform in the water.

The FX-22 is a revolutionary new tow-boat design inspired by world-class race car manufacturers then applying their methods to the challenge of enhancing the Centurion experience so that all families and customers can extract maximum enjoyment. The result is a boat unlike any other boat in the tow sports market. Nate Stockman owner of Transition WaterSports in Ocala, Florida said, “If you love watersports, then you're familiar with the feeling that courses through your body when looking at an early morning glassy lake with fog lifting on a spring day. It's a peaceful feeling somehow mixed with adrenaline that's ready to pump through your veins as you get pulled up to take the first slalom session down the ski course, the first pop of the wake on your wakeboard or letting go of the rope as the wave pulls you on your wake surfboard. That same feeling coursed through me when Rick Lee unveiled the FX-22 to the Centurion family! I know this boat will be a game changer because Rick Lee feels that passion every day and put every drop of it into the FX-22. My first impression was that it will be a boat that provides that feeling every time you start it up and pull away from the dock."

Randy Moore of Get Wet Marine in Greensboro, NC had this to say about the FX-22. “Centurion has stepped outside-the-box with innovation that’s leading the industry in wake surfing and wakeboarding which are two family sports we have all grown to love. This boat and its most-certain consumer appeal will set a new paradigm for watersports boating.”

The FX-22 has the ability to adjust performance characteristics on three-axis.

1. Ride attitude, bow up or down.

2. Left or right lean with ballast adjustments or the use of after planes.

3. Rudder loading or what’s referred to as “crabbing” where the boat changes its directional attitude with the use of counter weight versus opposite after plane application. The crabbing application is especially good for producing the world-class wake surfing wakes that has enabled Centurion to be known as the World’s leader in wake surfing technology.

The FX-22 has the ability to adjust performance characteristics on three-axis. 1.Ride attitude, bow up or down. 2. Left or right lean with ballast adjustments or the use of after planes. 3. Rudder loading or crab from counter weight versus opposite after plane application.

Another new feature of the FX-22 is the Centurion Touch Vision system and dash board display. The new display has added features and ergonomic improvements making the system more intuitive and user friendly. Dave Commander of Russell Marine in Alexander City, AL had this to say about the new Touch Vision Display, “We were so excited about the new developments in the dash display. At first glance it wasn’t clear that a lot was changed, but when we got a chance to play with it, we quickly found that the new system was much better. It’s just easier to use and has an iPhone like feel. The screen is easier to see and the onscreen commands are much easier to navigate. I just want to thank Les Clark at Centurion for listening to us and developing a much better system. Our customers are really going to like this.” Daniel Arriaga of Family Powersports located in Weatherford, Texas said, “After reviewing firsthand, the new dash is insane, perfectly simple functionality and the ultimate location for all key components. Nice job Centurion!"

Centurion’s professional wakeboarding and wake surfing team consists of the most decorated athletes in the World. Centurion’s world class wakeboarding team consists of Ricky Gonzalez, Noah Fleegel, and Gordon Harrison. The world renowned Centurion Pro Wake Surf Team which holds a combined 11 World Wake Surfing Championship titles includes Bri Chmel, Rebecca Ort, Keenan Fleegel and Drew Danielo to name a few.

About Centurion: Centurion Boats is most recognized as the first boat company to produce a dedicated wakesurfing boat and with its new FX-22 model, Centurion remains at the top-of-the-class in this space. In addition to world class wakesurfing boats, Centurion has been a pioneer in wakeboarding and slalom ski boat technology. Centurion held the first World Wake Surfing Championship in 1995, an event that has grown to become the world’s largest, annual, premier wake surfing event. For more information please contact Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255 or visit 455 Grogan Ave · Merced, CA 95341


About MarineMax

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, MarineMax is the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer. Focused on premium brands, such as Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Meridian, Hatteras, Azimut Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Galeon, Grady-White, Harris, Crest, Scout, Sailfish, Sea Pro, Scarab Jet Boats, Aquila, and Nautique, MarineMax sells new and used recreational boats and related marine products and services as well as provides yacht brokerage and charter services. MarineMax currently has 56 retail locations in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Texas and operates MarineMax Vacations in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  MarineMax is a New York Stock Exchange-listed company.  For more information, please visit

MarineMax Boats

MARINEMAX Launches Supreme Towboats in Houston, Lake Conroe and Buford

MarineMax has announced that they will be offering Supreme Towboats at three locations, MarineMax Houston, MarineMax Lake Conroe, and MarineMax Buford. Supreme manufactures world class wake and surf towboats that are designed with the performance expected by professional riders. However, they are value priced for the serious weekend warrior.

Supreme Towboats are powered by GM Marine Crusader Engines from PCM that are seamlessly integrated to the 1.72 X 1 gear reduction and specific propping for instantaneous take-offs. Combine the power and performance with Supreme’s QuickFill Ballast and Plug and Play Ballast to achieve precise control of the wake size. Add Supreme’s Quick Surf System and Supreme owners have the ultimate control over the shape of the wake.

Supreme’s exceptional value couples with the MarineMax Advantages including a complete owner’s orientation, a full tank of fuel, U.S. Coast Guard safety gear, and dock lines - everything needed to start boating.  MarineMax’s exceptional service, educational boating seminars and the opportunity to participate in the exclusive MarineMax Getaways!® create the best-in-class, total ownership experience.

MarineMax is proud to be a dealer of Supreme Towboats, made for serious wake-surfing, and wakeboarding or simply relaxing on the water. To learn more contact Chill Pillsbury at 281-326-4224 ext. 13417 or visit

About MarineMax

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, MarineMax is the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer. Focused on premium brands, such as Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Meridian, Hatteras, Azimut Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Grady-White, Harris, Crest, Scout, Sailfish, Scarab Jet Boats, Aquila, and Nautique, MarineMax sells new and used recreational boats and related marine products and services as well as provides yacht brokerage and charter services. MarineMax currently has 53 retail locations in Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Texas and operates MarineMax Vacations in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.  MarineMax is a New York Stock Exchange-listed company.  For more information, please visit or address your inquiry to MarineMax, 2600 McCormick Drive Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33759 United States



Island Packet Yachts Receives 4th CSI Award

Island Packet Yachts is one of only two sailboat builders to be recognized with the 2007 CSI Industry Award for outstanding customer service. The National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) created the initiative in 2002 and Island Packet has been a recipient of this coveted award four times in this short time period.

The NMMA and member companies developed the Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Program to support the industry's goal of raising the bar on customer satisfaction. The objective of this program is to help manufacturers and dealers improve quality and understand how they are doing relative to their competitors. The feedback generated from these surveys has been very successful in helping marine industry members improve the entire purchasing experience for new boat buyers.

Founded in 1979 by Bob Johnson, N.A., Island Packet Yachts is the builder of cruising yachts from 37 to 52 feet, including the new SP Cruiser motorsailor and PY Cruiser trawler. Located on 10 acres in Largo, Florida, the 125,000 square foot production facility employs 200 skilled craftspeople and has created over 2,200 cruising yachts in its 28 years. The company has won numerous awards and become renowned worldwide for their yacht’s exceptional level of quality, safety, comfort, offshore race-winning performance and long term value.


Fearless Yachts Launches Collection of Custom Luxury Boats with Porsche Design Studio To Bring Performance and Design to a New Level

Luxury performance boat manufacturer Fearless Yachts has established an exclusive collaboration with internationally renowned Porsche Design Studio / Austria, to build an unparalleled new collection of high speed, custom luxury boats and yachts sized from 28 to 150 feet in length.  

Fearless Yachts brings a sophisticated difference to the marketplace by launching the ultra high-end boats and yachts that blend the best of performance, style, and design.  Together, Fearless Yachts and Porsche Design Studio combine the style and performance of both the marine and automotive disciplines in order to establish a luxury brand for the boating industry.

For the boating enthusiast, Fearless Yachts delivers performance that is unmatched from concept to construction.  “We are combining this discipline with our passion for excellence in order to offer access to an unprecedented design and lifestyle for today’s modern explorer,” said Jeffrey Binder, CEO Fearless Yachts.

Fearless Yachts will also launch a collection of boats and yachts over the next three years at the Miami and Monaco boat shows: 

125 foot – 2009
150 foot – 2010

“The luxury of owning a Fearless Yacht could only be compared to the lifestyle of international jet setter, James Bond,” explained Binder.  

This customized elegance combines state of the art materials and construction methods for a level of performance that has not yet been achieved in the boating industry and will truly impact the person in the driver’s seat.

Fearless Yachts

Founded in 2003 by Gary Fears and CEO Jeffrey I. Binder, Fearless Yachts is the forerunner in sleek design and custom luxury in the performance boat and go fast yacht industries. Boat design by Porsche Design Studio.  For more information please visit

Porsche Design Studio

The Porsche Design Studio, a subsidiary of Porsche Design Group, was founded in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Since its inception, the company has created products that have won numerous awards at internationally renowned competitions for outstanding design quality. Today, the Porsche Design Studio is considered one of the most traditional and established studios in Europe. In addition to its work on behalf of the Porsche Design Group, the studio has been involved in the development of industrial and product design for other companies.

For more information about the company, check web sote


Island Packet Announces New Model:The Island Packet 465

Island Packet Yachts, well known for their award winning line of bluewater cruising sailboats, has announced their new Island Packet 465 scheduled to debut at this fall’s major boat shows in the US and UK.

The two cabin, raised saloon design by Bob Johnson incorporates all the signature elements that have won the company their reputation as America’s Cruising Yacht Leader. An evolution of the company’s successful center cockpit 445, the boat introduces several important new features:

A traditional transom stern creates an enlarged aft cabin,

an extended aft deck large enough to store up to a 10’ dinghy

and a more spacious and versatile lazarette.

Aesthetic appeal is also enhanced by the extended sheer line and classic stern.

Naval architect and company founder Bob Johnson says of his 26th new Island Packet model in 28 years, “The refinements we’ve made to an already successful design for Island Packet should make the boat an even more desirable choice for today’s knowledgeable cruising sailor.”

Founded by Bob Johnson, N.A. in 1979, Island Packet Yachts is the builder of cruising yachts from 37 to 52 feet, including the new SP Cruiser motorsailor and PY Cruiser trawler. Located on 10 acres in Largo, Florida, the 125,000 square foot production facility employs 200 skilled craftspeople and has created over 2,200 cruising yachts in its 28 years. The company has won numerous awards and become renowned worldwide for their yacht’s exceptional level of quality, safety, comfort, offshore race-winning performance and long term value.


New Marine Seat - The Reflex - from Tempress Products Designed With Shock Control Technology

For long trips offshore, an advanced seating system can be the difference between a comfortable ride and an aching back. The Reflex™ from Tempress® Products is a revolutionary marine seat designed with the latest shock control technology and state-of-the-art ergonomic features.
Dual-Shock™ technology delivers two levels of shock absorption. The seating surface contains a suspended Dymetrol® trampoline surface to provide stationary seating comfort. Twin, spring-loaded shock absorbers beneath the seat pan offer shock control in rough conditions.   The Reflex also features ergonomic lumbar support, side bolsters, thigh support and a padded headrest. Its unique frame design features a flow-through back for ventilation and a built-in, spring-loaded lock for the folded position.  Its comfort is complemented with a modular design to allow for upholstered seat panels in a variety of colors and configurations. The panels easily attach to the seat frame.
The Reflex seat from Tempress Products has a retail price starting at $299.
For more information, contact Tempress Products, 5052 Sharp St., Dallas, TX 75247; 214-678-9400 (Toll-free 877-234-7466); E-Mail; or check web sites or



The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide -- Treatment and Prevention of Outdoor Emergencies (Skyhorse Publishing)

If you’re camping with your family, fishing or hunting with a friend, or simply chopping firewood at your weekend cabin, being self-sufficient in an emergency situation can be a matter of life or death. Dr. George Dvorchak’s thorough pocket guide goes beyond basic CPR and bee sting treatments. Small enough to carry in your backpack, it’s jammed with detailed descriptions of ailments and how to care for them, anatomy lessons, preventive fitness strategies, and body conditioning tips. Whether you’re a casual hiker or an experienced back-country trekker, The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide is one piece of equipment you can’t be caught without. Learn how to:

· Fend off hypothermia with high-energy food

· Attend to teeth, mouth, and eye injuries

· Make a proper splint for large or small bones

· Take care of all types of wounds, from gunshots to punctures and lacerations

· Handle snake bites and poisonous plant allergies

· Recognize and manage high-altitude sickness and heat stroke

· Implement vital P.R.I.C.E. treatment steps when attending to sprains, strains, and fracture 

· And much more!

Dvorchak, a self-proclaimed “country doctor,” also discusses common footwear myths, tells how to snakeproof or waterproof your shoes, and presents a practical checklist for developing your own first-aid kit. “Accidents can happen anywhere,” writes Dvorchak, “especially in a wilderness environment where there isn’t a medical facility available.” Have more fun on your next fishing trip or rock-climbing adventure knowing you are capable of keeping a minor injury from becoming a major threat!

Available at bookstores or from for $9.95. For details contact Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 555 Eigth Avenue, Suite 903, New York 10018 or call 212 643-6816, web site



New Pure Carnauba Spray-On Life Wax Is Fast and Easy to Use

Called the "king of waxes," carnauba is renowned for its ability to provide a long-lasting shine in extreme environments. BoatLIFE, a division of Life Industries, introduces Liquid Life Wax®. Made in the USA and developed specifically for marine use, the spray-on, pure-carnauba formula delivers hard-wearing, high-gloss protection for fiberglass, carbon fiber, gelcoat and painted surfaces. Unlike creams and pastes,

Liquid Life Wax is fast and easy to use. It's sprayed on, spread and buffed by hand with a soft cloth or machine. As the product is worked, it removes light oxidation. Because it's a liquid, it easily gets into uneven surfaces like non-skid. The result is an enduring reflective shine without the elbow grease. Suggested retail price for a 16 oz. bottle is $13.89.

Celebrating its 60th anniversary, Life Industries is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of commercial caulks, sealants, cleaners, waxes, polishes and teak care. The company markets its marine products under the BoatLIFE brand.

For more details contact BoatLIFE, a division of Life Industries Corp., 4060 Bridgeview Dr., North Charleston, SC 29405. Toll-free 800-382-9706; Fax: 843-566-1275.

BoatLife New Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaner Won't Strip Wax

Most boat soaps rely on chemicals so harsh, they strip wax and are toxic to aquatic life. BoatLIFE, a division of Life Industries, has redeveloped its top-selling Boat Cleaner. Still made in the USA, the new eco-friendly formula won't remove wax and other protectants, yet is extraordinarily tough on dirt and grime.
BoatLIFE Boat Cleaner quickly cleans gelcoat, clear coat, paint, varnished surfaces, marine canvas and sailcloth. Reef-friendly, it can be used in baitwells without concern and rinse water can run overboard. It's so safe, it passes California and European guidelines for biodegradable products.

Concentrated, a mere four ounces of Boat Cleaner is all that's needed to make one gallon of solution for use on a waxed boat. For tougher jobs, the amount can be doubled or even mixed one-to-one with salt or fresh water. Applied with a sponge, brush or towel, it's worked in a circular pattern and thoroughly rinsed for a spot-free finish.

BoatLIFE uses only premium ingredients in Boat Cleaner, mostly sourced in the USA. Available in quart and gallon sizes, suggested retail prices are $20.20 and $60.60, respectively. Celebrating 60 years, Life Industries Corporation formulates and manufactures a broad range of cleaners, waxes, sealants and restoration products. It is the first company to introduce a caulk specifically for use in the marine industry, back in 1959. Its products are used widely in the marine, RV and aeronautic industries by OEMs and DIYers.

For more information contact BoatLIFE, a division of Life Industries Corp., 4060 Bridgeview Dr., North Charleston, SC 29405. Toll-free 800-382-9706, Fax 843-566-1275.>


Microtabs from Clean Water Solutions Environmentally-Friendly Microbes Control Odor

Cleaning out holding tanks is never an easy or pleasant-smelling job for boat and RV owners. Without the use of harsh chemicals or perfumes, all-natural Microtabs from Clean Water Solutions Inc. (CWSI) eliminate odors and decompose solids to make pumpouts simple.

Ideal for holding tank treatment, innovative Microtabs employ oil-eating microbes to consume and break down odor-causing materials to keep the head smelling fresh. The naturally-occurring microbes are nontoxic, non-pathogenic and are Environmental Protection Agency approved. Instead of just masking odors, the unique microbes digest gases and waste to completely eradicate odors.  

Convenient, water-soluble, pre-measured, biodegradable packets make treatment easy. Boat and RV owners only have to add the necessary number of tabs to the tank each time they pump out for effortless maintenance. A three-pack of economical MicroTabs from CWSI retails for $16.95. One 8g packet works in tanks up to 40 gallons in size.

Clean Water Solutions provides environmentally-sound solutions for hydrocarbon pollution and holding tank odors.

Contact Clean Water Solutions, 40 Parker Ave., Newport, RI 02840. For technical questions call 888-902-4141 or contact;

Clean Water Solutions Inc. Versatile Kit Offers Many Cleaning Solutions

Everyone wants a clean boat floating in pristine water, but few want to hunker down and scrub with toxic products and less-than-perfect results. The environmentally-friendly Oil Clean Up Kit from Clean Water Solutions Inc. simplifies the job.

A small amount of Clean Water Microbial Powder and Blue Surfactant mixed with water lifts oil residue and pollutants from any surface and kills odors. The Kit's Razor sponge easily wipes away oil and grime. Fast, efficient, and low-cost, the Kit is perfect for cleaning and deodorizing heads, bilges, catch basins, septic tanks, porous surfaces and laundry.

Naturally-occurring Archaea microbes in the Oil Clean Up Kit "eat" hydrocarbons from diesel fuel and gasoline, grease, lubricants, vegetable oils and sewage. Perhaps best of all, these dangerous hydrocarbons are converted into beneficial, non-hazardous fatty acids that provide food for fish and plant life.

Containing 6 oz. of Microbial Powder, 8 oz. of Blue Surfactant and a Razor sponge, suggested retail price for the Clean Water Solutions Oil Clean Up Kit is $25.95.

For more information contact Clean Water Solutions, 40 Parker Ave., Newport, RI 02840. For technical questions call 888-902-4141 or contact;


Aqua Lather from Davis Instruments Versatile Cleaner is Environmentally Friendly

When rinsed directly into waterways, traditional soaps and shampoos can create pollution and harm wildlife.  Unlike conventional cleansers, Aqua Lather from Davis Instruments is biodegradable and will not contaminate water, posing no threat to aquatic life.

This effective body gel and shampoo can be used in all types of water including salt, hard, brackish and chlorinated water, as it will not become diluted.  Aqua Lather's unique formula also soothes bug bites, sunburn and rough skin while cleaning and refreshing. This exclusive cleanser counteracts salt, sun and wind damage and removes dirt and grease.  Aqua Lather is pH-balanced and won't harm hair or skin, no matter how often it is used.  It gently rinses hair tangle-free and skin smooth, without any annoying curds or residue.  Soft and mild, this formula works into a rich lather with a light and natural fragrance.

This convenient cleanser's dispensing spout easily flicks open and closed, avoiding lost caps or messy spills.  Aqua Lather's compact bottle contains just the right amount for travel and easily stows away.  Its economical formula is concentrated enough for numerous baths and shampoos and also works wonderfully on clothes and dishes.

Aqua Lather from Davis Instruments retails for $6.99 for 5 fl. oz.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;

Fiberglass Stain Remover from Davis Instruments a Unique Gel

The drudgery of cleaning fiberglass on boats, RVs and at home can be eliminated thanks to Fiberglass Stain Remover (FSR) from Davis Instruments.  This hard-working gel removes unsightly oil, rust, exhaust, waterline and transom stains, with little effort by the user. Versatile FSR removes road soil from trailered boats and RVs. At home, shower stalls, spas and patio furniture return to pristine with the easy-to-use gel. FSR also cleans rust stains from just about anything – from clothing and sail cloth to stainless steel stanchions and railings. The gel is also excellent for removing "rust bleeders" from the hull or deck.

Its nonabrasive quality is safe for use on white painted and gelcoated surfaces. No sanding or compounding is needed. FSR is easily applied with a brush, sponge or cloth.  Because it's a gel, it stays only on the stained area. In a few minutes, it's simply wiped or rinsed off. Suggested retail price for a 16-fluid ounce container of Davis FSR is $10.99.  A 67.8-fluid ounce bottle is $28.99.

For more information, contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545, 510-732-9229, or check web site

Air-Dryr by Davis Instruments Conquers Mold, Mildew & Moisture

Mold, mildew and moisture have now met their match. The Air-Dryr by
Davis Instruments
conquers humidity, cold drafts and corrosion in damp,
enclosed spaces, whether on boats, RVs or at home. This inexpensive system uses a simpler strategy than dehumidifiers that drain into sinks. Once Air-Dryr is plugged into an outlet, damp air is heated and released through the vents. As the warmed air rises, cooler, damp air is drawn in. Natural convection continually circulates the
air. If airflow is impeded, it automatically turns off.

Air-Dryr's compact size is perfect for cabins, bilges, engine rooms and V-berths. It's also useful in RVs, trailers, cars and aircraft. At home, Air-Dryr works in basements, closets, storage units or even near a piano. The compact unit costs no more to operate than a light bulb and can be left on 24 hours a day. The UL-listed Air-Dryr has no switch, fan or thermostat to malfunction. It is silent, safe to touch and ideal for marine use, because there are no components to cause sparking.

The neutral beige housing is of strong and durable polycarbonate. The
Air-Dryr 500 dehumidifies 500 cu. ft., and draws 0.6 amps. The unit measures 14"L x 5"W x 4.5"H. Suggested retail price is $54.99. The Air-Dryr 1000 handles up to 1,000 cu. ft. and draws 1.1 amps. It measures 13.5" in diameter x 4.25"H and lists for $64.99.

For more information, contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545; 510-732-9229; Email; or check web site


Ducky Products All Purpose Cleaner

While most boaters would prefer to relax on the water, cleaning is a necessary evil. However, a high-quality cleaner can make the process quicker and easier. Ducky Products All Purpose Cleaner can be used to make any vessel shine from bow to stern. The All Purpose Cleaner can remedy a variety of messes, including exhaust deposits, grease and oil. It is safe for upholstery, carpet, chrome, and other synthetics. With an antifogging agent, it is ideal for windows and mirrors. Simply spray the affected area and wipe it off with a soft cloth.  The product is nontoxic and biodegradable so boaters can protect both their boat and the environment. 

All Purpose Cleaner from Ducky Products is available in a 32-ounce spray bottle for $8.75 at web site Contact Ducky Products, 530 South Lake Ave., #163, Pasadena, California 91101; 626-797-7226; or check web site


Gleaming Metal Without the Elbow Grease Using Iosso Metal Polish

Whether it's considered a weekend toy or a lifelong investment, boats, aircraft, RVs, motorcycles and collector cars all have metal that will eventually look undesirable. To keep them looking their best, savvy owners use Iosso Metal Polish. It leaves a brilliant protective shine that lasts for months. Iosso Metal Polish quickly removes oxidation, tarnish, surface rust and water spots. It takes care of blue heat stains from motorcycle exhausts and gets rid of road tar and oil.

Unlike some cleaners, Iosso Metal Polish works on stainless steel, chrome, bronze, brass, aluminum and other precious metals. It even works on porcelain, acrylic, hard plastics and painted surfaces. Highly concentrated, Iosso Metal Polish is easy to use by rubbing it on with a soft cloth and buffing it off by hand or machine. It doesn't contain silicone or wax, so it doesn't leave a greasy film.

A 3 oz. tube of Iosso Metal Polish costs $9; 1 lb. is $23; and 5 lbs. is $88. A USDA-certified bio-based version is available that complies with California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

For questions, please contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Toll-free 888-747-4332 or check web site

Now's The Time To Get Rid of Mold & Mildew With Iosso Products' Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

Summer's when boat and RV owners notice nature taking its toll—inside and out. Between the mold, algae and dirt, things start looking dingy. Iosso Products' Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Cleaner does all the hard work to remove the toughest stains and leave fabrics looking like new. Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Cleaner is ideal for cleaning boat covers, awnings, tents and tarps, indoor and outdoor furniture cushions, carpeting and patio umbrellas. It doesn't contain bleach or chlorine, so it won't harm fabrics or alter their colors.

The product removes algae, bird and insect droppings, leaf tannins, dirt, grease, oil, and even many food and drink stains. And nothing comes close to the job it does on mold and mildew. Unlike harsh chemical cleaning agents, Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Cleaner is gentle on the skin and has no harsh vapors. It's biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The powder is easy to mix with water and use. Simply wet down the surface with fresh water, sponge or spray on the solution and wait 15 minutes. Then, rinse. Extra soiled areas may require a longer soak time.

One small jar of Iosso Products' Mold & Mildew Stain Remover Cleaner makes three gal. of solution, enough to cover 150 sq. ft. and costs $15.25. The 65 oz. tub makes 16 gal., covers 2,400 sq. ft. and runs $75.

Contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Toll-free 888-747-4332.;

IOSSO Products New Web Site Makes Shopping Easy for Cleaning Products       

Shoppers who use the Internet to buy items online look for web sites that are easy to navigate.  Iosso Products recently launched its re-designed web site with navigation buttons that take visitors to product descriptions with full-color photographs, easy online ordering and payment options.  The new web site can be found at

The homepage has two separate navigations bars.  Running vertically in the upper right corner is a list of pages.  Clicking on "Store" takes shoppers directly to online ordering options; selecting "News" will link visitors to recent press releases about Iosso products and company news; the "Dealers" option invites users to call Iosso for retail outlets and distributors for Iosso products; and "Contact" provides an email feedback form, email address and company phone numbers.   

Running horizontally underneath the Iosso logo are product categories.  Clicking on the "Marine/RV/Awning" button pulls up a list of products for boats, RVs and awnings with product descriptions, photographs and pricing.  Users who need other merchandise will also find complete information for applicable products. 

Contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove, IL 60007.  Phone: 847-437-8400


Shurhold Makes Cleaning Polisher Pads Fast and Easy

Polishing and buffing with a dirty pad that's caked with wax or compound splatters material, adds time to the job and can mar the work surface. Shurhold Industries has a simple method to clean expensive pads, whether wool, bronze, cotton, microfiber, foam or synthetic fiber.

Using a scoop of Shurhold's Serious Pad Cleaner in a gallon of water, pads, bonnets and towels are soaked for 15 minutes after a light agitation. Then, remaining compound and wax is hand-washed and/or brushed off the pad. After a thorough rinse to ensure total cleanliness, it's left to air dry. It's best to store in a re-sealable storage bag. A video is at

Citrus-based Serious Pad Cleaner was developed specifically by Shurhold to dissolve buffing compounds and waxes. Made in the USA, it pulls contaminates out of the pad, rejuvenating it and extending its life. Once mixed with water, the solution will continue its effectiveness for up to a week. A jar makes around 20–24 gallons. The Pad Cleaning & Utility Brush from Shurhold makes short work of cleaning pads. Stiff bristles scrub away waxes and compounds. Its unique, ergonomic shape delivers all-day comfort. It's especially useful while compounding for quick pad touch-ups.

Shurhold Serious Pad Cleaner costs $13.98 for a 12 oz. jar; the Pad Cleaning & Utility Brush is $5.48. Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail. For more information contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.

The Easy Way to a Perfect, Long-Lasting Boat Shine

The single best way to protect a vessel's hull and deck is to wax it. Shurhold Industries, the global leader in boat care and maintenance products, offers simple tips for creating a perfect, long-lasting shine—without the sore muscles and long hours the task is known for.

As a boat's hull and deck are exposed to sunlight and UV rays, oxidation occurs, leaving the surface porous. Salt and dirt get trapped in paint and gelcoat, creating a faded, chalky appearance. Traditional wax works for a while, but is only a thin shell layer that's quickly weathered away. A polymer alternative, such as Shuhold's Pro Polish, makes a chemical bond with the finish, filling in the pores to leave a harder, longer-lasting shine.

The key to saving time and labor during this process is to use a quality polisher. Dual action models have oscillating heads that eliminate swirl marks and potential burning. Multiple ergonomic handles allow users to move the tool to avoid repetitive motion and to get into tight areas. It's a good idea to wear eye protection; sunglasses are perfect. Remove belts that may scratch and jewelry that could get caught in the polisher.

Start by adding three dollops of the polymer wax to the outer edge of the polisher pad. It's highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Place the pad on the boat surface. Only then turn the machine on. This will avoid slinging the product and making a mess. Work on a slower speed in 2' sections. Use an overlapping grid pattern: up-and-down, then left-and-right. Continue until a haze develops, leaving the machine touching the surface when it's turned off.

Take a clean microfiber towel or polisher bonnet, and buff the surface using the same pattern as before. When smudges and leftover wax are gone, a mirror-like finish will remain, proof of a job well done. A video of the process is at <> Multiple coats aren't necessary. Somewhat like sunscreen, a single coat of polymer is sufficient. In the southern states, most owners wax their boats 3–4 times a year. In the north, twice a year is common, at the beginning and end of the season.

Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher has a price of $279; a 16 oz. bottle of Pro Polish is $22.98.

For more information go to web site or contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620. <

Shurhold's New Buff Magic, Magic Wool Polisher Pad & Magic Wool Hand Pad Easily Removes Water Spots

Nothing ruins a sparkling boat like hard water stains, especially on glass surfaces. Water spots occur when water left sitting evaporates, leaving behind any mineral deposits or pollutants. Hard water also tends to leave more water spots behind than soft water. Shurhold Industries shows how to easily remove these water spots on glass with its Buff Magic, Magic Wool Polisher Pad and Magic Wool Hand Pad. To view these tips in action, boat owners can watch the video at

First, owners should apply a small amount of Buff Magic with the Magic Wool Hand Pad. This pad is designed to work with Buff Magic. Users should work the product into a small area of the glass surface for about 15-30 seconds.

Then, users can wipe away the excess with a microfiber towel. If the glass isn't clear and sparkling, owners can repeat the process. If everything looks good, users can move onto the next area of the glass panel until every spot has been buffed and wiped.

For bigger glass areas, users can remove water spots with Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher and Magic Wool Polisher Pad. Owners can follow the same steps with the hand pad, moving from area to area. When using the polisher, owners should operate it on the lowest setting to remove water spots on glass.

Shurhold's Magic Wool Polisher and Hand Pads are custom blended from a high-grade bronze metallic wool. They are similar to a steel wool, but much finer and resist rusting. Magic Wool along with Shurhold's Buff Magic is the perfect combination for removing water spots from glass.

Buff Magic is scientifically formulated with jeweler's rouge to be a metal polish, as well as a buffing and polishing cream. With each pass of the polisher or hand pad, the proprietary abrasives in this compound break down smaller and smaller. This effectively creates a compound that can work a finish from very dull to ultra glossy with just one product.

Magic Wool Polishing Pads are sold two to a pack for 19.98. The Magic Wool Hand Pads are sold three to a pack for $19.98. A 22 oz. can of Buff Magic costs $22.98.

For more information contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620, or check web site

How to Buff A Fiberglass Boat

Getting a showroom shine seems like a complicated process that should be left to the pros. But, Shurhold Industries simplifies the process, so any boater can restore the glossy shine of their fiberglass by following a few simple steps below. Owners will need removable painter's tape, a 1" paintbrush, microfiber towels, a dual-action polisher, buffing cream, a wool buffing pad, polymer polish/protectant and a foam polishing pad.

First, owners must clean the boat's surface or they'll only be grinding dust and dirt into the gel coat. Then, they should tape off areas, such as pin stripes and vinyl lettering. After that, most boaters will have to buff away oxidation before applying a protective layer of polish. To start this process, a thin coating of buffing cream should be applied over a 2' square area with a 1" paintbrush. For the best results, owners should start with a small amount of product and add more along the way if necessary.

Then, using a dual-action polisher/buffer with a wool buffing pad, owners can move over the work area, side to side, then top to bottom. This helps ensure all areas are covered and enables owners to work quickly and effectively without worrying about swirl marks and surface damage. Owners should buff with light pressure at 1,800–2,500 opm until only a minor residue is left. Excess buffing cream can then be removed with a clean, dry microfiber cloth, revealing a deep shine.  A slower buffing speed is recommended when working near exposed antennas, lines and horns to prevent damage.

Once the hull is all clean and shiny it is time to protect it. Surface-protectant should be applied to seal the gelcoat and help prevent future oxidation. Polymer-based formulas are easier to use, have a much longer life and guarantee UV protection.
When applying polish, it's best to use a foam polishing pad and multi-speed, dual-action, random-motion polisher. Applying about a quarter-size amount to the pad and then smearing it on the surface prior to turning on the polisher works best. Just like buffing, owners should work in a 2' square area in the same pattern. The polisher should be at a medium high-speed amd the sealer should be worked in until it has almost vanished. Then, excess protectant cream can be removed with a clean, dry microfiber cloth, revealing a deep shine. Now, the vessel should look like it belongs in a showroom.

Shurhold Industries offers all the tools needed to buff a fiberglass boat like a pro. Buff Magic is an excellent tool for removing oxidation, before sealing the fresh surface with Pro Polish Wax. Shurhold's Dual-Action Polisher is great for do-it-yourselfers of all experience levels. A 22 oz. can of Buff Magic is $28.98, a 16 oz. bottle of Pro Polish Wax is $22.98 and the Dual-Action Polisher is $149.98.

For more information contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.

Unique Tool Gets Rid of Barnacles Easily

Barnacles and growth on pilings, docks and seawalls can very easily scratch, gouge and damage a boat, but removing them can be backbreaking work. Shurhold's innovative Barnapole barnacle removal tool helps boaters more easily scrape barnacles, oysters, mussels and other crustaceans from seawalls and dock pilings. This helps protect the value of the vessel.

The Barnapole features curved and flat scraper blades made from solid stainless steel. The handle attachment block is made from a solid aluminum extrusion. This combination of stainless steel and aluminum allows the Barnapole to withstand harsh marine environments.

Engineered specifically for pilings and seawalls, the Barnapole can remove up to 9" of buildup with each pass, saving owners time and money. Those who've used a shovel or spade in the past know it will only remove about an inch or so of growth with each pass. This method can also lead to gouging the piling. Barnapole is designed to be used from the top of a dock, so there is no need for users to get in the water.

The Original Barnapole easily attaches to any standard threaded pole, such as a paint roller or broom handle. The Shurhold Barnapole easily attaches to any Shurhold handle. There is no handle included with either unit. Both the Original Barnapole and the Shurhold Barnapole cost $39.98 each.

For more information, contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.

Shurhold Industries Cleaner and Brushes Tackle Serious Stains

Gathering all the cleaners and tools necessary to detail a boat can be a nuisance. To make the job easier, Yacht Brite Serious Marine Cleaner from Shurhold Industries removes stains and marks from a multitude of surfaces.

Using Shurhold's line of handheld scrub brushes, Serious Marine Cleaner safely removes waterline marks and black scuffmarks on fiberglass and gel coat. It also cleans smudge marks on stainless steel and metal railings. The concentrate removes bird stains from teak decking and canvas canopies, as well as spills on carpeting and vinyl seating without damaging the surfaces. At the same time, Serious Marine Cleaner is strong enough to tackle engine and bilge degreasing.

Shurhold offers five different handheld scrub brushes to suit any purpose. The 276 Dip & Scrub has an extra-long 20" handle and stiff, chemical-resistant bristles for hard-to-reach areas like baitwells or below the waterline. Using the same tough bristles, the 274 Dip & Scrub has a compact handle.

A safety bumper on the 272 Scrub Brush protects against dings or dents. It features a lightweight, knuckle-saving handle. The 270 Utility Brush has a unique spot scrubber on the handle that's perfect for upholstery, floor mats, vinyl and canvas.

Small but hardworking, the 278 Detailing Brush has a medium stiffness for quick removal of grease and grime. It's great for teak.

Yacht Brite Serious Marine Cleaner comes in a 32 oz. spray bottle and retails for $9.95. Shurhold's handheld scrub brushes range in price from $7.95 to $19.95.

For more information contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.;

Shurhold Industries "One Handle Does It All" Keeps Boat Ship Shape

Consistent cleaning is the first step in maintaining a beautiful boat, but few boaters look forward to it. Given the right information and tools, professional-grade surface care can be fast, easy and worthwhile. The bare minimum of a simple rinse after a day on the water and a weekly wash will keep a boat looking beautiful for years to come. Shurhold Industries provides the necessary cleaning tools to make the
process simple and fun.

Their "One Handle Does It All" quick release system promptly locks any
Shurhold handle with all Shurhold brushes and accessories. The Shur-Lok
design guarantees that attachments will never spin or pop off during use. Perfect for frequent use, the Shurhold 900 Series Deck Brushes feature bristles from extra soft to stiff and an angled head design. When secured to the Telescoping Handle, the Deck Brushes extend from 43" to 108" for hard to reach places. Flared blue nylon and yellow and white polystyrene bristles produce a thorough cleaning and fewer trips to the water bucket.

For a spotless shine, a concentrated, gentle boat wash soap will do the trick. Shurhold's Yacht Brite Brite Wash is ideal for regular use. The environmentally-friendly liquid cleaner will not strip wax or polish. One ounce will clean an entire 40' boat. Brite Wash resists water spots, including in hard water. On wash day, the entire boat should first be rinsed off. This removes loose dirt that can scratch the finish and dissolves any dried salt left on the craft. For the best possible clean, the boat should be scrubbed from top to bottom and then from bow to stern. A thorough rinse and wipe down to dry the boat produces sparkling results.

The suggested retail prices of Shurhold 900 Series Deck Brushes start at $24.95. Yacht Brite Brite Wash costs $9.95 for a 32 ounce bottle.

For more information, contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990,
800-962-6241; e-mail; or check web site


UltraMean-2 Super Power Power from Rhino Hide

When exposed to the elements, boat and RV surfaces can develop mold, mildew, algae and the stains that go with them. Now owners are able to restore and reclaim these surfaces with UltraMean-2 Super Power Powder, an oxygenated stain remover and cleaner from Rhino Hide.

A highly concentrated sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, UltraMean-2 has superior cleaning strength for the most obstinate mold and mildew stains. This environmentally-responsible product is safe for nearly any water washable interior or exterior surface. It can be used on marine canvas, tarps, vinyl, rope, teakwood, siding, carpeting, and sails.

Mixed with water, UltraMean-2 utilizes foaming action to brighten surfaces. A non-chlorine bleaching agent, it won't harm aluminum, glass or delicate surfaces. With no perfumes or offensive odors, the stable powder formulation battles stains, cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes.

With the Super Power Powder, the force of the clean can be controlled by matching the solution's strength to the difficulty of the stain. Cost-effective, leftover product can be employed to freshen or clean drains, disposals, trashcans and toilets.

A 12.5 lb. pail of UltraMean-2 Super Power Powder from Rhino Hide retails for $69.95 and makes up to 50 gal. At $16.95, the 2.7 lb. tub produces up to 8 gal. The 0.5 lb. pouch costs $4.95 and yields up to 2 gal.

For more information, contact Rhino Hide, 863-665-0203; via e-mail at; or check web site


Sodablasting by SodaBlast Systems Does the Trick

    SodaBlast Systems, LLC is already recognized on both coasts as the safest, fastest and most environmentally friendly way to remove bottom paint without harming the delicate gelcoat underneath. What sodablasting can do for sailors who regularly cruise coastal waterways, it can also do for cruisers who favor the Great Lakes and other freshwater destinations – get boats into the water faster than traditional processes that haven’t kept pace with the changing marine market.
Sanding by hand is a messy, tiring and time consuming job. Sandblasting is also messy, can harm the environment and can ruin a boat’s gelcoat. When freshwater boaters ready their craft for the coming season after a long winter, they need a fast, reliable method for removing bottom paint and aquatic growth. Sodablasting is an accepted and proven process that lives up to its promises to protect both the gelcoat and the environment. Sodablasting is the right way to prepare the bottom of a boat for repair and repainting.
Sodablasting can be the right way to make extra money or start a business as well. It can be used for auto restoration and to remove graffiti off of building facades. Since marine industry work in much of the country is seasonal, SodaBlast Preferred Contractors located in the Great Lakes and the Plains states can have almost unlimited earning potential in these additional profit areas.
For more information, contact SodaBlast Systems, Inc., 5711 Shurmier Rd., Houston, TX 77048; 800-727-5707 Ext. 24; or check web site


Bonding Expoxy to Aluminum Easy with WEST SYSTEM Brand's 860 Aluminum Etch Kit

To ensure a firm, long-lasting bond, WEST SYSTEM Brand Aluminum Cleaner, an acid conditioner, is applied to remove corrosion. Then, the WEST SYSTEM Brand Conversion Coating stabilizes the aluminum surface to prevent further oxidation.  This allows time for coating or bonding. The Etch Kit's two-part process also improves paint adhesion.

The 860 Aluminum Etch Kit is available in two, 1/4-pint bottles that treat about 50 sq. ft. and retails for $14.95, or two, 1-pint bottles that cover about 200 sq. ft. and cost $31.25.

For more information contact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374.

Cleaning Tips from the Izaak Walton League of America

It is important to follow these procedures every time you come into contact with any body of water. Even if you think the waterway is pristine, there may be an invasive species that has not yet been discovered. There are hundreds of different harmful species ranging from plants, fish, amphibians, crustaceans, mollusks, diseases or pathogens. Some organisms are so small, you may not even realize they are hitching a ride with you.

• Remove any visible plant matter, animals, mud, and dirt from your boat, trailer, boots, waders, decoys, and all equipment that was exposed to the water. Even plant fragments and dirt may contain tiny hitchhikers.

• Empty water from motors, jet drives, live wells, boat hulls, canoes and kayaks, scuba tanks and regulators, boots, waders, bait buckets, etc. Please do this before you leave. If you wait until you get home to empty water, it is likely to run down the gutter into a storm drain, which could contaminate local waters.

• Clean your equipment, including your boat’s engine cooling system, live wells, and bilge with hot tap water (at least 104° F). If hot water is not available, spray equipment such as boats, motors, trailers, anchors, decoys, floats, and nets with high-pressure water.

• Make sure that your boat and other equipment is allowed to dry for at least 48 hours before using it in other waters.

• For equipment that cannot be exposed to hot water, either dip it in vinegar for 20 minutes or in a 1-percent saltwater solution for 24 hours.

• If your dog gets into the water, wash it with warm tap water as soon as possible, brushing its coat thoroughly.

• Do not release unused bait into the waters you are fishing. Dump any unused bait into a trashcan or on land far away from any water body. Be aware of any bait regulations, and do not use live bait in waters where it is prohibited.

• If you need to get rid of your aquarium fish or aquatic pets, do not release them into or near a body of water or a storm drain. If you cannot find another home for them, bury them. Dump the aquarium water in the toilet or in your yard, far away from any storm drains.

You can find out more about aquatic invasives and how to prevent their spread by visiting the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers eeb site at

Even if you don’t own a boat, you can help protect the waters of your state by contacting your state and federal legislators and asking them to support Great Lakes restoration. New legislation is needed to put in place a long-term restoration strategy for the lakes and to prevent the further spread of invasive species.

Visit the Healing Our Waters Coalition at to find out how you can help ensure that your waterways are protected from the threat of aquatic invasives.

Beyond Cleaning Your Boat

Cleaning your boat and other recreational equipment between waterway visits will prevent aquatic invasive species from hitching a ride with you and will protect our lakes and streams from harmful invasions. There is much more that you can do to help protect our waterways.

Everyday Actions that Protect Our Waters

Your everyday actions, both on the land and in the water, affect water quality and wildlife habitat. For example, rain that washes over your yard may pick up excess fertilizers and pesticides and carry them into your local water body. When rain washes over driveways, roofs, and streets, it can pick up oil, rubber and other residues. On hot days, these paved surfaces heat up rain runoff that can then enter a waterway and cause elevated water temperatures. Making small changes in our everyday activities, like cleaning up pet waste and using less fertilizer, can go a long way toward protecting our waters.

Monitor and Restore Our Waterways

You can find out more about how clean and healthy your streams and lakes are by monitoring water quality. Monitoring data can be used to identify pollution problems, determine whether pollution regulations are being followed, and gauge whether enhancement efforts are successful.

As you examine your watershed and assess the water quality of its lakes and streams, you might find eroding banks, areas devoid of vegetation, deep and narrow stream channels, wide and shallow channels, or silty lake bottoms. These are some of the characteristics of streams and lakes adjusting to changes in the watershed. It is possible to remedy this degradation, and volunteers can help streams and lakes readjust to the changing landscape.

Advocate for Better Water Protection

National and local regulations provide an excellent avenue for conserving the country’s watersheds. For example, under the Clean Water Act, factories and other industries that discharge waste into waterways are required to obtain a permit and comply with certain standards. Violators face steep fines or even imprisonment. You can pass new watershed conservation laws, or protect existing laws, by letting your elected officials know the importance of clean, healthy waters. For more information on national watershed policy, advocacy tips, and action alerts on current conservation policy, please visit the Izaak Walton League’s Action Center. This site also provides an easy way to send messages to members of Congress and to keep track of their votes on important conservation issues.

The Izaak Walton League joins Healthy Lakes, Healthy Lives in support of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration, a comprehensive regional plan that dedicates funding to protect our drinking water, economic future, and way of life.

For more information visit

Educate Others 

One of the best ways to get others involved in watershed stewardship is to teach a friend, neighbor, or school group about watershed conservation. Talk to local civic groups and explain the need for their involvement. You can also target a specific audience for your message. For example, work with local landowners to develop land-use strategies for water quality, such as planting buffer strips of vegetation along stream banks. Or, host a watershed festival to raise public awareness. To reach a broad audience, keep the media updated about your project. You can also write letters and op-eds to local newspapers yourself. Suggest a story about your stream or wetland project, and ask the media to cover local events. Explain how the project benefits the local community and that clean water means a safer, healthier, and more aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone.




NRS has great hydroSilk Shirts for men and women. HydroSilk is made with a new and improved 8-oz mylon/spandex blend that is cool and soft against the skin, SPF 50 protects you from the sun's harmful rays, and HydroSilk works great as a base layer in cooler temperatures wicking moisture away from your skin and drying quickly.

Available in a wide array of colors. Men's sizes S-XXL. Women's Sizes XS-XL.

Suggested price is $40 fr the short sleeve and $45 for the long sleeve.


Kayak International

Sandlon Muscle River Shorts by Kayak International

Just when I almost gave up looking for the perfect pair of shorts to wear while paddling, at the beach, or on vacation, I discovered Kayak International's fantastic shorts. Made for comfort, function, and endurance, they're lightweight, won't wrinkle even when rolled into a ball and stuffed in a suitcase, and dry quickly. I've never been able to fit into regular-sized women's shorts - although I'm not very overweight. Also, women's shorts aren't usually made with the same mesh linings found in men's shorts - so I've had to wear my underwear beneath he shorts. Not so with Kayak International's product --- I purchased a pair of the men's shorts in XL and they fit my usual size 16 frame beautifully AND I didn't have to go through the entire day wearing soggy cotton underwear because they had the mesh lining! However, the women's shorts this company makes are fine, too - made with breathable, water repellant, wind resistant SPF fabric that offers protection from the sun. Each pair has a full elastic waist, a web belt, adjustable draw cord closures, an easy to close buckle, and a "D" ring for hanging keys, a whistle, or other item. According to the manufacturer, these shorts are hydrophobic--so absorb less water. I found the seams very well made and cleanly finished, and love the pockets! The back ones--designed for security and seating comfort--are concealed; there is an oversized inside ticket pocket capable of holding a map, passport, or larger item out-of-view; and the full mesh liner makes it unnecessary to wear underwear beneath them. Full cut with a 5" inseam, the shorts are available for women in sizes petite, small, medium, and large, in a multitude of colors-- including red, stone, blueberry, yellow, khaki, black, mint sky, block (several squares of various color), dark teal--and my favorite, bright orange. They sell for $39.50 at many sports stores or check the below web site for a dealer near you.

The men's Sandlon Muscle River Shorts are basically the same, but are also available in extra-large and available in black, blueberry, dark teal, khaki, red, stone, yellow, color block, and orange.     In addition, the company offers the new Sandlon River Board Shorts, in the sizes small, medium, large and extra large, with a a12-1/2" inseam, in black, blueberry, blueberry/stone, and green/khaki. I purchased a pair of these, too and was not disappointed. On the contrary, I LOVE them. The longer cut, board surfing style shorts are 100% textured nylon, quick drying, lightweight, with SPF 30+ fabric that is machine-washable, breathable, water repellent, and wind resistant. It has five oversized security pockets, a built in drainage system, elastic waist, lace and Velcro closure, adjustable cord closures, and the usual comfortable fit the company is known for--plus clean-finished seams for strength and reduced irritation. The lower leg pockets on each side are designed for security and seating comfort, while the oversized inside ticket pocket is designed to hold a passport or other large object.

Pricing varies according to which pair of shorts you choose, but average around $40. For the nearest available dealer, check web site or call 1-888-8=655-2925


Life Fitness

LifeFitness Dual Watch & Heart Rate Monitor

If you're looking for a watch that can do almost everything, and one that is very useful when paddling and working at it strenuously, check out the LifeFitness Dual Watch & Heart Rate Monitor. Not only does it function like a standard sports watch, but includes an alarm function, and ActiveEKG -- an advanced heart rate sensing technology that measures the electrical signals on your skin in the same manner that an EKG or electrocardiogram does.

The watch attaches to your wrist with an attractive band (available either in small for small wrists, or full-size to fit medium to large size wrists, and uses its ActiveEKG to measure your heart rate. The watch, for men or women, has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, and is easy to use while monitoring your heart rate while exercising. Simply place two fingers onto the watch; press the sensors gently for about 3-8 seconds. When you hear the beep tone, the heart rate will be displayed.

While getting a pedicure and checking my heart rate for the fun of it, the person next to me asked what I was doing. When I explained, she borrowed the watch to check her heart rate and, before long, everyone in the salon was trying it-- and wanted to know where it's sold.

This watch is available at CVS pharmacies or at web site for $59.99.


Cobra Marine

Cobra Marine's Compact Floating VHF Radios Are Easy to Retrieve

With a strikingly visible orange core, Cobra Marine's Floating Handheld VHF Radios can be easily retrieved if accidentally dropped overboard and provide powerful, clear communication in a compact size. The Cobra HH330 FLT and Bluetooth®-equipped MR HH475 FLT BT operate with 6 watts of power, have simple controls and a large LCD screen for quick and accurate viewing, while still comfortably fitting in an owner's hand. A noise-canceling microphone blocks background noises, such as wind and engine sounds, for clearer conversations. Both VHFs feature a speaker/mic jack for convenient operation with an accessory lapel mic.

The MR HH475 FLT BT incorporates patent-pending MicroBlue™ technology that lets users make and receive cell phone calls through the radio using Bluetooth wireless technology. For additional convenience, it also includes Rewind-Say-Again to record and replay up to 20 seconds of a call. Unlike other products on the market, the company reports that Cobra's Floating Handhelds use a rugged bulkhead or console mountable, secure drop-in charger. The VHFs also come with a DC charger for boat or vehicle charging. In an emergency or when the Lithium Ion battery is unavailable, these radios can also operate with common AA batteries.

The Cobra Floating Line also features 24-hour, instant access to NOAA's national All Hazards and weather information, as well as channel 16 for emergencies. Tri-Watch allows users to monitor three channels at a time, while the Scan feature can run through all channels or those programmed into memory to find active conversations.

Each unit comes with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, locking desktop charger with AC/DC adapters and a spring-loaded belt clip. Cobra Marine's HH330 FLT retails for $149.95. The MR HH475 FLT BT is $199.95.

Cobra Electronics is a leading global designer and marketer of communication and navigation products, with a track record of delivering innovative and award-winning products. Building upon its leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector and Citizens Band radio industries, Cobra identified new growth opportunities and has aggressively expanded into the marine market and has expanded its European operations. The Consumer Electronics Association, Forbes and Deloitte & Touche have all recognized Cobra for the company's innovation and industry leadership. To learn more about Cobra Electronics, please visit the Cobra site at Follow Cobra on Twitter at or
Contact Cobra Electronics Corporation, 6500 West Cortland Street, Chicago, IL 60707. 773-889-8870;;

Emerald Marine Products

Emerald Marine Products MOB Receiver Delivers Superior Protection

Emerald Marine Products has announced a significant advancement in man-overboard (MOB) protection: the state-of-the-art ALERT418® Man-Overboard Receiver. It delivers instant notification that an MOB has occurred, providing the critical extra seconds needed to keep a simple fall from becoming a fatality. It leverages the latest advancements in electronics technology, while maintaining its predecessor's proven and enviable safety record.

When an ALERT transmitter is submerged, the ALERT418 receiver instantly flashes and sounds a piercing alarm. It displays the transmitter's unique ID number, signal strength and battery strength. It also shows the location of the vessel at the time of incident. The ALERT418 Man-Overboard Receiver interfaces with popular NMEA 0183-compliant chartplotting software, so a waypoint can be automatically set upon transmitter activation. Additionally, it can be wired to kill engines, and activate external strobes and speakers.

What separates the ALERT system from AIS is its immediacy. It uses a radio signal, so there's no satellite lag or waiting for an open channel. And unlike popular MOB devices that use a smartphone app, it doesn't rely on unreliable cellular signals and sufficient device battery strength. It's FCC- and Industry Canada-approved, so additional licenses aren't needed. It features a GPS connection, DB-9 serial port and dry contacts for external alarm capabilities. It includes a 15" flexible whip antenna and 25' of coax cable, and mounts flush or on a bracket.

Emerald Marine Products' ALERT418® Man-Overboard Receiver is made in the USA and costs $1,899.

For more information contact Emerald Marine Products, 811 Alder St., Edmonds, WA 98020. 800-426-4201.;

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine

Trumpet Horns 100% Waterproof, Even Mounted Upwardly

Almost every country requires a sound signal appliance for vessels up to 39'. They don't comment, however, on how long the device should last or the quality of its sound. Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Deluxe All Stainless Steel Single and Dual Trumpet Horns take the worry out of compliance. Built for a harsh marine environment, they're completely waterproof and have a commanding, yet pleasantly clear tone. The horns feature a unique design that quickly drains water from the sounding unit when in heavy rain or choppy seas. This allows them to be mounted in an upwardly inclined orientation.

Everything about the patented Deluxe All Stainless Steel Single and Dual Trumpet Horns is made to last. Guaranteed not to rust for five years, they're built with gleaming 304 stainless steel inside and out to ensure low maintenance and lasting good looks. Waterproof rubber gaskets and internal components sealed in resin add to the extreme quality of the horns. A video is at

Measuring 16.5" L x 4.75" H, they're available in 12 or 24 volts, draw 4A and are pre-wired for easy installation. Meeting ABYC A-23 standards, the single horn is rated at 120dB at 1m, 125dB for the dual. Schmitt & Ongaro Marine's Deluxe All Stainless Steel Single Horn has an MSRP of $134.55 for 12V, $145.70 for 24V; the Dual Trumpet Horn, $263.00 for 12V, $276.60 for 24V.

For more information contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW).


Shakespeare Video Channel Keeps Customers Informed

Purchasing marine communications equipment can be a daunting task for the ordinary boater. Believing that a well-informed customer is also a more satisfied customer, Shakespeare remains committed to helping consumers make the right choices for their particular vessels. Located at, Shakespeare TV, the company's YouTube channel, delivers short, instructional video content and general antenna information to better educate users.

Whether buying an antenna or cellular product, visitors can find a variety of Shakespeare videos containing helpful information in an easy-to-understand format. Viewers can learn how to set up a cellular booster to enhance marine cell phone reception as well as how to use a cellular modem to gain internet access on board.

Shakespeare's numerous antenna videos answer many frequently asked questions, such as how to choose a marine antenna, how antenna height affects reception, and how to view HDTV television on a boat. Customers can also find antenna installation instruction sheets and troubleshooting guides.

For more information contact Shakespeare® Company LLC, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. 803-227-1590; Fax: 803-419-3099. Shakespeare® Company LLC is a subsidiary of Jarden Corporation (NYSE: JAH.

CruiseNeet by Shakespeare for Internet Access

Boaters no longer have to sacrifice their high-speed internet connection, either at the docks or on a long voyage. Shakespeare introduces CruiseNet, for internet access that works just like home or office broadband connections.

The high-speed cellular network is automatically accessed when a computer is connected. With the wireless wi-fi connection option, remote access is also available. Shakespeare employs a full-power system approach, resulting in fewer dropped calls, faster connection and up to 50 miles range when used with Shakespeare’s larger external antenna. Even while underway, boaters can use CruiseNet to send email, check online weather, research the next harbor, surf for news or check stocks, even download streaming videos.

The Shakespeare CruiseNet includes a 4-port ED-VO or 1xRTT cellular router (depending on cellular provider) and detachable Shakespeare marine cellular antenna. An optional wi-fi router for wireless connectivity is included in specified packages. The cellular router, engineered to commercial specs, is many times faster than dial-up and more dependable than PC card-based systems.

A built-in firewall protects against hackers. The versatility of ED-VO cellular networks also allows surveillance and monitoring of sensitive equipment, such as bilge pumps or electrical systems, via remote cameras, security sensors and alarms.

subscription to a cellular network is necessary. The equipment is easily self-installed. The CruiseNet system operates on 12V DC/120V AC and includes a 12V DC wiring harness, adapters and a 1-year subscription to CruiseNet’s exclusive “Full-Throttle” web acceleration software. Suggested retail prices of the Shakespeare CruiseNet systems range from $1,750 to $1,995.

For more information, contact Shakespeare Electronic Products Group, 6111 Shakespeare Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. 803-227-1590; Fax: 803-419-3099; or check web site

World Fishing Network (WFN)

WFN: World Fishing Network HD Now Broadcasting in 100% Native High Definition

No matter the time or day, when anglers turn on their HD television sets they can now experience the true beauty of the world's most spectacular fishing destinations in stunning high definition. WFN: World Fishing Network, North America's only 24-hour fishing lifestyle network, announced today that WFN HD is now broadcasting its entire programming line-up in 100 percent native High Definition.

Since WFN HD debuted in May 2008 it has launched four original series in HD,
including Charlie Moore TV, Hookin' Up with Mariko Izumi, Getting School'd with JP DeRose and WFN's Reel Road Trip. Simultaneously, the network has been working with its partners to produce all shows in native High Definition.
"As consumer demand for HD continues to grow, we are uniquely positioned in the outdoor category to offer cable, satellite and telecommunications distributors the perfect product to fill the void," said Mark Rubinstein, President, WFN. "We're excited to bring the beauty of fishing home to viewers with the stunning picture quality that WFN HD delivers so that HDTV owners can enjoy the world's most beautiful fishing locales in all of their grandeur."

While WFN HD airs all programming in High Definition, its sister network, WFN willcontinue to air its own distinct broadcast schedule in Standard Definition (SD) to ensure that all cable, satellite and telecommunications distributors can meet the needs of their customers.

About WFN: World Fishing Network
WFN: World Fishing Network is the only 24/7 television network dedicated to all segments of fishing with programming that covers instruction, tips, tournaments, travel, food, boating, outdoor lifestyle and more. WFN's wide-ranging programming lineup includes a selection of the best international series and the most diverse species coverage of any outdoor network. Featuring popular programs hosted by the world's top anglers, the network also includes a variety of exclusive lifestyle shows including Charlie Moore TV, Hookin' Up with Mariko Izumi and WFN's Reel Road Trip. WFN also delivers the beauty of fishing in stunning High
Definition with WFN HD, a separate network that delivers 100 percent High Definition programming 24/7. Originally launched in December 2005, today WFN and WFN HD are available in more than 20 million households through North American cable, satellite and telecommunications distributors. In the U.S., distributors include Verizon FiOS, Dish Network and Charter Communications. For more information visit>www.WFN.TV.


Dr. Shrink

Dr. Shrink Debuts Mobile Web Site

Premium shrink wrap supplier, Dr. Shrink, optimized its website to serve customers even better. Now, with the company's new mobile website, users can look up Dr. Shrink products and even place online orders from their smart phone. These updates also allow users to more easily browse the website and navigate through it better than before. Users simply type into the address bar of their mobile phone's browser.

Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full-service, full-circle supplier of premium shrink wrap and all installation supplies and accessories. With shrink wrap immediately available in widths from 12'-50', it's a single-source supplier for all shrink wrapping products and accessories including heat tools, adhesives, zipper access doors and vents.

For more information contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586. E-mail; or go to web site


            As Spring comes and boats are uncovered, many marina owners are left wondering what to do with the used shrink wrap covers.  The most environmentally friendly option is to participate in Dr. Shrink Inc.'s 2012 Recycling Run.  Once again in partnership with Bay Area Recycling for Charities in Traverse City, Michigan and Optima Colour in Canada, this program is so user-friendly that boaters in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and across Ontario, within 200 miles of Toronto, have no reason not to take part.

Dr. Shrink, Inc. is also partnering with Bay Area Recycling for Charities to establish Recycling Runs in both Wisconsin and Illinois.  The Wisconsin Marina Association is working to start the program in Wisconsin.
Participants must buy REBAG®s for $3 each from Dr. Shrink and stuff it with shrink wrap only, no strapping, buckles, vents or other contaminants.  Recyclers are encouraged to watch the Shrink Wrap Removal video on for the most thorough instructions.  Then, participants fill out a form with their address and request a week for pick-up during the Spring or Summer.  Forms can be obtained by contacting Dr. Shrink, Inc., Andy Gale of Bay Area Recycling at for Michigan participants or Shane Mckenna at for Canadian recyclers.  The Dr. Shrink, Inc., Bay Area or Optima Colour trailer takes it from there and will pick up the REBAG® as scheduled.
"Our annual Spring Recycling Run in 2011 was very successful and it's an easy way for individuals, boat storage facilities and marinas to responsibly dispose of their used shrink wrap," said Dr. Shrink, Inc. president Mike Stenberg.  "We also encourage marinas and storage facilities to accept plastic wrap from area boaters."

Dr. Shrink shrink wrap is a #4 LDPE premium, virgin resin material that is easily recyclable into a variety of usable consumer products.  It will not biodegrade in a landfill.

           For more information contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI  49660.  800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586.;


Engines, accessories, spare parts and other metal equipment are susceptible to rust and corrosion even when well-protected. Premium shrinkwrap supplier Dr. Shrink offers VCI Shrinkwrap, a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) that is built into its shrinkwrap to further shield parts from the harmful effects of the elements.

VCI film contains chemical formulations that release an odorless, non-toxic vapor, causing corrosion inhibiting molecules to condense and form a protective layer on all exposed surfaces. Incredibly simple to apply, the plastic film just needs to be taped to an object's surface and then shrinkwrapped to provide an airtight environment. When the metal object is uncovered, the VCI molecular layer will vaporize, leaving a clean, dry, corrosion-free item that's ready to use.

For smaller electrical and mechanical metal components, Dr. Shrink offers VCI capsules. Working the same way as the film, they are also incredibly easy to install. Users only need to peel away its adhesive backing and affix to almost any interior surface before shrinkwrapping.

Dr. Shrink's VCI Shrinkwrap retails for $198 for a 7 mil, 20' roll. The small VCI Capsule protects an area up to 1 cu. ft. and retails for $5.50 while the large capsule, protecting areas up to 6 cu. ft. is $8.95.

For more information contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586.;


Protecting a boat has just become even easier with Dr. Shrink's new ShrinkRapid sewn shrinkwrap covers. The semi-custom-fit shrinkable covers combine the simplicity of conventional boat cover installation with the tight fit and durability of Dr. Shrink's premium shrinkwrap.

With sewn-in perimeter and belly bands, the covers are fast and easy to install. A 20' boat can be covered in as little as 12 minutes. Tucking and trimming aren't necessary, so there's no scrap or cleanup, saving labor time. Dr. Shrink's sewn covers can be removed and reinstalled, and are the only ones on the market that are recyclable, using Dr. Shrink's economical REBAG program.

The semi-fit covers are available in 2' increments for a wide variety of craft.  These include standard V-hull and bass boats from 17' to 24', center consoles from 17' to 28', pontoons from 22' to 28', cuddy cabins from 18' to 29', and PWCs from 8' to 11'.  Available in heat-reflecting white, the sewn shrinkwrap storage covers have room for a support structure under the cover for snow-load areas.

The covers come neatly packaged in plastic sleeves and include two self-adhesive vents.  Suggested retail prices of Dr. Shrink's ShrinkRapid sewn covers start at $111.93 for an 18' runabout with I/O and $46.42 for a 2-seat PWC.

Contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586.;


A material that can take a beating and remain beautiful now comes in six new colors. With marine and RV applications, WeatherMax 80 satisfies customers' tastes and exacting specifications while standing up to the most severe weather conditions.

In addition to its 10 popular colors, patent pending WeatherMax 80 by Safety Components Fabric Technologies is now available in Graphite, Scarlet, Sand, Silver, Taupe and Cobalt.  Used for boat covers, bimini tops and other marine applications, the durable fabric uses solution-dyed Satura yarns. It's guaranteed to be fade-resistant up to 5 years and is far superior to solution-dyed polyester.

"This is a demand-driven decision for us," stated John Pierce, WeatherMax product manager for SCFTI. "Our customers have been requesting these colors so they can use WeatherMax in more applications."

Weighing only 8 oz. per square yard, WeatherMax 80 is easy to work with and store. Though lightweight, tests prove it has twice the strength and tear-resistance of acrylics. It will not sag, repels water better and is six times more resistant to abrasion. The exclusive HydroMax Finish prevents mildew and won't crack in cold weather.

WeatherMax 80 comes in 75-yard rolls with a 60" usable width. The six new colors join Pacific Blue, Captain Navy, Yellow, Forest Green, True Red, Toast, Burgundy, Light Charcoal, Black and White. It retails for $12 to $15 per yard.

For more information ontact WeatherMax by Safety Components Fabric Technologies, 40 Emery St., Greenville, SC 29602. 864-240-2712; Fax: 864-240-5947.



Versatile Drink Holder Prevents Spills of All Sizes

Constantly spilling beverages while onboard a boat can be frustrating and messy. Accon Marine's Adjustable Drink Holder eliminates this headache by keeping boaters' drinks steady, regardless of what they might be. It accommodates anything from a 2-liter bottle to a fragile long-stem wine glass and fits right into pre-existing cup holder spots.

Accon not only removes the aggravation of spilled drinks, but the hassle of a difficult set-up process as well. The adjustable holder features easy installation, requiring just two #10 screws. Unsightly and irritating cut-outs are not necessary since the base mounts flush to the surface. Manufactured from lustrous 316 stainless steel, the Adjustable Drink Holder extends 2.5" vertically and has arm spans from 2.25" to 4". Its quick-release base allows it to be swiveled to accommodate the user and facilitates easy removal and storage.
Accon Marine has made boating more enjoyable for over 30 years. It manufactures a broad array of innovative flush-mount deck hardware, including its renowned Pop-Up® Cleat. Accon Marine's Adjustable Drink Holder with Base retails for $80.92.

For more information contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762. 727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.


Beckson Marine's Classy Aluminum Cup Holders Complement Any Boat

Often it's the small details that add a touch of class to a boat's interior. Beckson Marine's elegant Anodized Aluminum Cup and Glass Holders are sure to impress the crew and guests.

Designed as an upgrade to Beckson's original plastic Recessed Drink Holders, the aluminum models are attractive additions to the deck, galley, helm seat, dashboard, table or tow vehicle. They are especially suited for OEMs or as aftermarket accessories.

Available colors to match a boat's color scheme include black, blue, red and clear, with gold as a special order. With a 3-5/8" ID x 3-5/16" depth x 4-3/8" flange OD, the Anodized Aluminum Cupholders can be inserted into seat armrests or caulked into hard surfaces, eliminating the need for fasteners.

Beckson Marine manufactures an extensive array of ports, hatches, windows, deck plates, pumps, ventilators, equipment holders and hoses.

The suggested retail price of Beckson Marine GH40AL Anodized Aluminum Cupholders is $15.75 each.

For more information contact Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.;


Marine East Smart Cup Holder Stays Put While Underway

When enjoying a quick cruise across the lake or river, there's nothing more annoying than having the wind suck a cup holder right out of the boat. Specializing in innovative solutions to everyday problems, MarineEast introduces the state-of-the-art Impact Cup Holder with Drain. This blowout-proof cup holder uses unique impact barbs to combat the strongest gusts.

Simple to install, the durable cup holder requires a 3-3/4" cutout and taps into place with a soft hammer. A dual purpose gasket eliminates the need for bedding compound. It also utilizes internal holding fingers designed to keep cups, cans and other drinks from flying out of the deluxe cup holder.

Constructed from heavy-duty, marine-grade composites, the compact cup holder from MarineEast features a convenient drain that allows it to be mounted in areas where space is limited. Available in white or black, it has a suggested retail price of just $4. It also comes in a standard version without the gasket.

Contact MarineEast, P.O. Box 400, La Porte, IN 46352-0400. 219-362-7463; Fax: 219-362-2031.;


Tempress Fish-On Cup Holder with Rod Mount Efficiently Uses Space While Reducing Sprills

Making the most of a boat's limited space is important for an enjoyable day on the water. The Tempress Fish-On! Cup Holder with Rod Mount easily provides a little more room aboard while keeping easy-to-spill drinks out of the way. 

This Fish-On! cup holder creates a great alternative use for a vacant rod holder. It effortlessly fits into any Fish-On! side mount or other popular rod holder system. Whether the mount is installed on a flat vertical surface or to a 7/8" or 1" rail, the cup holder easily provides a handy spot to store a drink. A versatile, secondary mount that can be used anywhere is also included. 

Uniquely designed, it features a gyroscope motion that stabilizes the drink.  It helps prevent spills in calm or rough waters. 

Available in sleek black, it matches the décor of any boat. The cup holder comes with a Fish-On! koozie for added comfort. The Tempress Fish-On! Cup Holder with Rod Mount retails for $18.  This same mount in white is available within the Tempress Boatmates line. 

For more information ontact Tempress Products, 5052 Sharp St., Dallas, TX 75247. 214-678-9400 (Toll-free 877-234-7466) Fax: 214-678-9430. mailto:>, web sites or

Tempress Products Folding Drink Cup holder to keep drinks handy

Serious anglers and pleasure boaters alike usually enjoy having refreshments onboard. But when it comes to reeling in the big catch or steering the boat through a crowded marina, it helps to have both hands available. Tempress Products has come out with its Folding Drink Holder to secure drinks when they can’t be held.
The new Folding Drink Holder also features a double-ring collar assembly capable of holding both cans and cans with cozies so that drinks can stay within reach and stay cold, too.  With its all-resin design, the drink holder won’t rust or corrode; it's injection molded with commercial grade resin that provides superior durability and an attractive appearance. Few moving parts results in a longer, more reliable product life. The holder can be mounted with Tempress’ Super-Suction cups or screw mounted.
The Folding Drink Holders are available in packages of two for approximately $12.99 retail. For more information, contact Tempress Products, 5052 Sharp St., Dallas, TX 75247; 1-877-234-7466, or check web site


Better Way Products

Premium Quality Dock Box Holds Three 7' Rods

When a single fishing rod can cost upwards of $400, it makes sense to protect it from damage and theft. To safeguard this valuable equipment, Better Way Products manufactures the model 825 Rod Box, a premium quality dock and deck box that holds three 7' poles, and has nearly 30 cu. ft. of storage space.
The 825 Rod Box is built using marine-grade fiberglass with an average thickness of 3/16". Protruded walls add rigidity and structural integrity. UV-resistant, it features a smooth, hull-like gelcoat finish inside and out. The full length piano hinge, cable stays and lockable hasp are all rust-resistant, and attached with oversized rivets.

Its lid is built strong enough to sit on. It's made with a rugged sandwich core construction for maximum durability, and comes with pneumatic gas lifts. Inside are rod holders that securely hold and provide ready access to three sets of fishing tackle.

The 825 Rod Box comes in white, gray and tan; custom colors are available. It measures 96" L x 22" W x 24.25" H and costs $934.

Better Way Products is one of the oldest and largest fiberglass manufacturers in the US. It produces over 30 different unique dock boxes and steps to fit any need and complement any marine décor.

For mroe details contact Better Way Products, Inc., 70891 CR 23, New Paris, IN 46553. 574-831-3340.

Magma Products

Magma's Deck Mounts Give Boaters More Versatility

Magma has always known that one of the keys to a great boat barbecue is having it securely mounted in a convenient location. This is why Magma Products offers more mounting options than any other grill maker, including their newest Rotating Flush Deck Socket Mount and Rotating Surface Deck Socket Mounts.
Both the Flush Deck Socket Mount and the Surface Deck Socket Mount are made of 18-8 stainless steel and feature a stainless detent pin, which lets the grill rotate and lock in eight different positions. Both models can be moved inboard or outboard. The rod portion of the mounts quickly disconnects for compact storage. A rain cap is included with the Flush Deck Socket Mount.
Magma’s grills recently swept all classes as the “Best Choice” in both Practical Sailor and Power Boat Reports magazines. Magma Products is the world’s largest manufacturer of all-stainless steel grills and the only major supplier of US-made onboard boat grills. The product line includes onboard boat grills, residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, propane accessories, serving tables, fishing and filet tables, stainless steel cookware, boat umbrellas, stabilizers and outriggers.
Retail price for both the Rotating Flush Deck and the Rotating Surface Deck Socket Mount is $56.95.

For more information or the name of the nearest Magma dealer, contact Magma Products 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; Telephone: 562-627-0500; Email:; or visit their web site at




5-Horsepower, 4 Stroke outboard Briggs & Stratton Outboard Motor

The Briggs & Stratton Corporation, the world's largest designer, manufacturer, and marketer of small engines designed for outdoor enthusiasts, now offers a 5-horsepower, 4 stroke outboard boat motor designed for a new generation of sports persons. Air-cooled, the gas-powered outboard engine allows more range in shallow, muddy water than liquid-cooled outboards, at half the price, and run better in mucky, thick water -- making this outboard an ideal choice for shallow water anglers and duck hunters. In addition, the air-cooled design prevents the outboard from taking in corrosive dirt, provides better fuel economy and creates less pollution than many other motors, plus the 4-cycle design eliminates the need for the boater to mix the gas and oil prior to use. The motor weighs in at only 56 pounds, and is recommended for boats with transom height of 15 inches. The outboard also features Briggs & Stratton’s Magnetron® electronic ignition, making starting the outboard easy. The motor is available in black or Advantage Wetlands Max-4® Camouflage Pattern and comes with a safety lanyard standard. As with any Briggs & Stratton outboard, the 5-horsepower comes with a two-year warranty.

For more information, check web site


Fresh or Saltwater, Flover Has An Electric Outboard For You

Whether on a quiet lake, flowing estuary or shallow flats, Flover has boaters covered with its wide range of high-quality electric outboards. The company offers seven models, each with a broad selection of options.

Flover's outboards range from 33–55 lbs. of thrust. Each lightweight unit features five forward and three reverse speeds, and runs on a standard 12-volt marine battery. Options include a fixed or telescoping tiller, LED battery gauge and a saltwater version for the larger models.

Available in both 45 and 55 lbs. of thrust, Flover's rugged saltwater types feature an innovative corrosion-resistant finish on non-stainless steel parts. The 33.5" aluminum shaft is ceramic coated. A sacrificial anode is mounted on the 11" two blade propeller. The solid state controller with thyristor is protected in the motor's white polymer housing.

Made to last, Flover electric outboards are CE certified, built to ISO standards and come with a two-year factory warranty. Prices start at $126.

For more information contact Flover at

Rigging An Electric Outboard Motor is Quick & Easy, says Flover

Light, quiet and odor-free, electric outboard motors are a convenient and economical alternative to a traditional gasoline-powered engine. They're also far easier to rig and have a range of adjustments to accommodate a wide selection of vessels.

Most boats that are designed for use with a motor have some kind of rigid transom pad built-in. But for those without, such as a canoe, owners can use a commonly available universal mount that clamps to the hull. Once the motor's bracket is firmly attached to the boat, the angle is adjusted to ensure the shaft is as vertical as possible. It should then be extended so that the propeller is completely under water.

Boaters simply connect the red motor lead to the positive terminal on the battery and the black to the negative side. The outboard is now ready for use—it's that easy.
Electric outboards are usually run off of a common 12-volt marine battery. Higher quality units offer greater longevity and maximum power. Many boaters prefer to store their batteries in a weatherproof box that makes carrying it easier.

Many Flover models come with an LED charge indicator. When the power level gets low, a charger is used to bring the battery back to full strength. Flover engineers and manufactures six sizes of electric marine outboard motors, from 33 to 55 lbs. of thrust. Fresh and saltwater models, and options such as telescoping handles are available.

Flover's parent company, CSM Tech, is actively seeking US and Canadian distributors. To learn more about dealer opportunities, contact Contact Flover, A3-4, 118, Jangansandan 8-ro, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea. US office: 13280 SW 131 St., #111, Miami, FL 33186. 786-701-2054.


Humminbird's® Best-In-Class Sonar Advances, Now Includes MEGA 360 Imaging™

The first to take sonar into the Megahertz range with the launch of MEGA Imaging, Humminbird® now extends MEGA Imaging™ to its Humminbird 360 Imaging® transducer. Providing sonar clarity more than three-times traditional 455 kHz frequencies, Humminbird’s MEGA 360 Imaging™ is the only sonar option that gives a high-resolution 360-degree view around the boat and is integrated to allow full use of the trolling motor. MEGA Imaging provides clearer, sharper underwater views, making fish more identifiable, and fish holding to structure easy to find, so anglers can spend more time fishing the most productive water.

“Humminbird MEGA 360 sonar technology allows full use of the trolling motor while using the transducer and is another best-in-class element of Humminbird and Minn Kota’s One-Boat Network, which provides the ultimate in connectivity for angler navigation, boat control and sonar technologies,” said Joe Brown, senior director brand management, Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics.

The MEGA 360 Imaging transducer mounts independently to the trolling motor, keeping a constant orientation and imaging in a 360-degree circle out to 125 feet. A key benefit to MEGA 360 is its ability to provide full use of the trolling motor, so anglers can utilize Spot-Lock™ and other important Minn Kota® features without impacting their ability to use 360-degree sonar. This imaging technology provides anglers with a clear understanding of what’s below the water all around the boat – allowing anglers to mark and cast to structure accurately. Anglers can select the full 360-degree view, or customize the viewing area in 10-degree increments.

Humminbird’s new MEGA 360 Imaging can be viewed side-by-side with Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar or mapping. Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar shows a 2D representation of what is below the boat, while GPS and lake maps keep navigation and waypoint details at your fingertips, and allows anglers to access the best in mapping information with LakeMaster® mapping.

“My Humminbird 360 played a big role in me winning this year’s Bassmaster Classic,” said Ott Defoe, Humminbird pro angler and 2019 Bassmaster Classic champion. “Knowing that MEGA Imaging will now be incorporated is very exciting to tournament anglers because it will provide the MEGA Imaging we’ve come to rely on, with Side- and Down-Imaging, into another one of our favorite on-the-water tools. When you combine MEGA 360 with Spot-Lock and the other One-Boat Network products, we will be able to pick apart entire structures knowing we aren’t leaving anything behind.”

Humminbird is part of the One-Boat Network™, which along with Minn Kota and Talon® products, provides anglers effortless command of their boat, elevates their experience, and helps them find, stay on and catch more fish. MEGA 360 Imaging delivers a unique One-Boat tool to see around the boat while fishing, which can be used simultaneously with Spot-Lock and other Minn Kota features without interference.

The new imaging technology can be mounted on bow mount Minn Kota trolling motors – Ultrex®, Fortrex® or Maxxum®. Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging can be directly connected to all SOLIX® model fish finders and all HELIX® models that have MEGA Imaging+® capabilities. These units can share MEGA 360 imaging data over ethernet to all SOLIX models and HELIX G2N and G3N units.

Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging will be available in December 2019 and will retail for $1,199. For more information call Humminbird at 800-633-1468 or visit

About Humminbird
JOHNSON OUTDOORS FISHING is comprised of the Humminbird®, Minn Kota® and Cannon® brands. Humminbird is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of marine electronics products including fish finders, multifunction displays, autopilots, ice flashers, and premium cartography products. Minn Kota is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors, as well as a complete line of shallow water anchors, battery chargers and marine accessories. Cannon is the leader in controlled-depth fishing and includes a full line of downrigger products and accessories.
For more information visit Humminbird at or contact Humminbird at 555 Main Street, Racine, WI 53403

Humminbird® Earns Two ICAST “Best of Category ” Awards Including “Best of Electronics” for MEGA 360 Imaging®

Humminbird's® best-in-class technology earns two awards at the sportfishing industry’s most prestigious show, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST). Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging® was voted “Best of Electronics” while the ICE HELIX® 7 CHIRP GPS G3N All-Season won the inaugural “Best of Ice Fishing” award at the 2019 ICAST New Product Showcase voted on by attending media and buyers.

“Humminbird has driven innovation in our industry by consistently developing breakthrough technologies and products,” said Chris Hatton, Humminbird brand manager. “We’ve continued this trend by bringing our MEGA imaging capabilities to our 360 Imaging transducer, the only sonar option that provides a high resolution 360-degree view around the boat. Providing sonar clarity more than three-times the traditional 455 kHz frequencies, Humminbird’s MEGA 360 allows anglers to mark waypoints and cast to structures accurately, maximizing every second on the water.”

Humminbird’s MEGA 360 Imaging is the latest addition to Humminbird and Minn Kota's One-Boat Network™. The Mega 360 Imaging transducer integrates seamlessly with Minn Kota trolling motors, allowing for additional functionality, and the continued use of Minn Kota features, like Spot Lock, without compromising the sonar image.

The MEGA 360 Imaging transducer mounts independently to the trolling motor, keeping a constant orientation while imaging in a 360 degree circle out to 125 feet. The imaging return can be viewed side by side with Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar or LakeMaster® mapping. The new imaging technology can be mounted on bow mount Minn Kota trolling motors – Ultrex™, Fortrex® or Maxxum®.

Along with the “Best of Electronics” award, the Humminbird ICE HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G3N All-Season won the first ever ICAST “Best of Ice Fishing” award with the inclusion of the brand new AutoChart® Live Ice, which allows anglers to quickly create a custom AutoChart Live map by taking data points at multiple hole locations and then displaying the layout of contours below the ice.

Along with AutoChart Live Ice, the unit features Humminbird’s proven Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar, providing the detail and clarity needed for finesse ice presentations, with target separation down to three-fourths of an inch. In addition, the new models also feature CHIRP Interference Rejection to remove noise from nearby flashers, as well an internal GPS and microSD card slot for LakeMaster use.

The Humminbird ICE HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G3N All-Season includes all accessories for use on a boat or portable applications right in the box, including: a transom mount CHIRP transducer, optional transducer suction cup mount, power cable and fish finder mounting bracket.

“The ICE HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G3N All-Season unit gives ice anglers the benefits that an open water angler receives from Humminbird, now including custom mapping with AutoChart Live Ice,” Hatton said. “A wide array of features like Dual Spectrum CHIRP sonar, GPS mapping and the ability to convert these fish finders for year-round use give ice anglers the technology and innovation they have been craving compared to traditional flasher units.”

Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging and the Humminbird ICE HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G3N All-Season unit will be available in fall 2019. For more information call Humminbird at 800-633-1468 or visit

About Humminbird
JOHNSON OUTDOORS FISHING is comprised of the Humminbird®, Minn Kota® and Cannon® brands. Humminbird is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of marine electronics products including fish finders, multifunction displays, autopilots, ice flashers, and premium cartography products. Minn Kota is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors, as well as a complete line of shallow water anchors, battery chargers and marine accessories. Cannon is the leader in controlled-depth fishing and includes a full line of downrigger products and accessories.

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JOHNSON OUTDOORS is a leading global outdoor recreation company that inspires more people to experience the awe of the great outdoors with innovative, top-quality products. The company designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of winning, consumer-preferred brands across four categories: Watercraft, Fishing, Diving and Camping.
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Mercury Marine adds V-8 and V-6 outboard engines to its Pro XS product line

Mercury Marine, the world leader in marine propulsion technology, has announced the addition of multiple new V-8 4.6L Pro XS outboards from 200-300hp and an all-new V-6 3.4L 175hp Pro XS outboard. These powerful new engines expand Mercury's offering for competitive anglers and represent the next generation of tournament-winning performance.

"The unveiling of these powerful, high-horsepower Pro XS models culminates a process we began in 2016 to comprehensively elevate the entire Pro XS brand with engineering that delivers higher performance, better fuel economy, uncompromising reliability and durability in a light-weight four-stroke design," said John Buelow, Mercury Marine vice president of global category management. "We now have a complete family of top-performing Pro XS outboards from 115-300hp that competitive anglers will love."

New V-8 4.6L 200-300hp Pro XS

The new 200-300hp Pro XS models are built on Mercury's new V-8 engine platform and boast a class-leading 4.6L powerhead that delivers phenomenal torque while weighing just 505 pounds. During performance testing, the 250hp Pro XS set new standards for high performance, outpacing the leading competitor by 20 percent for heavy load 0-20 mph acceleration and one mile-per-hour faster top speed all while delivering up to 16 percent better fuel economy at cruise.  This means unrivaled performance for the elite fisherman and an engine that provides the confidence necessary to ensure a championship weekend of fishing.

The 200-300hp Pro XS models also feature a robust 1.25-inch diameter prop shaft and are available with a next-generation Torque Master gearcase that offers a 1.75:1 gear ratio and low-water pickups on the nosecone for added mounting and trimming flexibility.

New V-6 3.4L 175hp Pro XS

The new 175hp Pro XS model is built on the NMMA Innovation Award winning V-6 3.4L platform that Mercury introduced at the Miami International Boat Show in February. Upholding the Pro XS hallmark of ultimate performance, Mercury engineered this large displacement engine to deliver higher maximum RPM at full throttle, while retaining the Mercury V-6 platform's peerless light weight (470lbs for the 175 Pro XS) and fuel economy.  This is the perfect engine for the angler who wants to get to the fish fast.

Additional Intuitive Features

Digital or mechanical controls: Available for 200-300hp Pro XS models.
87-Octane Standard: Both V-8 and V-6 Pro XS deliver peak performance and reliability on regular unleaded 87-octane fuel. Advanced Range Optimization improves cruise-speed fuel efficiency by automatically adjusting fuel delivery so seamlessly the operator won’t feel or hear it.
Idle Charge battery-management:  When battery voltage is low, the engine will automatically increase idle RPM’s to boost alternator output and recharge batteries to the proper level, protecting operators from draining their battery while trolling.
Electronic Oil Level Sensor: Optional electronic oil level sensor automatically alerts operator to low oil level. Top Cowl Service Door simplifies routine maintenance with easy oil checks and oil fills without removing the cowl. The Top Cowl Service Door also houses the latch release and a carrying handle.
Easy Maintenance: A graphic, hour based maintenance decal, no-spill oil drain & filter, color-coded maintenance points, and Mercury’s maintenance-free valve-train all make owning the new V-8 and V-6 engines stress free.
Adaptive Speed Control: Pro XS outboards automatically maintain a desired rpm regardless of changes in load resulting in increased throttle response and a “sportier” feel for the driver.
Pro Black Accent Panel: personalize your Pro XS outboard with a factory-painted Pro Black accent panel. Made of thin and durable polycarbonate that adheres firmly to the cowl, the panel is available from your local Mercury dealer for 175-300hp Pro XS models.

For more information contact Mercury Marine, W6250 Pioneer Road, P.O.Box 1939, Fond du Lac, WI 54936, USA


Jetpac from Sword Marine Powers A Pirate Ship

Setting sail on a pirate ship is a great way to enjoy a few hours out on the water off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, for lads and lassies of all ages.  Powered by a 150-hp JetPac from Sword Marine, the Black Prince is a 48’ tour boat that plays host to family theme parties by day and adult cruises by night.

Captain Mike Kiernan was looking for a diesel alternative to his gas-powered engine when he stumbled across the Sword Marine website earlier this year.  He needed a more fuel efficient engine and was impressed with the JetPac’s claims of improved energy efficiency and better handling. 

Kiernan says that installation went smoothly and the JetPac has lived up to and exceeded his expectations.  “The boat has improved maneuverability and the fuel efficiency is much better than I expected,” he added.  Kiernan’s long range plans include building more pirate ships as commercial tour boats with the JetPac as its primary source of propulsion.

For more information about the Black Prince, visitors are invited to

Contact Sword Marine Technology, Inc., 1815 N. US Highway 1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174.  Phone: 386-676-7685;  Fax: 386-676-0164.

Twin Jetpacks from Sword Marine Power the Fishing Season

The JetPac from Sword Marine combines a marinized automotive engine coupled to a waterjet via a toothed Kevlar drive belt. The combination of engine and jet is completely enclosed in a waterproof, fiberglass shell or "hull" that is mounted to the exterior of the boat's transom. Because the jet's outlet is located about 30" behind the boat's transom, operation is quieter and results in better low-speed handling and crisp steering response with solid tracking. Also, the hull's built-in floatation effectively reduces the boat's draft for operating in shallow water.
For more information, contact Sword Marine Technology, Inc., 1815 N. US Highway 1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, 386-676-7685; or check web site


Torqueedo Launches Next Generation of Tiller Control Motors

            Perfect for tenders, dinghies, motorboats and sailboats up to 6 tons, Torqeedo's next generation of tiller control electric outboards offers all-around improvements.  The new Cruise 2.0T and 4.0T are stronger, faster, more robust and more efficient.

A new, innovative display on the tiller shows information regarding battery charge status, remaining range, speed over ground and input power.  Providing more comfort than its Cruise predecessors, it offers a 4 AWG, plug and go cable set, including fuse and main switch.  A tried and tested drivetrain provides superior power and range from limited battery capacities.  Fully waterproof to IP67 standards, these models can endure both fresh and salt water.

Operating on 48V with 8-9.9 hp, the 4.0T motor only weighs 40 lbs.  The smaller Cruise 2.0T operates at 24V with 5-6 hp and weighs 39 lbs.  Both models are offered in short and long shaft versions.

Torqeedo's new Cruise 2.0T is priced at $3,299, while the Cruise 4.0T is $3,799 and offers the most technologically advanced electric outboards on the market.  Combining lithium batteries with cutting-edge technology and design, its outboards offer unrivalled strength and efficiency.

        For more information contact Torqeedo Inc., 171 Erick Street Unit A-1, Crystal Lake, IL 60014.  815-444-8806; Fax: 815-444-8807.;

New Torqeedo Console-Controlled Electric Outboard Makes It Easy to be Green

As more and more inland waters are designated "green", banning all gas and diesel engines, boaters require a clean yet powerful form of propulsion. Torqeedo offers the most technologically advanced electric outboards on the market. Their powerful Cruise models are the choice of boaters on green lakes, delivering the thrust power of a 6 hp gas outboard from just a 24 V battery bank. They also offer an unrivaled efficiency, creating superior range from a given battery supply.

Based on their popular Cruise models, Torqeedo now introduces the new Cruise 2.0 R, designed for console-controlled craft like pontoon boats, fishing boats and runabouts. It connects to standard steering systems and includes a remote throttle control, 10' cable set and voltage display.

The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R is the emission-free, light and quiet alternative for boats with displacement of up to three tons. It has an input power of 2 kW, yet the thrust of the motor is comparable to a 6 hp gas outboard. As with all Torqeedo outboards, the superior overall efficiency of the Cruise 2.0 R is due to the latest motor technology. It offers superior torque and utilizes highly efficient propellers. Compared to conventional electric outboards, Torqeedo achieves up to twice the range out of a given battery supply, at comparable speed. The Cruise 2.0 R is the most efficient and powerful 24 V outboard available.

This low-maintenance remote electric outboard is just the latest of Torqeedo's contributions to safe and environmentally responsible boating, without sacrificing power. The company burst onto the scene in 2006 and has since won international accolades and innovation awards.

Suggested retail price of the Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R package is $3,099.

For more information contact Torqeedo Inc., 22705 W. Lochanora Dr., Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047. 847-726-0054.;

Torqeedo Travel 801 Electric Outboard Earns U.S. & International Innovation Awards

A revolutionary new electric outboard is taking the marine world by storm. Just 2 weeks after the Torqeedo Travel 801 won the 2006 IBEX Innovation Award in Miami, it also won the DAME Jury Award for Innovation at the METS Exhibition in Amsterdam.

The Travel by Torqeedo of Germany
is an environmentally friendly alternative to heavy, high-maintenance internal combustion engines. High-powered, ultra-light and foldable, the engine wowed judges and onlookers alike at both shows. The efficient, maintenance-free engine is being welcomed by a rapidly expanding international market hungry for such a product.

At the 16th annual International Boatbuilders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) in Miami, the Travel 801 won the Innovation Award in the Outboard Engines category. During the industry breakfast, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) presented the award following judging by members of Boating Writers International (BWI).

Torqeedo is the first manufacturer to introduce an integrated lithium-manganese battery (LIMA-cell), improving safety and eliminating awkward battery connections. Weighing less than 8 pounds, it can be fixed to and removed from the engine within seconds. The Travel is practical for boats with no electric supply at the dock.

Torqeedo also is first to use electronically commutated permanent-magnet excited external rotor motors (a.k.a. "torque" motors, hence the company name) and the only outboard manufacturer to use high-performance, variable-pitch, variable-camber propellers. The shorter shafts are suitable for smaller, flatter boats.

Another design innovation that impressed the judges is a folding mechanism that makes the engine completely collapsible, easily assembled and neatly inserted into its waterproof travel pack.

For more information contact Torqeedo Inc., 22705 W. Lochanora Dr., Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047. 312-377-6116. or check web site

Torqeedo Electric Outboard Offers Thrust of 6 HP Combustion Engine

Torqeedo, the Germany-based winner of multiple innovation awards, introduces a high-tech electric outboard with outstanding thrust. The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 offers the thrust force of a 6 hp gas outboard making it the most powerful 24 V outboard on the market.

The Cruise motor is designed for boats with a displacement of up to 3 tons. It is the perfect engine to travel green lakes, where the use of gas outboards is restricted. The outboard can also be used as a high-performance trolling motor or as a reserve motor for powerboats.

In a class of its own, the superior performance of the Cruise is due to its high-tech driveline. Cutting-edge propeller and motor technologies enable the Cruise to convert the existing battery supply into propulsion up to twice as efficiently as conventional electric outboards.

Taking into consideration all losses, including propeller losses, the Cruise 2.0 reaches an incredible overall efficiency of 44%. Almost half of the energy stored in the battery supply is translated into propulsion of the boat. Conventional electric outboards typically range in the area of 20%. The overall efficiency of gas outboards is even lower.

"Especially for stronger electric outboards, the overall efficiency is extremely important," explains Olaf Knueppel, president of the Torqeedo U.S. branch. "Electric outboards with poor overall efficiency waste energy twice. On the one hand, they waste a lot of battery capacity instead of turning it into propulsion. On the other hand, they stress batteries unnecessarily with high current demands, which lead-based batteries cannot handle."

Weighing only 40 lbs., the Cruise is also much lighter than other outboards in its power class. The motor can be powered with traditional lead, lead-gel or AGM batteries or with Torqeedo’s high-performance lithium-manganese big packs.

Available in long- and short-shaft versions, the suggested retail price of the Cruise 2.0 from Torqeedo is $2,299. Optional cable sets and remote throttle controls are also available.

For more information contact Torqeedo Inc., 22705 W. Lochanora Dr., Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047. 847-726-0054.;

High-Efficiency Electric Outboard Runs on Lead or Lithium-Manganese Batteries

When an electric outboard needs to be very efficient to make the best use of limited battery supply, the powerful and lightweight BaseTravel 801 from Torqeedo may be the ideal solution. Torqeedo's award-winning and much-lauded electric outboards are an innovative alternative to low-power internal combustion engines and conventional trolling motors.

The BaseTravel 801 comes with a fixed, non-foldable shaft and connects to standard lead batteries. It operates at 24 V and has the same superior efficiency as other Torqeedo models. When mobility or the use of back-up batteries is desired, Torqeedo's replaceable 7.7-lb. lithium-manganese battery can serve as a lightweight
yet powerful additional power supply. It is available as an accessory.

The unit weighs just over 20 lbs. and delivers propulsive power of 336 watts, which is comparable to a 2 hp combustion outboard. Its input power is 800 watts.

Torqeedo's electric outboards are powered by a hi-tech drive line using state-of-the-art electronically commutated brushless torque motors. These engines offer not only high efficiency but also superior torque, making them suitable to drive extremely efficient propellers. An efficient propeller features a big diameter, a high pitch and runs at low revs. Torqeedo's 12"x10" propeller follows these rules, showing the highest diameter and pitch in its power class. In addition, calculation
methods from commercial shipbuilding are applied to improve the efficiency of the propeller further. This is where the characteristic design of Torqeedo's variable-pitch-variable-camber propellers comes from.

Available in 23" short shaft or 28" long shaft models, suggested retailprice of Torqeedo's BaseTravel 801 is $1,199. Included is a cable connection with integrated fuse for powering from a standard lead battery. The optional 7.7 lb. lithium-manganese battery costs $599.

For more information contact Torqeedo Inc., 22705 W. Lochanora Dr., Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047. 847-726-0054.;


Yamaha’s New F20 is the Perfect Combination of Power, Efficiency

Yamaha Marine’s F20, the latest addition to its portable power product line, is big on performance and features. Combining power, efficiency and convenience, the all-new four-stroke outboard is a perfect fit for boaters limited to 20-horsepower.

“The new F20 is an exceptionally strong outboard with the versatility to power a wide variety of boats,” said Ben Speciale, Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit President. “It delivers faster acceleration and improved boat performance under load, so when it’s time to hit the water, you don’t have to leave anything (or anyone) behind.” The new F20 is built around the F25, an Innovation Award-winning outboard that immediately set the industry standard. Modified ECU mapping and a redesigned camshaft allow the new F20 to harness the huge potential of this platform and optimize the performance of every one of the twenty horses available.

The F20 features an alternator that produces up to 16 amps of power, 60 percent more output than the previous generation F20. There is also ample electrical power for battery charging with plenty to spare for additional electronic equipment. The variable trolling rpm switch makes the F20 the perfect fishing companion, while the easy to use fresh water flush attachment makes the outboard simple to clean at the end of the day. Built-in ergonomic carry handles and two-position resting pads make it easy to remove and store the F20.

Customers can choose manual start configuration, using Yamaha’s battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology, to power their boat with minimum rigging requirements. Yamaha offers a range of electric-start configurations, all with the added peace of mind of factory installed manual pull start.

The new F20 comes in long and short shaft versions with remote, electric or manual start tiller handle, or optional multifunction tiller control, and is expected to be available in the spring of 2019.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s Customer Satisfaction Index (C.S.I.) Award every year since its inception. For more informtion visit

Yamaha’s New F90 Leads its Class in Torque and Acceleration --Next Generation Outboard is Lighter, Quicker and Better

Yamaha Marine Group introduced today next-generation F90 four-stroke outboard that is lighter and quicker than its predecessor, leading its class in torque and acceleration. With the new F90, Yamaha has also introduced a new F75 in the same engine family.

“The improvements made to the new Yamaha F90 and F75 make them terrific choices for a variety of boats, particularly for the inshore fisherman,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “Not only is the F90 quieter, it has the quickest four-stroke 90-horsepower acceleration available – period.”

Like the successful F70 before it, the new F90 and F75 employ a single overhead camshaft to drive four valves per cylinder, thereby saving weight while increasing volumetric efficiency – and making more power. Weighing in at 353 pounds, the F90 is thirteen pounds lighter than its predecessor and displaces 1.8 liters versus 1.6 liters.

The F90 is not just quicker, it’s also quieter, which means a better boating and fishing experience for consumers. The outboards can be paired with several Yamaha propellers with the exclusive Shift Dampener System™ (SDS™), including Talon® (GP and Pontoon), for even greater quiet and comfort.

The F90 and F75 are compatible with Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS™) for slow trolling and better fishing. They can be rigged for use with Yamaha's award-winning multifunction tiller handle, and feature improved charging, with 35 amps of power over the previous 25 amps. The F90 and F75 are both compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link® 6Y8 and 6YC digital gauges, as well as Yamaha’s Y-COP®, for increased theft protection and security. A redesigned and improved long-span mounting system provides smooth operation.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit for more information.

Yamaha Announces New 4.2-liter V6 Offshore “Mechanical” Outboards

Yamaha Marine Group has announced new mechanical control versions of its legendary 225- and 250-horsepower 4.2-liter V6 Offshore outboards, available as the F250XB in both left and right-hand rotation, and the F225XB in right-hand rotation only.

“Boaters who need mechanical control can now enjoy all of the legendary 4.2-liter V6 offshore benefits,” said Ben Speciale, Yamaha Marine Group President. “These outboards are great repower solutions for boats that don’t need digital electronic control, yet can benefit from Yamaha’s light weight, high efficiency 4.2-liter offshore platform.”

Whether you choose digital electronic control or the new mechanical control F250/F225, you get the same features, power, and performance inside. Yamaha’s 4.2-liter offshore models have big-bore V6 displacement thanks to plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders. This technology increases displacement without enlarging the outer diameter of the cylinder bores, resulting in an outboard with the largest displacement in its class. The technology also contributes to the outboards’ light weight.

An electronically controlled single throttle valve and Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection make these outboards up to 17 percent more fuel efficient. With no need to carry two-stroke oil, the available space in the boat can be used more efficiently.

V6 Offshore Mechanicals are more than 50 pounds lighter than the venerable Yamaha 3.3-liter V6s. In addition, they offer better low- and mid-range punch and better fuel efficiency.

When repowering with the Yamaha 4.2-liter V6 Mechanicals, there is typically no need to change over to a new control box, thus providing an economical solution for work boats or other craft where digital control is not needed or desired.

Repower customers have a wide array of super quiet Yamaha SDS™ propellers to choose from, including the Saltwater Series II™ with SDS and the Saltwater Series HS4 with SDS. Yamaha’s patented Shift Dampener System distributes and absorbs the forces and the resulting sounds and vibrations that are normally associated with shifting an outboard into gear.

Expected availability of Yamaha’s 4.2-liter V6 Mechanicals is late summer 2016.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit

Yamaha Expands Fresh Water High Performance with the V MAX SHO® 175

Yamaha Marine Group has introduced a V MAX SHO for boaters who want more power and speed than a 150-horsepower outboard can offer– the V MAX SHO 175. The new V MAX SHO 175 will bring all the industry-leading attributes of the 2.8-liter V MAX SHO line to a larger group of boaters and anglers.

“The V MAX SHO offers light weight, high performance and all the benefits of four-stroke power, including clean, quiet operation and great fuel efficiency,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “The V MAX SHO family has made two-stroke power obsolete.”

The V MAX SHO 175 arrives along with the new V MAX SHO 115. It joins the successful V MAX SHO 250, V MAX SHO 225, V MAX SHO 200 and the V MAX SHO 150. Like its siblings, the V MAX SHO 175 has a powerful appearance, with a paint scheme that appeals like nothing else on the water.

Efficient use of space is another benefit of the V MAX SHO 175. There’s no need for an oil tank or two-stroke oil, which means more room for batteries, tackle or storage in the boat.

Great overall performance comes courtesy of Yamaha’s Variable Camshaft Timing System (VCT™), which advances and retards the angle of the intake camshaft to dramatically increase power and throttle response in the low- and mid-rpm ranges. These adjustments help the 2.8-liter inline four develop impressive power in the midrange, where it counts.

At the same time, the new V MAX SHO outboard offers outstanding top speed. In tests conducted by Yamaha (using a Skeeter® ZX 190), the V MAX SHO 175 proved to be 5.1 MPH faster than Yamaha’s V MAX SHO 150.

Yamaha's advanced technology four-stroke, four-valve-per-cylinder V MAX SHO 175 is able to maximize combustion efficiency in a way that no two-stroke outboard can, delivering the utmost in clean, quiet power and performance.

In addition, a multitude of advanced sensors constantly provide vital atmospheric and engine conditions to the Engine Control Module (ECM), which instantly makes precise adjustments for optimum performance. The outboard is also extremely fuel efficient, delivering 30-to-40 percent better fuel efficiency than a carbureted two stroke.

The V MAX SHO 175 is also smooth running and quiet, thanks to advanced internal design features and counterbalance shafts. With mechanical control, the outboard offers easy rigging. It can be equipped with analog gauges, 6Y5 digital gauges or Command Link® gauges.

The new V MAX SHO 175 is expected to be available in early spring 2015.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit web site for more details.

Yamaha Improves Venerable F150 Outboard

Yamaha Marine Group has introduced the latest iteration of the most popular four-stroke 150-horsepower outboard of all time, the 2.7-liter F150. Like its predecessor, the new F150B has 16 valves and the sophisticated, proven design that has become its signature. With the improvements, the F150B now offers even better reliability, easier fishing, quieter operation and an improved appearance.

“Demand is as high as it’s ever been for the F150 for three reasons: performance, reliability and customer satisfaction,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “The advanced-technology, DOHC 2.7-liter block is a time-tested platform that has been proven again and again. With these updates, the F150 will continue to be a Yamaha staple in our product line.”

The F150B has an eight-tooth “dog clutch,” which replaces the previous six-tooth version for smoother, trouble-free shifting and excellent reliability. The new F150 also has internal machining and metallurgical improvements that include stronger, better valve guides and valve seats.

The F150B now has Yamaha’s variable trolling RPM switch (VTS), which allows anglers to adjust the trolling speed in 50-RPM increments from 650 to 900 RPM using a Yamaha Command Link® gauge. The result is an overall better fishing experience for anglers.

For quieter operation, the F150B includes the necessary hardware to accept Yamaha Reliance® Series SDS™ propellers. Yamaha’s exclusive Shift Dampener System greatly reduces the noise associated with shifting gears and offers smooth, quiet operation.

The F150B also has an improved appearance thanks to a new lighter composite cowling that covers new powerhead cladding (manifold, oil, and alternator covers), which is designed to reduce the interference between the cowling and powerhead during service. A new bottom cowling and apron also create a sleeker, less bulky profile.

The new F150B is expected to be available in early spring 2015.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit

Yamaha Marine Group Further Defines Fresh Water Performance with V MAX SHO® 115 -- Super High Output Four-Stroke Series Expands to Include Smaller Boats

Yamaha Marine Group has introduced a V MAX SHO for smaller craft, the V MAX SHO 115, an outboard that will bring all the attributes of the V MAX SHO to a much larger group of boaters and anglers.

“The V MAX SHO 115 is compact, light weight and capable of performance typically associated with two strokes, but with the convenience, fuel efficiency and quiet operation of a four stroke,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “Now owners of smaller boats can enjoy the benefits of the V MAX SHO family.”

The V MAX SHO 115 arrives on the heels of the successful V MAX SHO 250, V MAX SHO 225, V MAX SHO 200, the new V MAX SHO 175 and the V MAX SHO 150.

Like other members of the V MAX SHO family, the V MAX SHO 115 is light, weighing in at just 377 pounds, and it has the added benefit of not needing two-stroke oil or an oil tank (or the added weight). A competitor's two-stroke weighs 390 pounds. In fact, the V MAX SHO 115 is the lightest four-stroke DOHC 115-horsepower outboard on the water. It uses a lightweight composite lower pan and cowling, a single-ram power trim and tilt mechanism and a lightweight mounting bracket.

The 1.8-liter V MAX SHO 115 features Yamaha's advanced 16-valve double-overhead cam (DOHC), four-cylinder design, which means better breathing for better performance. (Another competitor's 115 has only eight valves.)

Its large intake and exhaust valves generate more power and midrange torque. They are fed by a large (60mm) single throttle body with Yamaha’s long-track intake system and a free-flow exhaust.

Full-throttle rpm range is 6,300, which means Yamaha can better tailor the gear ratio for low speed thrust and still deliver great top end speed. A knock sensor, an unexpected feature in this class of outboard, allows the engine to operate constantly at peak output. The result is great top speed, 2.7 miles per hour faster than that of the next generation Yamaha F115 recently introduced.

The V MAX SHO 115 powerhead is based on proven, advanced Yamaha four-stroke technology. It also uses Yamaha’s Phaze Five™ paint system, which includes the electro-deposition of anti-corrosive paint on both the inside and outside passages of the engine block.

Inside the engine, dimpled cylinder sleeves, like those used on the Yamaha F350 V8, reduce weight and add strength. They also aid in heat transfer and help to keep the engine reliably cooler.

Because it is a four stroke, the new outboard is quiet by nature. In addition, Yamaha has harmonized all the inertial mass components and added large rubber engine mounts. The result is smooth and quiet operation, unparalleled in its class.

The new V MAX SHO 115 is expected to be available in early spring 2015.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit for more information.


Back Cove Chooses New Yanmar V-8 Diesel

The powerful new Yanmar 8LV series diesel continues to gain favor with boatbuilders. Adding to its long history of offering Yanmar power, Back Cove Yachts has now chosen the Yanmar 8LV-370 as an option on its popular Back Cove 30.

The 8LV is supplied by Yanmar distributor Mack Boring and Parts Company of Union, New Jersey. Collins said Mack Boring provides "excellent support and service, and is never late on deliveries. They're a great partner to have."

Available in 320 hp and 370 hp models, the 8LV series has a dry weight of 992 lbs., hundreds of pounds lighter than comparable engines. Without sacrificing Yanmar's excellent diesel fuel economy and durability, high-end performance is similar to a V-8 gas engine. The 8LV series is also EPA Tier 3 compliant.

Optimum acceleration is achieved by Yanmar's twin turbochargers and common rail fuel injection. Power ranges from 550 rpm at idle to 3,800 rpm at top speed. A choice of drive systems includes the KMH50 series down-angle or V-drive, new ZT370 dual propeller sterndrive or ZF series 2800 pod drive. It can also be equipped with ZF gears.

The 8LV is the first engine to utilize Yanmar's own CAN-bus vessel control system (VCS) to simplify all controls, full-color digital displays with NMEA2000 or J1939 gauge output, cabling and wiring.

Back Cove builds yachts reminiscent of Maine's classic Down East fishing boats. Rather than chugging between lobster pots, the resin infused vee-hulls and Yanmar propulsion allow the stylish boat to jump on plane easily or quietly cruise at a leisurely pace.

The elegant yachts are built for comfort, with wide side decks and oversized hand rails, ample seating and a full galley. They're constructed by Maine's finest boatbuilders in a modern 240,000 sq. ft. facility.

More information is available at Contact Yanmar America, Marine Engine Division, 101 International Parkway, Adairsville, GA 30103. 770-877-9894.



With A Blackfin' Skig, Enhance Performance and Protect It Before It Breaks

Don't jeopardize your tournament or recreational fun on the water by venturing out without the protection of a Blackfin˙ Skeg. Do not wait until your boat is out of commission and damaged to put on a Blackfin˙ Skeg.  Enhance your boats performance as well as protect your lower unit before hearing the devastating sound of an unseen obstruction slamming into your lower unit and taking its toll by putting your boat out of commission and causing a potential costly repair.

Designed to fix, protect and perform, The Blackfin˙ Skeg is made from a proprietary high impact composite material featuring two tapered wings on each side for structural reinforcement and lift at every angle of engine trim. It also uniquely features a sacrificial node on the bottom, limiting the engine's skeg from plowing into underwater objects. This design turns the engine slightly on its side providing better protection for today's high tech propellers.

Unlike other replacement skegs on the market, the Blackfin˙ Skeg is easy-to-install, with no drilling or changes to your original boat or motor. In fact, the Blackfin˙ Skeg can be installed in an hour or less, and can be ready for use within 72 hours. You can do it yourself without the use of any power tools! The assembly requires the use of a specially designed adhesive that provides a flexible barrier against the walls of the skeg. This results in an absorption void with elastic properties. In the event of an impact the force is equally distributed in all directions and absorbed by the flexible nature of the Blackfin˙ Skeg and its specially designed adhesive. The memory of the high impact composite aided by the adhesive makeup allows the Blackfin˙ Skeg to maintain its original shape at all times. This special adhesive also fills all air voids and creates a bond between the new Skeg and your engine's original skeg.

The Blackfin˙ Skeg is uniquely designed to do more than just protect your skeg - it also enhances performance. With a unique contoured and tapered design, the Blackfin˙ Skeg balances the flow of water and helps to remove vibration to the lowest point of the engine. The fins channel cleaner water onto the prop. This means there is not only less drag, but there is less chance of a blow out. The bottom node design creates lift at all angles allowing you to use less trim and obtain better performance. Additionally, with more surface area, controlling the boat is easier especially at low speed. The design of the bottom node limits the engine from plowing into underwater objects and is shaped to ride over the obstruction and to clear the prop.

The Blackfin˙ Skeg doesn't only repair a broken skeg, but it offers an inexpensive means to protect a skeg from being damaged in the first place while enhancing the performance of your boat. What more could you ask for in a marine product? Don't procrastinate and wait until after an underwater obstruction has ruined your boating trip, put on the Blackfin˙ Skeg today and enjoy better performance and protection for your investment and time.

Available in three sizes:

Blackfin Large - 14.5‰ and longer

Blackfin Medium - 13.5‰ or 12.5‰

Blackfin Small - 11.5 and shorter

Blackfin Custom - 10.5 and smaller (Call for custom orders)

*The MerCruiser Alpha One when measured falls into the medium category; however it requires a small Blackfin.

The Blackfin˙ Skeg is conveniently available online at or at Cabela's, and larger marine stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is $72.95.

For additional information on Blackfin˙ Skeg contact Re:The Outdoors at 334-612-0859.
Until now, airflow vents have often detracted from the stylish décor found in today's boats and RVs. Manufacturers' Select by ITC now offers attractive stainless steel vents to improve circulation anywhere on board, and add a stylish touch in the process.

Two sizes of the unobtrusive, easy-to-install vents measure 3" or 4" in diameter. Thanks to Manufacturers' Select patented friction fit, vents can be compressed into a 3.25" or 4.25" hole cutout, without the use of screws. The built-in hose attachment system eliminates the need for a hose clamp.

Blackfin' Skeg Endorsed by White Fishing Team

Recreational anglers may think that fishing is all luck, but serious anglers know that preparation is the key to success. On the professional and amateur fishing tour circuit throughout the year the same names seem to always appear at or near the top of the leader board. Two things that all of these teams have in common is that they make certain that their equipment is in excellent shape and they are always looking to improve their performance with new products.

For the past seven years, The White Fishing Team has been climbing the ranks and moving towards the top of the leader boards in the FLW Redfish Series and the IFA Redfish Tour. Year after year, Steve White from Petal, MS and his son Bernie White from Brewton, AL, have been improving their performance and have racked up seven top 25 finishes as well as a fifth place finish in this competitive venue. This year, the father and son team are using the BLACKFIN˙ SKEG to enhance their boats performance and protect the lower engine unit.

"Purchasing a boat and motor is a huge investment and you want to do everything possible to protect that investment. The Blackfin˙ Skeg not only gives us the confidence to go into the shallow water without damaging the lower unit and prop, but it also gives us much better control and performance from our boat under all conditions. I know the Blackfin˙ Skeg is going to do its job. During tournaments we want to be able to concentrate on catching fish and not have to worry about where we take the boat. The Blackfin˙ Skeg allows us to get to the fish without tearing up our equipment, then all we have to do is catch them!" stated Bernie White.

Available in three sizes, the new revolutionary Blackfin˙ Skeg protects outboard engines like never before. Additionally, in the event of damage to your original stock skeg the Blackfin˙ Skeg can be used to quickly, easily and inexpensively repair the damage as long as one third or more of the original skeg is still intact. The added protection and enhanced performance of the Blackfin˙Skeg make this new product a must have for any boating enthusiast.

They are available at Cabela's, and larger marine stores or conveniently online at The suggested retail price is $69.95.

For additional information on Blackfin˙ Skeg contact Re: The Outdoors at 334-612-0859.

Blackfin˙ Skeg is one of many products to be launched by Re:The Outdoors, a creative think tank whose sole purpose is to design, produce and promote products that enhance and improve the outdoor experience.



Utility holes in metal and other hard boat materials may have sharp edges. Grommets shield electrical wires, cords and cables from damage, but can be a pain to fit. Offering another innovative solution, MarineEast introduces the new Snap-In and Elliptical Snap-In Grommets.  Easy to install, they provide extraordinary protection. The different versions are designed to adapt to both snap-in or screw-in applications.

Developed specifically for aluminum boats, the convenient Snap-In Grommets are rectangular in shape. They require no screws, pop rivets or glue to secure.  Boaters and boatbuilders simply cut the aluminum to the desired size and snap the grommet in place. Measuring 4.2" x 1.9" with a hole size of 3.2" x 1.5", they're available in black and silver.

The innovative Elliptical Snap-In Grommets need no additional fasteners to mount. Their unique elliptical design supplies a larger inner diameter that will accommodate a smaller U channel. Generous radii on both edges provide extra protection from chaffing. A double snap-in feature allows for installation in both 1/4" and 1/16" surfaces. Offered in 3.2," 1.8" and 1.6" sizes, the high-quality grommets come in black.

Made of heavy-duty, marine-grade composites for long term durability, the Snap-In and Elliptical Snap-In Grommets have suggested retail prices starting at $1.

For more information contact MarineEast, 802 Mantoloking Rd., Brick, NJ 08723. 732-477-7484; Fax: 732-477-4848.;

MarineEast Solves The Problem of Installing the Motor Cable Boot

A vexing problem that occurs for both boat manufacturers, and ultimately, the owner, is how to install the motor cable boot without disturbing the cable settings. MarineEast, known for its creative solutions to common problems, has the answer—split the outer grommet and inner ball in half.

By splitting the sections, it allows for installation of the grommet without disturbing the gear and throttle cable settings. This permits easy replacement of the motor well boots after aging and failure.

The outer covers are made of marine-grade composites. The inner flange has a large area for bedding compound in the motor well or transom. The inner ball is made of a low-durometer, soft sealing material that allows the ball to swivel into its most efficient position for easy cable operation.

The innovative grommet is offered in versatile sizes. The small version features a 7/8" base opening, 1" ball and one 1/2" hole. The large has a choice of either a 1-1/2" or 2" base opening, 2" ball and the option of one large 1" hole or three smaller holes. Available in standard black, white or silver, the Control Cable Grommets from MarineEast have suggested retail prices starting at $6.65.

For more information, contact MarineEast, 802 Mantoloking Rd., Brick, NJ 08723. 732-477-7484; Fax: 732-477-4848.;

New Grommets Resolve Control Cable Complications

A vexing problem that occurs for both boat manufacturers, and ultimately, the owner, is how to install the motor cable boot without disturbing the cable settings.  MarineEast, known for its creative solutions to common problems, has the answer—split the outer grommet and inner ball in half.

By splitting the sections, it allows for installation of the grommet without disturbing the gear and throttle cable settings.  This permits easy replacement of the motor well boots after aging and failure.

The outer covers are made of marine-grade composites.  The inner flange has a large area for bedding compound in the motor well or transom.  The inner ball is made of a low-durometer, soft sealing material that allows the ball to swivel into its most efficient position for easy cable operation.

The innovative grommet is offered in versatile sizes.  The small version features a 7/8" base opening, 1" ball and one 1/2" hole.  The large has a choice of either a 1-1/2" or 2" base opening, 2" ball and the option of one large 1" hole or three smaller holes.

Available in standard black, white or silver, the Control Cable Grommets from MarineEast have suggested retail prices starting at $6.65.

Contact MarineEast, 802 Mantoloking Rd., Brick, NJ  08723.  732-477-7484; Fax: 732-477-4848.;  www.marineeast.Torqeedo, the Germany-based winner of multiple innovation awards, introduces a high-tech electric outboard with outstanding thrust. The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 offers the thrust force of a 6 hp gas outboard making it the most powerful 24 V outboard on the market.

The Cruise motor is designed for boats with a displacement of up to 3 tons. It is the perfect engine to travel green lakes, where the use of gas outboards is restricted. The outboard can also be used as a high-performance trolling motor or as a reserve motor for powerboats.

In a class of its own, the superior performance of the Cruise is due to its high-tech driveline. Cutting-edge propeller and motor technologies enable the Cruise to convert the existing battery supply into propulsion up to twice as efficiently as conventional electric outboards.

Taking into consideration all losses, including propeller losses, the Cruise 2.0 reaches an incredible overall efficiency of 44%. Almost half of the energy stored in the battery supply is translated into propulsion of the boat. Conventional electric outboards typically range in the area of 20%. The overall efficiency of gas outboards is even lower.

Weighing only 40 lbs., the Cruise is also much lighter than other outboards in its power class. The motor can be powered with traditional lead, lead-gel or AGM batteries or with Torqeedo’s high-performance lithium-manganese big packs.

Available in long- and short-shaft versions, the suggested retail price of the Cruise 2.0 from Torqeedo is $2,299. Optional cable sets and remote throttle controls are also available.

For more information contact Torqeedo Inc., 22705 W. Lochanora Dr., Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047. 847-726-0054.;


Epoxy Vs. Polyester When Working With Fiberglass

According to Tom Pawlak, a West System Technical Staff Member, thirty-five years ago, many boats were built and repaired primarily with chopped strand fiberglass and polyester resin. The repairs were usually successful if done by an experienced professional. Chopped strand fiberglass isn't very strong when compared to woven and stitched strand fabrics. However, hulls made with chopped strand fiberglass and polyester resin are built thick and are stiff and heavy as a result. To repair these laminates, the technician would grind away the damage and sand a gradual taper around the perimeter before laminating with new fiberglass and polyester resin.

The chemistry of polyester resin has changed over the years. Today, many hulls are built thinner and more flexible so they're more difficult to repair effectively. The resin cross-links more completely during cure, resulting in fewer available sites for primary bonds. A few boatbuilders using new polyester formulations are now glass tabbing in their bulkheads with epoxy instead of polyester resin. Because epoxies form superior secondary bonds, they readily adhere to properly prepared, cured polyester.

Comparing epoxy and polyester

Polyester resin and epoxy differ in a number of ways. Polyester resin is still used to build most production fiberglass boats because it's the lowest cost option for new construction when combined with fiberglass reinforcements. Due to polyester resin's brittleness, randomly-oriented chopped strand fiberglass is typically used between layers of woven or stitched fabrics to effectively transfer loads between structural fiberglass plies. Without the chopped strand fiberglass, micro cracks can develop over time in the resin between structural fiberglass layers.

Polyester resin is normally air-inhibited, which means it typically remains uncured (sticky or tacky) on the surface when exposed to air. To cure reliably, general-purpose polyester resin needs to be applied in at least 15 to 25 mils (.015" to .025") thick. Partially because it will not cure thoroughly in thin films, it's ineffective as an adhesive and only marginally effective for repairing well-cured polyester/fiberglass laminates. Polyester resin is not recommended for fixing vinyl ester or epoxy laminates.

Epoxy is very effective as both an adhesive and a laminating resin for wetting out structural fabrics and a coating. It resists micro-cracking better than polyester resin and has excellent thin film characteristics. WEST SYSTEM epoxy offers 3.5% to 4.5% tensile elongation at failure compared to 1% to 2% for typical polyester resin. It's an excellent moisture barrier when used as a coating and it adheres to many different substrates including wood, metals, cured polyester laminates, vinyl ester laminates and epoxy laminates. It binds extremely well to graphite fibers, so it's often used for making high-strength composites.

Epoxy is more versatile

Polyester resin manufacturers recommend their products be cured in temperatures above 60º F. Repair yards often have to work in much cooler conditions. Extra MEKP (methyl ethyl keytone peroxide) catalyst can be added to assist the cure in cool temperatures, but cured physical properties suffer because of it. Shelf life of general-purpose polyester resin is six months to a year from the time it is manufactured.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy is routinely used to repair structural damage to fiberglass boats over a wide temperature range. Hardeners are available for curing it from 40º F on up. The shelf life of WEST SYSTEM epoxy is several years.

Epoxy gives off less fumes

Fumes from polyester resin are strong and flammable while the fumes from WEST SYSTEM epoxy are slight in comparison and not a fire hazard. However, both polyester resin and epoxy are industrial chemicals and should be used with care.

Epoxy is stronger

Tests comparing WEST SYSTEM epoxy and DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) blend polyester resin on well-cured DCPD blend polyester/fiberglass laminate show each product's repair effectiveness. Made of multiple layers of stitched 2315 triaxial fiberglass with mat, this laminate represents a typical side of a cored-composite, high-quality fiberglass boat. A precise 12:1 bevel (the minimum angle recommended for repaired, cured composites) was ground along one edge of the laminates. The repaired area was then final sanded with 80-grit sandpaper.

Different repair resins were used to apply multiple layers of fiberglass (the largest ply first, each ply separately laid and wet out with resin) to gradually fill the beveled sections to achieve the original thickness. The repair was allowed to cure for a few days and then the repair zone was sanded perfectly smooth. G-10 fiberglass laminate tabs were added to both ends of the tensile specimens, providing a grip area for the test machine. They were allowed to cure for two weeks before being cut into 1" wide samples for testing.

To measure repair effectiveness, the strength of undamaged DCPD blend specimens needed to be determined first. The average tensile strength was 26,198 PSI.

The breaking strength of this laminate after being repaired with polyester resin and the same fiberglass fabrics averaged 18,460 PSI or 70.5% of the original strength. In this case, the same resin used to fabricate the DCPD laminate was used in the repair. If a different polyester resin were used, it would not have performed as well.

The breaking strength of the control laminate after being repaired with WEST SYSTEM epoxy and the same fiberglass fabric averaged 21,404 PSI or 81.7% of the original strength.

Both repairs were done using the minimum 12:1 bevel angle. Longer bevel angles at 15:1 or 20:1 will yield even higher repair strengths.

Epoxy shrinks less

These were fairly small repair specimens compared to what is often undertaken in the field. Some experts believe the larger the repair, the more important it is to use epoxy. Their concern is related to shrinkage in polyester resin. In a small repair, shrinkage is fairly insignificant. However, as the size of a repair increases, shrinkage causes it to be stressed before the structure undergoes any working loads.

In his book Fiberglass and Composite Materials, Forbes Aird writes polyester has a volumetric shrinkage of about 7% during cure. Because of this, a bond line is subjected to significant stress which will use up a substantial fraction of the resin's bond strength even before it sees any working loads. So, the 70.5% repair effectiveness for polyester identified in the testing becomes somewhat less when used for large-scale repairs.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy is the better choice for repairing fiberglass boats. It has excellent adhesive qualities, wets out fiberglass fabrics and it's tough.  Epoxy has great thin film cure characteristics, cures in cool temperatures and has a long shelf life. Thousands of boat owners have successfully repaired their boats with WEST SYSTEM epoxy, and it can be used with complete confidence for fiberglass repair.

For more information WEST SYSTEM offers a complete line of resins, hardeners, fillers, additives, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publications. Contact WEST SYSTEM at 866-937-8797, or

West System's Tough, Flexible Epoxy Offers Superior Grip

Using the best epoxy for the job can make the difference between a high-quality finished product and a complete do-over. A toughened, 2-part epoxy with a 1-to-1 mix ratio, WEST SYSTEM® Brand G/flex epoxy is more flexible than standard epoxies and much stronger than typical caulking or adhesive sealants.

G/flex is a waterproof epoxy available as a liquid and a pre-thickened adhesive. This advanced formula is resilient enough to absorb the stress of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration. It repairs leaks in aluminum boats and adheres well to polyethylene and ABS watercraft. G/flex offers a superior grip to aluminum and other metals, plastics, fiberglass, ceramic, masonry, glass, damp wood, difficult-to-bond wood species and dissimilar materials.

The liquid epoxy can be used as a coating or modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers and additives and used to wet-out fiberglass tapes and fabrics. Its working time is 45 minutes at room temperature and it reaches an initial cure in 7-10 hours and a full cure in 24 hours. The pre-thickened version will even cure underwater.

WEST SYSTEM Brand 650-8 G/flex Epoxy is offered in a variety of packages with retail prices starting at $17.45. The 655 G/flex Adhesive also comes in a range of sizes and kits and starts at $26.55.

Contact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1287.,

West System Brand 209 Epoxy Hardener Works Well in Warmer Weather

Higher temperatures can shorten epoxy curing time, leaving a boatbuilder or restorer unable to finish their projects. If a little extra working time is crucial, there's WEST SYSTEM® Brand 209 Extra Slow Hardener. When mixed with WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin, it creates a longer curing time in high temperatures and humidity.

With superior moisture resistance properties, the hardener assists in general bonding and barrier coating by allowing projects to properly cure in extremely humid conditions. Developed for curing above 70°F, the resin/ hardener mixture can be used in temperatures above 95°F.

Offering twice the working time of WEST SYSTEM 206 Slow Hardener, the extra slow curing agent provides a pot life of 40 to 50 minutes at 72°F and 15 to 20 minutes at 95°F.

At 72°F, the epoxy cures to a solid state in 24 hours and in 6 to 8 hours at 95°F. It reaches maximum strength in 4 to 9 days. When cured, the epoxy forms a clear, amber-colored solid.

For easy, no-waste mixing, WEST SYSTEM hardeners and resin are packaged in three conveniently sized groups: A, B and C. In group B, a 1.32-quart container of 209 Extra Slow Hardener costs $59.40 and a .98-gallon of container of 105 Resin is $86.90.

For more information contact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374, or check web site

West System Brand Versatile Epoxy Filler Thickens and Smoothes

The last thing a boat owner or boatbuilder wants when applying epoxy is runoff from vertical and overhead joints.  To prevent this, WEST SYSTEM® Brand 406 Colloidal Silica Filler, a thickening agent, is used to control viscosity.

A very strong adhesive filler, the 406 Colloidal Silica Filler creates a smooth mixture, excellent for bonding with fillets to provide a sturdy brace between parts. The WEST SYSTEM filler also works great for bonding hardware to increase fastener interface and load capability.

It is useful for general bonding and laminating layers of wood strips, veneers, planks, sheets and cores. Often used in combination with other fillers, WEST SYSTEM 406 improves the strength, abrasion-resistance and consistency of fairing compounds.

The off-white, 406 Colloidal Silica comes in 1.7 oz. retailing for $7.95 and 5.5 oz. containers for $20.45.

For more information ontact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374.


West System has introduced a new epoxy that is resilient enough to bond dissimilar materials and flexible enough to absorb the stress of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration. A toughened, 2-part, 1-to-1 ratio epoxy, WEST SYSTEM® Brand G/flex is more flexible than traditional WEST SYSTEM epoxy but harder than standard caulking and adhesive sealants.

The versatile G/flex epoxy is available as pre-thickened adhesive in aluminum tubes or liquid epoxy in plastic bottles. With a working time of 45 minutes, it cures to a solid in 4-6 hours. G/flex is great for aluminum boat or polyethylene and ABS watercraft repair.

Perfect for all types of wood, especially exotics, G/flex works even if wood is damp or wet. It will even cure underwater, though the pre-thickened version is easier to use in water. Liquid G/flex can be modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers and additives. It also performs well in bonding fiberglass tape and fabric.

Innovative G/flex epoxy is available in several packages to suit many projects. G/flex epoxy 4-oz. liquid resin and hardener retails for $16.20. Two G/flex epoxy kits, containing gloves, mixing sticks and mixing cups or palettes, are also available. The pre-thickened G/flex kit contains 5-oz. tubes of resin and hardener. It costs $25.40. The liquid G/flex kit contains 4-oz. bottles of resin and hardener and sells for $21.50.

For more informationontact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866
-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374.

West System® Graphite Additive Makes Slick Work of Epoxy Application

When applying epoxy to a gelcoat surface, boaters expect a clean finish that's both slick and tough. Mixing WEST SYSTEM® Brand 423 Graphite Powder to WEST SYSTEM epoxy produces a low-friction exterior coating with superior scuff resistance and durability.

The graphite/epoxy mix is commonly used as a low-load, low-speed bearing surface and as a coating on rudders and centerboards. It can also be used on the hulls of racing craft that are dry-sailed.

Curing to a black color, the mixture protects the epoxy from UV damage. It also can be used in teak deck construction to simulate the look of traditional seams.  The powder should be added to mixed resin/hardener at the rate of 10% by volume.

A 6 oz. container of 423 Graphite Powder retails for $8.55. The 12 oz. costs $13.60.

For more information contact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374.


Tips From The West System Technical Staff

The old saying, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" is certainly true when preparing a surface for an epoxy application. If a surface isn't clean, there may be adhesion problems. But, often, our good intentions with cleaning actually result in contaminants being deposited on the surface. We will cover potential contaminants, ways to avoid them and a method to determine if a surface is clean.


Unless there's good evidence an organic contaminant is present, there's no reason to wipe the surface with an organic solvent.  Acetone, lacquer thinner and proprietary mixtures are solvents that remove organic contaminants such as oil, grease and wax. But, cleaning with solvents may do more harm than good. Solvents are capable of dissolving contaminants found in rags and depositing them on the work surface. For example, silicone, a mold release, is an ingredient in many fabric softeners. A surface can be contaminated by silicone from using a supposedly clean rag straight from the laundry.

In addition, many solvents dissolve man-made fibers found in rags. A wipe down with acetone can deposit plastic on the very surface you are trying to clean.
If you need to use a solvent to remove oil, grease or wax, employ plain white or unbleached paper towels. Wipe the solvent on with fresh paper towels.  Remove the solvent while it's still wet and change paper towels frequently to avoid re-depositing the contaminants on the surface.


Besides the dust, a freshly sanded surface is about as clean as it can get.  Refrain from rubbing your hand over it to check for smoothness. Unless you are wearing a clean glove, the naturally occurring oil that helps protect your skin has just been spread all over the surface. Not only does this contaminate surfaces, but the salt on your skin also speeds corrosion of metal surfaces, which may cause adhesion problems.

Every last particle of sanding dust does not need to be removed to have good adhesion. Simply remove the bulk of it and consider the remaining dust epoxy filler. Excellent methods for getting rid of sanding dust include vacuuming, sweeping with a non-contaminated bench brush or washing it off with water.

The manufacturers of sticky tack rags maintain that wiping a surface with their products won't leave a residue. It's likely the rags actually do leave a residue, it just is dissolved by solvents in most paints and varnishes.  Epoxy, in contrast, contains none of these aggressive solvents. The residue from tack rags can cause adhesion difficulties and fisheyes in subsequent coats. An effective alternative, dry static wipes leave no residue.

Although it's common practice to use compressed air to remove sanding dust, we wouldn't recommend it. Aside from the mess created by blowing dust, it's possible that blowing compressed air on the surface will contaminate it with compressor oil or water.


An easy way to tell if the surface you've prepared is truly clean is to wash it with water. This unsophisticated water break test works on the principle that most contaminants repel water. Apply water using a clean pad. If it sheets off the surface evenly, that part is clean. If the water channels or beads on certain areas, the surface will need additional cleaning.

This test is simple to perform on both large and small areas. To be effective, the water must be free of debris, contaminants and surfactants. The water break test will not indicate soap residue or other water-soluble films, but it will help remove them. Some materials don't allow good epoxy adhesion, no matter how well you clean the surface. However, most adhesion problems can be traced back to some form of surface contamination. For the best possible results make sure the substrate is clean.

Based in Bay City, Michigan, West System provides a complete system of epoxy resin and hardeners, dispensers, fillers, additives, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publications.


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Water, dirt and other debris are unavoidable in stored fuel.  They can cause engine damage and compromise efficiency.  The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter separates these harmful contaminants from fuel in order to keep engines operating properly.  This one-of-a-kind fuel filter is now easy to buy through, one of the world's leading e-commerce web sites.

Allowing only clean fuel to exit the funnel, the Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter improves performance and protects engines, fuel injectors and tanks.  Fast-flowing, the funnel filters gas, diesel, 2-cycle mixed gas, kerosene and heating oil. Crafted from industrial-strength polypropylene, the funnel is lightweight and portable.  Easy to use, it's self-cleaning and requires no maintenance or replacement parts.  As safe as it is effective, the funnel is conductive.  Its built-in, specially-coated filter is crafted from non-stick stainless steel.

The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter comes in four models.  For transferring less than 5 gallons, the F1 and F3 are perfect, while the F8 is best for jobs over 5 gallons.  Employing dual filters, the F15 can be used at a fuel pump.

The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is available at and retails from $14 to $59.95.

For more information contact Mr. Funnel, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL  34990.;


Water Guard System by Watts Pure Water

 One of the causes of premature pump failure and clogged pipes and drains is the hard water from wells and municipal water systems, as well as sand and dirt buildup getting into the holding tanks. A simple way to minimize these annoying conditions is to attach a Water Guard System by Watts Pure Water to the holding tank’s discharge line between the tank and delivery pump. The system has two stages of filtration, with the first reducing dirt, sand, and rust particles that are 5 microns and larger, so that the activated carbon filter will reduce chlorine, bad tastes and odors. The RV Water Guard can be connected to the cold water fill line overboard, utilizing a hose bib adapter. A heavy-duty, 10-gauge bracket is included for high-vibration applications. Watts Pure Water recommends that both filters be changed every 6 months. Suggested retail price of the RV Water Guard multipurpose filtration system is $98.

DB Panel Series from SK Watermakers Makes Drinking Water Affordable

Because an onboard water source is an integral part of any enjoyable voyage, every boat should be equipped with a dependable watermaker. The DB Panel Series from SK Watermakers is a rugged and reliable source for clean, crisp water featuring six models that produce from 200 to 1,500 gallons of water per day. The basic, manual controlled systems have a modular construction for easy installation, and the solid, long-lasting units contain high-quality components, including an energy saving motor and stainless steel valves and fittings. Pumps, motors and membranes are mounted on a sturdy, powder-coated aluminum base and frame.
The unit’s basic instrument panel has a well-organized, user-friendly layout incorporating a stainless steel high-pressure relief valve; stainless steel, liquid-filled high- and low-pressure gauges; a product flow meter; and low-flow, low-pressure shutdown. 

With a one-year warranty, the DB Panel Series from SK Watermakers has a retail price starting at $5,010. For more information, contact SK Watermakers, 920 36th Court, SW, Vero Beach, Florida 32968; 772-569-3000;
or check web site


MasPower's Compact Diesel Generator Offers Superior Performance

An ideal marine generator creates plenty of power without taking up much precious space onboard. The efficient Entec diesel generator, built by MasPower, answers this call. It is available from Mastry Engine Center.

The compact 4.2 kW genset is driven by a 3,600 rpm direct injection Farymann diesel engine, a name synonymous with robust German engineering. A high peak capacity handles large initial draw demands like air conditioning. Many unique features on the Entec genset are designed for a long service life and ease of use. It's fresh water cooled, with a heat exchanger containing a cupronickel tube bundle and removable end caps for easy maintenance. A pre-lube start function prevents damage from dry starts. In an emergency, the genset can be engaged with a hand crank.

At 170 lbs. and just 13" W x 20" L x 18.5" H, the small Entec unit fits nicely in tight spaces below deck. An auto safety shutdown system, remote control panel, 20' wiring harness, hand crank and oil drain pump come standard. Options include a sound enclosure, remote gauge panel, custom control panels and harnesses, and anti-siphon break kits.

For more information contact Mastry Engine Center, 2801 Anvil St., N. St. Petersburg, FL 33710. 727-522-9471; Fax: 727-527-7013.

NOTE: The Entec by MasPower generator will be on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 25-29 in booth 1230A.


Magna Products


"Since their inception, Magma grills have been designed by boaters—for boaters.  That’s the difference," said Magma President Jim Mashburn.  Over the years, Mashburn and his twin brother Jerry parlayed their original Marine Kettle into the top selling marine grill in the world.  The company is now celebrating its 30-year anniversary with a complete top-to-bottom re-design of the original Marine Kettle, which is now called the Marine Kettle 2—or MK2 for short.  

To start, Magma added a balanced hinged lid that lets the barbecue chef have both hands free.  This lid is uniquely designed not to slam shut if the boat rolls, which saves a lot of fingers.  So the chef can fry, sauté, or even bake, Magma’s patented Radiant Plate and Dome System allows for easy conversion from grilling to direct, over-the-flame cooking.  The plate and dome system also distributes heat evenly across the entire grill surface.  

Since wind and water go hand-in-hand, but wind and barbeques do not, the new MK2 has solved wind problems with its patented Turbo Venturi Tube design.  The Turbo Venturi is blowout-proof, so constant lighting and relighting of the grill won’t interfere with dinner.  The Turbo Venturi tube attaches to the fuel source with a “bayonet” style lock.  This permits quick, safe and nearly instantaneous change of the fuel canister, which speeds up meal preparation times.  It also gives the MK2 a distinct advantage over wind, improperly cooked foods and, according to Mashburn, the competition.

Sporting a totally re-designed 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel exterior, the new MK2 grill looks good, too.  The stainless steel burner has been re-engineered to more evenly distribute heat and reduce flare-ups.  Double-lined with two complete layers of stainless steel, the inner shell adds safety, increases durability and helps preserve the grill's beauty.  Magma also added a front-mounted, push button Piezo Igniter for quick lighting and a new, cast-stainless steel "Stay Cool" handle.    

Magma offers the largest selection of well-designed mounts to fit any boat.  The mounts attach easily to the boat for cooking and detach just as easily for stowing after use.  A full line of grilling accessories and grill covers round out the on-board grilling experience.   Magma Products is the world’s largest manufacturer of all-stainless steel grills and the only major supplier of US-made onboard boat grills.  The product line includes onboard boat grills, residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, propane accessories, serving tables, fishing and filet tables, stainless steel cookware, boat umbrellas, stabilizers and outriggers.

Magma’s MK2 series of Marine Kettle gas grills come in two sizes: the "Original" 15" model that sells for $159.95, and the "Party Size" 17" model that retails for $189.95.     

For additional information or the name of the nearest dealer, contact Magma Products 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; Phone: 562-627-0500; E-mail:; Website:

New Stowable Pedestal Grill Mount Maximizes Stability

Magma Products introduces the innovative 28" Double Locking Stow-able Pedestal Mount for their classy Gourmet and Connoisseur Series Grills, convenient Single Mount Tables and brand new Tournament Series Tables.

Featuring a durable, double-locking mechanism, the heavy-duty pedestal quickly and securely threads and locks into the mounting plate, and the grill or table locks onto the pedestal. This ensures a precise fit at exactly the right angle every time. Easy to remove for storage or use on shore, the grill or table instantly detach with a simple push-button release. The pedestal is also simple to remove for storage. Optional storage clips are available.

With no need to drill large holes into the deck, the pedestal mount features a low-profile, threaded, twist-lock, surface mount base. The sleek base measures just 7" in diameter and sits only 5/8" above deck.

Designed to withstand the effects of a harsh marine environment, the streamlined mount is constructed of marine-grade aluminum and finished with a beautiful, hard metallic paint. The mount is perfect for swim platforms, boat decks and pontoon boats or at home on patios, balconies and decks.  The Magma 28" Double Locking Stow-able Pedestal Mount has a suggested retail price of $84.95.

Contact Magma Products, 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; 562-627-0500;;

Magma Products New Trailmate Connoisseur Series Gas Grill

Magma Products has raised the bar in the barbecue industry again with their introduction of the new TrailMate Connoisseur Series Gas Grill.  The expression "good things come in small packages" proves to be true with the TrailMate.  It features a 9" x 12" (108 sq. in.) grilling surface and fold-away legs, making it perfect for onboard use, picnics, tailgate parties or camping.  This sophisticated little grill adds an elegant touch to any boat, RV and patio, making it a must-have item for this summer.

Crafted from 100% mirror-polished 18-9 stainless steel, it provides unmatched corrosion resistance to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions.  Magma's meticulous attention to detail and performance standards have made the TrailMate ready for years of flawless use.

The grill is equipped to use standard 1 lb. disposable propane canisters or easily adapts to built-in LPG (propane) or CNG (natural gas) systems.  Propane canisters can be quickly and safely changed, even while the grill is hot, thanks to the swiveling, bayonet-mounted valve/regulator.  The grill comes completely assembled. Owners just have to add the fuel and start grilling. An inner safety shell keeps the exterior of the TrailMate Grill cooler to the touch, protects the exterior surface and promotes longer grill life.

Inside the TrailMate, a radiant plate provides high, even, heat distribution and reduces flare-up.  Its grease management system funnels all grease into a lock-in-place grease tray that allows easy front access removal from the grill, making it easy to empty and wash.

The lockable lid holds all internal components in place for easy transport. It's balanced so it will not slam shut if the boat rolls.  The lid also has a full-length stainless handle that serves as a carrying handle when transporting the grill.

Magma also offers the largest selection of mounting options and grill accessories in the industry.  The Magma® TrailMate Connoisseur Series Gas Grill sells for about $149.

Contact Magma Products, 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; 562-627-0500., or check web site

Magna Products New Chefmate Connoisseur Series Go Anywhere GasGrill Offers Superior Performance

The exceptional flavor of flame-grilled food is no longer restricted to meals prepared at home.  The first in a new series of lower cost grills offered by Magma Products, the ChefsMate Connoisseur Series Gas Grill has convenient fold-away legs, making it perfect for onboard use or even picnics, tailgate parties or camping.

Constructed for years of flawless use, the portable ChefsMate Connoisseur Series Gas Grill is designed and built with Magma's meticulous attention to detail and performance standards.  The grill features a generous 9" x 18" grilling surface (162 sq. in.).  Simple to use, it comes completely assembled.  Owners just have to add the fuel and start grilling.

Magma's ChefsMate Grill has flexible fuel options.  The grill uses standard 1 lb. disposable propane canisters or adapts to on-board LPG (propane) or CNG (natural gas) systems.  Gas bottles can be quickly and safely changed, even while the grill is hot, thanks to a swiveling, bayonet-mounted valve/regulator.

To avoid burns, an inner safety shell keeps the exterior of the ChefsMate Grill cooler to the touch.  It reduces flare-up and heat discoloration by funneling grease into the lock-in-place grease tray that doesn't rattle.  The tray is accessible from the front, making it a cinch to empty and wash.

A breeze to remove and clean, the snap-out radiant plate supplies even heat distribution while reducing flare-up. The easy-to-disassemble fractional grill grates fit effortlessly in the sink.

An oversized, lockable lid is perfectly balanced and won't slam shut.  It allows top-down grilling of larger cuts of meat or fowl and secures all inner components for transport.  The ChefsMate Grill's full-length, stay-cool handle gives easy access from either side, and makes mounting and transport a snap.

This sophisticated grill adds an elegant touch to any boat.  Crafted from 100% mirror polished 18-9 stainless steel, it provides unmatched corrosion resistance to withstand outdoor conditions.

A large selection of mounting options is available to customize the grill to a boat, RV, or patio. The grill's legs are tall enough to leave marine mounts in place.

The economically priced Magma ChefsMate Connoisseur Series Gas Grill retails for $199.

MAGMA’S Latest Grill Really Heats Things Up!

While conventional wisdom used to hold that grilling and boating didn’t mix, Magma Products’ innovative line of grills and accessories has changed old ways of thinking. Boaters are now more apt than not to have a grill onboard, and Magma’s new Marine Kettle Gas Grill A10-105 has several significant design changes for easier onboard grilling.
The new A10-105 model replaced the popular A10-005 that used ceramic briquettes to distribute heat across the grilling area. Magma’s new model uses a stainless steel radiant plate to quickly and efficiently distribute heat more evenly throughout the grilling surface.
A new, swiveling Turbo Venturi and control valve design is virtually windproof to prevent blow-outs. The fuel canister, venturi tube and valve are adjustable, allowing them to be positioned where it is most convenient for the boater so fuel changes safe and easy. Other features include an attached lid to help block gusty winds and a combination grease catch pan/wind baffle that keeps the wind gusts out while keeping flames and grease in.
Magma’s new Marine Kettle Gas Grill model retains the same measurements as the original at 14-1/2” and is constructed of the same mirror-polished 18-9 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. It’s also easy to clean and uses standard disposable 1-lb. propane canisters or adapts to onboard LPG (propane) or CNG (natural gas) systems.
Magma’s grills recently swept all classes as the “Best Choice” in both Practical Sailor and Power Boat Reports magazines. Magma Products is the world’s largest manufacturer of all-stainless steel grills and the only major supplier of US-made onboard boat grills. The product line includes onboard boat grills, residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, propane accessories, serving tables, fishing and filet tables, stainless steel cookware, boat umbrellas, stabilizers and outriggers.
The new Marine Kettle Gas Grill A10-105 suggested retail price is $196.95.

For additional information or the name of the nearest dealer, contact Magma Products 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; Phone: 562-627-0500;;

Complete Magma Grill Guide and Cookbook (Magma Products)

The sixth edition of Magma Products' popular "Complete Magma Grill Guide and Cookbook" is available and now updated to coincide with the release of Magma's new Marine Kettle 2 series and the new Gourmet series of gas grills. More than just a cookbook, authors Jim and Jeanne Vaughn have put together 130 pages of easy-to-prepare recipes, techniques and insider tips on how to get the most enjoyment out of onboard grilling. The guide was written for both amateur and professional chefs who own and use Magma grills. The Vaughns are long-time boaters and grilling aficionados, and the Magma Grill Guide guides users through full-course meals, from appetizers to dessert.

Magma Products is the world’s largest manufacturer of all-stainless steel grills and the only major supplier of US-made onboard boat grills. The product line includes onboard boat grills, residential stainless steel grills, grilling accessories, propane accessories, serving tables, fishing and filet tables, stainless steel cookware, boat umbrellas, stabilizers and outriggers.

This book retails for $9.95, and is available at various dealers. For more information, or the name of the nearest dealer, contact Magma Products 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; 562-627-0500; e-mail to, or check web site


Cooling Devices



What is COOL OFF? Made by 2 Cool, Ltd., its a neatly individually wrapped towelette containing 'cooling herbs, moisturizing botanicals, and essentials oils." Combined together, these ingredients result in a product that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and cool for a good 30 minutes or so. It came about after a family of five tried to keep cool with something that would last a long time - for at least 30 minutes or more. At first, a few of the owners wanted a product that not only offered 'a quick chill,' but one that would act as a woman's firepower in the fight against the uncomfortable heat of hot flashes.They also wanted a product that was not only sticky, tinky or chemical-laden, but one that was convenient and easy to use. They - Debbie, Linda, Dawn, Rev and Jim - believed that a natural 'cooling' product might be a welcome newcomer in the marketplace. They tested the concept and product based on consumer research data, and the enthusiastic reastion COOL OFF receivedl was both phenomenal and very rare.

When follow-up national studies quantitatively confirmed this positivity (92% of the targeted demo claimed the loved the concept and would purchase it), the team got serious about producing it. Jim, one of the owners, runs marathons and personally tested COOL OFF, realizing that sports enthusiasts were a large target audience. The rest of the team, watching their kids play soccer, realized, too, that anyone who watched or participated in sports, or who lounged by a pool, or stood in line at theme parks, or got into a hot car, etc. etc., knew they had a winner. Finally, after much work and research, they created COOL OFF towelettes.

COOL OFF's ingredients include 17 natural herbs, including Arnica (a natural anti-inflammatory), Tea tree oil (for antibacterial and antifungal properties and its cooling effect), Witch hazel (strong astringent properties), Evening primrose ( alming properties for inflammation), Seaweed (for mineralizsing the muscles), Chamomile ( a natural anti-cramping/anti-spasmotic herb), and Aloe (natural first-aid treatment). This product is different from others, since you don't rub it on the skin but rather hold it in place so that the formula can soak into the skin. At once, you will feel cooler and, in a few minutes, at least your surface skin temperature will be an average of 13 degrees cooler and that COOL OFF will maintain the coolness for at least 60 minutes.

I'm a very active person and, unfortunately, sweat a lot even when it's breezy outdoors. After practicing my archery for a couple of hours, I tried this product and found that it DOES work. The company suggests placing it on back of the neck, but I placed it not ony there, but had plenty left to try it in front of my neck, on my face and on my wrists. I discovered quickly not to put the towelette on my forehead because it got into my eyes (the irritation was gone in seconds), and it shouldn't be used in recent sunburn areas. After, I placed it in other spots on my body and found complete relief from the heat and sweating for over 30 minutes. The packet is easy to open and dispose of, fit in a pocket, bag or purse easily, and I know that next time I travel, I'll place lots of them in my suitcase and, if on a plane, take some along to ensure my comfort.

For more information go to web site or buy them at web site; or at, CVS, Duane Reade, Winn-Dixie and other fine stores. COOL OFF comes in boxes of either 12 or 24 and the price ranges, depending on where purchased, around $7.50-10 for the 12 pack, and $16-20 for the 24 pack.

Insect Repellents


Don't Bite Me Patch

Bug bites are often seen as a necessary evil of outdoor activity. They're annoying, causing itchiness, swelling and redness to the skin. But statistics show that they can also be extremely dangerous -- leading to West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Lyme disease and even Malaria. Last year there were over 3,500 cases of West Nile Virus, resulting in 121 deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control. With the warmer, high-risk months fast approaching, individuals and families can rely on the innovative Don’t Bite Me! patch to help protect themselves against the annoying and potentially life threatening effects of bug bites.

The Don’t Bite Me! all-natural insect repellent patch offers a first of its kind solution. Available nationally for the first time after they flew off the shelves in limited distribution last summer, the discreet, all-natural transdermal skin patch delivers a blend of protective Vitamin B1 and aloe combination throughout the body, protecting individuals against bites from pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, chiggers, sand fleas and no seeums for up to 36 hours.

Concerns about increased prevalence of West Nile, Encephalitis and Lyme disease in the United States and also exposure to Malaria and other diseases have helped fuel sales of insect repellent, up over 30 percent since 2001. The potential of disease, coupled with concerns about the possible side effects of DEET, have led a growing number of consumers, particularly parents, searching for insect repellents that work but have low or no toxicity. The Don’t Bite Me! Patch provides the answer.

Vitamin B1 is the key effective ingredient in Don’t Bite Me! Patch, and when applied to the skin, provides protection from biting insects.  The thiamine-based formula is absorbed into the bloodstream through the transdermal delivery of the Don’t Bite Me! Patch. Excess B1 is then secreted through the body’s pores, creating an odor that is almost undetectable to humans, but offensive to mosquitoes.  This odor forms a protective barrier around the body that shields the user from mosquitoes and other biting insects. Aloe, the other active ingredient, accelerates the absorption of the B1 and serves as an anti-inflammatory, and in the event of a rare bite — it helps reduce the reaction, particularly for those who are sensitive to mosquito bites.

Don’t Bite Me! Patch offers the following positive attributes as compared to messy sprays, lotions or towelettes:

No DEET, safe for children and adults alike
Easy, no mess application– just apply a patch to your skin
Protects skin often missed with a spray, such as ears and scalp
Waterproof, no need to re-apply after swimming or exercise
Protects up to 36 hours
Patent pending, all-natural formula
Incredibly effective

The Don’t Bite Me! Patch is available at natural food stores and major retailers nationwide including Kroger, Rite Aid, and select Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart stores nationwide. The product comes in a five-pack for a suggested retail price of $4.99 and a 10 pack for a suggested retail price of $7.99. For more information on where to buy, visit

Don’t Bug Me! Patch offers the following positive attributes as compared to messy sprays, lotions or towelettes:

The Don’t Bug Me! Patch is available at natural food stores and major retailers nationwide.  The product comes in a five-pack for a suggested retail price of $4.99 and a 10 pack for a suggested retail price of $7.99.

For more information on where to buy, visit


La Fresh Creates New, Easy-to-Use Insect Repellent Towelettes

The All Natural Biodegradable Insect Repellent Towelettes made by La Fresh are the perfect answer for always having insect repellent on hand - whether it's when traveling by car, train, boat, or bus. Carry the easy-to-use towelettes in yur purse or backpack where it takes up the tiniest space so they're always ready to use outdoors while enjoying your favorite activities. Carry them in your bike bag, too, or even your pocket! DEET-free, they are also biodegradable and TSA friendly.

The La Fresh Insect Repellent Towelettes are $4.99 for six or $19.99 for 30. For more information go to web


Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Gadget #MR450

While I'm kayaking or sailing, every insect seems to know where I am -- and bite me on every exposed part of my skin. Sometimes, they even manage to crawl up my shorts and down my back! I swell almost immediately and it takes days for the bites to heal.

Until recently, it wasn't unusual for me to suffer 10-20 really itchy bites - whether it was from a mosquito or another biting critter - and even no-see-ums. Now, at last, I'm free of those horrible, itchy bites that swell up and take days to disappear -- thanks to discovering Thermacell's new, improved Mosquito Repellent gadget, #MR450.

This unique product offers a zone of 15' x 15f' mosquito protection, is rubber armored, has a zone check indicator, and a redesigned grill - plus an adjustable belt that fits around my waist AND a sturdy clip that allows the gadget to hang onto my clothing, belt, or even archery bag.

Its heat activated mat releases repellent into the air crating a 15' x 15' zone of protection, and includes 3 Mosquito Repellent mats (each mat lasts a maximum of 4 hours; one butane cartridge (each butane cartridge lasts a maximum of 12 hours; one CR2032 battery; and the belt clip.

Best of all, Thermacell stands behind its products and quality. If you're not completely satisfied with your Thermacell purchase, it can be returned to the company for repair, replacement, or refund.

This product may be purchased at most sporting goods stores, from amazon Wal-mart, and other stores. For more information, contact Thermacell Repellents, Inc., 26 Crosby Drive, Redford, MA 01730; email-; or call toll free at 866-753-3837.

Thermacell's New Patio Shield HALO Mosquito Protection

Sometimes when we're on a friend's pontoon, we stop for an hour or so to fish. In just a few minutes, the mosquitoes and other insects zoom in all over us and no matter how much insect repellent we have on, they still bite. Thankfully, we tried Thermacell's Patio Shield as a last resort -- and now it's our first go-to repellent that creates a 15' x 15' zone of protection. It's lightweight and portable so it stows in a small space onboard, has no open flame so it's very safe, is EPA-evaluated for safety and effectiveness, and includes Thermacell repeller, three (3) original repeller mats, and one (1) butane cartridge. More pluses include a 48 hour fuel capacity, a ZoneCheck monitor, it's silent and scent-free.

The entire product - Thermacell Patio Shield HALO Mosquito Repeller - is ready-to-go in just a minute, and is available on, sporting goods stores, Wal-Mart and other stores at the manufacturer's suggested price of $39.99.

For more information please contact Thermacell Repellents, Inc., 26 Crosby Drive, Redford, MA 01730; email-; or call toll free at 866-753-3837.


BoatU.S. Angler, part of BoatU.S., with more than 650,000 members nationwide, now offers a commercial guide insurance policy for fishing guides to meet their unique boating needs.

"We know that a guide's boat and equipment are essential to success," said Michael Pellerin, director of the BoatU.S. Angler program. "That's why we developed a commercial guide's policy that not only meets the unique needs of boating, but includes the best protection for the other aspects of his or her business. It covers both personal and commercial use, including tournaments."

Coverage is available for boats under 24 feet operating with up to three guests. Policy features include:

· Agreed value coverage for boat, engine and trailer.
· Liability coverage and legal representation against suits or claims.
· Medical payments coverage for the guide and customers, up to $10,000 per person.
· Fishing equipment coverage for the guide and customers, up to $5,000 per incident.
· Uninsured boater protection, for injuries caused by an uninsured or hit-and-run boater.
· Generous cruising area for fishing fresh and salt waters of the U.S. and Canada without an extension.

In addition, 24-hour emergency dispatch for fire, sinking, fuel spill, even roadside accidents and quick claims service is included.

BoatU.S. Angler is a new program from the nation's largest association of recreational boaters whose mission is to protect the interests of boat-owning anglers, increase boating safety, provide consumer assistance and ensure fishing remains worry-free. For more information, call (866) 532-1829 or visit online at


Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge Makes Filleting Fish Easy with the New Reel-Flex Fillet Knives

No doubt you sometimes fish from your boat. It's great when you caught something delicious for dinner. However, I've tried numerous knives while fileting fresh caught fish, but found that the Outdoor Edge new Reel-Flex Fillet Knive is superior and very easy to use. The company combines functional design with the finest materials and hand craftsmanship to create quality knives and tools, makes filleting your catch easier than ever with its new Reel-Flex fillet knives. Designed by custom knife maker, Jerry Hossom, the Reel-Flex fillet knife blades are crafted from German 4116 stainless steel that is known for its corrosion resistance and excellent edge retention.

The Reel-Flex fillets are available with 6-inch, 7.5-inch and 9.5-inch blade lengths to meet the cutting demands for all fresh and saltwater species. They are ergonomically shaped with blue TPE composite handles that ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip, even when handled with wet or slick hands. Each knife is hand-finished, shaving-sharp and includes a polypropylene sheath with a swivel-clip belt attachment for easy carry at all times.

The Reel-Flex fillet knives is available at retailers nationwide or conveniently online at for a suggested retail price of $22.95 to 24.95.

About Outdoor Edge

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Denver, Outdoor Edge is a leading designer and manufacturer of knives and tools. Today, Outdoor Edge continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art products, not only for outdoor enthusiasts, Outdoor Edge also creates everyday carry tools for survivalists, handymen and others who require the very best knives available for their leisure and work needs. The company prides itself in offering a variety of products that undergo extensive field-testing in harsh, rugged environments resulting in durable, long-lasting products that come with a lifetime guarantee. For additional information on Outdoor Edge and its full line of products, write to: Outdoor Edge, 5000 Osage Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80221; call toll-free (800) 447-3343; email; or visit



The new Extrasport Solstice PFD is an ultra-comfortable and convenient life vest that's great for boaters of all types. The patented RetroGlide system, combined with a unique mesh lower-back design, provides great compatibility with high-back seating. And the Solstice's enhanced ergonomic design allows for maximum freedom of shoulder movement and greater overall paddling enjoyment.

The manufactuer's suggested retail price is $120. For more information, check web site


Life Jackets for Dogs Keep Them Safe - and Stylish!

From tiny chihuahuas to cocker spaniels, boating canines will bask in the attention they attract with new Polka-Dot Life Jackets from Paws Aboard. White polka dots on blue or pink backgrounds help keep Rover and Fluffy fashionable. The design of Paws Aboard Life Jackets, known for their superior buoyancy, comfort and secure fit, helps keep pets safe.

A unique mesh underbelly quickly drains excess water. Less drying time prevents itching and chafing. Not only unhealthy, that would totally ruin the "look".

Reflective strips provide maximum visibility. A sturdy handle on top allows for quick and easy grabbing. Other safety features include adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles.

A heavy-duty, yet comfortable, Velcro fastening system around the belly and neck keeps the jacket securely in place. This unique design lessens the stress and frustration of getting the dog into the life jacket, for both humans and pooches. 

Blue and pink polka-dot Paws Aboard Life Jackets are available in 4 sizes from XXSmall, for dogs as small as 2 lbs., to Medium, for up to a 50 lb. dog. Retail prices range from $24.99 to $31.99.

Contact Paws Aboard, 9850 E. 30th St., Indianapolis, IN 46229. 877-987-PAWS; Fax: 317-396-5919.;


The Cruiser is a whole new design from Stohlquist, for the female sea kayaker and sit-on-top paddler. Cruiser is shaped for women, with a smaller cut, shortened torso and supportive inner cups. The back side has half floatation/half cool mesh to fit comfortably above the seat back found in many of today's rec-tour boats. Neoprene padded shoulders and lower back waist band are easy on the skin when worn with a swim suit. A wide range of adjustability makes for the perfect fit.

Manufacturers Retail Suggested Price is $89.

For more information check web site


Golden Boat Lifts

Golden Boat Lifts Enhances Renowned Sea-Drive

In over 20,000 Golden Sea-Drives® manufactured, not one has ever failed. While most companies would rest on their laurels with such an impressive statistic, Golden Boat Lifts didn't. Striving to continually improve its products, it enhanced its ultra-reliable drive with more torque and even greater corrosion protection.
Made in the USA, the Golden Sea-Drive still utilizes its proven double reduction worm gears so there are no chains to break or belts to slip. It's engineered so that the main gear that supports the load will never back drive, eliminating the need for unreliable electronic brakes.

While the Golden Sea-Drive has always been a low-maintenance item, it now boasts a heavier cast housing made from a new alloy for greater corrosion resistance. To improve internal component lubrication, it's packed with high-viscosity grease that won't leak from the unit, even on the hottest days. Even the bearing caps have been improved and are now 300-series stainless steel. The drive bolt is 5/8" oversized hardened steel.

First introduced in 2008, the Golden Sea-Drive is backed by a 10-year warranty. A video is at Golden Boat Lifts is the only aluminum frame boat lift company to be ISO 9001:2015 accredited. It manufactures a wide range of freestanding and pile- and wall-mounted models that accommodate up to 240,000 lbs. They're used by private, municipal, commercial and military customers worldwide.

For more informtion, contact Golden Boat Lifts, 17611 East St, North Fort Myers, FL 33917. 888-909-5438 or 239-337-4141. E-mail:; Web site:

Maxwell America

New Intelligent Anode Extends Water Heater Life

Raising anchors, hauling pots or winching davits can be back-breaking work without some serious help. The AnchorMax Capstan Winch from Maxwell America makes quick and easy work of these chores.

The highly versatile vertical capstan, a general purpose electric winch, has an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. With an impressive line pull of up to 850 lbs., AnchorMax weighs only 17.6 lbs.  The compact, fully sealed gearbox is driven by a vertically mounted, permanent magnet motor. With minimal intrusion below deck, AnchorMax is ideal for boats from 16' to 33' and up to four tons. The capstan operates at 12V.

AnchorMax gear housings are constructed from marine grade alloy while its drum is chromed bronze. A single direction unit, AnchorMax comes complete with a convenient plastic bezel footswitch, fastenings, template and fitting instructions. Installation is easy, with no need to dismantle.

Carrying a two-year warranty, the suggested retail price of the AnchorMax Capstan Winch from Maxwell Marine is $975.

For more information contact Maxwell America LLC, 2907 South Croddy Way, Santa Ana, CA 92704, USA. 714-689-2900; Fax: 714-689-2910.;

Premier Materials Technology

Premier Materials Technology Offers New Boat Lift Kit Featuring Plastic Wheels for Easy In-And-Out

Every spring and fall, lakeshore residents face the headache of dragging their boatlifts in and out of the water.  To make the job a lot easier and faster, Premier Materials Technology offers a wheel kit that lets the boatlift roll in and out effortlessly on heavy-duty plastic wheels.    

Premier's easy-to-install IWP-65 Lift Mounting Kit includes two, maintenance-free, 24"-diameter wheels with an 8"-wide tread that roll easily and smoothly on all terrain.  The wheels have high stress/crack resistance, 1000-pound capacity and excellent impact properties at low temperatures.  They resist damage by animals, ice and prolonged contact with petroleum products.   

The kit also contains two, 7-3/8"-long axle shim tubes and four zinc-plated, steel mounting plates and fasteners that clamp to the lift's lower frame members.  The brackets and wheels fit a 1-1/2"-diameter galvanized steel axle or, when using the supplied adapter sleeve, will fit a 1-1/4"-diameter axle. The kit is designed to fit boatlifts with two different frames sizes.

List price of Premier's Lift Mounting Kit with two wheels is $152.    

For more information contact Premier Materials Technology, 7401 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55432; Phone: Toll-Free 1-800-262-2275; Fax: 1-763-785-1509;;


Accon Marine

Pop-Up Stainless Bow Light Melds Style and Function

While running lights are required onboard, their knobby appearance can detract from a vessel's flowing lines. The 204 Pop-Up® Combination Bow Light from Accon Marine retracts flush into the deck when not in use, preserving a boat's clean look while protecting the lamp itself from harm.

This stylish light combines port and starboard lamps for bow mounting, available in either standard screw-mount or stud-mount styles. Its 316 marine grade stainless steel construction ensures a long service life. A #78 bulb provides USCG-approved visibility of 1 nautical mile, and is readily available for easy replacement when needed.

The Accon Marine Pop-Up series also includes port, starboard and side lights. All are NMMA type-accepted and Colregs 72-compliant. Each is supplied with a cut-out template for easy installation, while optional drain cups are also available. A helpful YouTube video at demonstrates the simple process. The Accon Marine 204 Pop-Up Combination Bow Light retails for $169.34.

For more information c ontact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762. 727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.

LED Bowlights Help Make Boating Safer

Proper lighting is a key component of boating safety. Accon Marine's Pop-Up LED Bowlights provide illumination whether boaters are cruising at night or in the early pre-sunrise hours. Both the 210-M and 211-M models are USCG-approved for two nautical miles.

For additional safety, these Pop-Up Bowlights fold down flush with the deck when not in use. This keeps the deck free of protrusions. Designed for years of trouble-free service, both models are constructed of 316 stainless steel. An optional plastic cup prevents unwanted water runoff below deck.

Simple to install, the 210-M Bowlight only needs a 3-1/2" diameter hole. It can then be fastened with three #10 screws. The 211-M model fits in the same cut-out as Accon's 204-M light for easy upgrading. To install, owners use the supplied template to make a cut-out where the light will go and fasten with three #10 screws. Installation videos for both models can be found on the company's YouTube channel at

Accon Marine's 210-M and 211-M LED Bowlights have starting prices of $190.19.

For more information contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762. 727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621 or go to web site

Telescoping Feature Positions Light at Just the Right Height

For a simple way to customize a boat, Accon Marine introduces its Telescoping LED Light. This durable, solid stainless steel light, enables owners to position a light to the height they desire. Mounting on the deck, this light pulls up high enough to clear the trolling motor. It can be mounted further back than conventional deck-mount lights, limited only by the depth of the hull. This means the further back this light is mounted, the more room there is under the deck to make the telescoping part taller.

Cast with solid 316 stainless steel, this light features a LED light with built-in surge protection. Hardwired, there are no pins to corrode. Standard telescoping height is 9" with custom heights available. Accon Marine's new Telescoping LED Light has a starting price of $420.14. An optional waterproofing seal is available.
To enhance a boater's experience, Accon Marine manufactures a full line of flush mounted, stainless steel hardware, including Pop-Up cleats, lifting cleats and navigation lights. The company strives for high-quality in its products.

Contact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762. 727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.

Aqualuma Lights

Aqualuma Lights Now Sold Online

Aqualuma Marine Lighting's products can be bought online and shipped directly to consumers, so they can spend more time on the water and less time shopping for accessories.

The company's high-quality lights can be found at retailer MarineMax's online site


Aqualuma Marine Lighting offers LED underwater, surface-mount and interior lighting options for a luminous and colorful night-boating experience. Ideal for luxurious yachts or fast sportfishing vessels, these lights add beauty to any craft. The company also offers dock lights and an underwater camera, to view the interesting aquatic environment below a boat.

Contact Aqualuma Marine Lighting; US contact: Alexandra Bader,, 610-772-0155; headquarters: Unit 4 54 Siganto Dr., Helensvale 4212, QLD, AUSTRALIA;;

Interior Lights Pair Worldwide Safety with Vivid Brightness.

Combining beauty, functionality and longevity, Aqualuma Marine Lighting's range of interior lights is a long-term and cost-effective solution to creating a well-lit cabin. The company's line-up enables owners and boatbuilders to install LED lights that offer higher light output, wider light spread, lower heat emission and a substantial reduction in current draw, when compared to a 20 watt halogen light. All Aqualuma interior lighting surpasses World EMI standards.
The Interior Range features gimbal, flush and surface-mount fittings. All are available in chrome, gold or white bezels. The range is dimmable from 0-100%.
Setting the mood is a breeze as these lights also have an option for color shift and color change. Owners can shift from neutral white to warm white, neutral white to red and neutral white to blue. The red and blue lights can continue to dim until users find their perfect shade. Red light is great for nighttime navigation at the helm, while blue is nice for a cockpit or anywhere a color accent is needed.
Aqualuma's Interior Range comes with a 3-year warranty and a starting price of $135 MSRP each.

Contact Aqualuma Marine Lighting; US contact: Alexandra Bader,, 610-772-0155. 3251 SW 13th Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442; 954-234-2512 or check web site

Browning Lights

Browning Crossfire Flashlight

Light up the darkness with the new Browning Crossfire Flashlight. This powerful little flashlight has the same power and distance as a flashlight that uses 2-CR123 lithium batteries but uses two standard AA batteries. Housed in a rugged lightweight polymer body and unbreakable LED bulb, the Crossfire Flashlight is ready for any outdoor adventure.

On High setting, the Crossfire Flashlight 125 lumen brightness reaches out to 100 meters and has a run time of 3 hours. The Crossfire will run for 24 hours on low setting and reaches out to 25 meters. The lockout tail cap helps keep the Crossfire from being turned on accidently. The crossfire also has an O-ring seal making it water resistant.

Available at sporting goods stores and on-line at a suggested retail price of $31.99. 


Led Light Quickly Mounts Anywhere to Provide Brilliant Shine

Small, eco-friendly and tough enough for boating and the outdoors, the SolLight RailLight from Davis Instruments delivers brilliant illumination to cockpits, cabins or decks without owners having to drill holes, run wires or worry about draining batteries. The RailLight is a stainless steel, solar-powered LED light that quickly and securely clamps onto any railing from 7/8" to 1-1/4" diameter with a tough nylon clamp that adjusts the light to any height or angle.

Attaching in seconds, the RailLight Premium provides enough light for dining or even reading. A built-in sensor automatically turns the light off during daylight, while a protected switch enables users to turn off the light manually or switch to low power to conserve energy. Its sealed epoxy and coated stainless housing sheds water, while all four LEDs are rated for over 10,000 hours. The four, super-bright white LEDs are housed in a double Fresnel lens system so that the light can be seen over 1/4 mile away.

The RailLight provides light up to eight hours on a full charge of sunlight. Since it is mounted outside, it is always charging, whether rain or shine. Each RailLight has a built-in circuit to protect the replaceable Ni-Cad batteries from overcharging.
Making boating safer and adding nightlight ambience, the RailLight is ideal for mounting on boarding steps, ladders, biminis, awnings, dock
posts, walkways and picnic tables or near dock lockers, utility boxes, BBQs and swim platforms. They can also be taken to shore for nights on the beach. The RailLight also makes a great emergency light or signal beacon if the boat loses power. If the light is dropped in the water, it will float.

Two models are available, the RailLight Premium and RailLight Mini. The Premium version has four LEDs with a high/low/off switch function, while the Mini has two LEDs with an on/off switch function.
RailLight Premium comes with a complete QuickMount system allowing it to be installed three different ways. The rail mount hardware can be used on any round railing from 7/8" to 1.25" in diameter. The surface mount can be installed vertically or horizontally, while the threaded nylon c-clamp can be clamped to any wooden rail, table, tender or chair arm up to 2" thick. The QuickMount system can be purchased separately for RailLight Mini, which only includes mounting hardware for round rails from 7/8" to 1.25" in diameter.

Davis Instruments' SolLight RailLight Premium has a retail price of $39.99, while the RailLight Mini is priced at $29.99.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.

Mega-Light by Davis Instruments

Boaters can stop worrying about draining house batteries or stumbling around for flashlights with an innovative, energy efficient utility light from Davis Instruments called the Mega-Light. It uses just 0.074 amps at 12 volts, which is 20 times more efficient than most cabin light bulbs, and comes with a 15’ cord that can be suspended from a boom, awning, or grab rail to illuminate the cockpit, cabin or fly bridge. Its adjustable hanging bracket has notched slots for easy cord removal, and with its low current draw, the Mega-Light can run continuously for over 1000 hours on an 80 amp hour battery without recharging. The bulb is rated for 5000 hours; its cigarette lighter plug fits all standard boat and RV sockets, and the plug can be replaced with an included fuse holder for permanent wiring to a 12-volt source. The light features a dual-function lens--a Fresnel lens to project light 360° up to 2 nautical miles and a clear 1:1 lens for area lighting.

For more information, contact a boating supply store or Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Avenue, Hayward, CA 94545.


Hella Marine's Sea Hawk LED Lamp Delivers Spot, Spread and Combination Lighting

There is often a need for both spot and spread lights onboard, but precious little space for a multitude of fixtures. Hella marine's Sea Hawk-470 Combi LED Work Lamp is a multi-functional light bar that offers both types of illumination and even allows them to be used simultaneously. Its sturdy corrosion-proof design, low power consumption and powerful light output make it a reliable option foranything from illuminating a deck to long range sighting of objects.

The lamp's three settings are close range spread illumination, long range spot lighting and combination, making it invaluably adaptable for a wide array of applications. It can be positioned at any angle due to its friction end caps, making it ideal for illuminating decks, walkways and docks. It mounts with SS brackets and is 20.63" W x 2.24" H x 2.64 D". A video demonstrating the versatility of Sea Hawk-470 models is at

A rugged Grilamid® Lens affords an unparalleled combination of durability against impact, continuous UV stability and resistance to common cleaning products and chemicals. It will not dim or dull over the life of the light.
The Sea Hawk-470 Combi LED Work Lamp utilizes a thermally conductive polymer housing. This innovative material draws heat away from internal electronics. The corrosion risks presented by the harsh marine environment are minimized, as an aluminum housing is no longer necessary. Hella marine's multivolt circuitry facilitates operation between 9V and 33V from a 12V or 24V supply. Spot and spread light modes each draw just 18W.

The Sea Hawk-470 Combi LED Work Lamp is protected by a 5-year warranty. It is available with black or white housings, and optional double SS mounting brackets enable stacked twin bar installations. Retail prices range from $325 to $379.
Contact Hella marine Inc., 201 Kelly Dr., Peachtree City, GA 30269. 770-631-7500.;

LED Utility Lights Brighten Engine Rooms

 Working in a dimly lit engine room can be unpleasant and even unsafe. DuraLed Engine Room & Utility Lighting from Hella marine brightens work areas with an ultra-wide spread of crisp white light.
For convenience, an optional new ON/OFF switch on the lamp face is controlled by pressing the center Hella logo.  To withstand the rigors of the damaging marine environment, the lights are completely sealed.  Lenses are made of UV- and impact-resistant acrylic with a heavy-duty nylon shroud.  Their durable construction and bright, 12-LED white or warm white output are suitable for interior or exterior applications.

Versatile, efficient and highly economical, power consumption is a mere 2.5W.  Hella marine's Multivolt circuitry provides uniform illumination across inputs from 12-24V DC even under severe voltage fluctuations.  DuraLed lamps are reverse polarity and spike protected and won't blink or flicker.Packing lots of power in a small footprint, the surface-mounted lamps measure approximately 5.5" L x 2.6" W x 1.3" H.  Each light is pre-wired with 20" of twin core marine cable.

Suggested retail prices of CE-approved DuraLed Engine Room & Utility Lighting from Hella Marine starts at $104.44.

Contact Hella marine Inc., 201 Kelly Dr., Peachtree City, GA  30269.  770-631-7500; Fax: 770-631-7560.;

LED Courtesy Lamps Provide Attractive and Safe Interior

Illuminating the interior and exterior of a boat doesn't have to be a strain on the batteries and eyes.  The new LED Courtesy Lamps from Hella Marine feature a minimal mounting depth, only 13 mm, and energy efficient LED technology with advanced Hella lens technology to provide a cool, even spread of soft light without glare or strain on boater's eyes.

Completely sealed, waterproof and UV- and corrosion-resistant, the units have an ultra long service life so boaters can "fit and forget."  Available in white, warm white, blue, green, cyan, red, deep red, orange and yellow with a choice of 316 polished stainless steel, gold-plated stainless steel and black, white or custom colored plastic rims, the LED lamps consume a fraction of the energy of traditional bulb lamps and run very cool due to their low current draw.  This allows for safer installation into lightweight materials where the heat of traditional lamps may cause damage.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the LED Courtesy Lamps are available in 12V and 24V DC versions.  They are perfect for steps and stairs, lockers, companionways, bilges, nighttime running lights, cockpits, boarding platforms, storage areas and more.

For more information, contact Hella Inc, 201 Kelly Dr, Peachtree City, GA  30269.  770-631-7500; Fax: 770-631-7560; E-Mail:; or check web site

Hella Marine Adjustable LED Reading Lamps Complement Stylish Interiors

A good reading lamp should incorporate eye-pleasing features, in both light intensity and overall style. Hella marine meets these needs with its elegant Ponui LED series, which are also miserly on power to keep them cool to the touch in close quarters.

The highly energy efficient Ponui LED Reading Lamps draw less than 0.8W each, yet offer intensity comparable to 10W incandescent lights. Low voltage keeps the high-quality, brass lamp housings cooler than incandescents, as well. UV- and impact-resistant acrylic lens and optic designs provide uniform 5,000K white or 3,000K warm white light distribution. This eliminates annoying glare and dangerous eye strain while providing generous light through the 2.17" diameter lens.
To point the lamp for optimum light angles, the brass arm and knuckle offer adjustable swing and pitch. Dimming is achieved with a separate Hella marine 2-group dimmer.

The Ponui series' LED light color exactly matches an equivalent Hella marine Rakin or Waiheke series LED lamp for consistent illumination and ambience throughout the vessel. Finish options include bright chrome, satin nickel chrome or gold-plated brass. LED choices are white or warm white. Each IP 67-rated lamp comes pre-wired with single core marine cable. Suggested retail prices of Hella marine Ponui LED Reading Lamps start at $253.33 for bright and satin chrome finishes, and $264.44 for gold-plated brass models.

Contact Hella marine Inc., 201 Kelly Dr., Peachtree City, GA 30269. 770-631-7500; Fax: 770-631-7560.;


Trailers Are Highly Visible With Half the Sidemarkers

Visibility is key to safely pulling cargo or utility trailers at night.  Usually trailers need 8 lights, two on each side.  With Innovative Lighting's powerful new PCP2 LED Corner Sidemarker/Clearance Lights, only 4 are necessary, saving the cost of buying and powering twice as many lights.

The rectangular Corner Sidemarkers offer all the benefits of LED technology.  Its powerful 2 LED configuration is energy-efficient and has a service life of up to 100,000 hours.  This Sidemarker operates on a 9-16 volt DC system, draws only 130 milliamps and is a compact 2.84"L x 1.51"W x 1.21"D.

The distinctive, sonically sealed polycarbonate lens and housing are PC-rated and are shock- and vibration-proof.  Innovative Lighting's PCP2 Corner Sidemarker Light is DOT/SAE compliant with 180° visibility.

Available in a black mounting base, the LED is red or amber, with an amber, red or clear lens.  The suggested retail price is $12.99.

For more information contact Innovative Lighting, 109 Progressive Ave., Roland, IA 50236.  515-388-1011; Fax: 515-388-5549.;

Innovative Lighting Folding Navigation LED Lights the Way

After installing navigation lights, boat owners know all too well the sense of permanence. To solve this trapped feeling, Innovative Lighting presents the new LED All-Around Fold-Down Pedestal Light with a 2-in-1 position base in lengths of 8", 14" and 21".

In addition to folding up and down, the inventive 2-mile navigation light also adjusts port-starboard or bow-aft by simply pushing a button and locking it in place. When not in use, it can be easily stowed in the canopy without having to remove the light.

The durable, single-output LED resists shock and vibration. It boasts a 50,000 hour service life. Cool to the touch, energy-efficient LEDs consume only .165 milliamps or 2 watts of energy.

Ideal for pontoons, runabouts, T-tops and any other high mounting applications, the LED All-Around Fold-Down Pedestal Light from Innovative Lighting is USCG certified. Suggested retail price is $79.99.

For more information contact Innovative Lighting, 109 Progressive Ave., Roland, IA 50236. 515-388-1011; Fax: 515-388-5549., or web site


150 Watt Adjustable Pole Top Slip Fit Mount LED Light Released by Larson Electronics

Longtime leading supplier of explosion proof lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 150 watt pole top slip fitter LED light fixture that provides operators with a powerful, durable and energy efficient alternative to traditional hazardous location luminaries.

The EPL-PT-150LED-RT pole top slip fit mount explosion proof LED light from Larson Electronics features an adjustable swivel bracket constructed of 3/8” aluminum that allows 270° of adjustment and is attached to a slip fit yoke for easy installation. This Class 1 Division 1 & 2, Class 2 Division 1 & 2 explosion proof light fixture provides 13,000 lumens of high quality light while drawing only 150 watts. The copper free aluminum alloy body is powder coated for added durability and aesthetics. A special heat dissipating design in conjunction with LED technology helps this fixture achieve an excellent 60,000 hour rated lifespan with 80% lumen retention. Light weight and a low profile make this unit an attractive alternative to larger and heavier older fixtures and require less hardware to install.

The slip fit yoke is built to customer’s specifications, enabling operators to mount this light to their specific pole size. The wiring of the EPL-PT-150LED-RT is terminated in a junction box with 3⁄4” threaded hub. Operators can run rigid pipe or flexible conduit to the junction box, terminating the electrical connections within. This explosion proof LED flood light is universal voltage capable and can be operated with 100-277 volts AC. It is IP67 rated, dust proof, and protected against high pressure jets and temporary submersion. The cast aluminum body and LED lamp give this light excellent durability and resistance to vibration and impacts. The housing is specially designed to dissipate heat which increases the efficiency and lifespan of the LEDs and electronics.

“Our new EPL-PT-150LED-RT meets the demands of consumers offering a pole top mount light that can fit on a 2”, 2 1⁄4”, 2 1⁄2”, 2 3⁄4”, and 3” diameter pole,” said Rob Bresnahan with “The extreme durability and LED longevity make this LED flood lighting system an ideal fir for frac pads, rigs, offshore, and any application that requires a pole top light fixture.”

Larson Electronics carries an extensive line of LED light towers, portable power distributions, explosion proof lights for hazardous locations, portable work lights and industrial grade LED area lights. You can view Larson Electronics’ entire line of lighting by visiting them on the web at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries. by Larson Electronics Announces Addition of LED Wall Pack Light from Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful LED wall pack light designed to provide a highly effective alternative to metal halide fixtures. Producing output comparable to 400 watt metal halide wall packs, the LEDWP-400 offer improved performance through greater durability, faster start times, and an up to 4-5 times longer operation life. With no ballast and solid state design, the LEDWP-400 provides a highly durable and reliable alternative to incandescent and HID fixtures that provides comparable output without sacrificing efficiency.

The LEDWP-40 LED wall pack light from Magnalight produces intense illumination compared to traditional metal halide fixtures over the life of the unit. Far more efficient and powerful than incandescent wall pack fixtures, the LEDWP-400 incorporates a light assembly containing twelve 3.33 watt LEDs matched with a special reflector to produce light output that compares to that of metal halide units. With no ballast, waterproof and powder coated aluminum housing, LEDs rated at 50,000 life hours, and a polycarbonate lens, this unit is extremely durable and reliable. The LEDWP-400 is a waterproof and vapor proof fixture, allowing it to achieve ETL approval for use in wet locations and serve in both indoor and outdoor applications equally well. The 110 – 270 VAC multi-voltage capability of this LED wall pack light offers operators versatile power connection options that allow installation in most applications where voltages commonly include 120 - 210 and 240 VAC. The LED assembly of this unit requires no ballast, and offers an operational life over three times that of HID units and over ten times that of halogen lamps, while requiring no startup or cool down periods and producing far less heat. Highly efficient LED operation with an operational life of 50,000 plus hours means this unit will provide years of reliable illumination without the maintenance or re-lamping costs associated with traditional HID or incandescent fixtures. Included stainless steel mounting hardware provides added resistance to rust and corrosion and allows 380/180 degrees of rotational adjustment so operators can set the unit for optimal light placement once installed.

Magnalight by Larson Electronics has provided industrial grade spotlights and lighting equipment to the military and industrial sectors since 1967 and manufactures and sells a wide variety of LED spotlights, HID spotlights, LED work lights and LED light bars. Visit to view the entire line of Magnalight spotlights or call them at 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries to learn more or discuss special ordering requirements. 

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight Introduces new 4 Foot long Vapor Proof LED Light

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight has announced the addition of a vapor proof LED light fixture with a 50,000 hour service life rating and multi-voltage capability. The GVP-48-2L-LED, four foot long, two lamp LED light fixture is designed for those who wish to replace or upgrade from fluorescent equipped fixtures and offers better light output with reduced maintenance costs. With no ballast and solid state LED light tubes, this fixture draws less than 0.2 amps of power while offering durability and versatility that common fluorescent fixtures cannot match.

GVP-48-2L-LED light fixturefrom Magnalight is based on Magnalight’s popular line of explosion proof LED fixtures and provides the same illumination performance, but without the added expense associated with HAZLOC certification and approval. Designed to provide efficient and durable illumination in demanding conditions, this LED equipped fixture is ideal for general area lighting applications where explosion protection is not required but dependable operation is. Included with this unit are two of Magnalight’s’ high output LED lamps that offer more light than comparable T5HO fluorescent lamps, and a 160 degree beam angle to put more of the light where it is needed and not where it isn’t. The LED tube lamp design of this fixture allows Magnalight to do away with the ballast usually required with fluorescent lamps, which reduces fixture weight and the replacement costs associated with ballast failures. These Magnalight LED fixtures can be operated with voltages ranging from 120 VAC to 277 VAC for added versatility and easy connection to a variety of commonly available power options. The GVP-48-2L-LED light fixture is vapor proof, providing a high degree of protection for the internal components, and includes a shatterproof polycarbonate lens for glare free output and added protection against impacts and shocks. Integral aluminum heat sink tube backings provide cool operation and long LED life, while a simple latching system seals the polycarbonate lens to the housing and provides easy access for re-lamping. The GVP-48-2L-LED light fixture is ideal for indoor-outdoor applications and suitable for use as general purpose lighting, manufacturing shop lighting, dock lighting, lighting on large ships or in shipyards, warehouse lighting, and anywhere a rugged and dependable fixture with high output and efficiency is needed.

Larson Electronics’ Magnalight produces a wide range of LED lights, LED work lights, portable LED lights, LED boat lights and LED trouble lights. The entire Magnalight line of LED lighting can be viewed by visiting You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Magnalight’s’ lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.


LED Cockpit Light Small in Size, Big in Utility

When operating a vessel at night, it's important for boaters to maintain the ability to see what's underfoot, without losing their night vision with a harsh, bright glare. Perko's new louvered cockpit LED utility light is perfect for illuminating deck areas and passageways, enhancing a boat's safety and overall ambience.

Ideal for any place mid-level lighting is needed—cockpit or cabin—the fixture's small size and sculpted louver make it look like a vent. Built tough and made to perform, the unit is manufactured to withstand both the weather and the occasional hard bump.

Constructed of durable stainless steel with a mirror-like finish, the light has a black polymer base for mounting on any flat surface. It features soft, rounded corners for an elegant appearance and to prevent snagging. The 12 volt fixture has an extremely low amperage draw and uses less than half the energy of a standard unit. It comes with 6" pigtail wire leads for simple connection.

Proudly made in the USA, Perko's Fig. 1033 louvered cockpit LED utility light is 3-1/8" L x 1-5/8" H and requires four #8 screws for easy installation. The unit retails for under $25.

For more information contact Perko, 16490 Northwest 13th Ave., Miami, FL 33169. 305-621-7525; Fax: 305-620-9978. e-mail:; or check web site

Heavy-Duty Pole Lights Stand Up to Harsh Conditions

Most plug-in pole lights are constructed of thin-walled aluminum tubing, held in place with a plastic base. Such poles, particularly in the longer lengths, are susceptible to bending and breaking in rough water applications. Perko offers an alternative with its new heavy-duty Marinium pole light series. Tough and good-looking, this lighting offers made-in-America quality for trouble-free service over the long haul.

Designed especially for the marine environment, Marinium is aluminum alloyed to produce a material of superb corrosion resistance. Perko Marinium poles are particularly rugged, with a 33% thicker wall that makes them much stronger than ordinary poles.

Fig. 0390, Perko's heavy-duty white all-round pole light, features an anodized aluminum tube pole, 7/8" in diameter with a choice of an LED or incandescent globe. Poles are available in 48", 54" and 60" lengths, with a threaded collar that requires a two-pin mounting base.

Complementing the new 7/8" pole is Fig. 0391, a heavy-duty pole light base with an overall depth of 2-3/8". Perko also makes vertical mount heavy-duty bases. The Fig. 0392 base measures 3-1/16" x 3-3/8"; the Fig. 0393 base, 3-1/16" x 4-1/2. Both project 2-3/16". Constructed of Marinium alloy with a Marinium alloy cap with black rubber gasket and retainer, all of these 12V bases have gold-plated electrical contacts.

Perko's horizontal mount heavy-duty folding white pole light and mounting base, Fig. 0394, has a black polymer top with a clear fluted lens and frosted globe. The 7/8" heavy duty aluminum pole rotates 90º in both directions and includes a Fig. 0477 pole clip. This pole comes in an anodized aluminum or white Perko-Kote finish. A typical pole dimension is 36" vertical height and 12" horizontal length. The base dimensions are 3-1/16" x 4-1/2", with a projection of 2-3/16".

All of Perko's heavy-duty series pole lights are certified for use on power-driven vessels under 65.6' and USCG-approved up to 2 nm. Perko offers custom configurations for all its heavy-duty pole lights, with a variety of pole and head configurations available.

Information on how to order the heavy-duty line of lights is available from the factory. Manufacturing navigation lights, searchlights, battery switches and a wide variety of marine hardware since 1907, Perko sets the highest standards of quality for its products.

Contact Perko, 16490 Northwest 13th Ave., Miami, FL 33169. 305-621-7525; Fax: 305-620-9978.;


Pisat's New K Light

Great in an emergency on the boat , this light -- usable as a flashlight or lantern -- retails for $49.95 and available at web site and select retail stores, this light functions as a lantern or flashlight, has a removable cap, 1:1 charging (one hour of light for one hour of charge. It is highly water resistant, has 120 Lumens and two power settings - low and high. Packaged in a safe, durable case with handles that rotate 360 degrees, locking every 30 degrees for 12 different positions. It comes with 16 bright white LEDs (100,000 hours of light), is rechargeable, has 7.2 volt, 1.6 Ahr, a•NiMH battery said to last more than 3000 charges, with a lifespan of ten years (full daily use), and lifetime (recreational and/or emergency use) Furthermore, the 1.5 watt solar panel is unbreakable, lightweight at approximately 22 ounces, and is compliant with regulations for restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS compliant).

About the company: PiSAT Solar, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was founded by four individuals who share a common passion for improving the quality of life for the world's most challenging environments. They believe in renewable energy and the K light, small and rugged, is the company's first commercially available product - and is one of the only solar-powered light emitting diode (LED) lanterns available in the world today. The light is perfect not only for use in and out of cars, but for outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, boating and as an emergency light and is designed to be used either as a flashlight or lantern.

For more information go to web site or e-mail


Perko's All-Round Lights Mount Anywhere, fold flat.

When USCG-required 360° lights aren't needed during the day, they're often stowed to save space and eliminate visual obstruction. Rather than removing them, where they can be lost or damaged, Perko's Fold Down White All-Round Lights simply fold out of the way.

The lights are certified for use on sail or power vessels under 65.6'. Perko's designs include options with either a white translucent globe, or reduced-glare versions with a frosted globe or a black plastic top and clear fluted lens. An array of mounting bases give these convenient folding lights many installation options. Various models fit horizontally or vertically on round or square rails. They can be surface mounted on windshields, T-tops, arches and hard tops. Base materials include a choice of black plastic, or chrome-plated zinc alloy with a quick release lever. Footprint dimensions range from 2" x 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" x 5/8". Plastic adapters are also available for flat or V-type mounts, with a notch for through-base wiring.

The fold-down angle is completely adjustable on these CE Certified lights, which are also USCG approved for 2 nautical miles. Easily installed with a #8 screw, the lights come with a 12V bulb and 13-14" anodized pole. LED options are also available. Perko's Fold Down White All-Round Lights start at less than $40.

Contact Perko, 16490 Northwest 13th Ave., Miami, FL 33169. 305-621-7525; Fax: 305-620-9978.;


Tecniq Slim Surface Mount Interior Light Delivers 2K Lumens

Cutting a large hole to mount an interior lamp inside a vessel, vehicle or trailer is often not an option due to structural or aesthetics reasons. TecNiq's E32 Surface Mounted Interior Light installs quickly and easily with hidden fasteners for an attractive, finished appearance. It delivers a massive 2,200 lumens, yet has an ultra-low profile of less than 3/4".

The E32 is offered in three models: standard, with a built-in manual on/off switch and with an integrated automatic motion detector switch. All are 14" L x 3.5" W and come with TecNiq's lifetime guarantee.

Easy to install, the E32 requires a 1/4" hole and installs with four screws. The lens snaps on securely to the powder coated, corrosion-resistant base, hiding all fasteners. Pre-wired, it comes with a 12" sheathed lead for fast, simple connection.

MSRP for TecNiq's E32 Standard Surface Mounted Interior Light is $120.89; with a manual switch, $134.89; and with a motion detector, $177.89.

For more information contact TecNiq, 9100 E Michigan Ave., Galesburg, MI 49053. 269-629-4440.;


The Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht Show is scheduled for February 13–17 at the Rusty Pelican, adjacent to the Miami Show at 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway -- n the Coral Room on the first floor. There is no public parking, but valet parking is available.


Grass Sticks

Grass Sticks Debuts All Bamboo SUP Paddle -- Meet the new SUP STICK - a durable, lightweight, and enviro-friendly standup paddle.

If it works so great for ski poles, why not SUP paddles? That’s the theory behind the SUP Stick, a new line of performance bamboo SUP paddles by Grass Sticks, the Steamboat Springs, Colo.-based cast behind the award-winning custom bamboo ski poles. Sturdy and durable for the rugged whitewater of the Rocky Mountains, yet light enough for a day of touring or surfing, SUP Sticks bring a natural look and feel to the fastest growing sport in the outdoor industry.

“We are super stoked to introduce such a cool and unique new option for SUP paddlers,” said Grass Sticks chief designer Andrew Beckler. “This material feels great in your hand and its natural flex delivers really intuitive action.”

For Grass Sticks, performance is key, but it is also about being environmentally friendly. Industrially manufactured composite and aluminum shafts use an incredible amount of energy and place a burden on our environment. Per acre harvested, bamboo produces three times as much lumber as trees, absorbs more CO2, and produces more oxygen than any other plant.

SUP Stick shafts are made from kiln-dried Calcutta bamboo that has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Its long, continuous fibers deliver an ideal medium-stiff flex that transfers energy to the water seamlessly, making braces, draws, and other strokes feel smooth and responsive. Unlike carbon, fiberglass, and other materials that thin the shaft wall to reduce weight, bamboo’s thick walls provide an incredibly strong yet lightweight tool for paddling harder and longer. The manufacturing process also includes hand-sanding and applying multiple layers of marine-grade coating, giving the shaft a durable, beautiful finish that stays soft and grippy when wet.

SUP Stick blades are designed with an 11-degree offset and extra-thick reinforcement at the blade end for durability. Fiberglass blades come in Green Grass, Midnight Blue, and Burgundy, in both 88- and 100-square-inch options. A lighter carbon fiber blade is available featuring a beautiful bamboo veneer top sheet. Paddle grips are made with carbon fiber and are available in a traditional T-grip or triangular palm.

Each SUP Stick paddle is handmade-to-order, so the one-piece, custom fit means there’s no play in the shaft or messing with finicky locking mechanisms.

Like all Grass Sticks’ products, the SUP Stick comes with an unlimited two-year warranty. No matter what happens to the paddle, Grass Sticks will replace it within two years with free shipping.

The SUP Stick bamboo paddle is available online at for $219.00.

About Grass Sticks: Grass Sticks makes beautifully handcrafted, high-performing, eco-friendly gear for the outdoor enthusiast. It uses the best bamboo in the world to take essential outdoor products to the next level of performance, all while improving durability and strength. All products are handmade with custom options in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Each custom paddle is cut and handmade to order and can be made to any length via an online custom size calculator. Everything we build is backed by a 2-year unlimited warranty and 30-day return period, no questions asked.

Mitchell Paddles, Inc.

Mitchell Paddles, Inc. Review of the Escape Model Paddle

This is a family-operated business that has earned the reputation for manufacturing some of the finest paddles for canoeing and kayaking. I have one and love it. David Mitchell and his wife, Peggy, also hold multiple national white water championships. While David designs and manufactures paddles in wood, carbon, and glass has been designing and manufacturing paddles primarily from wood in combination with various synthetic components to give customers the best product on the market today - including laminations of soft and hard woods which produce a light, yet strong paddle which is often enhanced with fiberglass, carbon, or polyurethane - Peggy manages the office and gives expert advice to those who call. I was lucky enough to contact this company when I was searching for the perfect paddle for kayaking. Thanks to Peggy’s advice, I purchased their new fiberglass Escape Model and have been very happy with it, especially since it’s so lightweight and doesn’t bother my carpal tunnel syndrome while I’m paddling. Another fantastic model is the Sea Wind. Designed for touring oceans, lakes, and rivers, the shaft of this beautiful paddle is solid northern white spruce, as smooth as can be, and the blades are laminated basswood accented with walnut veneers. The tips are protected with hardwood strips on the front and the back of the blade; paddles are available in right or left control with a 75’ splice as standard, and 60’ and 45’ available upon request; and it comes in lengths of 220 to 240 cm in 5 cm increments. I learned that lightweight paddles are the best because they’re a joy to use, particularly when you’re paddling for a long time. Also, the purchase of a Mitchell paddle assures the finest quality available.

Mitchell has recently come out with a paddle weighing only 24-26 ounces, with a carbon shaft and integral oval carbon blades that are 6 3/8” wide and 18” long. You won’t feel tired with this one, that’s for sure.

Call Mitchell Paddles, Inc., RR 2, Canaan, NH 03741; 603-523-7004 for the name of a dealer near you.


Pettit Marine's New Vivid Paint Is EntirelyMetal-Free

Because the Port of San Diego is considering restrictions on the amount of copper in anti-fouling paints, Pettit Marine Paint is introducing Vivid Free. With all the same vibrant colors and attributes as Vivid, new Vivid Free is not only copper-free, but completely metal-free.

Without the use of copper or any other metals, boats are protected against slime, algae, barnacles and other marine fouling. Vivid Free is EPA-approved. Using the latest biocide technology, it can be safely used on fiberglass, aluminum or wood hulls.

Employing unique controlled erosion, Vivid Free reduces coating buildup and ensures underwater surfaces stay clean and smooth. Boats using this non-oxidizing formulation can be hauled and relaunched without recoating. Easy to use, Vivid Free eliminates the need to prime underwater metal before application.

Offered exclusively to Southern California, Vivid Free is available in white, blue, red and black. Its suggested retail prices are $199 per gallon.

Pettit provides a full line of nationwide marine coatings for protection, repair and maintenance above and below the waterline. Their products include bottom paint, primers, undercoaters, topside enamels, sealers, varnishes and stain fillers.

For more information contact Pettit Marine Paint, 36 Pine St., Rockaway, NJ 07866. 800-221-4466.

Pettit Marine Paint's Brilliant Bottom Paint Brightens Caribbean Boats

The radiant colors of the Caribbean are now available in a high-performance, long-lasting anti-foulant. Pettit Marine Paint has Caribbean vessels covered with its new Vivid Caribe hard ablative coating. Producing a stunning, slick finish, it delivers dependable, multi-season anti-fouling protection worthy of the Caribbean waters it was designed for.  The colors of Vivid Caribe are limited only by the imagination.

Vivid Caribe utilizes the powerful dual biocide protection of cuprous thiocyanate and zinc omadine to provide the ultimate defense against both hard and soft growth. Drying to a bright, clean, eggshell finish, Vivid Caribe will stand up against the worst fouling tropical waters can dish out, including slime, algae and grass.  It contains more than twice the slime resistance as regular Vivid.

This tough, multi-season paint wears away slightly over time to preserve its smooth surface and resist buildup. Vivid Caribe is suitable for trailered and dry-stored power and sailboats. They can be hauled and re-launched without the hull losing its antifouling properties.

Available in pure white, black, blue, green, yellow and red, Vivid Caribe can be mixed to create a limitless number of brilliant shades. It applies easily with a brush, roller or spray. Vivid Caribe bonds to fiberglass, wood and steel hulls. It is compatible with properly prepared bottom paints and allows overcoating without danger of lifting.

Vivid Caribe from Pettit Marine Paint is available only in the Caribbean, and retails for $199.95 per gallon.

For more information contact Pettit Marine Paint, 36 Pine St., Rockaway, NJ 07866. 800-221-4466.


The radiant colors of the Caribbean are now available in a high-performance, long-lasting anti-foulant. Pettit Marine Paint has Caribbean vessels covered with its new Vivid Caribe hard ablative coating. Producing a stunning, slick finish, it delivers dependable, multi-season anti-fouling protection worthy of the Caribbean waters it was designed for.  The colors of Vivid Caribe are limited only by the imagination.

Vivid Caribe utilizes the powerful dual biocide protection of cuprous thiocyanate and zinc omadine to provide the ultimate defense against both hard and soft growth. Drying to a bright, clean, eggshell finish, Vivid Caribe will stand up against the worst fouling tropical waters can dish out, including slime, algae and grass.  It contains more than twice the slime resistance as regular Vivid.

This tough, multi-season paint wears away slightly over time to preserve its smooth surface and resist buildup. Vivid Caribe is suitable for trailered and dry-stored power and sailboats. They can be hauled and re-launched without the hull losing its antifouling properties.

Available in pure white, black, blue, green, yellow and red, Vivid Caribe can be mixed to create a limitless number of brilliant shades. It applies easily with a brush, roller or spray. Vivid Caribe bonds to fiberglass, wood and steel hulls. It is compatible with properly prepared bottom paints and allows overcoating without danger of lifting.

Vivid Caribe from Pettit Marine Paint is available only in the Caribbean, and retails for $199.95 per gallon.

For more information contact Pettit Marine Paint, 36 Pine St., Rockaway, NJ 07866. 800-221-4466.

New Nautical Coatings Offers FREE SeaHawk Anti-Fouling Paint

If you don’t enjoy pumping out the head or painting the bottom of your boat, New Nautical Coatings can help with one of these jobs. How? By supplying enough free paint for a professionally applied paint job by a qualified applicator. The promotion is available directly on the company’s web site, Besides the free supply of SeaHawk anti-fouling paint, the company will feature winners’ photos and their boats in the web sites “Winner’s Circle” section. The contest is limited to boats 100’ and under, and runs for one year. Winners’ names will be selected monthly at random by computer from the information provided by the applicants on-line. These paints are reputed to be the only products that carry a one- year written guarantee against barnacle growth.

For information, contact New Nautical Coatings,14805 49th St. North, Clearwater, Florida 33762; 800-528-0997.

Pettit Alumacoat SR New Paint for Beating Barnacles

After an 8-month, in-water test, Powerboat Reports magazine recently named Pettit Alumacoat SR as the best outdrive antifouling paint for aluminum. Of all the antifouling paints tested, Alumacoat SR was most effective at fighting barnacles.
Using unique controlled erosion with the latest biocide technology, Alumacoat SR minimizes coating buildup and keeps underwater surfaces smooth and clean. The non-oxidizing formulation delivers protection against slime, algae, barnacles and other marine fouling.

The first metal-free paint to be available nationwide, Alumacoat SR contains no tin or copper. EPA approved, it can be safely used in fresh and saltwater on all aluminum hulls, outdrives and outboards. The antifouling paint can be hauled and relaunched without needing to recoat. Offered in quarts and gallons, Pettit Marine Paint Alumacoat SR can be applied by roller or brush. Available in blue, black, white and red, its suggested retail price is $199.95 per gallon. Excellent for covering smaller areas, Alumaspray Plus is perfect for outdrives and outboard engines. Its aerosol formulation makes it easy to thoroughly reach tight spaces. At $34.95 per can, Pettit Alumaspray Plus comes in black or gray.

For more information, contact Pettit Marine Paint, 36 Pine St., Rockaway, NJ 07866, 1-800-221-4466; or check web site

Camouflage Paint Helps Hunting Boats Blend in

A boat can provide duck hunters with unmatched access, a convenient way to transport equipment and a ready blind. The problem is ducks have superior vision. To conceal hunting craft, Pettit Marine Paint offers hunters Dull Dead Grass 3303, Marsh Grass 3304 and Duck Boat Brown 3305 Enamels. Using these colors, hunters can camouflage their boats to blend into their surroundings.

Dull Dead Grass, Marsh Grass and Duck Boat Brown Enamels are perfect for disguising a boat in swamps, cattail sloughs, big rivers, lakes, marshes and streams. World renowned, Z*Spar Enamel provides proven topside protection and it's the choice paint for millions of boaters.

A modified, long-oil alkyd, it delivers exceptional all-around durability. The versatile Z*Spar Enamel allows for camouflaging of aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood. Easy to apply, it can be brushed, rolled or sprayed for the ultimate camo effect.

A quart of Dull Dead Grass 3303, Marsh Grass 3304 or Duck Boat Brown 3305 Enamel from Pettit Marine Paint has a suggested retail price of $34.99 each.

For more information contact Pettit Marine Paint, 36 Pine St., Rockaway, NJ 07866. 800-221-4466.

Hydrocoat by Pettit Marine Paint Named Gear of the Year

In stiff competition in a large field of antifouling products, rigorous, long-term testing proved that Hydrocoat by Pettit Marine Paint is leader of the pack. It earned an influential Gear of the Year Award from Powerboat Reports (PBR), the marine industry's "consumer report" publication.

"Editors have painstakingly tested product after product to find the best," according to PBR. "After one year in the drink, the 52 antifouling paints being tested were pulled for review. With those results, testers tapped Pettit's Hydrocoat as our top pick for an ablative/copolymer paint."

The key to its success is a unique formula of 40% cuprous oxide and durable resins. Hydrocoat uses water to effectively transfer paint to the craft. It is environmentally friendly, easy to apply, cleans up with water and has no disposal issues.

The coating resists algae, barnacles, zebra mussels and other fouling. Easily burnished to an ultra-slick film, the multi-season ablative improves a boat's acceleration, speed and efficiency. It's also tough enough to stand up to frequent trailering, launching and beaching. Hydrocoat was chosen to protect all new Sea Ray boats. Available in blue, red, green and black, Hydrocoat from Pettit retails for $140 per gallon.

For more information, contact Pettit Marine Paint, 36 Pine St., Rockaway, NJ 07866, 800-221-4466, or check web site


Ducky Products

Ducky Detailer

For boaters who want to show off their craft’s appearance, having the finish shine under the sun is a reflection of their great pride in the vessel. Ducky Detailer from Ducky Products creates a wet look finish and protects it, too. Not all finishes were created equal, and owners know how the sun can fade colors and make paint look dull. The Ducky Detailer conditions and protects surfaces from harmful UV rays at the same time. UV brighteners can bring out the depth of nearly any hull color and enhance it as well. The wet look finish is slick to the touch. Biodegradable and non-toxic, the Ducky Detailer won’t harm the environment. It also won’t damage other materials if accidentally spilled or the wind misdirects spray during use. Ducky Detailer from Ducky Products is available in a 28-ounce spray bottle for $11.75 at

For information on where to purchase Ducky Detailer, contact Ducky Products, 530 South Lake Ave., #163, Pasadena, California 91101; 626-797-7226; or check web site


Pontoon Polish Helps Remove and Protect Against Algae

Pontoon boats provide great platforms for enjoying time out on the water. But after sitting in water for a while, algae forms and the chemicals used to remove it can leave an aluminum hull stained and dull from oxidation. Pontoon Polish from Iosso Products removes stains and helps resist algae formation for months.
Algae growth is an unfortunate reality for boat owners. And cleaning it off the aluminum hull of a pontoon boat usually involves an acid solution and pressure washing that too often leaves a dull, stained finish. Iosso’s Pontoon Polish leaves a brilliant shine and protection that lasts for months. In fact, at the end of the season boaters may find some algae growth, but cleaning it will be much easier – only a pressure wash and polish is necessary. The polish also removes water spots, staining, tars and oils.
Pontoon Polish is an environmentally friendly product that can be applied by hand or by buffer. Because it’s concentrated and spreads easily, boat owners only need a small amount for each application. 
A 16 ounce can of Pontoon Polish has a retail price of $23.10 and $86.82 for a 5-pound pail.

Contact Iosso Products, 1485 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove, IL 60007. Phone: 847-437-8400; Website:


Shurhold's Detailing Spray and Towels Pair Up For Serious Shine

A boat is not truly clean until it has been detailed. Yacht Brite Serious Shine marine detailer from Shurhold Industries, used with Shurhold's Microfiber Towels, cleans, polishes and protects virtually any solid boat surface quickly and easily.

Serious Shine is a handy, one-step waterless detailer. It's safe and effective on fiberglass, paint, metal, vinyl, clear plastic, glass, Plexiglas and rubber. Leaving behind no greasy residue, Serious Shine contains UV inhibitors and anti-static properties to further protect all surfaces of the boat, inside and out.

For the best results, Shurhold recommends its Microfiber Towel set that includes an extra-strong towel to wash and wipe up, a super-soft towel to polish and a lint-free towel for glass and mirrors.  The towels measure a generous 17" x 17" and absorb 50% more than natural chamois.

Yacht Brite Serious Shine in a 14 oz. aerosol can retails for $16.99, and the Microfiber Towel set costs $18.95.

For more information contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.;

From Dull to Ultra-Glossy In One Easy Step with Shurhold's Buff Magic Compound

Traditional buffing and polishing methods use multiple grits and require extra time to clean and change pads. Buff Magic Compound from Shurhold is the modern, easy way to achieve a fine finish. It's a re-conditioner, de-oxidizer and restorer all in one, and can be used on a wide range of surfaces. It's so unique and effective, it won an NMMA Innovation Award.

With every pass of a microfiber cloth or machine polisher pad, the jeweler's rouge in Buff Magic breaks down into increasingly finer particles. Scientifically formulated, the compound quickly takes a finish from dull to ultra-glossy in one easy step. Buff Magic removes oxidation, staining, surface rust, tarnish, and P800 and finer DA and Plexiglass scratches. Aside from gelcoat and paint, it's the ideal cleaner and polisher for stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and gold and other precious metals.

Using Buff Magic is simple. A small amount is applied with a damp cloth. It has no fillers, so using less product is actually more effective. It's hand-buffed until a residue appears, then buffed again with a soft microfiber cloth. A machine such as Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher with a twisted wool pad used with light pressure will shorten work time. Once the surface shines, it should be sealed and protected with Pro Polish Wax.

A 22 oz. jar of Buff Magic Compound costs $28.98; 64 oz. is $58.98; and a 10 lb. pail is $129.98. The Dual Action Polisher is $154.98 and a 16 oz. container of Pro Polish Wax is $19.98.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

For more information contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.

NOTE: See the full line of quality Shurhold boat restoration and maintenance tools and chemicals at IBEX, Oct. 1–3, Tampa, booth 3-330.



New Prop Wizard 4.0 Makes Prop Selection A Breeze

Choosing the right propeller doesn't have to end in frustration. The updated Turning Point Propellers online selection tool, Prop Wizard 4.0, removes guesswork with a massive database and precise calculations. Its scalable display is simple to use on smart phones, tablets or computers, promising to become every boater's go-to propeller resource.

Many marine dealers embed Turning Point's prop selection tool into their websites to simplify customer purchases, though anyone can use it at Prop Wizard 4.0 guides boat owners to the ideal propeller using a new database amplified with over 350,000 boats spanning 35 model years, and 7,000 engines.

Quick pull-down menus and a personal video guide help users hone in on their precise boat and engine information. If by chance a boater's model isn't listed, the Prop Wizard has other features to get to the correct prop. The new 4.0 version also includes a wide variety of hull pictures, helping owners visually match their boat.

       Prop Wizard 4.0 also takes into account such performance-affecting variables as the boat's average load and altitude of operation—from Lake Tahoe to Biscayne Bay, and all the waters in between. In seconds, its weight calculator can factor in anchors, trolling or kicker motors, batteries, coolers, livewell capacity, and fishing and ski gear. This fine tuning helps dial in the optimal propeller with pinpoint accuracy. New Back buttons in the program facilitate user changes to information, and turning propeller icons indicate calculations are processing.

       Once the Wizard performs its complex data compilation behind the scenes, it delivers a list of appropriate Turning Point propellers. Along with essential specs like diameter and pitch, results can include Hustler aluminum and Express stainless steel props, in 3 or 4 blades and in left- or right-hand rotation. Icons near each prop lead to explanations of the difference among the choices. Prop Wizard also indicates which models are best for heavy loads and watersports, or for optimal speed.

       For customer convenience, the Prop Wizard results include each propeller housing's part and matching MasterGuard hub kit. With complete hub and housing systems for 8 hp to 300+ hp applications, Turning Point simplifies propeller changes. Backed by a unique lifetime warranty, its hub systems won't spin out, typically saving owners thousands of dollars in propeller costs over the life of a boat. They are the cure for Spun-a-Hub-a-Phobia.

       Yet more technical assistance lies just a click away. From the results page, boaters can view prop installation information and accompanying videos. They can have the list of recommended props emailed to them, and even request an evaluation of the prop choices by Turning Point's propulsion engineers. Prop Wizard helps find local Turning Point dealers, or if the user accesses the tool from a dealer's site, purchases can be added to the shopping cart.

To further help owners understand the factors behind propeller performance, short, helpful video tutorials are peppered throughout the online selection tool. Users can alternately search directly by part number or engine only, or just review all available propellers.

For more information contact Turning Point Propellers, 11762 Marco Beach Dr., Suite 2, Jacksonville, FL 32224. 904-900-7739.;

Powerful 4-Blade Aluminum Prop Now Comes in LH Rotation

Boat owners running dual outboards or sterndrives can now have a high-end, 4-blade aluminum prop that delivers top speeds and handling better than 3-blade props in the market.  The Hustler from Turning Point Propellers is available in left- and right-hand rotation models for twin engine applications.  Utilizing a unique blade design, it delivers performance superior to other aluminum and stainless steel models.

Most 4-blade propellers offer a trade-off – better hole shot and handling, but a reduction in top speed.  The Hustler's unique blade geometries instead enhance performance and efficiency.  For an enviable hole shot and cornering with a bite, two opposing blades use a variable rake and aggressive pitch design.  The opposite two have an offshore-style design for optimum speed and stern lift.  A high flow-through barrel exhaust system further increases horsepower and top end speeds.

Turning Point utilizes squeeze casting in its manufacturing for ultra-strong, thin and stiff blades that produce maximum thrust.  This process generates the highest mechanical properties in an aluminum cast product.
Prop changes are quick and easy with Turning Point's cost-saving 500 Series Hub Kit System, backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.  This makes it simple and economical for owners to carry a set of spare props.  All Hustler models are finished with a five-step, powder-coat process to combat corrosion.
Offered in 14-1/2 x 17, 14 x 19 and 14 x 21 configurations, the Hustler 4-Blade Aluminum Left- and Right-Hand models from Turning Point have a suggested retail price of $129.  The 500 Series Hub Kit System is $47.
Turning Point has been engineering, manufacturing and marketing high-performance, pleasure craft aluminum and stainless steel propellers for more than 15 years.  Its innovative products are available worldwide through an extensive family of dealers and retail outlets, which can be found on the "Find a Dealer" section of its website at
Contact Turning Point Propellers, PO Box 803338 #27855, Chicago, IL  60680.  847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.

Rascal Series New Turning Point Props Maximize Low HP Engine Potential

Well-designed propellers can enhance engine speed and performance. Now, with Turning Point Propellers' newest additions to the Rascal series, boaters can squeeze more pull out of their 9.9 to 15 hp outboards with a 2.5" gearcase. The high-quality Rascal aluminum propellers sport increased blade surfaces and improved geometry. Available in 11" and 13" pitches, the props feature specially formed cupping to eliminate common ventilation problems. Perfect for inland or coastal fishing and cruising, they bring high-performance to low horsepower engines. Each Rascal propeller housing features Turning Point's MasterGuard hub system. The interchangeable hub employs a high-tech polymer material that absorbs damaging engine vibrations and shift shock. Differently pitched or spare props don't require a separate hub so modifications are simple and inexpensive.

Suggested retail prices for the new Rascal props from Turning Point Propellers start at $18 for the hub and $72 for the propeller housing.

For more information, contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007; 847-437-6800; or check web site

Turning Point Propellers Patriot Stainless Steel Props Improve All Aspects of Boat Performance

To significantly enhance engine performance on runabout, fishing and bay boats, owners rely on Patriot High-Performance stainless steel props from Turning Point Propellers.  Designed for quicker acceleration and higher top-end speeds, Patriot props improve lift, fuel efficiency and handling.

Turning Point's time-tested design features high rake, progressive pitch, sharper trailing edges and fine-tuned cupping. Available in a 40-150 hp series with a 4-1/4" gearcase and 135-300 hp version with a 4-3/4" gearcase, Patriot props feature advanced blade geometry and vent holes to enhance hole shot performance. Boaters can choose the correct prop by using the industry's most sophisticated and accurate prop specification tool, the Prop Wizard at

The suggested retail prices for the Patriot High-Performance Propellers from Turning Point start at $435. The propeller requires an industry-leading, lifetime-warranty MasterTORQUE hub kit, which can also upgrade Michigan Wheel XHS or Mercury Flo-Torque II installations. It costs $54.50.

For more information contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.

Turning Point Aluminum Propellers Give Smaller Engines More Oomph

The engines on smaller vessels such as Jon boats, dinghies, aluminum skiffs and tiller boats need specially designed propellers to reach their full potential. To improve overall performance of 8-35 hp engines, Turning Point Propellers offers its innovative, high-performance Rascal aluminum propellers. The only hub/housing systems on the market that extend down to 8 hp, these propellers help owners save money when replacing or upgrading their damaged props.

Rascal's blades are engineered to maximize acceleration, top speed and grip in the water to prevent blowouts caused by excess ventilation. The sturdy marine-grade aluminum propeller is available in an 8-18 hp series for a 2-1/2" gear case and 20-35 hp series for a 3" gear case. Using unique casting technology, Turning Point offers the densest, most uniform grain structure available in an aluminum product. This results in stronger blades with less flex for increased efficiency and fuel economy.

Featuring the simple, error-proof MasterGuard Hub System, Rascal is compatible with Evinrude/Johnson, Honda, Mercury & Mariner, Suzuki and other similar engines. The hub employs a high-tech polymer cushion that absorbs damaging shift shock and engine vibration. A large inner diameter enables optimal exhaust flow for better fuel efficiency and peak horsepower. Turning Point is so confident in the MasterGuard Hub System that the company offers an extended lifetime warranty against hub failure in normal use.

The suggested retail prices of the Rascal propeller from Turning Point start at $75.50. The durable MasterGuard Hub System retails from $21.50 to $35.50 for Rascal-sized applications.

For more information contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.;

Turning Point's New Stainless Steel Prop Features Mastertorque Hub Kit

For boat owners seeking the ultimate in propeller performance for their runabout or fishing boat, Turning Point Propellers introduces its new Patriot High Performance stainless steel prop series with the MasterTORQUE Hub System. Designed to maximize thrust at top-end speeds, Patriot props improve fuel efficiency and handling.

Perfect for powerful engines and high performance propellers, Turning Point's MasterTORQUE Hub System incorporates a polymer cushion to absorb shock and reduce damaging vibration. The single-piece MasterTORQUE is interchangeable with a variety of prop sizes, making it quick and inexpensive for boaters to switch to a spare or a lower-pitched prop for water sports. It is designed to replace and upgrade Mercury Flo-Torq II, Michigan Wheel XHS and similar hub systems.

For 40-150 hp engines, the 3-blade Patriot works with a 4-1/4" gearcase. On 135-300 hp engines, the prop fits a 4-3/4" gearcase in a 3-blade left hand or right hand version, as well as a 4-blade model. The series also includes 14" props for Suzuki DF90, DF115 and DF140 engines.

At, boaters can use the Prop Wizard program to select the correct propeller, based on boat make and model, engine type, load and other variables.

Suggested retail price for the Patriot High Performance Series propeller from Turning Point starts at $365. The MasterTORQUE Hub System costs $49.95.

For more information contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.;

PROPELLERS 101 By Jason Frey

Choosing the right propeller is as important as choosing the right motor for your boat. Despite how much power your engine produces, if you don't transfer that power into thrust through your prop efficiently, you're robbing yourself of performance.

When selecting a prop, understanding the factors that go into design is enough to save your engine's thrust from being wasted. Propeller geometry directly affects how a boat performs. It can impact fuel efficiency, wear on the drive train, top and bottom end speed and even ride quality.

To reach the highest level of performance, there are a few important prop elements that you need to consider: pitch, diameter, rake, cupping, vent holes and material. Picking the perfect prop for a particular boat and motor is actually fairly easy once you learn a little about them.


On any propeller, you often see two descriptive figures, for example 14-1/4 x 21. The first number is the diameter and the second is the pitch. Pitch is the theoretical forward movement of a propeller through a solid medium for one revolution. This is, of course, assuming there is no slip. For instance, a 21 pitch prop will theoretically advance 21 inches per revolution.

When selecting a pitch, it is important that the prop run at the upper range of your engine's top end rpm. If you want your rpm to increase, go down in pitch. If you want it to decrease, go up in pitch. On average, for every 2" of pitch, the rpm will change by 400.

For water sports and extra people on board, you should drop the pitch by 2" to compensate for the added weight and drag on your boat. Remember, pitch from different manufacturers will run at slightly different rpm due to variations in design.


Propeller diameter is the distance across the imaginary circle a spinning propeller makes. It can be easily determined by measuring the distance from the center of the hub to the tip of one blade and multiplying that number by two.

As diameter increases, propeller slip decreases. Slip is a necessary factor in creating efficient thrust. Too much diameter can result in performance loss due to the fact that your engine no longer has enough power to efficiently turn the propeller at the recommended rpm operating range.

Traditionally, larger boats with more powerful engines require a longer diameter. These larger applications necessitate more blade surface area to push additional water. Likewise, smaller craft need less.


Many propeller features play a role in overall performance. Rake is the degree that the propeller blade is angled to the hub. Typically, the higher the rake, the faster the speed and greater the lift. High-performance props usually have a 20- to 30-degree rake angle.

A curved lip at the trailing edge and/or tip of the blade produces cupping. Cupping helps the propeller acquire a stronger grip in the water for superior holding and higher trim on turns. It also increases efficiency and can result in greater top end speeds when properly designed.

Vent holes are openings behind each blade designed to aid in the hole shot of the propeller. When accelerating from neutral, these holes allow exhaust bubbles to flow through and flood the blades. Now spinning in more turbulent water, the prop gains speed more quickly. At 1,000 rpm, the rapid-moving exhaust will bypass the holes and flow through the hub.


Understanding the differences in aluminum and stainless steel construction will help you decide on the right propeller. The main advantage of stainless steel is durability. Stainless props can withstand the damage caused by small rocks, sand and other loose objects in the water.

Unlike aluminum though, steel blades have minimal give. If you hit an object hard enough, there is a possibility of damaging the lower unit. With aluminum the blades will almost always sacrifice themselves before causing any damage.

For more information, contact Turning Point Propellers at 847-437-6800 or visit

Updated prop Wizard Program Revolutionizes Prop Selection

For the best possible performance, boaters need the right propeller. The only program of its kind, the improved Prop Wizard 2.0 version from Turning Point Propellers makes it even simpler for owners to find the ideal prop for their applications.

Available at and participating dealers, the innovative program now offers the new Legacy, Patriot and Voyager series propellers and more 2007 boat models. Streamlined boat and engine selection sections make the Prop Wizard even easier to use. It also has a comprehensive electronic cross reference section for every major propeller manufacturer.

Providing a straightforward, three-step process, users just select their engine and boat on convenient pull down menus and answer a few questions to determine their recommended propeller. The sophisticated program can even be used to factor in the number of people aboard, extra weight, fuel amount and the altitude at which the boat is operated to ensure a perfect match.

For more information contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.;


Offering faster top-end speed, quicker hole shot, better lift, improved fuel efficiency and more secure handling, the streamlined Legacy Propeller from Turning Point Propellers maximizes overall performance. Ideal for use with runabout, fishing and bay boats, it features a state-of-the-art MasterTORQUE Hub System.

The Legacy employs the latest in blade design technology, incorporating high rake patterns, fine-tuned pitch progression, aggressive cupping and sharp trailing edges for increased horsepower and acceleration. The only aluminum prop produced with performance-enhancing vent holes, it offers reduced planing times. Built for engines ranging from 40 to +300 hp, the Legacy has 4-1/4" and 4-3/4" gearcases.

Utilizing a unique, single-piece design, the MasterTORQUE Hub System has a shock-absorbing polymer cushion and high-torque-resistant construction to reduce damaging vibration. It's compatible with Michigan Wheel XHS, Mercury Flo Torq and similar hub systems.

The high-performance Legacy Propeller from Turning Point has suggested retail prices starting at $110. The MasterTORQUE Hub System costs $49.95 and also works with stainless steel Patriot and Voyager props.

For more information contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.;

Turning Point Propellers new Propeller Hub System Delivers Durable Design

Multiple-piece square hub designs leave room for vibration, poor performance and potential damage to the hub, prop or even the engine.  Turning Point Propellers introduces the innovative MasterTORQUE Hub System, a single-piece unit offering unmatched durability.

Intended to replace Mercury Flo Torq, Michigan Wheel XHS and similar systems, the MasterTORQUE Hub features a high-torque-resistant construction that absorbs vibrations while eliminating slip. Its high-tech, shock-absorbing polymer cushion surrounds heavy-duty, non-corrosive brass spindle. This unique design allows optimal exhaust flow for higher horsepower engines and better fuel efficiency.

An interchangeable hub makes it simple and inexpensive for boaters to change propellers. It's easy to replace a damaged prop with a spare or switch to a lower-pitched prop for water sports. Compatible with a variety of sizes, the versatile hub works with Turning Point's new MasterTORQUE Series aluminum Legacy and stainless steel Patriot and Voyager propellers.

The state-of-the-art MasterTORQUE Hub System from Turning Point Propellers has a suggested retail price of $49.95. The company's MasterTORQUE Series propellers start at $110.

Contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. 847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.;

Turning Point Propellers Precise Prop Wizard Program Picks Perfect Propeller  

Choosing the right propeller for the best possible performance can seem an overwhelming task.  Turning Point Propellers makes the decision process easy with their new Prop Wizard propeller selection program. 

Using a database of over 250,000 boat and 7,000 engine models, the Prop Wizard accurately calculates the ideal propeller pitch for speed/cruising and water sports.  Users simply answer a few questions and in three easy steps they've found the correct propeller for their boat.

First, they enter the type of engine they have and the Prop Wizard will display specs, including the maximum and minimum RPMs.  Second, the kind of boat is inputted into the program and the estimated weight computed.  Finally, altitude and additional weight from passengers, fuel, and other equipment are added to determine the recommended propeller.

The Prop Wizard from Turning Point Propellers are available online at or by visiting an official Prop Wizard Dealer listed on the site's dealer locator.

Contact Turning Point Propellers, 896 Cambridge Dr., Elk Grove Village, IL  60007.  847-437-6800; Fax: 847-437-6868.;


Yamaha Introduces New Talon® Pontoon and Talon GP™ Aluminum SDS™ Propellers

Yamaha Marine Group has announced the addition of two new propellers to its Talon family: the new Talon Pontoon and Talon GP Aluminum SDS propellers. The two new propellers bring Yamaha’s exclusive Shift Dampener System (SDS) technology to the thrust-optimized Talon family and deliver quiet performance to midrange-powered pontoons and lighter boats.

“Given their wide array of applications and uses, midrange-powered boats frequently need specific propeller designs for maximum performance and efficiency,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “The new Talon Pontoon Propeller and the lighter, general purpose Talon Aluminum GP propeller suit a variety of needs for midrange-powered boats with the quiet convenience of SDS technology.”

The Talon Pontoon and Talon GP SDS Propellers greatly reduce or eliminate the clunk that is sometimes associated with shifting in-line four-stroke outboards into gear. They also provide smooth and quiet in-gear operation, even at very low speeds, and SDS can also reduce the more audible sounds that can be transmitted to aluminum boats as well.

Talon Pontoon SDS Propellers are cast in brilliantly-polished stainless steel. They have a significantly larger blade area that helps provide outstanding thrust and control, with added grip and reduced ventilation in turns - perfect for larger pontoons.

Talon GP aluminum propellers provide excellent grip on the water, especially in turns, and are ideal for a variety of lighter weight boats and applications using T50-F115 outboards. No special tools or hardware is required for operation - just bolt the propeller on and go.

Both Talon Pontoon SDS and Talon GP SDS Propellers fit Yamaha T50, T60 and F70 through F115 four-stroke engines. They also fit 60-horsepower through 130-horsepower two-stroke Yamaha outboards.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception. Visit for more details.

Yamaha Announces New Propeller Selector on

Yamaha Marine Group has announced the introduction of an all-new Propeller Selector to help customers narrow down propeller options, based on their input.The new tool can be found at www.yamahaoutboards prop selector. Stepping through the selection process is easy and intuitive as customers are prompted at three intervals in the process to refine results. Propeller options are refined based on type of craft and horsepower, and refined even further by type of performance goals the boater wants to achieve. The most refined level bases results on “pitch” and “RPM” target goals.

Ultimately, the tool removes much of the initial effort in selecting an appropriate propeller, allowing customers to receive a very targeted number of propeller solutions, which they can discuss further with their local dealer.

To complete the process, customers select a link to “Find Your Nearest Dealer,” or “Have a Dealer Contact Me” in multiple locations on the page. The “Have a Dealer Contact Me” link prompts the customer’s nearest authorized Yamaha Marine dealer to contact him or her for more discussion.

“Our customers have never had this much propeller information available at their fingertips,” said David Meeler, Marine Product Information Manager, Yamaha Marine Group. “With this intuitive new tool, we greatly reduce the anxiety customers can have as they try to navigate the world of propellers, and bring it down to some manageable options – which translates to improved customer satisfaction – and ultimately a better boating experience, too.”

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award every year since its inception.

For further information visit

Yamaha’s Endless Propeller Solutions Grows Again as the Company Unveils New Propeller Options

Yamaha Marine Group has announced that it will increase its propeller offerings as part of its ongoing Endless Propeller Solutions initiative, which seeks to provide at least one propeller solution for every Yamaha-powered boating application.

“Yamaha continues its commitment to offer a propeller solution to meet the needs of every Yamaha outboard,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “By continuing to educate our customers, we strive to make propeller selection much simpler.”

Added to Yamaha’s propeller line up are four new products.

Talon™ SS SDS™

Yamaha’s all new Talon SS SDS propellers combine quiet, clunk-free shifting and super smooth in-gear operation with high-performance and good looks in a stainless steel SDS propeller. Thanks to Yamaha’s exclusive Shift Dampener System (SDS), Talon SS SDS props provide smooth and quiet in-gear operation, even at very low speeds, as well as greatly reduced “clunk” that is sometimes associated with shifting larger in-line four-stroke midrange outboards into gear.

Now, medium-sized aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats, pontoons, bay boats, and flats boats using Yamaha’s F70 up through the all-new F115 (or the High Thrust T50 and T60 models) can enjoy the unbeatable combination of smooth and quiet operation with great all-around performance. The new props feature a 13 1/8-inch diameter and will be available in 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch pitch right-and left-hand rotation models, as well as 19-inch, 22-inch, and 24-inch pitch right-hand rotation models.

Saltwater Series XL® SDS

Like the Talon SS SDS, the new Saltwater Series XL SDS, a prop specifically designed for Yamaha’s 5.3L V8 F350 outboard, features Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System allowing for quieter, clunk-free shifting and virtually noise-free in-gear operation. However, as an improvement on previous iterations, the updated hub system on the Saltwater Series XL SDS does not require special hardware on the propeller shaft in order to operate. Furthermore, the updated SDS hub system more easily back-fits older F350s that currently do not use the Shift Dampener System.

The updated Saltwater Series XL SDS propellers continue to be available in right- and left-hand rotation, in 15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch, 21-inch, and 23-inch pitches.

Reliance® SDS

Reliance Series propellers are the go-to choice when using Yamaha’s high-power, four cylinder outboards, which now include the new 2.8L F200, F175, and the venerable 2.7L F150, Yamaha’s most-popular selling outboard of all time. The new 13-inch right-hand model and 14-inch right- and left-hand rotation models add to the line’s existing 15-inch, 17-inch, 18-inch, 19-inch, and 21-inch right- and left-hand rotation models, making Reliance props the ideal solution for a wide variety of boats and boating applications.

Like the Talon SS SDS and Saltwater Series XL SDS, the new Reliance SDS props feature Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System, allowing for a ride that is virtually noise-free while in-gear, and clunk-free while shifting.

Performance 3, Performance 4, and Performance XT

The Performance line of propellers are a reflection of Yamaha’s continued efforts to add targeted propeller solutions for all outboard applications. To help awaken smaller outboards, Performance 3 three-blade propellers are now available in 10-inch and 11-inch pitches for stronger acceleration and more exciting performance on F30 through F60 four-stroke models, as well as some applications using the High Thrust T25. Furthermore, Yamaha has added 14-inch and 16-inch pitch models of their Performance 4 four-blade propellers for F70 through F115 four-stroke customers. Additionally, Yamaha’s Performance XT propellers are available in 17-inch, 19-inch, 21-inch, and 22-inch pitches to help modern boats with larger four-stroke outboards (F150-F300), such as a mid-to-large-sized triple log pontoons, perform at their peak.

The new propellers are expected to be available between Fall 2014 and Summer 2015, depending on model.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and boat builders with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception.

For more information visit

New Yamaha Talon™ Bring Smooth, Quiet Performance to a Broader Range of Boats

Yamaha Marine Group announced today it has launched a new series of high-performance aluminum propellers for its mid-range outboards that are standard-equipped with the exclusive Shift Dampener System (SDS™), bringing no-clunk, quiet operation to a broader range of boats. Named Talon, these new propellers were designed specifically for larger Yamaha mid-range outboards and have an all-new blade architecture that’s perfect for pontoon, walleye, deep V and fiberglass boats.

A great companion to Yamaha’s new F115B outboard, the new Talon propellers bring a new level of quiet and comfort to Yamaha outboards from the F70 up to the F115, and the high thrust T50 and T60, as well. This propeller series features a new, replaceable SDS hub that requires no special hardware for proper operation.

Talon propellers feature a high-efficiency, low slip design, have a 13.5-inch diameter, and are available in 9-inch, 10.5-inch, 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch pitches. They not only greatly reduce the clunk that is sometimes associated with shifting, but also provide smooth and quiet in-gear operation, even at very low speeds. This is of particular benefit for outboards using in-line cylinder designs.

The new Yamaha Talon propellers are expected to be available in early spring, 2014.

Yamaha Marine products are marketed throughout the United States and around the world. Yamaha Marine Group, based in Kennesaw, Ga., supports its 2,000 U.S. dealers and OEM partners with marketing, training and parts for Yamaha’s full line of products and strives to be the industry leader in reliability, technology and customer service. Yamaha Marine is the only outboard brand to have earned NMMA®’s C.S.I. Customer Satisfaction Index award every year since its inception.

Visit for more information.



Air-Dryer Protects Valuables From Rust, Mold & Mildew

Moisture is insidious. Even trace amounts can cause rust, mold and mildew to set in. The result can be anything from a blemish to the complete loss of an item. Air-Dryr from Davis Instruments is an effective and inexpensive way to stave off damaging humidity. Air-Dryr is engineered to operate 24/7. Plugged into a 110/120V outlet and placed as low as possible, it warms the damp air to above the dew point. As the dry air is released through the top vents, cool, dank air is drawn into the device and processed. For safety, a thermal cutoff turns off the device in the event that something falls on top of it and blocks the air flow.

Without any moving parts, Air-Dryr is completely silent. Its durable polycarbonate housing is built to withstand years of use. UL Listed, it's completely safe to handle when plugged in. Two sizes are offered. Air-Dryr 500 has a 70 watt heating element and handles up to 500 cu. ft., yet draws only 0.6 amps. It measures 14" L x 5" W x 4.5" H.

With a 130 watt heating element, Air-Dryr 1000 takes care of up to 1,000 cu. ft. of space. Drawing only 1.1 amps, it is 13.5" dia. x 4.25" H. Air-Dryr is perfect for boats, RVs and other vehicles, vaults and storage units. Air-Dryr 500 costs $59.99; Air-Dryr 1000 is $69.99.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188. E-mail:; Web site

Dr. Shrink Wrap Products

New Heat Tool Accessory -- the Shrinkfast 2' X-Tender -- Helps Extend Reach\

Many shrink wrapping projects call for a long reach. To better facilitate this, Dr. Shrink offers the new Shrinkfast 2' X-Tender. With this accessory, users can add another 2' of length to existing 2', 4' and 6' Shrinkfast 998 extensions.

With a simple push button installation, the straight X-Tender can be attached to the end of a 6' extension to lengthen the reach to an impressive 8'. Now, users have numerous extension options for even the toughest shrink wrapping jobs. The Shrinkfast 2' X-Tender from Dr. Shrink has a price of $310.

The Shrinkfast 998 heat gun delivers 212,000 BTUs of power. Its ergonomic design and fan-shaped combustor offer an even and steady heat pattern to assist in almost any shrink wrapping project.

Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full-service, full-circle supplier of premium shrink wrap and all installation supplies and accessories. With shrink wrap immediately available in widths from 12'-60', the Doctor also offers strapping, tape, zipper access doors and venting.

For more information contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586. E-mail or go to web site

Green ShrinkWrap Helps Assets Blend into Surroundings

Shrinkwrapping a boat or RV is a fast and extremely effective way to help prevent weather-related damages.  However, using standard bright blue or white shrinkwrap can make the finished product really stand out. Now, Fast Wrap USA provides a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative. This innovative, national mobile franchise offers forest green shrinkwrap for environmentally-sensitive areas through its franchisees.

Sold exclusively to Fast Wrap by Dr. Shrink, an international premium shrinkwrap supplier, this green shrinkwrap contains maximum UV inhibitors. Ideal for assets that are in direct visual contact with the public or stored near trees or lakes, these highly recyclable, 100% virgin resin covers help keep any boat or RV in top condition.

Fast Wrap conveniently travels to any dealer, boatyard, marina or home to deliver on-site, on-demand service. This one-of-a-kind business also provides many other shrinkwrap-related accessories to aid in the weatherization of property.  Products include vents to help prevent mold and mildew and zippered doors to allow access to the items without cutting the wrap. Always environmentally-conscious, Fast Wrap offers REBAG, a shrinkwrap recycling program.

Contact Fast Wrap, 4690 Longley Suite 25, Reno, NV 89582. 866-469-1333; Fax: 775-425-0363.

Corrosion Inhibitor Film Prevents Rust on Stored Items

Even the best-protected engines, accessories, spare parts and other metal equipment are susceptible to rust and corrosion, whether in dry storage, a boatyard, repair shop, garage or driveway. Dr. Shrink now offers VCI Shrinkwrap, a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) applied beneath shrinkwrap to further shield parts from the harmful effects of the elements.

Instead of using messy, hard-to-clean grease, wax or lubricants, Dr. Shrink's VCI Shrinkwrap works by releasing an invisible, odorless, non-toxic vapor into the air within the enclosure.  The molecules settle on exposed metal surfaces to stop the electrochemical corrosion process. Within two to three hours, the interior will be saturated.

For large projects, VCI film is available in 6 mil, 20' x 100' rolls. A length of film plastic is simply taped to the surface of the object and then shrinkwrapped to provide an airtight environment. When the object is uncovered, the VCI molecular layer will vaporize, leaving a clean, dry, corrosion-free item that's ready to use.

For smaller electrical and mechanical metal components, Dr. Shrink offers VCI capsules that work the same way as the film. Foam inserts within the capsules contain the corrosion inhibiting vapor. They're easily applied in seconds by peeling away the adhesive backing and affixing to any surface prior to shrinkwrapping.

Dr. Shrink VCI Shrinkwrap retails for $148 per roll. A small VCI capsule, which protects up to 1 cu. ft., costs $3, while a large capsule for areas up to 6 cu. ft. is $7.

For more information contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586.; or web site

Dr. Shrink is Global Distributor of Blue-Kote

Adding another premium product to its extensive line, Dr. Shrink is now the global distributor of Blue-Kote protective plastic coatings. It's a surface protectant easily applied by brush or spray. Dr. Shrink president Mike Stenberg made the announcement.

"Blue-Kote fits right into our product family as a superior, and inexpensive, temporary protective material to keep gelcoat from being damaged during construction, storage or transportation," said Stenberg. Blue-Kote is a water-based, liquid coating that cures to a tough, translucent blue film. When no longer needed, it's easily peeled off, leaving no residue. Blue-Kote guards against damage during painting and scratching during construction.  It also protects against transportation damage.

Dr. Shrink is the worldwide supplier of premium shrinkwrap and installation accessories. Available in a variety of widths to 40', Dr. Shrink's premium shrinkwrap can cover any size boat.

For more information contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586.;

Ducky Products

Electro-Seal Excellent for Preventing Corrosion

Electro-Seal from Ducky Products recently passed corrosion tests conducted by MerCruiser and will soon be available to boatbuilders and dealers in the MerCruiser family. Ducky Products President Richard Romero made the announcement.
Electricity and water don’t mix, so it’s important for boaters to keep their wiring free from moisture and sea spray. Electro-Seal is an effective aerosol corrosion preventative that protects connections by forming a waterproof seal while preventing the corrosion and rust so prevalent in the marine environment. “Electro-Seal is an innovative and convenient way to protect wiring and other connections onboard,” Romero said. “To have a trusted name in the industry like MerCruiser make Electro-Seal available to its internal network is really great.”
Electro-Seal is a waterproof, flexible and permanent rubber coating that also insulates connection boxes and exterior wire connections. Users can protect electrical panels, circuit boards and battery terminals. It also works to protect nuts and bolts from rusting. But if Electro-Seal ever needs to be removed, mineral spirits or paint thinner will do the job. Four coats, or 4 mil., will withstand up to 300 volts.
The 11-oz aerosol can of Electro-Seal retails for $12.95.

For more information contact Ducky Products, 530 South Lake Ave., #163, Pasadena, California 91101; 626-797-7226; E-Mail:; or check web site


Finally, A Dry Box That Stays Where It's Needed Most

I tried SeaSucker's new Large Dry Box and it worked just as the company said it would. I placed all my valuables in it and was very happy after opening the box, that it was 100% dry.

Few things spoil a day on the water more than having a cell phone drenched, car keys lost, or eyewear fall and break. With SeaSucker's Large Dry Box, valuable belongings are well-protected from extreme elements, damage and being misplaced. And with the exclusive SeaSucker Vacuum Mount, it can be placed where it's most convenient—without drilling holes and installing it permanently.

SeaSucker's Large Dry Box is sized to accommodate oversized smartphones such as the Samsung S9+ and iPhone XS Max. It measures 7.5" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H. Built in the USA of rugged translucent polymer, contents are easy to see. Two clips keep the lid closed tight, and a gasket seals out water and dust. A tote cord is attached for easy carrying. A video is at SeaSuckerDryBox.
What makes SeaSucker's Dry Box so different from any other box on the market is its unique Vacuum Mount. Not a mere suction cup, it holds an incredible 120 lbs. when attached to any clean, non-porous surface, including textured and curved.

Easy to use, the Vacuum Mount is simply placed in position and the integrated power button pumped until the bright orange indicator disappears. When the color reappears after a few days, a few more pumps keeps the Dry Box securely in place.
Two versions of SeaSucker's Large Dry Box are available, with the Vacuum Mount on the bottom for horizontal installation and on the back, for vertical.

Both cost $77. The box alone without the mount is $28.50.
For more information contact SeaSucker, LLC, 1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203. 941-900-1850.;;;;


Prolan Lanolin from Thermo Boat Review - Environmentally-Friendly

Unlike many harmful marine lubricants, Prolan lanolin from Thermo Boat is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and completely natural. Inexpensive and easy to apply, Prolan prevents corrosion, lubricates and preserves the environment. Perfect for harsh marine conditions, Prolan protects trailers, outboards, stern drives, winches, chains, cables, anchors, hulls, propellers and electrical and engine room components. It is safe to use on rubber and other synthetic materials.

Creating a moisture barrier, Prolan inhibits oxidation and galvanic corrosion on metal surfaces. It prevents electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals. Non-evaporative and non-leaching, lanolin offers long-lasting protection.

Applying lanolin to hulls decreases drag on water for increased speed and better fuel efficiency. Acid and alkali resistant, Prolan reduces marine growth on hulls and propellers, as it cannot penetrate the lanolin barrier.

Ideal for shipyard and marina machinery and equipment, Prolan from Thermo Boat is available in Light, Medium and Heavy Grade Lanolin Liquid and Blended Grease. Prices start at $34.95 for 34 oz. A 34 oz. tin will cover 270 sq. ft.

For more information, contact Thermo Boat, 2064 #7 Henry Ave. West, Sidney, BC V8L 5Y1 CANADA, 250-472-8495; Fax 250-483-5464, or check web site

Thermo Boat's Versatile Lanolin Lubricant Prevents Rust

In harsh, wet, marine conditions, rust and corrosion are expected. Applying environmentally-friendly Prolan lanolin lubricant from Thermo Boat protects anchors, chains, boat trailers and other at risk metals.

Ideal for sealing electrical connections, unique Prolan shields against fresh and salt water, as it can't penetrate the natural lanolin barrier. It hermetically seals the metal surface to which it is applied, stopping corrosion from setting in.

Prolan prevents electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals and inhibits oxidation and galvanic corrosion. Non-evaporative and non-leaching, it is safe to use on rubber and other synthetic materials.

Lanolin is perfect for protecting and lubricating electrical and engine room components, outboards, stern drives, cables and winches. It can also be used with marina and shipyard machinery and equipment. Inexpensive and easy to apply, Prolan from Thermo Boat comes in convenient 8 and 16 oz. spray bottles or quart and gallon containers. It is available in Light, Medium and Heavy Grade Lanolin Liquid and Blended Grease. Suggested retail prices start at $10.49 USD.

Contact Thermo Boat, 2064 #7 Henry Ave. West, Sidney, BC V8L 5Y1 CANADA. 250-472-8495; Fax 250-483-5464.;


more soon



BoatU.S. ANGLER magazine goes to members of the BoatU.S. ANGLER program, select fishing clubs and West Marine locations across the United States. The magazine’s goal is to provide fishing information to boat owning anglers among the 650,000 members of the association and to spread the word of its specialty services for fishermen.

Mike Pellerin, director of the BoatU.S. ANGLER program is editor-in-chief and Taylor Wilson is managing editor. BoatU.S. ANGLER features include fishing and boating information from experts, and the latest on bass, walleye and crappie as well as near-shore saltwater angling. Writers will include Bill Dance on bass, Wally Marshall on crappie, Gary Roach on walleye, and Nick Honachefsky on stripers and near-shore species.

In addition, readers can get answers to angling questions from pro angler and guide Steve Chaconas and fishing legend Bill Dance in the magazine’s Angling Answers column.

Each issue offers something for the entire family, including recipes, young angler stories and tips, quizzes and crossword puzzles. The overall goal is to make fishing a more enjoyable and a safe, worry-free pastime. Other regular topics will include technical tips and advice, trailering information, boating safety, conservation and do-it-yourself articles from other award-winning BoatU.S. publications. The magazine also promotes the association’s various benefits such as specialized fishing boat insurance, on-the-water and on-the-road towing assistance programs, discounts at BoatU.S. Cooperating Marinas and member rebates on equipment purchased at West Marine stores.


Handy Repair Pack by Gourgeon Brothers, Inc. for quick fix-ups

Minor repairs on boats are often neglected, but to ward off problems, try the Handy Repair Pack for making quick, on-the-spot fix-ups. The pack fits into a tool or glove box, comes with two West System® 105 Resin/205 Hardener packets, which are basically liquid components that react to become a high-strength solid with superior moisture resistance that will bond with wood, fiberglass, reinforcing fabrics and metal. It cures to a solid that can be sanded and shaped within 6-8 hours, depending on surrounding temperature. All you have to do is mix the resin/hardener for coating, add filler for bonding. The kit includes a mixing stick, pipe cleaner, application brush, 2 cleaning pads and complete instructions. Suggested retail price is $7.90

Contact Gourgeon Brothers Inc., PO Box 908, Bay City, MI 48707; 517-684-7286 (web site for more information.


When working on complex epoxy projects or in warm conditions, it's critical that the bonding agent harden and cure slowly. Brand 206 Slow Hardener mixed with 105 Resin gives boatbuilders and restorers plenty of time to work.

At 72º F, the 206 Slow Hardener has a pot life of 20-25 minutes. The pale yellow, low-viscosity epoxy cures to a solid state within 9-12 hours and reaches maximum strength in 1-4 days. The minimum recommended temperature is 60ºF.

In a 5-part resin to 1-part hardener ratio, the mixture yields a rigid, moisture-resistant solid. With high-strength bonding properties, the WEST SYSTEM epoxy mixture can be used to install metal hardware and fasteners, especially on curved or uneven surfaces.

WEST SYSTEM epoxy resin and hardeners are packaged in three convenient groups: A, B and C. To avoid waste, users should purchase the resin and hardener from the same group.

In Group B, a .86-quart container of 206 Slow Hardener retails for $35.95, and a .98-gallon container of 105 Epoxy Resin is $91.95.

WEST SYSTEM products provide a complete system of epoxy resin and hardeners, dispensers, fillers, additives, reinforcing materials, application tools and instructional publications.

For more information contact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374.


Accon Marine

Accon Marine's Cleat/Rod Holder Combo Helps Free Up Space

Many boaters are always looking to save space aboard, whether it's on the dash, deck or in storage compartments. With Accon Marine's new Cleat/Rod Holder Combo, the gunwale is also a spot owners can lessen the clutter.
Measuring 6", it's constructed from 316 stainless steel, so it's built to last. This handy piece of hardware eliminates the need for two separate installations, saving time, money and effort. It will be available in 0°, 15°, and 30° options.

Accon Marine's 6" Cleat/Rod Holder Combo has a price of $96.41.

The originator of the Pop-Up cleat, Accon Marine manufactures a full line of stainless steel, flush-mount deck hardware, including cleats, lights, bimini hinges, eye ends and thru-hull fittings. The company's innovative and superior quality products stand the test of time.

For more information ontact Accon Marine, 13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762. 727-572-9202; Fax: 727-572-7621.



Thule's new SlipStream is a fully adjustable roof-top kayak carrier that ensures contact-free loading to any vehicle regardless of the base rack system, thanks to an adjustable rear roller system. The SlipStream's sliding design aids in the loading and unloading of a kayak as well as allows boaters to place the kayak in the optimal position for transit. The SlipStream includes saddles, roller, and all necessary tie downs for a complete rack system for one kayak.

The manufactuer's suggested retail price is $300.

For more information, check web site


See in the dark with Brilliant Reflective, the D0-I-Y Safety Strips

When you outline the human form using Brilliant Reflective, the light reflecting back to a driver will be in the shape of a human. Studies show that drivers react more quickly when they know they're approaching a human rather than an unknown object. Brilliant Reflective is available in a variety of colors (black, blue, red and purple for fun customization) to blend with or accent your apparel and equipment. Made from 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material, it provides optimal visibility in low-light conditions. It's easy to iron-on and is permanent -- providing 30 square inches of high brightness color reflective. It's easy to adhere and comes in 12 strips per package. Place it onto your bike helmet, outdoor gear, safety boating vest, dog leash -- the applications for safety are endless!!

Great for bicyclists, runners, hikers, kayakers, etc., it is available at sporting goods stores,, bike stores and more.

Queaz-Away Wristbands from Davis Instruments help Tame the Uncomfortable Effect of Travel

The unpleasant effects of choppy seas, bumpy flights, winding roads or even spinning Ferris wheels can ruin an otherwise great adventure. A non-drug aid, Queaz-Away Travelers' Wristbands from Davis Instruments help tame the tummies of people on the go. Queaz-Away is used throughout the world by yachtsmen, pilots, divers, physicians and hospitals.

The unpleasant effects of choppy seas, bumpy flights, winding roads or even spinning Ferris wheels can ruin an otherwise great adventure. A non-drug aid, Queaz-Away Travelers' Wristbands from Davis Instruments help tame the tummies of people on the go. Queaz-Away is used throughout the world by yachtsmen, pilots, divers, physicians and hospitals.

These wristbands exert gentle pressure on points on each wrist to minimize or eliminate the miserable effects of travel. They're made of tough, long-lasting, washable materials. The one-size-fits-all Queaz-Away Wristbands are safe and easy to use. There are no complicated buckles or adjustments. Owners simply slip a Queaz-Away on their wrists, position the bands and continue to enjoy their travel.

A pair of Davis Queaz-Away Travelers' Wristbands comes with a handy carrying case and retails for just $9.99.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188; e-mail or go to web site

Aspirinpod -- Can Save A Life!

You're on the water having a great time on your boat. Suddenly, you feel terrible pain spreading across your chest. It may be a heart attack and, heart attacks can kill. The Aspirinpod could make all the difference and save your - or someone else's life should they feel sudden pain coming on. How? it's a fact that chewing aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack can significantly improve the chances for survival, and the FDA reports that taking aspirin immediately when heart attack symptoms occur not only saves lives, but can also decrease heart damage. Studies show that chewing one uncoated 325 mg or four uncoated 81 mg aspirin immediately when heart attack symptoms first occur can increase your chances of survival.

New products are always coming out, but when I saw the Aspirinpod, I knew, immediately, that this product was not only unique, but a 'must have' for every member of my family and for friends as well.

The Aspirinpod is a red plastic tiny heart-shaped tiny container that holds one or two aspirin. It comes with a key chain that it can easily be placed in your glovebox, gym bag, bicycle, tool kit, handbag, yoga gear, ski jacket, golf bag, lunch box, bedside, tackle box, hunting vest, and dozens of other places. In less than a second, the container can be opened, the aspirin inside chewed, and together with calling 911, can save your life or that of a loved one. I placed one on my key ring so it will always be available.

Note: Do not take aspirin if allergic and ask your physician if aspirin is appropriate for you.

Aspirinpod can be purchased at drug stores, sporting goods stores, or is available by checking web site

LED Lighted Camping Gloves

LED Lighted Camping Gloves is great for lightweight cool weather use. A tool for hikers , campers, boaters (who may get stuck in the dark and use the gloves to see the boat's instruments) and backpackers who want to make every ounce of weight count. These do double duty in all seasons - be it Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring. The LEDs are mounted in the knuckle area on the outside of hunting gloves. This puts the light where you need it most - right on your task area. Double duty - your glove AND your flashlight.

They weighs just 4.6 ounce, look like ordinary gloves -- until you pinch the switch - then two LEDs light up and put you in control of where the light is cast.


* 2 Bright LEDs per Glove
* Microfiber Inner
* Wrist Activated On/Off Pinch switch
* Replaceable CR2032 Coin Size Batteries
* Index Finger Trigger Opening
* Finger and Thumb Opening for fine work (tying fishing line)
* Pull Tight Wrist Band
* 200 Hour Battery Life
* Camoflage Fabric Pattern
* Textured Fingertip and Palm for Enhanced Grip

How to Measure Your Hand

Printable Ruler (No Scaling when printing)
Tip: Upon receipt of the glove, open the velcro pocket near the cuff. You will see the wires and replaceable batteries. Always use care when handling this portion as the wires could be broken by rough handling. Note the rubber "Hunters Hands" Logo - Gently pinching the logo with one finger on top and thumb under cuff turns the glove on and off. A gentle pinch is all that is required. Use care to avoid wires. Breaks due to rough handling can easily be repaired by splicing the wires or with a solder gun - the circuitry is not complex.

Available from web site for $12.89 plus shipping.

Coghlan's Sight-Grid Signal Mirror Can Help Save Your Life

You've run out of gas and are stranded. Or, while kayaking, you've lost your paddle. You can't get cell phone service where you are so what can you do? By carrying Coghlan's Sight-Grid Signal Mirror, the newest piece of adventure gear, you can send an SOS to other hunters in the area. Carry the Signal Mirror in your pocket or boat bag -- it's highly reflective shatter resistant glass is encased in a shatter resistant acrylic case; it can signal up to 25 miles on a clear day; the grid mesh in center of the mirror allows the user to target the beam by framing object; it's small 2"x3" size and 1/4" width fits anywhere and, it floats in water.

Available for $12.99. To locate a retailer go to Coghlan's web site at


MarineGuard Network New Security System

Peace of mind is important to everyone, particularly those who own boats that are docked out of sight. Now MarineGuard Network has come up with a security system to offer true peace of mind -- for it incorporates a comprehensive security system providing stable security that doesn’t trigger falsely; provides a local siren that will sound when the system is activated to scare off potential intruders and alert people nearby of the problem; and draws the minimal amount of current so it doesn’t tax or drain the boat’s batteries. In addition, it offers a monitoring option. Because boats are sometimes moored in isolated areas, trouble sirens may not be heard or may be ignored. Remote monitoring eliminates this problem since the trouble signal is sent directly to the owner or a professional central station. This system’s GPS tracking option is extremely valuable for it automatically tracks the boat if it’s moved from its mooring or towed away on a trailer, and is ideal in areas where boat theft is prevalent or when a  boat is stored on a trailer during the off-season. As an authorized Cellemetry reseller, MarineGaurd uses Cellemetry’s nationwide cellular service and offers coverage wherever cellular service is available -- now throughout the entire United States, including Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, as well as parts of Alaska.

 For more information, contact MarineGuard Network, 539 Old Riverhead Road, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978; 631-288-1308 or web site


Progressive® Miami International Boat Show, Feb 14 - 18, 2019 | Miami, FL

Palm Beach International Boat Show, Mar 28 - 31, 2019 | West Palm Beach, FL

For more information contact MarineMax Vacations 2600 McCormick Drive, Suite 130 | Clearwater, Florida 33759 United States


Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products

Cast Stainless Steel Sterring Wheels Will Likely Outlive Boat

Quality craftsmanship and a feel of stability is immediately noticed when grasping a Schmitt & Ongaro Vision Elite or Vision FX marine steering wheel. Ideal for any boat, they're attractive, yet incredibly strong and durable. At home on the primary or secondary helm of a fresh or saltwater boat, the Vision Elite and Vision FX are cast from 316 stainless steel for low maintenance. Highly polished, they feature a classic three-spoke design with finger grip rims for control in wet weather or when steering one-handed. Available in 13.5" and 15.5" diameters, they have a 22° dish for ample dash offset and install on an industry standard 3/4" tapered shaft for maximum rigidity.

The Vision Elite has an all-stainless steel knob mounted on a spoke for ergonomics and precision glass ball bearings for long-lived, smooth-spinning action. Likewise, the Vision FX is available with or without a stainless steel control knob with black cap and flange bearings. Both carry a lifetime anti-corrosion warranty.

Perfect for OEM or refit, Schmitt & Ongaro's Vision Elite wheels have MSRP starting prices of $240.40; Vision FX wheels without control knob, $174.80, and with, $218.50.

For more information please contact Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products, 1001 Ranck Mill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602. 866-724-6488 (866-SCHMITT); Fax: 866-329-7679 (866-FAXSMSW).


JBL MBB-Mini 2-Piece Stereo System Provides a Ride that Rocks!

Because music is key to a good time out on a motorcycle or ATV, Prospec Electronics offers the highest quality weather-resistant audio products available.  With new "black box" technology, the JBL MBB-Mini two-piece stereo by Prospec Electronics makes music on the move an exciting reality.

The JBL "black box" stereo is the brains of the system.  Circuit boards and vital components are in a black housing that tucks away where it's safe and dry.  The 4 channel x 45 watt stereo is wired to the JBL REM45 remote control. Measuring just 4" W x 2-1/4" H x 3/4" D, the remote easily fits on the dashboard.

This versatile system is equipped with an aux-in connection for plugging in to an iPod, MP3 player or other portable media. It operates as an AM/FM receiver and is also Sirius satellite radio ready. The JBL REM45 remote control's weatherproof design and sealed switches provide necessary protection from the elements. The remote's screen displays key information about the selection playing, allowing for quick and easy station or track changes. The backlit silicone rubber membranes allow easy tuning in the dark.

Prospec's JBL MBB-Mini retails for approximately $229.95.

For more information, contact Prospec Electronics, 3325 Hwy. 17 N., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466. or check web site

Prospec Electronic's Sea Mini Plug Gives Better Protection From Elements

Boaters don't want their sound systems silenced due to water damage to the auxiliary input. Prospec Electronic's SEA MINI now has a smaller face and a larger cover to better prevent exposure to the elements.

The SEA MINI is a compact auxiliary input that connects to stereo speakers via RCA plugs for transmitting sound from peripheral devices. Mariners can run an MP3 player, DVD player or VHF radio through the boat's speakers, enhancing the sound quality. Or they can listen to their iPods, satellite radio and even hook up their laptops. On larger boats, TV and movies can be enhanced by plugging the audio output of the TV, VCR or DVD player into the SEA MINI. It is compatible with most JBL and SeaWorthy stereos from Prospec.

SEA MINI is easily installed with a simple 5/8" diameter drill hole, hiding all wires behind the scenes. Supplied with 8' of cable, the suggested retail price of Prospec's SEA MINI is $16.95.

For more information contact Prospec Electronics, 3325 Hwy. 17 N., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466 or check web site



While storage and trash bins serve a much needed purpose onboard, they are generally designed for functionality, not aesthetics. The Fish On! Stainless Stash N’ Trash from Tempress Products is both attractive and useful, holding a variety of items including trash in the cockpit, cabin or galley.
The Stash N’ Trash features a polished, 304 stainless steel bracket which secures a mesh bag and also has slots for kitchen-style plastic bags. The stainless steel bracket offers a sophisticated look while being easy to maintain and corrosion resistant.
Its heavy coated mesh bag makes the Stash N’ Trash perfect for lines, gear, laundry or trash. Measuring 14” x 16” it has a stretch elastic top with a flap to provide easy access while keeping items securely inside. The zippered bottom means emptying it is a breeze.
Tempress Products offers a full line of ergonomic seating systems and state-of-the-art access hatches and hardware. The company also offers Fish-On! and BoatMates brand products.
The Stainless Stash N’ Trash from Tempress Products/Fish-On! has a retail price of $29.99.
Contact Tempress Products, 5052 Sharp St., Dallas, TX 75247 Phone: 214-678-9400 (Toll-free 877-234-7466); Fax: 214-678-9430;; or


Now there's a neater way for boaters, hikers and campers to separate wet bathing suits, toiletries, food and other necessities. With the space-saving Knot-a-Bag from Davis Instruments, outdoors enthusiasts have a large supply of any size bag they need. It's perfect for trash, travel, storing fish and even gardening.

Inside the unique 4" Knot-a-Bag Dispenser is a highly compact 32-1/2' roll of plastic bag material.  A blend of high and low density polyethylene provides unmatched strength. By pulling out the desired length of plastic, cutting it with the built-in safety cutter, then knotting the end, users create the perfect bag for any purpose. A tiny bag is ideal for keeping jewelry together; a larger one will tote beach blankets.

Waterproof and recyclable, Davis' Knot-a-Bags have a circumference of 24". Weighting just 3 oz., the convenient Dispenser can be clipped to a belt or backpack. It includes two rolls of polyethylene film.  The Knot-a-Bag Refill Pack provides three additional rolls.

The Knot-a-Bag Dispenser and Refill Packs from Davis Instruments are each priced at $7.50.

Contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;

Beckson Marine's Ditty Bag Perfect for Below Deck Storage

Ditty bags are handy to hold valuables and everyday essentials, but where's a good place to store the bag onboard? Beckson Marine has the answer with its Ditty Bag Kit.  With it, the empty space beneath a Beckson Screw-Out Deck Plate converts into a clever storage space.

By simply adding the kit's retaining ring to the plate, the supplied drawstring bag hangs upright and secure. Under the closed plate, a bag filled with watches, keys, wallets and other valuables is safe, dry and easy to access.

A Ditty Bag Kit is available to retrofit each of Beckson's 4", 6", and 8" Screw-Out Deck Plates. The 12"-long bags are big enough to hold small tools, hardware, sunscreen and other necessities. The ditty bag is also great to carry items ashore.

Beckson Marine's 4" Ditty Bag Kit retails for $16.25, the 6" kit for $17.30 and the 8" kit for $18.55.

For more information, contact Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.;

Dr. Shrink's New ShrinkRapid Sewn Shrinkwrap Covers

Protecting a boat has just become even easier with Dr. Shrink's new ShrinkRapid sewn shrinkwrap covers. The semi-custom-fit shrinkable covers combine the simplicity of conventional boat cover installation with the tight fit and durability of Dr. Shrink's premium shrinkwrap.

With sewn-in perimeter and belly bands, the covers are fast and easy to install. A 20' boat can be covered in as little as 12 minutes. Tucking and trimming aren't necessary, so there's no scrap or cleanup, saving labor time. Dr. Shrink's sewn covers can be removed and reinstalled, and are the only ones on the market that are recyclable, using Dr. Shrink's economical REBAG program.

The semi-fit covers are available in 2' increments for a wide variety of craft.  These include standard V-hull and bass boats from 17' to 24', center consoles from 17' to 28', pontoons from 22' to 28', cuddy cabins from 18' to 29', and PWCs from 8' to 11'.  Available in heat-reflecting white, the sewn shrinkwrap storage covers have room for a support structure under the cover for snow-load areas.

The covers come neatly packaged in plastic sleeves and include two self-adhesive vents.  Suggested retail prices of Dr. Shrink's ShrinkRapid sewn covers start at $111.93 for an 18' runabout with I/O and $46.42 for a 2-seat PWC.

Keeping Track of Gadgets, Rod Holders, and More

Outfitting a boat with all the necessary gadgets to keep track of tools can be a daunting task. Getting those accessories to match each other and the look of the craft can add to the confusion. But Fish On! by Tempress Products offers a full line of stainless steel rod holders, organizers and more to help boaters keep it together.

Rod holders come as either double or triple rod organizers. Anglers have a place for their filet knife, pliers and baits. There’s even a little shelf for extra line or scents. Both models feature injection molded ABS inserts to protect valuable rods and tools.

The cockpit organizer and hook-and-pliers caddy are both designed to keep small, personal items and essential tools safe and handy in the cockpit and cabin. Both are constructed of 304 polished stainless steel with stainless mounting hardware included. Fender cleats with spring loading and a hand, folding drink holder are also available in stainless steel. The cleats provide a quick solution for positioning fenders while the drink holder features molded silicone fingers that adjust to fit varying sizes of cups, cans cozies and mugs.

Tempress has recently expanded the Fish On! line of stainless steel products to include the Folding Hook Rack for keeping lures organized and the Stash ‘n’ Trash, which includes a mesh bag good for lines, gear, laundry or trash.

For more information, contact Tempress Products, 5052 Sharp St. , Dallas, TX 75247; Phone: 214-678-9400 (Toll-free 877-234-7466); Fax: 214-678-9430;; or

Shrinkwrapping Training CD Makes Storage Easy

When it comes to storage, shrinkwrapping can seem an overwhelming task. To provide assistance, Dr. Shrink offers the instructional DS-0015 Training CD video. This professionally produced one-hour guide takes the viewer step-by-step through shrinkwrapping applications. Mike Stenberg, president of Dr. Shrink, introduces basic information on shrinkwrapping accessories used, heating tool safety precautions and the colors of shrinkwrap employed in different climates. As he shrinkwraps a powerboat and forklift, Stenberg discusses each step in detail.

Offering helpful tips along the way, he guides the viewer through setting up the support structure, positioning the wrap, heating it and installing vents and an access door. The thorough CD even discusses how to repair small holes in the wrap.

Dr. Shrink's DS-0015 Training CD video is available by contacting the company directly. Suggested retail price is $14.99. For more information, contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660; 800-968-5147, or check web site

What to do with Used Shrinkwrap?? No problem! Use the REBAG System.

When it's time to uncover boats that have been protected by shrinkwrap in the off-season, the question is, what to do with the used shrinkwrap? Instead of throwing it away, recycling is the economical and ecological solution. Dr. Shrink makes it fast and easy with its popular REBAG recycling program.

The REBAG kit includes a 30" wide x 50" tall clear poly bag that holds 600 sq. ft. of used shrinkwrap. One bag is sufficient for boats up to 26', while larger boats need two bags. Following the supplied instructions, boaters simply cut off the shrinkwrap cover above the perimeter band, stuff it into the bag and seal it.

A prepaid, bar-coded mailing label is provided to send the bag to Dr. Shrink's recycling facility, which recycles about 350,000 pounds of shrinkwrap a year. Bags can be dropped off at Mailboxes Etc. or at UPS. Marinas and boatyards can also have UPS pick up bags at their facility. In Canada, Dr. Shrink distributors Land 'N' Sea Midwest and C.C. Marine offer the recycling program.

Dr. Shrink is a full-service international supplier of premium shrinkwrap and installation accessories. A single REBAG kit, including postage, costs $15.50. For boatyards, dealers and other facilities handling large quantities of shrinkwrap, a roll of 50 kits is $736.25. Prices vary according to geographical location in Canada, which includes shipping.

For more information ontact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586, e-mail; or check web site

Quick Fist by Davis Instruments Handy Storage Clamp Gets A Grip on Equipment

In an emergency, there's no time to search for a fire extinguisher that has rolled away or a flashlight that's been misplaced. Equipment large and small is easily and conveniently secured on a boat or RV with the inexpensive Quick Fist by Davis Instruments.

Quick Fist is a one-piece clamp made of heavy-duty transportation-grade rubber. It’s ideal for storing tools, boat hooks, hoses and extension cords. The Super Quick Fist firmly holds fire extinguishers, oxygen cylinders, CO2 tanks and other larger equipment.

Both models are easy to mount with #10 bolts or screws. To clamp, the strap is simply pulled and locked into place. The strap can face any direction and be trimmed for a neat appearance.

Quick Fist stands up to harsh conditions on water or the road. It is UV-resistant, withstands extreme temperatures, and won't rust or corrode.

The standard model holds smaller objects from 7/8" to 2-1/4" in diameter, weighing up to 22 lbs. For loads up to 50 lbs, the Super Quick Fist holds equipment from 2-1/2" to 7-1/2" in diameter.

The retail price of the standard Davis Quick Fist is $9.99 per pair. The Super Quick Fist retails for $9.99 each.

For more information, contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188. e-mail; or check web site


Coppertone Products

Coppertone Sunscreens Will Protect You from the Sun's Harmful Rays

Today, melanoma cases are on the increase - and is one of the major & deadliest Cancer killers. Be safe, apply sunscreen frequently, and stay out of the sun during peak hours. Coppertone makes various sunscreens to choose from depending on your outdoor activities and preferences, as follows:

Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen

The company's Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen is available in SPF 15, 30, 50, and 70 6 oz. continuous spray, and has a unique, patented technology that delivers a continuous spray you can control. Coppertone Sport sunscreens stay on strong when you sweat so they won't run into eyes and sting, while protecting skin during vigorous outdoor exercise. This first-to-market innovation from the #1 sport sunscreen brand provides an improved delivery solution designed to help reduce mess and waste through targeted sunscreen application.

According to the company, it is:

-- The only sunscreen product line with patented accurate spray technology

-- Continuous Spray Sunscreen you can control

-- High performance, durable formulas

-- Controlled application designed to reduce waste and mess

-- Stays on strong when you sweat; won't run into eyes ad sting

-- Water resistant (80 minutes)

-- Photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection

It is available nationwide at food, drug and most internet retailers for the suggested retail price of $9.99.

Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30

This lip balm worked great while I was kayaking, feels good on my lips and does the job.

It is a convenient new lip offering from the #1 sport sunscreen brand and helps smooth and soften lips while providing broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

It is portable; photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection; and water resistant (80 minutes).

Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30 is available in 15 oz., and available nationwide at food, drug, mass and internet retailers for the suggested retail price of $2.99.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lotion

Available in SPF 30, 50, 80 and 100+. I especially liked the feel of this lotion which protected my skin during my kayaking with bright sun shining down. It didn't run into my eyes or sting and offered, according to the manufacturer, broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and helped fortify skin's natural defenses by replenishing the antioxidants depleted during sun exposure.

It is water resistant for 80 minutes; photostable, broad spectrum, UVA/UVB protection, is enriched with replenishing antioxidants to help fortify skin's natural defenses and has a no slip grip.

Note: All Coppertone lotions and sprays with an SPF 15 or greater in stores today already meet the newly announced 2012 standard for 'broad spectrum' protection.

This product is available in SPF 30 and 50 in 8 oz. lotions; SPF 80 in 6 oz. lotion; and SPF 100+ in 4 oz. lotion. It is available nationwide at food, drug, mass and Internet retailers at a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Stick SPF 55

The sunscreen in this stick stays on when you sweat and protects skin during outdoor activities year-round. It also offers broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays which can cause sun damage and burning.

It is water resistant for 80 minutes; is portable; photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and specially formulated to provide spot protection for sun exposed areas like the ears, nose and face.

Available in 0.6 oz, at nationwide food, drug mass and Internet retailers at the suggested retail price of $5.49.

Perfective Ceuticals

Perfective Ceuticals' Ultra-light Sunscreen SPR 40 with Titanium Dioxide Not Only Protects Skin, It Improves Appearance

No doubt you've read or heard from your physician how important it is to protect against skin damage - especially when you're out on the water getting the sun's reflection. Perhaps you don't use a sunblock thinking it's cloudy out? Wrong. You can get severe skin damage even when the sun isn't shining. Thankfully, Perfective Ceuticals has introduced its Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide.

This proprietary formula, developed by Perfetive Ceuticals with the help of biochemists and doctors, not only provides protection against UVA and UVB rays, but it improves the texture and appearance of skin the more it's used, according to the company. Perfect to wear alone, over daily moisturizer or as an invisible makeup primer, this sunscreen can help reduce the size of noticeable pores.

Its beneficial ingredients inclufe:

-- Titanium Dioxide: An earth mineral used in sunscreens. Capable of creating a physical barrier to block both UVA and UVB

-- Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: An herb used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-irritant.

-- Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: A form of Vitamin C Ester. Works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent cellular aging by inhibiting the cross-linking collagen, oxidation of proteins and lipid percutaneous absorption and stability.

-- Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract: Has positive effects on improvement of noticeable pores, and improvement of skin elasticity.

Using an exclusive ultra-light technology, Perfective Ceuticals' Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide glides on smoothly leaving the skin with a soft, non-grasy finish. It is non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

This product retails for $36. For more details and to purchase, go to web site

About Perfective Ceuticals:

Perfective Ceuticals is allied with renowned biochemists, medical specialists and doctors in developing the finest and most advanced formulas to provide comprehensive solutions targeting the aspects of skin aging. The company addresses the importance of complimenting cutting edge science with naturally derived ingredients and century old methods that have proven results.


WEST SYSTEM® Episize Unidirectional Carbon Tapes and Glass Tapes

Spars, centerboards and rudders are just a few of the places where WEST SYSTEM® Episize Unidirectional Carbon Tapes and Glass Tapes can be used to add strength and stiffness. By aligning these ribbon-like tows with anticipated load paths and bonding them in place with WEST SYSTEM epoxy, it improves tension and compression performance in harsh marine environments.

Carbon fiber tape provides stiff reinforcement while boosting tensile and compressive strength. It weighs 11.1 oz, has a thickness of .015" and contains 144,000 fibers per inch of tape width. A polyester fill thread holds fiber bundles in place for easy handling and wet out.

Glass fiber tape is best used for epoxy projects where a little less rigidity is needed. Consisting of E-glass fiber, this tape isn't as stiff as carbon tape, but is just as easy to handle and wet out. Average tape thickness is .0125".

Episize Unidirectional Carbon Tape is available in 1.5" or 3" widths and in 12' or 50' lengths. Twelve feet of 1.5" width tape is $49.40 and 50' costs $128.10. For a 12' length of 3" width tape, the price is $60.90, while 50' costs $169.05. Episize Unidirectional Glass Tape comes in 3" widths with a choice of 12' or 50' lengths. Twelve feet of glass tape costs $32.35 and 50' is $75.75.

For more information contact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI 48707. 866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1374.


The Dangers of Stowing Emergency Gear Haphazardly

Damages associated with boats sinking cost nearly $5.8M in 2015, according to the US Coast Guard. In that same year, new boats were commonly offered with everything from decorative underwater lighting to built-in cup holders. Yet, no one seemed to think about providing a dedicated space on deck for safety equipment, leaving owners to find storage spots throughout the vessel for gear that could possibly save lives.

Almost every boat can sink. And it doesn't take running into a rock to do it. A corroded hose clamp that fails will suffice, as will a following sea entering through a muffler that has rusted away unseen. When water starts pouring in, a boat sinks fast. A recent online video recounts how a new 42' power cruiser sank in 50 seconds, with no more warning than smoke coming from the engine compartment. The video is at In this instance, two adults and two PFD-clad children clung to a cooler for flotation until they were rescued. Flares were stored under a helm seat, but in the time it took to activate an EPIRB and get everyone off the boat, the vessel nosed 45 degrees then sank from view.

Some might ask: Why is centralized, easily accessible storage of safety equipment not mandatory or at least considered important? Owners who are boarded by the US Coast Guard will recount how it didn't matter how long it took to find an item, only was that it functioned properly and hadn't expired. Among leading boat safety organizations in the US and Canada, there aren't any regulations about where safety and survival items are stored. However, Canada's Office of Boating Safety does note that such gear always be within easy reach so that it can be used in an emergency.
Perhaps as awareness grows, these organizations will advocate for the concept of centralized safety equipment. But until the marine industry addresses the dangers of haphazard storage, it's up to boat owners to find a solution.

Many boat owners keep emergency equipment in a "ditch kit" or "overboard bag." Typically a nylon sack or plastic container, it holds visual distress signals, such as a mirror, flares and smoke, a whistle or horn, and VHF radio—everything that's needed if suddenly treading water. Unfortunately, ditch kits are all too often stowed in the cabin or lazarette. While this may be a convenient location if the boat runs out of gas, it's a different story if there's a fire on board or it's taking on water uncontrollably. Even if the ditch kit is grabbed before jumping in the water, it doesn't provide buoyance once opened.

Recognizing the problem and inspired to help save lives, Life Cell Marine Safety set about to redefine the standard of how safety equipment is stored on boats. Its Life Cell not only holds safety and survival gear, but provides flotation for up to eight adults, depending on the model. It's mounted outside on a special bracket that allows it to float off a sinking boat—like an EPIRB or life raft. Certified by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), it's currently being tested by the US Coast Guard for use as an approved throw able device. Until standards or best practices are developed for on board storage of emergency equipment, boat owners should carefully consider where gear is stored and how quickly it can be accessed. Like a man-overboard drill, it's easy to time oneself to gauge where improvements can be made. Centralizing survival gear increases safety and could help save a life.

For more information contact Life Cell Marine Safety, PO Box 6601, Corindi Beach, NSW 2456, Australia. Email at; or go to web site

No-Cost “Boater’s Guide To Winterizing” Offered by BoatUS

Water expands in volume by about nine percent when it freezes, creating a staggering force that can crack a boat engine block, damage fiberglass, split hoses, or destroy a boat’s refrigeration system overnight. As cold weather approaches, Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) dug into its claims data and found that more than three-quarters of winter-related claims involved cracks in the engine block or the exhaust manifolds.

Now, the national boating services, safety and advocacy group has available at no-cost a 15-page ( "Boater's Guide to Winterizing” that can ensure boaters don’t miss a step for any type of boat.

“Boaters up North know they need to winterize, so their freeze claims almost always involve poor winterizing,” said BoatUS Director of Technical Services Beth Leonard. “In the temperate South, the issue can be a case of no winterizing, or relying on a heater when the electricity goes off, usually when you need it most.”

The downloadable brochure addresses the reasons for more than 95 percent of the freeze claims handled by the BoatUS Marine Insurance Program in the past decade. Included are chapters on: Storing your boat - The options and the tradeoffs; a Winterizing Checklist to use as the starting point for creating your own boat’s winterizing list; Engines and Drives - The dos and don’ts; and Plumbing - Getting the water out, which is great for larger boats.

Additional information includes tips on choosing antifreeze, lessons learned from BoatUS Consumer Affairs about protecting yourself with a winterization contract, and green winterizing information. The checklist is available at

About Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS):

BoatUS is the nation’s largest organization of recreational boaters with over a half million members. We are the boat owners’ voice on Capitol Hill and fight for their rights. We help ensure a roadside breakdown doesn’t end a boating or fishing trip before it begins, and on the water, we bring boaters safely back to the launch ramp or dock when their boat won’t, day or night. The BoatUS Insurance Program gives boat owners the specialized coverage and superior service they need, and we help keep boaters safe and our waters clean with assistance from the non-profit BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water. Visit

For more information contact the Boat Owners Association of The U.S. Public Affairs, 880 S Pickett Street, Alexandria, VA 22304 United States

Four Tips for Picking the Best Boatyard

While boatyards are busy, summer may be a better time to have repair work done on the boat. Why? The typical boatyard and shop warranty on labor is 90 days, giving boaters the time necessary to use the boat and ensure a correct repair. But where does a boater go to get repairs done right? Boat Owners Association of The United States has some tips:

Use what your eyes are telling you: Sometimes it’s the little things that give you a sign that the yard you are entering isn’t the best. One BoatUS member took his boat to a repair facility and thought that the abundance of boats in the lot meant that the boatyard was popular. It wasn’t until after the yard started giving odd excuses for delays and then made him pay for hundreds of dollars of ineffective engine repairs before releasing the boat, did the member notice that few, if any, of the boats in the lot had been moved in years.

All recommendations aren’t the same: Online recommendations are a mish-mash of good and bad: more reliable ones have real names attached and specific details in postings. Fellow boaters are likely the best folks to recommend a yard, but go one step further: be sure that the repairs are similar to what you need. Another option is to ask a marine surveyor. These professionals are often knowledgeable about the quality of work in local repair yards, as long as they’re impartial and unaffiliated with any shop or boatyard. Look for a boat surveyor having SAMS or NAMS credentials as these surveyor associations require their members to be independent. Another good sign to see is a shop that follows American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) guidelines for repairs, which ensures that crucial safety standards are met. ABYC technicians also get specialized certification in a range of boat systems.

Dealerships may offer more, but don’t write off independents: There are certain benefits to taking an out-of-warranty boat or motor to a dealership, with the best training and equipment being at the top of the list. Dealerships also enjoy better parts connections. On the other hand, most well established independent repair facilities also produce high quality work – especially those run by former or current factory-trained technicians. And unlike a dealership, they must compete on repair business alone and their prices are usually lower.

Look for shops that specialize: Boats vary in type, size and complexity and so do repair facilities. Don’t bring a 34-foot trawler for repairs to a shop that mostly works on trailer boats, and don’t expect the guy <>living in a van down by the river to fix your high-tech outboard.

“Always check around first before doing business,” said BoatUS Director of Consumer Affairs Charles Fort. “Many boaters only have the summer to enjoy their boats, so any problems could lead to a premature end of the boating season.”

How to Safeguard Boats In and Out of The Water After a Freeze

With temperatures now rising in 2014 after record lows across much of the nation, Boat Owners Association of The United States (>BoatUS) says now may be a good time to check on your boat in winter storage, and has these five tips to ensure old man winter is kept at bay:

1. How low can she go? If your boat is stored in the water over the winter, are all of the above-water thru-hulls still well above the waterline? The weight of snow and ice can submerge above-waterline thru-hulls, including the exhaust (inboard boats), so start shoveling if you notice she’s sitting lower in the water — plastic shovels and brooms are best. It’s also a good time to check on your bubbler system.

2. Call me shifty: For boats stored on trailers, jackstands or cradles, ensure the boat hasn't shifted. Boats on stands/cradles should be level, while those on trailers should be slightly bow up. Boats over 26 feet should have at least three jackstands per side, with plywood under each if the boat is on dirt or gravel — check to see they haven’t moved and are chained together to prevent them from being pushed away from the boat. You know the stands are in the right place when there is no hull deformation at the point of contact. If you see any problems with a jackstand, don't try to adjust it yourself; contact marina staff.

3. Blowin’ in the wind: It’s never a good idea to store a boat outside without a cover, and never tie a tarp to a jackstand as strong winds can get underneath the cover and yank the stand out. Tying off a tarp to trailer framing is acceptable. Also, a poorly fitted cover can sag, allowing huge amounts of water to pool, freeze and add substantial weight, so be sure they remain taut to allow snow and rain to easily slide off.

4. Nothing good comes from water in the bilge: Water or ice in the bilge means a leak. Try to find the source of the water during your walk-through and look for a temporary fix to plug the leak that will buy you time until the spring. Rock salt and nontoxic antifreeze may help you break up and remove any ice in the bilge, then dry it completely. If that’s impossible, or the leaks aren’t patched, add a few cups of nontoxic antifreeze.

5. A word for the wise on inside boat storage: If the boat is inside a heated storage building, it’s always a good idea to winterize the boat in the fall as the BoatUS Boat Insurance Program receives freeze-related damage claims each year after winter storms have knocked out power, allowing inside temperatures to plummet. However, at this time of year, the only thing you can do is to keep in contact with your storage facility to advise you the moment of any power loss and give you the chance to inspect the boat.

About BoatUS:

Boat Owners Association of The United States ( is the nation’s leading advocate for recreational boaters providing its over half-million members with government representation, services such as 24-hour on water boat towing as well as roadside assistance for boat trailers and tow vehicles, feature-packed boat insurance programs, money-saving benefits that include marina and West Marine shopping discounts, and vital information that improves recreational boating. Its member-funded BoatUS Foundation is a national leader promoting safe, clean and responsible boating.

Simple Tips Help Increase Safety on the Water

(by Tom Gazdik - Gazdik is the president of Soft Lines. The company offers a complete line of products for the marine, pet, horse, hunting and other related markets. All products are made in the USA.

As boating season reaches full swing, many boaters will read news articles highlighting the injuries and fatalities of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Safety on the water is paramount for all aboard. Increasing security when enjoying a day on the water doesn't require lots of updated equipment, but some common sense and practical knowledge always helps. Below is some information geared to help ensure more boaters don't become a headline.
First, all boaters should take boating safety courses, which are offered throughout the US for all types of boaters. Through these courses, boaters can learn about many aspects of safety, from boat handling to reading the weather. Since many accidents occur from operator error, knowing the rules of the water can help cut the chances of an accident. Also, boat owners should undergo a vessel safety check on an annual basis. This ensures a boat meets minimum safety standards and has all the necessary equipment to save lives and call for help in an emergency. Safety checks take place at the boat, can be scheduled at the owner's convenience and only take about 30-45 minutes.
Another important rule boaters must follow, is to always wear a life jacket when underway. It can be tempting to boat without one, especially when it's a beautiful day, but many accidents happen too fast for boaters to grab their life jacket in time. Many modern life jackets come in a variety of colors, shapes, materials and sizes, so everyone can find the perfect fit. Boat owners should research USCG requirements and life jackets in general before making a purchase.
No accident is planned for, but a float plan can help during dangerous situations. Since there are so many facts that need to be remembered, it's important to write them down so rescue personnel can find a boat more easily. Float plans are essential for all types of boats, from a small kayak to a 60' yacht. A specific member of the crew should be assigned the responsibilities of preparing the form and filing it.
Lastly, many unfortunate accidents occur when owners and their guests go swimming off the boat and end up drowning for a variety of reasons. To help in these situations, Soft Lines offers its Personal Safety Lines. They can be used on all sailboats, powerboats or other watercraft. Offered in two styles, one has a stainless steel spring hook to attach to a life vest, the other has a slip leash end to slip around a person's wrist or waist. It is then set in place with an adjustable snugger. These safety lines can also be used on the beach to ensure kids or amateur swimmers don't go out too far.
Boating is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family, but it's even better when all boaters are safe. Practical knowledge and preparedness can help ensure a smooth cruising adventure for all.

For more information contact Soft Lines, 422 Third Street W, Ashland, WI 54806. 715-682-3774; Fax: 715-682-3775; e-mail; or check web site Soft Lines is looking for sales reps.

Buying & Selling Boat Tips

Have you found a great off season deal on a used boat and want to know if there have been any manufacturer recalls that needed correction or major complaints from other owners? Are you comfortable with the fine print in a sales contract?

The answers to these questions and many more are answered in a free guide, Buying and Selling a Boat, from BoatU.S. Consumer Affairs and available online at web site

The 34-page guide will help prospective boat owners navigate unfamiliar waters and remind the seasoned boat owner of landmarks to steer by and trouble spots to avoid when trading up or selling. Unlike buying an automobile, the guide explains what to look for when buying a new or used boat, such as manufacturing standards, surveys and sea trials. Also likely to be unfamiliar to the new boat owner - and clearly spelled out in the guide - is information on warranties, federal documentation, osmotic blisters, marine insurance and boat loans.

Important information is also included on how to use the BoatU.S. Consumer Bureau's free services, including the boating industry's only Recall Alert Registry that tracks safety defects for new and subsequent boat owners. Also covered is the Association's unique national online complaint database for boats, engines and service providers as well as information on the BoatU.S. dispute mediation program.

For sellers, there's a checklist to help evaluate your boat's condition, information on the pros and cons of selling on your own versus using a broker, and how to write a sales agreement.

BoatU.S. - Boat Owners Association of The United States - is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters providing its 670,000 members with a wide array of consumer services including a group-rate marine insurance program that insures nearly a quarter million boats; the largest fleet of more than 500 towing assistance vessels; discounts on fuel, slips, and repairs at over 835 Cooperating Marinas; boat financing; and a subscription to BoatU.S. Magazine, the most widely read boating publication in the U.S.

For membership information check web site or call 800-395-2628.

Fender Tips

Aere® Fenders Keep Midsize Yachts Free From Damage

Owning a boat of any size is a significant investment in both time and money. Now protecting midsize yachts is easy with 18" x 29" Inflatable Fenders from AERÉ®.

One AERÉ customer has personally experienced AERÉ's reliability. "I am absolutely convinced that my 18" x 29" AERÉ fenders prevented me from having serious hull damage. An idiot threw us a 3-4 foot wake while we were tied to a concrete dock. The [vinyl] ball fenders I previously used would simply have flipped upward and left the entire starboard side vulnerable."

He has referred a number of boat owners to AERÉ. "One only need consider the value of what's being protected to understand the value of fenders entrusted with the job," he said.

AERÉ 18" x 29" fenders, made from heavy, high denier polyester fabric, protect boats from 40' to 45' long. They are easy to inflate and come in 9 colors. The durable fenders are able to withstand high compression loads capable of collapsing conventional vinyl fenders. Like all AERÉ fenders, when not in use, they fold away flat, saving valuable onboard space.

Retail prices for AERÉ Inflatable Fenders begin at $149.

For more information contact AERÉ', 12207 NW 35th St., Coral Springs, FL 33605; 954-345-2373; Fax: 954-344-1414;;



Boatsetter Owners Rent Their Boats and Make Money

The average boat owner never wants to do the math: adding up all the seasonal expenses and dividing by the number of times the vessel was used. Boatsetter owners calculate differently. They factor in how many times they rented their boats and ink the bottom line in black, not red. And with 250,000 registered Boatsetter users, there's a lot of money to be made. Boatsetter is the online marketplace that brings together people who enjoy being on the water. Renters connect with owners and licensed captains to plan their adventure. With boats in over 600 locations, it makes boating easy and accessible to anyone.

It's hard to let go, but Boatsetter makes is easy for boat owners to turn over the keys to their babies knowing that they'll be well taken care of. After listing their boats for free, they control who they rent to and for how much using the web interface or mobile app. Much like Airbnb, comments, reviews and a thorough vetting process ensure transparency. Best-in-class Geico Marine insurance and Boat US Towing on-the-water support cover the entire rental period and provide peace of mind. If the owner or renter prefers a professional skipper, Boatsetter has a network of over 1,000 USCG-licensed captains.
Fuel, slip fees and maintenance add up. Boatsetter subsidizes the cost of boat ownership and makes it more affordable. In fact, last year the average owner generated over $9,700 in additional income—one, over $40,000. For many, it's a path to boat ownership. It allows them the means to own a boat they couldn't otherwise afford or move up to a larger vessel.

A hidden benefit of listing on Boatsetter is that it ensures the boat will get used. Engines are run and onboard systems cycled. This is an important routine maintenance item that doesn't get done on boats that sit idle for weeks on end.
Fort Lauderdale-based Boatsetter is the world's leading boat sharing platform. It enables anyone to enjoy almost any type of water experience they desire—cruising, active water sports, fishing, sailing and cruising—regardless of experience. Founded by seasoned industry veterans, it is changing how people own and use boats.

For more information contact Boatsetter, 200 SW 1st Ave, Ste 950, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.;; web site


Allagash Canoe Trip -- Maine's oldest continuously running guided canoe trip service...since 1953

One of the best parts of our back-country canoe trips is seeing all the amazing animals in their own natural habitat. Paddling around a river bend and seeing one of Maine's majestic moose chomping on river grass. Or a bald eagle soaring overhead looking into the river looking for his next meal.

*Very Solitary animal
*Large ears that can rotate to give them stereophonic hearing
*Largest animal in the deer family
*Can not tolerate temperatures over 80 degrees
*Moose is an Algonquin (Native American Tribe) meaning "Twig Eater"
*Can live 15-20 years

Barred Ow
*Native to eastern North America
*Diet consists mainly of small mammals, but they are also known to prey upon other small animals such as birds, reptiles is often in a tree cavity, often ones created by pileated woodpeckers; it may also take over an old nesting site made previously by a  red-shouldered hawk, Cooper's hawk, crow, or squirrel. *Their usual call is a series of eight accented hoots ending in oo-aw, with a downward pitch at the end. The most common mnemonic device for remembering the call is "Who cooks for you, who cooks for you all"

Red Fox
*These animals are very social and live flexible lives
*Most foxes are around the same size as medium-sized dogs. Since foxes are smaller mammals, they are also quite light
*They make their homes by digging burrows in the ground
*Foxes are omnivores, they eat meat and vegetation.
*Diet consist of small animals, such as lizards, voles, rats, mice, rabbits and hares

Black bear
*The black bear is the smallest but also the most numerous bear on the American continent, *Although American black bears are generally members of a single species, their black color shade varies greatly
*Although it is classified among the beasts, the black bear is actually omnivores, and in the spring eat most plants and carcasses that have died during the winter
*Seemingly moving awkwardly, but they are very fast, and recorded that at short distances some of these bears reach a speed of over 30 miles per hour

Bald Eagle
*Can fly to an altitude of 10,000 feet *Female is slightly larger then the male
*Can live as long as 30 years
*Bald eagles sit on the top of the food chain *Once paired, they remain together until one dies
*National Emblem since 1782
*Bald eagles are surprisingly social
*Build some of the largest nest in the world, nest can be over ten feet deep and over 8 feet wide.

Snowshoe Hare
*Turn all white in the winter
*Hares are born fully furred and with their eyes open
*Primarily nocturnal
*Have up to four liters a year, each liter with 1-9 leverets (babies!)
*Most wild hares only live one year
*Hares are very good swimmers

Great Blue Heron
*In flight they average 25 MPH, max speed 35 MPH *Largest in the heron family
*Six foot wing span
*Young can fly at 60 days old
*Both parents incubate eggs for 25- 29 days *Expert fishers

Canada Lynx
*Large paws act like snowshoes
*Eats mostly snowshoe hares
*Mate during the winter, give birth once a year usually have four kittens
*Lynx have excellent eye sight and can spot a mouse 250 feet away
*Black tufts of hair at the top of their ears serve to enhance their phenomenal hearing *Lynx will often cover their prey with a layer of snow to be eaten at a larger time

Garter Snake
*Totally harmless although they do bite *Exceptional swimmer
*One of the few serpents that give birth to "live" young
*Give birth to 10-18 in a liter, record liter was 98!
*Garter snakes have complex system of phenomenal communication
*Babies are called Snakelets

Snapping Turtle
*Have few predators when older, but eggs are subject to predators *Algae on shell can provide extra camouflage *Turtles have existed on the planet at least 20 million years *Turtles can spent up to 40 minutes under the water. *Temperature of the nest can determine the sex of the babies, warmer is females, medium leads to males. *Turtles do not show parental care, babies fend for themselves from the moment of birth.

Whitetail Deer
*Keen ears
*Strong swimmer, clocked at 13 MPH for a distance of three miles
*Pregnancy last 180-200 days
*Deer are very habitual
*Bucks generally attain adult size antlers around 4-5 years old
*Can live up to 18 years
*They are crepuscular, feeding mainly from before dawn and several hours later, and again at dusk.
*Live about 2-3 years

For more information contact Allagash Canoe Trips

Allagash Canoe Trips | 3002 Cedar Street, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947

Holiday River Expeditions Combines World-class Rapids with Epic Mountain Biking For Ultimate Combo Adventure in Moab, Utah

It was 1966 when, out of a love for wilderness, high adventure and the rush that comes from running whitewater, Holiday River Expeditions first began guiding people down the Colorado and Green Rivers in inflatable, muscle-powered rafts. This was more than a decade before another now-popular adventure conveyance, the mountain bike, was even invented. It didn’t take long for Holiday to recognize that the two meshed perfectly together and in the early 1990’s the multi-sport trip concept combining white water rafting and mountain biking was born.

Holiday River Expeditions continues to put its stamp on iconic adventures in 2016 by creating the ultimate Moab-based combo; two days of epic single and double track mountain biking with two days of world-class whitewater rafting through Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River. Holiday’s Bike Raft Hike is a four-day escape available in June and in late August/September. Per person rates start at $800 depending on the size of a pre-arranged group, or $905 if wanting to join a pre-set departure. Group size is kept to just 12 participates with a minimum age of 12. See:

Mountain biking and Moab are nearly synonymous. This former uranium boom town is a mecca for bikers wanting to swoop, soar, climb and roll over the region’s sinuous sandstone and wild desert trails. Rides on single and double track with a professional guide over two days will be tailored to individual interests and skill levels. Whether it’s slaloming downhill past the Gemini Bridges, pedaling between dinosaur footprints at Klondike Bluffs, or exploring sections of the famous Kokopelli Trail, participants may expect a variety of daily options with just the right amount of challenge.

After getting their fill of rock hopping and slick rock descents, guests spend two days on the river, splashing through class III & IV rapids, including Skull, the narrowest section on this stretch of the Colorado. While floating beneath the sheer black walls of Westwater Canyon there’s ample time to kick back and relax. Those who aren’t too tuckered out may also opt to hike the side canyons in search of Native American cultural sites.

Holiday River Expeditions uses 18-foot oar rafts, inflatable kayaks, standup paddleboards and full suspension Camber Comp 29ers by Specialized, a leader in the mountain bike industry. Guests are invited to use the company’s camping gear or bring their own. Late model air-conditioned passenger and four-wheel drive vans transport guests to and from trailheads and river access ramps in comfort. Holiday-designed water tanks ensure that guests have enough clean water for drinking, “solar showers” and then some. Trained guides are in charge of all meal preparations.

In addition to Holiday’s new Moab Sampler the company offers these tried-and-true multi-sport bike and raft trip combinations:

White Rim / Cataract Canyon offering three days of biking Canyonlands National Park’s iconic White Rim Trail with rafting Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River. The seven-day trips are available in May and September, minimum age 12. Rates start at $1,340 per person.

Yampa Bench / Yampa River explores in part Dinosaur National Park over two days of biking and five days of rafting. Seven-day departures are June 6, 13 and 20 from $1,235 per person, minimum age 12.

Moab / Westwater explores the La Sal Mountains and Colorado River for two days on bikes and two days on rafts beginning on Saturdays in July and August. The per person rate for four days starts at $800, minimum age 12.

For more details on all of these bike/raft combo trips please go to web site

Note on prices: stated rates may or may not include BLM use fees (check the>website for full details).

For more information, availability, reservations or a copy of the 2016 catalog please call 800-624-6323, Email: or log onto


Rugged Treo™ Case Line Continues—OtterBox 1921, for 680, 750 & 755p Models

Announcing the fully interactive, rugged OtterBox 1921, the latest addition to the Palm® Treo™ smartphone case line from Otter Products, LLC. Designed to accommodate Treo 680, Treo 750 and recently introduced Treo 755p smartphones, the 1921 shields from water, dust and drops while enabling interaction with the keypad, touch screen, volume and program buttons.

As the most rugged Treo case line on the market, OtterBox provides optimal protection for busy work environments and people on the go.

“The latest addition of the 1921 allows users to take their Treo 680, Treo 750 and Treo 755p smartphones virtually anywhere,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. “What makes OtterBox different is not only the protection provided, but the ability for users to send an email or make a phone call right through the case, even if it’s raining.”(1)

“The OtterBox 1921 can be a save-the-day case for Treo users that work in unforgiving environments,” said Jim Schwabe, senior director for handhelds and accessories at Palm, Inc. “With an OtterBox case, dust, dirt or rain won’t stop Palm Treo users from checking email, answering a phone call or entering business-critical data.”

Composed of durable polycarbonate/ABS and rubber overmolding for grip and drop protection, the 1921 offers Treo users the ultimate guard against the elements. A rigid screen cover protects the LCD and flips up for interactive screen use. Case also provides use of the camera through a clear window on the back.

An innovative compound latch on the 1921 provides users an easy open yet secure closing and an external stylus holder adds convenience. Donaldson® acoustic vents enable excellent sound transmission while protecting against dust and water. Headset, sync and charge connectors remain accessible and Treo 750 users can even operate IR through the case.

“In the construction industry, there is so much grime, dirt, sawdust, snow, rain and other elements, no place for a Treo smartphone,” said K.C. Martin, Construction Superintendent and Project Manager for Sapphire Custom Homes. “Being outdoors all day, makes OtterBox ideal for adding device longevity.”

The Treo case line first introduced in November 2006 with the OtterBox 1920, which fits Treo 650 and Treo 700 series, provides necessary protection for various industries. From construction and delivery services to healthcare and government agencies, companies save thousands on replacements and repairs by ruggedizing with OtterBox.

Optional accessories include:

• Belt clip with swivel clip
• Holster (Ballistic Nylon pouch) with swivel clip
• Screen Replacement Kit
• Plug Replacement Kit
• Latch Replacement Kit

Dimensions of the OtterBox 1921: 5.1 in [130 mm] long X 3 in [76 mm] wide X 1.9 in [48 mm] thick (including latch). Weight is 0.6 lb [.27 kg] (case only).

Environmental Protection:

• Drop and Shock
o MIL-STD 810F, Method 516.5, Procedure 4

• Water Protection
o MIL-STD 810F, Method 506.4, Procedure 1, Heavy Rain
o IP54 Splashing Water

• Dust Intrusion
o MIL-STD 810 F, Method 510.4, Procedure 2 Blowing Dust
o IP54 Blowing Dust

For more information or to order a new OtterBox 1921 visit or call (888) 695-8820.

About Otter Products:

Founded in 1996, Otter Products, LLC, is highly respected and inspired in the design and production of rugged cases to safeguard technology and other valuables. With a complete line of waterproof, drop-resistant, interactive cases, Otter provides ideal solutions for any adventure.

Rugged cases include protection for Apple iPods®, BlackBerry®, iPAQs, Laptops, Tablet PCs, GPS, cigars, Zippo lighters and more. Built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity, and perseverance, Otter Products is a powerhouse of innovation, manufacturing quality cases with a 100 percent lifetime guarantee.

OtterBox, never out of its element!

(1) Within wireless service coverage area only. Availability and coverage depends upon carrier and the geographic scope of international roaming agreements. Email, messaging and web access requires data services from a mobile service provider at an additional cost.

Palm and Treo are among the trademarks or registered trademarks owned by or licensed to Palm, Inc.

OtterBox --- The Defender Series and Armor Series OtterBox

While kayaking, I placed my iPod in an OtterBox so that drops of water from my paddle would fall on it. Little did I know I’d accidentally drop the OtterBox into the water! Fortunately, it was on a rope attached to the boat so that I could easily drag it back inside. The OtterBox had gotten wet, but just as the company advertised; the watertight box saved my iPod, which remained perfectly dry. The Defender™ Series OtterBox also allows peace of mind when bringing your IPod nano, classic, touch or iPhone on any skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, or sledding adventure, as well as additional protection from drop and impact with its tough polycarbonate layer. A silicon wrap provides more protection against the elements so you can stow it in your winter jacket or snow pant pocket with confidence! 

The new Armor™ Series is perfect for the most rugged protection since it’s equipped with a waterproof, drop-proof, crushproof and completely interactive design – allowing any sports enthusiast to jam out to their favorite tunes, take pictures, make a phone call or even send an email no matter what Mother Nature brings. These cases offer complete protection even when fully immersed in the snow! 

The OtterBox Defender™ and Armor™ Series cases will also protect the nano 3rd generation, classic, touch and iPhone. The fully rugged Armor™ Series is also available for older models including the iPod video and nano 2nd generation models.

For more information call 1- 888-695-8820 or visit



Davis Instruments Ultrasonic Wind & Temperature Meter Offers High Accuracy

Sailors and boaters can now measure wind and temperature using a handheld device with no moving parts and nothing to wear out or break. The sophisticated WindScribe from Davis Instruments uses patented ultrasonic technology to read wind speed, temperature and wind chill.  An ultrasonic wind barrel employs advanced sensors and microprocessor circuitry.

Simple to operate, the portable WindScribe just has to be pointed into the wind. The versatile unit calculates wind speed from 0 to 150 mph, highest positive speed (headwind), lowest negative wind speed (tailwind), 5-second average and running average. Users can select from mph, km/h, m/s (meters per second), f/s (feet per second), f/m (feet per minute) or knots. It's accurate within ±3%.

The state-of-the-art WindScribe can determine current temperatures from -40° to +150°F, maximum and minimum temperature and wind chill. The precision instrument measures temperatures in tenths of a degree and can also display temperatures in °C.

An easy-to-read, large LCD display has an update interval of 1.25 seconds. Convenient buttons allow for quick change of temperature and wind display modes and units. Compact, the 5" L x 3" W x 9/10" D unit weighs only 4 oz. The resilient unit is constructed from durable ABS plastic. A CR2032, 3-volt lithium cell battery has a life over 600 hours. To save power, after 5 minutes of no button use and zero wind speed the unit will automatically shutdown.

The user-friendly WindScribe doesn't require calibration.  For multiple application and installation options, the unit includes a lanyard, tripod mount and mounting bracket.

The suggested retail price of the innovative WindScribe from Davis Instruments is just $129. Incredibly handy, the WindScribe is an advantageous tool in a variety of fields and sports, including windsurfing, aviation, mountaineering, weather forecasting and numerous other uses.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;


Do you go boating, yachting, sailing -- or maybe kayaking? Then you'll surely want to know the effects of wind and weather on watersports and watercraft. Keep sharp while on the water with the Weather Flow Wind Meter.

With this new meter, you'll be able to take accurate wind measurements using your iOS or Android device.


· It will instantly measure wind speed, direction, average & gusts from any iOS or Android device
· Download the free WeatherFlow Wind Meter app and plug in Wind Meter – it’s that easy
· Calibrated at the University of Florida’s Aerospace Engineering Department, its operating range extends from the smallest puff to hurricane force winds
· More accurate than any other handheld anemometer on the market (accurate to the larger of +/- 0.5% of the reading)
· Reads in meters/second, miles/hour, knots, kilometers/hour & beaufort scale
· Rugged and eco-friendly packaging serves as a reusable storage case
· Share onsite reports within the WeatherFlow app or via Instagram, Vine, Twitter, SMS, Email and Facebook
· For a demonstrational video visit

Available at:
Price: $34.95

For more information check web site

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