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Enjoy Easy, Pain-Free Fish Retrieval with the Angler’s Best Livewell Buddy®

Yamaha Pros Excited to Fish in 2020 Bassmaster Classic®

Mossy Oak GO Now Streaming "Break Down" with Gerald Swindle

Happy Troller Delivers Tantalizing Slow Speeds

CGEAR Sand-FreeBackpack Does What It Says It Will Do

Odin Lure Company Introduces Half-Ounce Top-Water Walking Popper Line

SeaSucker's New Large Dry Box To Keep Valuables 100% Safe

Mossy Oak's Evolution Outdoor Design Tackle Bags and Backpacks Now Available in Mossy Oak Elements Agua

FishAmerica Foundation and Brunswick Public Foundation Team Up to Enhance Water Quality and Improve Recreational Fishing

Body Glide Will Protect Your Skin and More

Mossy Oak Bottomland Waders and Boots Now Available from Compass 360

Thermacell's New Patio Shield HALO Mosquito Protection

Thermacell New, Improved Mosquito Repellent Gadget Keeps You Protected from Nasty Insects

Outdoor Edge Expands Award-Winning RazorLite EDC™ Line With Its New 3" Blade

Wicks Means Sweat-Free Vision to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Outdoor Edge Makes Filleting Fish Easy with the New Reel-Flex Fillet Knives in Three Different Sizes

NapAnywhere is the Neck Pillow 'Reimagined.'

The Under Armour® Fish Hunter Collection Provides Anglers with Innovative Performance, Style and Comfort

Outdoor Edge’s New Grill-Beam Tongs and Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula Cast a New Light on Grilling

GermBloc Products Will Help Keep You Safe

Trekking's Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towels

Frabill's Power Folding Stow Net Is The Answer

The new Fish-Well Protects Hands and Keeps Fish Fresh

Leatherman's New P7.2 LED Flashlight is Here!

ThermaCELL's new Lantern Repellent That Works Against Insects


Safe Harvest Chicken Oodle Grain-Free & Gluten-Free Soup

When you're fishing and suddenly freeing headachy or have chills, you may have forgotten to bring aspirin along. Maybe you'll go shopping for comfort foods like candy, or canned chicken noodle soup. But before you buy a can of the age-old "feel better" canned soup, read the label - for it may contain more junk than healthy ingredients.

When my husband and I were young, our mothers boiled a big pot of water, tossed in some raw chicken, and forced us to eat their plain tasteless concoction. When we were older, we refused to eat any checken soup. All that changed reeently while planning to o fishing and a friend sent us a new product -- Chicken Oodle Soup -- a Safe Catch brand that comes in a see-thru 13.2 ounce glass jar that serves a hearty portion for two adults, has a long shelf life and is sold at grocers nationwide. It contains Paleo, is Dairy-Free, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, and Whole30 Approved® with no added sugar. Made with organic chicken raised without antibiotics, bone broth, hearts of palm pasta and hearty vegetables - including carrots, onion, Portobella mushrooms, celery. salt and black pepper. It includes 11 grams of protein per jar and is made in the USA.

So when you need a tasty soup, use your portable stove or light a fire and pour a can of Chicken Oodle Soup into a pot and enjoy its aroma and healthy ingredients. From now on, it's our go-to tasty, wholesome soup.

For more information of where to buy check or web site

Adventure High Lumens Lamp & Powerbank by myCharge is a Winner

The Adventure Lamp & Powerbank by myCharge is a winner that's great to have on hand for for fishing when it gets dark and you need a reliable flashing to see what you're doing. It's also perfect when hiking, bicycling, tailgating, or for sending an S.O.S. if an emergency occurs. Or, use it when going into places without electricity, or to recharge your iphone, iPad and a variety of essential equipment needing a power boost.

With 10,000 mAh, the rechargable LED charger, comes with a battery pack, 2 USB ports, 2.4 A Max, the powerful 40 HR running time lamp has 4 light settings, it can be used as a high-powered flashlight, and has 4 settings of brightness. In addition, the 500 lumens LED lamp can be used to increase light anywhere, especially in a tent, and can charge all your devises with 2 built-in ports.

Lightweight and smaller, this Powerbank will fit in your pocket or glove compart and is really handy in a workshiop or anywhere.

Available at and major stores for under $59.95.

Enjoy Easy, Pain-Free Fish Retrieval with the Angler’s Best Livewell Buddy®

Every fisherman knows or quickly learns that retrieving your catch or baitfish from the livewell can be a sticky and painful experience—that is until now. With the Angler’s Best Livewell Buddy, retrieving your catch or baitfish, even the elusive pinfish, is quick, easy and painless. The Livewell Buddy is a flexible, floating net that allows the fish to move freely thru circulated water and easily fits in any standard livewell, or it can easily be attached alongside a boat, canoe or kayak that is not equipped with a livewell to store your catch or your bait fish. It also can be tethered to you when wade fishing. As you fish, simply drop your catch into the Livewell Buddy’s durable silicone net.

Retrieving your entire catch out of the Livewell Buddy is as simple as grabbing the floatation ring and lifting the Livewell Buddy out, along with your full bounty. There is no need to net or handle the fish, which eliminates the dreaded “fish splash” and  “finning” injuries. For culling the smaller fish, the Livewell Buddy is a non-invasive alternative to conventional cull systems. After culling the smaller fish, simply drop the Livewell Buddy back into the water or your livewell.

The new Livewell Buddy is ideal for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, kayak or canoe fishing or anywhere else that fish need to be kept alive in water. It can also double as a bait basket for larger bait fish or hard-to-catch bait fish. It only takes seconds to drop in a livewell, and is ideal for everyone from the tournament fisherman to the weekend warrior. The Livewell Buddy’s floatation ring also allows it to be used in open water while bank fishing, surf fishing or wade fishing.

The multi-purpose Livewell Buddy is currently available at for a suggested retail of $39.99.

Headquartered in Danville, Ala., Angler’s Best is a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art fishing accessories. For additional information on Angler’s Best write to: Angler’s Best , 8237 Danville Road, Danville, AL 35619; call 833-227-7638; or visit

FreezeFrames Cool Eye Wear Solves Puffy, Tired Eyes

No doubt after spending time staring at the camp fire or being outdoors with the sun glaring down, your eyes may be tired and puffy. Now there's a solution in a new product created by a nurse offering a way to alleviate bad eye days. The dual function of FreezeFrames offers stylish wearability and convenient functionality for both men and women who are on the go and involved in outdoor sports. With this product you can stay refreshed on a hot day and/or soothe allergic puffiness. It's even good to revitalize after a long flight and relieve computer, dry eye strain and more.

Alison Read invented the cooling eyewear and her patented Gel-Pad attachments soothe the puffy and tired eyes with gentle cooling compression similar to how a nurse might apply ice to swollen, symptomatic eye areas. Her treatment solution magnetically clicks into place within the freezeFrames casing and they are anatomically engineered to target zone-specific problematic eye areas.

Included in the purchased package is:

One (1) pair stylish sunglasses for everyday wear and is readily available for 'bad eye days"; Four (4) reusable cool therapy gel-pads to go on any of the seven (7) magnetic attachment sites; One (1) Gel-Pad storage freezer pouch, and One (1) thermal travel case gel-lined with pockets built in for the Gel-Pads.

Available for $89.95 exclusively on-line at web site with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

For more information please go to

For more information please go to

Happy Troller Delivers Tantalizing Slow Speeds

Experienced anglers know the importance of matching trolling speed to the target species. For tantalizingly slow lure presentations, the solution has traditionally been to use a trolling or kicker motor—both expensive propositions that don't adapt well to many boat styles.

With Happy Troller® from Davis Instruments, it's easy to dial-in the perfect speed on a sterndrive or outboard-powered vessel to maximize strike potential. And when the rods are stowed, the innovative device adds stability while motoring at cruising speed. Happy Troller is manufactured from anodized marine-grade aluminum for use in fresh or saltwater. Quick to install, it mounts to the anti-cavitation plate with included stainless steel hardware and common household tools.

Using Happy Troller is easy. From inside the boat, the cable is pulled to bring the plate from level to 45° or 90°. It's spring-loaded and locks positively into the desired position. Happy Troller works by deflecting the propeller wash, slowing the boat without straining the engine. Fully down provides the most resistance and lowest speeds. But if wind or current reduce steerage, the middle setting is the perfect solution for increased handling capabilities. Once done fishing and the boat stopped, the cable is pulled again to release the plate. In the level position, Happy Troller stabilizes the vessel, reducing porpoising and cavitation, and maintaining correct bow position.

Davis Instruments Happy Troller is offered in two sizes. The Small model is designed for 20–50 hp engines; the Large is for 50 hp and over. They cost $145.99 and $149.99, respectively.
For more information contact

Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.; or go to web site

SeaSucker's New Large Dry Box To Keep Valuables 100% Safe

If you've ever lost anything valuable overboard after kayaking, canoeing, rafting, paddleboarding or on a party boat, you know how frustrating the loss was. . . and sometimes cannot be replaced. . .. especially your wallet with important things in it.

Finally, I found and tried SeaSucker's new Large Dry Box and it worked just as the company said it would. I placed all my valuables in it and was very happy after opening the box, that it was 100% dry.

Few things spoil a day on the water more than having a cell phone drenched, car keys lost, or eyewear fall and break. With SeaSucker's Large Dry Box, valuable belongings are well-protected from extreme elements, damage and being misplaced. And with the exclusive SeaSucker Vacuum Mount, it can be placed where it's most convenient—without drilling holes and installing it permanently.

SeaSucker's Large Dry Box is sized to accommodate oversized smartphones such as the Samsung S9+ and iPhone XS Max. It measures 7.5" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H. Built in the USA of rugged translucent polymer, contents are easy to see. Two clips keep the lid closed tight, and a gasket seals out water and dust. A tote cord is attached for easy carrying. A video is at SeaSuckerDryBox.
What makes SeaSucker's Dry Box so different from any other box on the market is its unique Vacuum Mount. Not a mere suction cup, it holds an incredible 120 lbs. when attached to any clean, non-porous surface, including textured and curved.

Easy to use, the Vacuum Mount is simply placed in position and the integrated power button pumped until the bright orange indicator disappears. When the color reappears after a few days, a few more pumps keeps the Dry Box securely in place.
Two versions of SeaSucker's Large Dry Box are available, with the Vacuum Mount on the bottom for horizontal installation and on the back, for vertical.

Both cost $77. The box alone without the mount is $28.50.
For more information contact SeaSucker, LLC, 1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203. 941-900-1850.;;;;

NoSweat Sweat Absorbing Disposable Hat Liner

Having sweat pour into your eyes while fishing is most annoying - and dangerous since it blocks your vision. Now, NoSweat has come up with a sweat bsorbing disposable hat liner that promotes healthy skin hygiene, reduces sweat stains, keeps sweat out of eyes, locks-in odor & face oils, and extends the life of headgear.

It has no scent, is thin, soft & lightweight, and is a sweat stopper since it locks in sweat. It provides clear vision, is a fog controller, is breathable and easy to put onto your hat. Just peel it and stick it on. NuSweat's patented design and Dri-Lid technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision. The company's technology permanently locks nd seals all sweat and is comp;letely dry even when it's fully saturated.

Made in the U.S.A. and available from Amazon and sporting goods stores

Body Glide Will Protect Your Skin and More

I tried this new product and it works very well for all kinds of sports activities, including Fishing. It's easy to apply, long lasting, is sweat & water resistant, stops sores and blisters, is never gereasy, never feels wet, and is the official sport lubricant for the USA Triathalon. It will protect your assets from rubbing that causes saddle sores or other irritations from clothing with a dry, invisile, non-greasy barrier. I used it under my arms to prevent my clothing from rubbing and it worked extremely well.

I preferred it over messy, wet creams, gels and powders, and it doesn't contain petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils. It's also effective and longlasting amd great in humid and dry conditions for it keeps pores clog free. Sweat escapes and lets skin breathe. The company says it's also clothing, footware and wetsuit safe.

It's applied before getting dressed to prote t against any rubbing that can cause sores or irritation, and is effective and long lasting. Be sure to use it only externally on intact skin and keep out of the reach of children or in your eyes.

For more information, contact web site This product is available at and most sporting goods stores.

Wicks Means Sweat-Free Vision to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

I've had sweat pouring down my forehead into my eyes countless times, and it sure is difficult to fish under such circumstances. If you're tired of blurred vision or stinging eyes from sweat, try a pair of Wicks. The company has come up with a strip that keeps the sweat from your eyes that can be used while fishing, boating, riding a bike, gardening chores, kayaking or, performing any sports activity or while working. They are great for any physically demanding activity where “Sweat Free Vision” is a must. When sweat drips into your eyes or onto your glasses it blurs your vision and stings your eyes.

After trying to wipe my eyes one crash too many, while mountain biking, the inventor - Joseph Vanderwoort - thought there had to be a better way to keep sweat out of his eyes and s came up with WICKS. Standard Helmet Pads and Head/Sweat Bands just aren’t as effective, functional and simple as Wicks are.

Wicks comes in 10 pair backs for $7.99 and in an assortment of colors. For more information, please check web site

Outdoor Edge’s New Grill-Beam Tongs and Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula Cast a New Light on Grilling

I've tried just about every grill light known to man or woman over the past few years -- and all failed to please me. They were either bulky to hold, wouldn't stay attached to the grill, or fell apart shortly after purchase.

Now I'm a happy griller (even when trying to filet fish in the dark -- for Outdoor Edge, the company that combines functional design with the sharpest steels and hand craftsmanship to create high-quality knives and tools, has made the barbequing season a delight --- with the introduction of its new illuminating Grill-Beam Tongs and Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula combo. These innovative, patented grilling tools are so easy to use and lit up my outdoor barbeque perfectly.

The Grill-Beam BBQ tools integrate powerful, 22-lumen AA LED flashlights in their spring-loaded tong pivots to put the spotlight on your culinary masterpiece. Designed for versatility, both the Grill-Beam Tongs and the Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula feature unique sliding shafts that telescope and lock for the option of a shorter, more controllable 14-5/8 inch tool, or expand to a full 17 inches in length to safely work a flaming grill or campfire. Both Grill-Beam models keep the chef happy and hydrated with a built-in bottle opener. The Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula combo feature an added grill cleaning notch and serrated edge to cut into the meat and check for doneness.

Crafted of sturdy, dishwasher-safe, 304 stainless steel, matched with a heat-resistant Zytel glass/nylon handle, the Grill-Beam tools are built strong enough to lift a heavy roast and will ensure a lifetime of use. A clip mounted at the end of each Grill-Beam makes them easy to close and store away. They are also lightweight, weighing in at only 16.6 oz.

The Grill-Beam Tongs and the Grill-Beam Tong/Spatula have suggested retail prices of $35.95 and $39.95, respectively. The Grill-Beams are available at retailers nationwide as well as conveniently online at For more information on the BBQ sets visit the website or an Outdoor Edge retailer.

About Outdoor Edge: Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Denver, Outdoor Edge is a leading designer and manufacturer of knives and tools. Today, Outdoor Edge continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art products—not only for outdoor enthusiasts and game processors—but everyday carry tools for survivalists, handymen and others who require the very best knives available for their leisure, work and everyday carry needs. The company prides itself in offering a variety of products that undergo extensive field-testing in harsh, rugged environments resulting in durable, long-lasting products that come with a lifetime guarantee. For additional information on Outdoor Edge and its full line of products, write to: Outdoor Edge, 5000 Osage Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80221; call toll-free (800) 447-3343; email; or visit

NapAnywhere - The Neck Pillow 'Reimagined.'

Sitting on a bucket hour after hour while trying to get a fish to bite can be tiring, and can make you sleepy. I was glad I had my NapAnywhere pillow along, because - after taking a few minutes at home reading the instructions on how to adjust it - I simply took it out from its flat bag, relaxed, and was glad it supported my head in the position I chose. And, in case I fell asleep, I didn't have to worry about it falling into the water - because it comes with an adjustable strap similar to a seatbelt configuration. Ah, finally a nice thin neck pillow that is adjustable and fits nicely into my backpack, fishing gear bag, and more. And, it comes with a 100% manufacturer warranty and 100% guarantee return policy.

Available in crimson, black cobalt and lime, besides the strap, it includes a nice carrying case and step-by-step illustrated instructions. It's sold in numerous stores, but the least expensive price I've found is direct from the company at $49 plus free shipping.

For more information, check web site

GermBlock Products Will Help Keep You Safe

If you touch something that someone else has handled, you are possibly leaving yourself open to germs, that can lead to serious infections - especially if you get scratches or cut. But don't worry, there's lots you can do to protect yourself. Germ Block makes antimicrobial Nanotechnology against bacteria - whether you're enjoying archery or traveling.

The company's hand Sanitizer Lotion is alcohol-free, won't chap or dry hands, provides protection for 3-4 hours and is non-flamable. Germ Bloc's Antimicrobial keeps high-touch areas clean (like bathrooms, water fountains, etc.) clean and bacteria-free, is non-toxic when dry and EPA-approved to provide 90 day protection against bacteria on treated surfaces.

Everthing is packaged in compact sizes, great for your pocket or sports case - and GermBloc's Hand Sanitizer Lotion and Foam is in a non-greasy formula that leaves hands soft and germ-free with protection for 3 to 4 hours. It is also alcohol-free, non-fammable, with 7 moisturizers, 2 vitamins and 6 botanical extracts and antioxidants plus it's made with 98% natural ingredients.

The company's other useful products include Hand & Skin Cream that will repair your hard working hands with its 4 moisturizers, 4 antioxidants, 4 vitamins and 6 botanical extracts --- Hand Repair Creams -- Laundry Rinse - great for creating a germ-free barrier on your clothes; UltraHand Soap, and much more.

For more information on GermBloc products, check web site or e-mail at The address is WillSpeed Technology, 2121 East Plaza Loop, Nampa, ID 83687

Trekking's Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towels

No matter where you're going or what you're doing, pack up one or more of Trekking's Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towels. It's great whether you're sweating or drying off -- and especially useful if you're involved in archery, boating, fishing, picniking, camping, hiking, shooting and more.

I tried the large 58” x 34” towel that weighs under 6 oz and packs into very small spaces. It’s large enough to wear as a sarong or wrap, and perfect for swimming or bathing! It makes an instant shawl for sun protection, and a wonderful travel blanket for the plane, car or train. I even tried it to cover my legs while paddling my kayak! For the serious backpacker, the 3 oz. half-size 34” x 28” towel is just right. Either size dries so fast, you won’t think you even had it wet. For traveling minimalists, there’s an even smaller version weighing about 1.3 oz and about 19" square. Use it as a towel, neckerchief or headgear. The Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel dries faster than any other towel on the market. Unlike microfiber towels that can take time to dry, the Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel dries quickly and is ready to use again in no time! They also offer odor resistance due to Silver antimicrobial technology, and stays clean and fresher between washings.

The Extreme Ultralite Backpacking & Travel Towel comes in vibrant patterns and colors that won’t fade. These towels range from $14.95 to $59.95.

For more information, please visit or contact Chicblvd Inc 2, 820 Los Vallecitos Ste A-C, San Marcos, CA 92069 United States

The Fish-Well Protects Hands and Keeps Fish Fresh

I almost gave up trying to come up with a good way to keep fish fresh when fishing at a dock or pier, or from my kayak. Thanks to Today's Tackle, I found the perfect helpful product that works 100%. Called the Fish-Well, I got the large 9" diameter one that's perfect for winter fishing. Instead of tossing your freshly caught fish outside in freezing temperatures or trying to filet frozen or slimy fish, just put them in the Fish-Well. All that you need is an extra drilled hole and then simply lower the Fish-Well so it floats and you can easily insert the fish through the large opening on top. When ready to take the fish out, a well-made zipper opens the length of the Fish-Well and just shake them out.

For summer fishing, the Fish-Well collapses for easy storage and is great for fly-ins or your backpack. Made of durable ventilated mesh, it keeps live bait fresh, is great for summer fishing from a deck, canoe, kayak, or wader fishing or from shore. Or, if you're not having luck catching fish, use it for cooling your favorite beverage.

The carry handle makes it easy to handle and the nylon coated mesh bag is easily rinsed to wash away slime and scales. Simply hang it up to dry. The bag floats great and won't create a drag if you're in your kayak because it's maximum floatation closed-cell foam keeps the bag afloat while the Velcro closure secures your catch. The 9" diameter fits nicely in a 10" hole, and I've found that the 18" depth. Fish can't pull the bag down a fishing hole when you're on the ice.

For more information, contact Today's Tackle at

Seth McGinn’s Introduces the Plank Foldable Cutting Boards

I found the perfect answer when fishing, catching big ones and trying to clean the fish -- with the new Plank Foldable Cutting Board. I tried two Plank Folding Cutting Boards (they come in three sizes - 8 x 16", 9 x 19" and 16 x 32") and are only .225-inch thick. The cutting boards are excellent quality and are perfect not only for cleaning fish, but useful for all types of cutting chores. Best of all, they're made from recycled materials in the U.S., are odor-free and stain-resistant, fold to about a quarter of their original width, and are designed with unique no-pinch hinges. Folding to a quarter of their useable size, they're easily stored in a tiny space, are functional, lightweight and, best of all, unbreakable. I used mine for a variety of chores besides cleaning fish -- for slicing brisket and steak -- and surprisingly - when I ran out of counter space in my kitchen, I simply opened the Plank Foldable Cutting Boards and gained extra needed space. They wash easily and look as good as new each time used.

The ability of the Plank to fold, which makes it perfect to use and store in your boat, camper or tent, also makes it perfect to take along on trips. Whether you are hiking, fishing, tailgating or embarking on another kind of adventure, the Plank travels easily. And should your Plank go overboard if you're fishing from a boat, there’s no reason to fret because it floats.

The 9X19-inch Plank, for instance, folds to 9X4.85 inches with a thickness of 0.9 inches and weighs just 20 ounces for easy transport and storage. The Plank is available at retailers nationwide tfor $17.99, $24.99 and $49.99 respectively.

No home or adventure should be without a Seth McGinn’s Plank. Be sure to stop by your local retailer and get one today.

Headquartered in Fremont, NE, Seth McGinn’s originally introduced his CanCooker in 2009. This unique outdoor cooking device allows you to cook a lot of food without a lot of work. Seth McGinn’s has now expanded his food preparation product line with the introduction of the Plank.

For additional information, write to Seth McGinn’s, 925 West 6th St., Fremont, NE 68025; call toll-free 877-844-2772; or visit Visit on Facebook

Coghlans All Weather Wallet

Have you ever had your fishing license fall into the water? Tired of having water splash on your driver's & fishing license or other valuables? Then purchase Coghlans All Weather Waterproof Wallet that's only 4.5" x 6.25" and provides waterproof protection for hunting/fishing licenses, permits/receipts, money & other valuables. Its PVC construction with zip lock closure is a sure way to safeguard your important papers

For more information contact Coghlans at web site

Joby's Convertible Neck Strap Helps Safeguard Your Camera

JOBY recently launched two new products – Pro Sling Strap and Convertible Neck Strap. New to the Pro Series, the Pro Sling Strap is designed with a SpeedCinch pulley system, which allows photographers to quickly secure their DSLR camera to their needs. The Convertible Neck Strap is a 2-in-1 strap, which goes from a neck strap to a wrist strap.

Made of high-quality weave from France, the Convertible Neck Strap has quick-release buckles and an always-on wrist strap.

For more information contact Joby at;;;; or

Unburn Sunburn Relief

If you're like me, you can spend hours trying to catch a nice fish for dinner - but, you didn't realize that while fishing, the sun was burning your skin -- is, until you got home and felt as though your skin was on fire.

Unburn is a topical water based gel for fast sunburn relief that actually draws the heat out of the burn to cool the skin. Unlike standard aloe vera gel that seals in the heat from a burn and cool, Unburn removes the heat for fast healing and relief. It's a great product to have on hand for archers, hikers, or anyone spending a good amount of time outdoors.

• The gel controls cooling by acting as a heat exchanger
• The gel promotes heat transfer through the gel into the air
• As the sunburn-affected area’s skin temperature drops, convection decreases heat until the burned area and gel are equal in temperature
Formulated with 2.5% Lidocaine, Unburn gives you quick pain relief in addition to Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe the skin and prevent peeling.

Unburn is available available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. bottles and available at Walmart, and other stores nationwide. An 8 oz bottle of Unburn is family-sized, good for vacations, barbecues, and camping trips and sells for $11.99.

Browning's New Fireside Chair

When you have time free from the demands of work, want to rest, enjoy hobbies or sports,sit around the campfire, or are eagerly waiting for a big fish to take your hook, the Fireside is going to be a comfortable place for you to escape to. The sturdy design will be reliable time and time again. It is offered in mesh so you can get air flow on hot, humid days. The chair has a powder coated steel frame and holds up to 300 pounds. The chair folds up compactly and slides into the included shoulder carry bag which makes it easy to bring with you to all of your events.


• Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Frame
• Cool Reinforced Mesh Center
• Compact Foldable Design
• Cup Holder
• 7" x 45" Carry Bag Included!
Seat Dimensions: 27" wide x 16" deep x 38" high
Fabrics: 600D/Mesh
Total Weight: 13 lbs.
Capacity: 300 lbs.
Seat Height Front/Back: 20"F/16"B
Fabric - Seat Width: 22"
Fabric - Seat Depth: 16"
Frame - Seat Width: 22"
Frame - Seat Depth: 16"
Back Height: 38"
Total Width Back/Arms: 27" A
SKU#: Gold SKU# 8507014
Pink SKU# 8517914

Available for $69.99 at sporting goods stores or on-line. For more information contact Browning Camping, 1 White Pine, New Haven, MO 63068; 877-459-2825.

Armpocket Sport 20

Engineered by runners, for runners, Armpocket - developer of eco-friendly, hands-free carrying systems - has introduced the SPORT 20. It is the ideal solution when you demand a sweat/water-resistant, ultra-comfortable, no bounce and no-slip carrying device for your iPhone, iPod, music player, cell phone, ID, keys and energy gels. It's also great for the gym, school, shopping or travelling or anytime you need a hands-free, secure carrying solution.

It has 20 cubic inches storage capacity; is water-resistant, made from recycled plastic bottles (PET fabric) and soft natural bamboo. It is comfortable - a vented arm-strap made with moisture-wicking bamboo for comfortable, extended wear, and is patented ergonomic design with memory foam back-padding that contours to the arm's naural contours. It also has high-visibility reflective piping for added safety; a Flexi-Lock audio port, allowing for the perfect length for ear-bud wires and resists disconnect during activity.

The Armpocket Sport 20 is available in two styles, in two strap sizes and in eight vibrant colors. The Touch-through Screen for Phone, iPod, touch-sensitive mart phones allows easy device operation when on the move ($34.95) and the Front Pocket with magnetic closure allows for quick access to essentials ($26.95). The strap sizes are Medium for arm size 10-15 inches; the Small will fit arm size 8-11 inches. Colors include Fluorescent Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Khaki, Navy Blue, Pink and Black.

About the company - Armpocket: Armpocket Enterprises, LLC, is the indusry leader in engineering and delivering innovative, high-quality and eco-friendly hands-free carrying solutions. Armpocket products are sold in select college stores, running stores, and online at

For more information, please go to Armpocket Enterprises, LLC,, 3624 Alcantara Avenue, Miami, FL 33178 or call 1-877-276-7628.

Chaheati All-Season Heated Chair

I tried the new Chaheati Heated Chair and found that it not only works during cold weather when you may be out in the field, but in any season, especially since it helped my backache! And for sitting hour after hour while fishing, it can't be beat!

Similar to many of the lightweight, collapsible canvas chairs owned by milions nationwide, what sets the Chaheati apart is the cordless carbon fiber non-wire heating elements throughout the chair. The patent pending technlogy of the Chaheati offers four temperature settings ranging from 98 up to 145F and rapidly heats up in less than 20 seconds. Ideal for use in a variety of settings, including camping, tailgating, hunting, cool weather sporting events and practices, and more.

The Chaheati's safe low-voltage heating technology sports digital circuit protection. The high efficiency, lithium-in rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of heat per charge and lasts for over 500 uses. The warmth of the soft, flexible ultra-thin heating element in the chair can eve help relieve light and aching muscles and joints. Chaheati's heating system is optimally positioned to produce a comfortable even heat across the entire back, buttocks and the back of the thighs.

It is a sturdy chair desiged for comfort and durability. The fabric is rugged and comfortable and is desiged to be fire and water-resistant. The seat is oversized and can accommodate any body type up to 280 lbs. Its dimensions are 23.6" wide x 23.6" deep x 36.21 high. An AC car adapter charger is sold separately.

The inventor of the Chaheati is Kyle Smith with his wife ReAnna. Kyle notes that the idea for the Chaheati came about "On a cold night in front of a bonfire when we were all warm and toasty on the front of our bodies and a block of ice on our backsides. I was watching my frustraed wife repeatedly sit, stand and turn like a turkey on a rotisserie to warm up. I thought she needed a heated chair. After researching the market and not finding one, we decided to create one -- and the Chaheati is the result."

I can truthfully say that after trying and using this chair repeatedly, I've often used it indoors for the help it does for my aching back!

Available for $89.99 on-line or from the company at web site

Pick-of-Life Ice Awls

This product is a self rescue ice awl for anyone venturing out onto the ice - or for saving someone else's life if the ice breaks and they fall in! The Picks provide solid hand holds enabling a victim to climb out of a hole in the ice. The patented design features retractable pick covers and unsinkable materials. An extra long lanyard (6' long) now includes GloCord, a reflective cord which is highly visible in low-light situations. The light from a flashlight will reflect strongly when the beam hits the GloCord. Along with this product you'll find an ice Safety Guide. This product is a MUST for rescue professionals, snowmobilers, ice skaters, ice anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. I tried it out on the ice to see if the spikes would work and it was outstanding. Also, I threated the long cord through my jacket so it would always be available, just-in-case. What I especially liked was that the spikes are hidden until used - so it can't rip clothing or cut into your skin.

Made of ABS plastic and foam-filled, it is unsinkable and indestructible.

Available from Angel-GUARD Products, Inc., 70 James Street, Worcester, MA; 800-325-4832 for $14.95 plus shipping.

Frabill's Multi-Tool W/Lanyard

The Multi-Tool consists of a Clipper Tool, Eye buster for jig eyes, short knife blade, PVC dip and is made of Stainless Steel so you don't have to worry about this product rusting. Use the lanyard to hang it around your neck so it's handy while you're fishing. For details contact Frabill Inc., N173W21121 Northwest Passage, P.O. Box 449, Jackson, WI 53037 or call 1-800-558-1005.

Be Safe & Stay Healthy With Camp Casey ™ Sanitizing Hand Towels And Spray

Kill 99.99% of Germs And Bacteria That Can Spread Diseases. Camp Casey ™ Sanitizing Hand Towels and Spray are the perfect take-along items for archers, campers, hunters, travelers, or anyone who spends time in the outdoors where soap and water may not be readily available. The convenient 8” x 5” hand towels come sealed in individual packets so they never dry out. The sanitizer kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria.

The 2-ounce spray contains the same formula as the towels. The sanitizer dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue or odor. The towels and spray work great for removing dirt, lead, grease, and bacteria. Camp Casey Sanitizing products are a must for anyone who needs a quick and easy clean up. The 25 pack of the hand towels has a suggested retail price of $7.10 and the spray bottle $5.30.

For more information, consumers can log onto the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7900 Fuller Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2195 or call 800.328.6156 x7933.

The Travel Toilet comes in mighty handy when you have the urge to go -- and there aren't any trees or cover around

I've found The Travel Toilet indispenable when Mother Nature called and there weren't any bathrooms around. The Travel Toilet comes fully assembled, Made to standard toilet seat dimensions, it feels very comfortable when sitting; it's sturdy construction using a polypropylene seat and stainless teel legs security handles any size or weight; and its broad base design helps avoid tipping. It comes with a retractable stainless steel toilet paper holder and sets up in seconds for when Mother Nature oudly calls your name!

In addition, it comes with a carrying bag for easy transportatin, weighs only 5.8 lbs., folds flat to 2-3/4" high for easy storage. Overall dimensions are 24" x 16" x 2-3/4" and it's designed to use standard size disposable bio bags with 8 included free. The Travel Toilet is perfect for any outdoor activity and is available in Black or White and has a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information, go to web site


Compact and Reliable Box Anchor

When perfectly positioned to land a prize catch, anglers need a dependable anchor.  That's why they trust Slide Anchor's Box Anchor to hold tight in any water depth, bottom conditions or severe weather.

With no chain and weighing only 13 lbs., the Box Anchor won't load down small boats, so anglers can quickly get to the fish. Using only half the usual anchor line, the Box Anchor's fixed scoop design and narrow side panels quickly set it like a cookie cutter in sand, mud, grass or rock.

Its narrow side panels also eliminate upward resistance for easy retrieval. Should wind or current change, the Box Anchor rolls over and resets in seconds. A stainless steel stabilizing arm and spring make it easy to lock open.  The Box Anchor collapses flat for compact storage.

This unique anchor comes in four models, each with a storage bag. A 13-lb. "Baby" is perfect for bass boats and costs $109.95.  The 20-lb. "Small" retails for $129.95 to hold sport boats 18'-30' or cabin cruisers to 24', while the 25-lb. "Large" is for sport boats to 40' and cabin cruisers to 32' and costs $159.95. The 38-lb. "Ex-Large" holds houseboats and cruisers over 32' and is $229.95. A list of Slide Anchor retail outlets is available at

For more information contact Slide Anchor, 1751 Industrial Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403. 928-855-1108; Fax 928-855-1918.;



American Sportfishing Association (ASA)

-- is the sportfishing industry’s trade association committed to representing the interests of the entire sportfishing community. We give the industry a unified voice, speaking out on behalf of sportfishing and boating industries, state and federal natural resource agencies, conservation organizations, angler advocacy groups and outdoor journalists when emerging laws and policies could significantly affect sportfishing business or sportfishing itself. ASA invests in long-term ventures to ensure the industry will remain strong and prosperous, as well as safeguard and promote the enduring social, economic and conservation values of sportfishing in America. ASA also gives America's 60 million anglers a voice in policy decisions that affect their ability to sustainably fish on our nation's waterways through KeepAmericaFishing™, our angler advocacy campaign. America’s anglers generate over $48 billion in retail sales with a $115 billion impact on the nation’s economy creating employment for more than 828,000 people.

International Game Fish Association

300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, Florida 33004 USA • Phone (954) 927-2628
Fax (954) 924-4299 • Email: • Website:

Mossy Oak Fishing Invests in Conservation by Partnering with Coastal Conservation Association (CCA)

Mossy Oak Fishing is proud to announce a recent investment into coastal conservation by becoming a sponsor of the Coastal Conservation Association's national website.

Two organizations, both inspired to leave a lasting legacy of conservation, will now work together to support aquatic wildlife and their habitat. CCA is committed to ensuring the health and conservation of marine resources and anglers' access to them. Combining the CCA mission with Mossy Oak's mission to help people live their best life outdoors is the epitome of an effective partnership that will benefit the wildlife and the anglers.

"Through our journey as a company and my journey as an outdoorsman, we have always made the health of wildlife and their habitat the highest priorities in the lifestyle we live at Mossy Oak," said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. "We spend far more time and effort giving back to creation than we do taking from it. That's what conservation is all about and that's what the CCA is all about."

As part of the partnership, Mossy Oak Fishing is also contributing to the Building Conservation Trust to provide vital funding to local, state and national fisheries, habitat conservation and restoration projects that achieve one or more of five key objectives: Restore degraded habitats; Create new habitats; Advance the science of coastal habitat and marine fisheries conservation; Foster habitat stewardship; and Educate coastal communities of the value of conservation.

Mossy Oak launched its first fishing pattern, Elements Agua, at the ICAST show in July 2017. Since then, Elements Agua has been named the official pattern of B.A.S.S., eMajor League Fishing, and the Bass Pro Collegiate Bass Fishing Series. In addition, Mossy Oak Fishing is the title sponsor of the Bassmaster High School Tournament Series.  In conjunction with the launch of Elements Agua, the Mossy Oak Fishing Team has continued to grow since the additions of Kevin VanDam (Team Leader), Jordan Lee, Ott DeFoe, Greg Hackney, Brandon Palaniuk, Bill Lowen, Gerald Swindle and Matt Lee.

To learn more about Mossy Oak, visit and to enjoy some of the latest outdoor and hunting-related content, download Mossy Oak GO at

FishAmerica Foundation & Brunswick Public Foundation

FishAmerica Foundation and Brunswick Public Foundation Team Up to Enhance Water Quality and Improve Recreational Fishing

Through an ongoing partnership between the sportfishing habitat conservation and research foundation, the FishAmerica Foundation, and the Brunswick Public Foundation, $61,000 was awarded to four grassroots projects to enhance water quality and improve fisheries resources in local communities in Minnesota, Indiana, Florida and Wisconsin.

“Each of these projects directly helps to achieve the dual goals of enhancing the country’s water resources for recreational use by the public while engaging local citizens in states and communities where Brunswick facilities are located,” said, Kevin Grodzki, spokesperson for the Brunswick Public Foundation. “Our decades-long partnership with the FishAmerica Foundation is testimony that businesses, anglers and natural resource agencies can form successful partnerships to help ensure recreational fishing’s future.”

These projects have the endorsement of the state’s natural resources agency to ensure their technical efficacy as well as to ensure that they meet the resource management and water quality goals of those states. Each project relies on substantial volunteer labor and additional support from local groups concerned with restoring and enhancing environmental conditions that can support healthy sportfish populations while providing the public access to fishing opportunities.

“FishAmerica’s support for these projects is helping to leverage more than $190,000 in matching dollars provided by the four projects,” said Glenn Hughes, president of the American Sportfishing Association, FAF’s parent organization. “Brunswick’s investment is being leveraged four to one in addition to the countless volunteer hours that will be provided by these grassroots projects.”

Projects supported during this funding cycle are:

The University of Florida Foundation/Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine, Fla. will work to restore large scale native clam populations in the Indian River Lagoon to enhance water quality and habitat through the natural capacity of clams to filter large volumes of water.

The Great River Greening project in, St. Paul, Minn. seeks to restore shorelines to improve critical fish habitat, improve water quality and increase aquatic habitat through the installation of floating treatment wetlands in this very popular public urban fishing pond within Hallett’s Pond Natural Area in Saint Peter, Minn.

The Clearwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited, in Eau Claire, Wis. will restore a section of Hay Creek, a designated brook trout reserve, with four miles of public access/fishing easements, by reshaping, re-sloping, and stabilizing stream banks, supplemented with the addition of in-stream hydraulic and fish habitat structures.

The Indiana Bass Federation, New Albany, Ind., working in conjunction with the Indiana DNR, will place artificial habitat structures and re-stock largemouth bass at the 2,060-acre Cecil M. Harden Reservoir and at Indiana’s largest reservoir (10,750 acres) Monroe Lake.

The FishAmerica Foundation is the American Sportfishing Association’s conservation and research foundation. We unite the sportfishing industry with conservation groups, government natural resource agencies, corporations and foundations to invest in sportfish and habitat conservation and research across the country. Since 1983, the FishAmerica Foundation has awarded $12.1 million to 1,007 projects in all fifty states and Canada to enhance fish populations, restore fishery habitats, improve water quality and advance fishery research to improve sportfishing opportunities and help ensure recreational fishing’s future. 

Established in 1997, the Brunswick Public Foundation is a not-for-profit Corporation that supports community development primarily through contributions to local United Way Chapters and health and wellness organizations. In addition, the Foundation supports organizations that enhance the country’s water resources for the recreational use by the public.

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is the sportfishing industry's trade association committed to representing the interests of the sportfishing and boating industries as well as the entire sportfishing community. We give the industry and anglers a unified voice when emerging laws and policies could significantly affect sportfishing business or sportfishing itself. ASA invests in long-term ventures to ensure the industry will remain strong and prosperous, as well as safeguard and promote the enduring economic, conservation and social values of sportfishing in America. ASA also gives America's 49 million anglers a voice in policy decisions that affect their ability to sustainably fish on our nation's waterways through <>Keep America Fishing, our national angler advocacy campaign. America's anglers generate nearly $50 billion in retail sales with a $125 billion impact on the nation's economy creating employment for 800,000 people.

The Internatioinal Game Fish Association (IGFA)

The International Game Fish Association Announces 80th Anniversary Initiatives

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has announced five new initiatives designed to strengthen its stature as one of the world’s leading conservation-based recreational angling organizations in advance of its 80th anniversary next year.

The IGFA was founded 79 years ago today by Michael Lerner, Dr. William K. Gregory, Francesca LaMonte and Van Campen Heilner during a meeting at the American Museum of Natural History on June 7, 1939. Prior to the establishment of IGFA, there was no universally-accepted code of ethics or a set of international rules to govern recreational angling.

“As the dawn breaks on our 80th year, we have the opportunity to transform and modernize the IGFA to better deliver on our vision and mission,” said IGFA President Nehl Horton during an official visit to the Japan Game Fish Association (JGFA) offices in Tokyo. “Each of these initiatives is focused on maintaining a sustainable balance between game fish conservation and recreational angling as envisioned in our original motto from 1939, ‘For ethical angling and productive science’.” 

The new initiatives include:

Strengthening and expanding the international network of IGFA representatives, clubs, captains and members to increase IGFA’s presence and relevance in angling communities around the world.

Establishing International Game Fish Angling Day (IGFA Day) on June 7, 2019, as a platform to reach new anglers, educate them about ethical angling practices and activate them as ambassadors for the sport and advocates for game fish conservation.

Teaching 100,000 kids to fish in locations around the globe to help build a new generation of educated, ethical and accomplished anglers.

Launching three major signature research initiatives – two of them focused on fresh water science – to better deliver on our commitment to game fish conservation.

Re-establishing the IGFA as a leader in recreational angling competitions focused on outstanding angler achievement, not cash prizes.

Horton said the association would provide further details on each of the new initiatives as they launch over the coming weeks and months, culminating in the first celebration of IGFA Day on June 7, 2019.

About the IGFA
Founded in 1939, <>The International Game Fish Association is a nonprofit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making, record keeping and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of angling. The IGFA also maintains world records in freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing and junior angler categories. The IGFA has members in more than 100 countries.


Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Teams with First Lite to Fund Hunting's Future

Via an innovative new initiative that lets sportsmen designate the beneficiary of their conservation donations, First Lite is raising awareness of groups such as Backcountry Hunters & Anglers all while making supporting conservation as easy as ordering outdoor gear.

First Lite's "Round up for Conservation" program gives its customers the option not just of making donations to conservation via gear purchases but of selecting the recipient from a menu of national sportsmen's groups that share First Lite's commitment to sustaining and enhancing the lands, waters and outdoor opportunities enjoyed by American sportsmen.

The desire "to do more" drove the decision by First Lite founders and owners Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson to launch the initiative, which they hope will provide a blueprint for other gear manufacturers whose business depends on the responsible management of public lands and waters. "Part of the First Lite lifestyle is enjoying the outdoors and spending time in the immense public lands that surround Ketchum, Idaho," where the company is based, said Robinson. "Through this simple platform, we hope to establish the link between purchasing gear and making a donation towards protecting, preserving and improving the places and resources we love."

Outdoor recreation is a significant contributor to the U.S. economy, annually generating $646 billion in consumer spending and 6.1 million jobs. Particularly in the American West, this economic engine is inextricably tied to public lands and waters, with close to three-quarters of Western sportsmen depending on public lands for access to hunting.

"Historically, American sportsmen have led the way in funding conservation," said BHA Executive Director Land Tawney. "In the 1880s, Theodore Roosevelt and his compadres established the Boone & Crockett Club, spurring a conservation ethic that is an essential part of the American fabric. And by buying hunting and fishing licenses and paying excise taxes on purchases such as firearms, ammo and tackle, sportsmen and women continually put their money where their mouth is.

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is the sportsmen's voice for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife
For more information contact Backcountry Hunters & Anglers | PO Box 9257 | Missoula | MT | 59807


Partners with U.S. Department of Justice and Boys and Girls Clubs to Teach Angling to At-risk Youth

The Future Fisherman Foundation is taking dramatic steps to grow angling participation through a unique new partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Boys and Girls Clubs located throughout the United States. (Web site The Future Fisherman Foundation is the fishing recruitment and education arm of the American Sportfishing Association, the sportfishing industry’s trade association (web site

Under its agreement with DOJ, the foundation will train local law enforcement and local Boys and Girls Clubs leaders from across the country to work in tandem to teach angling skills to young people in participating Boys and Girls Clubs. Participating clubs will use the foundation’s Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs® (HOFNOD) fishing education curriculum, giving each participant dozens of hours of in-depth fishing skills development through hands on fishing expeditions.

With a 20 year track record of success, the award-winning HOFNOD curriculum marries angling skills development with teaching good life choices to young people. Participating communities will use local law enforcement officers to mentor youths using angling as the conduit to foster healthy relationships with their peers, family members and other adults.

This new program is good news to many manufacturers and retailers who are concerned about declining participation among youth. The effort is funded primarily by sources outside the sportfishing industry, therefore reaching a community not traditionally touched by fishing education while not competing with other existing angling recruitment efforts.

The clubs selected for the pilot year of the Future Fisherman Foundation’s grant program for 2007 are: Boys & Girls Clubs of the South Bay, Harbor City, CA; Boys & Girls Club of Pomona Valley, Pomona, CA; East Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club, Los Angeles, CA; Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Silver Spring, MD; Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities, St. Paul, MN; Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi, Jackson, MS; Boys & Girls Clubs of Sanford Lee Co., Sanford, NC; Boys & Girls Clubs of the Three Affiliated Tribes, New Town, ND; Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV; and Boys & Girls Clubs of Green Country, Pryor, OK.

Members of the sportfishing community are encouraged to get involved in this program. For ways you can become involved, contact Anne Danielski, Future Fisherman Foundation National Programs coordinator, at (703) 519-9691, x254, or e-mail to You can also check web site

The Future Fisherman Foundation is the fishing recruitment and education arm of the American Sportfishing Association, the sportfishing industry’s trade association. The Future Fisherman Foundation unites the sportfishing industry with a nationwide network of state outdoor educators, national conservation groups, and youth organizations, offering a variety of fishing and boating programs, equipment, and services to community groups and schools across the country. These efforts help people of all ages have safe and enjoyable fishing experiences that foster conservation ethics.

International Game Fish Association

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Fishing Hall of Fame honored its 2017 inductees at a ceremony held on October 28, 2017, the first event of its kind to be hosted at its all-new home within Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, located next to Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.

The IGFA Hall of Fame relocated from its global headquarters in Dania Beach, Florida to Wonders of Wildlife thanks to a generous gift from Johnny Morris to reach a broader audience as part of the new world-class conservation attraction. The IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame recognizes extraordinary achievements in recreational fishing around the world by anglers, captains, scientists, conservationists, writers, or fishing industry leaders representing more than 100 countries. Visitors can explore interactive exhibits, personal artifacts and masterfully recreated world-record fish mounts from both freshwater and saltwater species.

The 19th annual IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame ceremony featured remarks from IGFA Chairman Charles W. Duncan III, IGFA President Nehl Horton and noted conservationist and Bass Pro Shops Founder/CEO Johnny Morris, himself an IGFA Trustee Emeritus and a member of the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. IGFA Trustee Andy Mill served as Master of Ceremonies as the Class of 2017 inductees shared their appreciation and passion for recreational angling with those in attendance.

About Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium
Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium consists of an all-new 1.5-million-gallon aquarium adventure showcasing 35,000 live fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds, and immersive wildlife galleries that bring visitors eye-to-eye with the greatest collection of record-setting game animals ever assembled. Created by noted conservationist and Bass Pro Shops founder/CEO Johnny Morris, the 350,000-square-foot experience celebrates people who hunt, fish, and act as stewards of the land and water. Located next to Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri the campus is a centerpiece of America’s Conservation Capital in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. For more information, visit

About the IGFA
Founded in 1939, the IGFA is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices, through science, education, rule making, record keeping and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of angling. The IGFA also maintains worldwide game fish records in freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing and junior angler categories. IGFA members are located in over 100 countries.

To learn more about the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame, its members, or to submit a nomination, please visit the IGFA website,


Located at 1201 Route 37 East, Suite 9, Toms River, NJ 08753; Web site

The Jersey Coast Anglers Association (JCAA) is an association of more than 75 saltwater fishing clubs that represents the position of marine sport anglers, champions their causes and protects their rights in matters pertaining to fishing, fisheries, and environmental quality. In doing so, JCAA often works in concert with major environmental organizations and other influential associations of sports clubs. A non-profit organization, it was formed in 1981, with the original objective to combine a loose fragmented group of marine sportfishing clubs in order to form and promote a united consensus on issues relevant to saltwater anglers in New Jersey. The mission of the Association has remained unchanged, but is now expanding with the goal of joining force with organizations having similar objectives in states along the East Coast. While the Association is a relatively young organization it has emerged as the most effective organization of its kind on the East Coast.


One of the most important accomplishments of the Association has been to establish itself as a respected advisory voice in Trenton and Washington. In this capacity the Association can provide effective and evenhanded fisheries management policies and proposals on behalf of recreational anglers. These activities include appointments to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, NJ Fisheries Information Development Council and the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council.  We have members on various state and federal advisory boards and panels. These include the Governor’s Task Force to reduce Mercury in the Environment and all three of the state’s EPA Estuary Programs.   These positions involve development and advising in the development of fisheries management plans for and environmental protection at the state and federal jurisdictions.

The Associations Youth Education Committee is widely recognized for its commitment to tomorrow's anglers. The programs promoted by this committee serve to nurture interest in fishing and provide the additional benefit of solidifying the family in the sport of fishing by introducing young people to fishing as an alternative to gangs, drugs, and violence. The Youth committee has developed a number of programs designed for different learning environments.

A public school program based on 'Pathways to Fishing' and 'Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs' themes was designed to teach the teacher, thereby providing a self-renewing program. A special program for Charles Brisbane Child Rehabilitation Center for kids trying to recover from the ravages of substance abuse. Committee members have assisted Rutgers University in developing a fishing curriculum to teach basic fishing techniques and respect of the marine environment. These materials are made available to schools and civic organizations to teach kids the wholesome outdoor sport of fishing.

 The Association is proud to be a cosponsor of the Annual New Jersey Governor's Cup Fishing Tournament. This event provides a day of family oriented fishing fun combined with the youth educational seminars mentioned above. Monies generated go toward funding projects to improve access and enhance fishing opportunities for the general public. An example of the benefits from this program is the Handicapped access project at Island Beach State Park. The initial phase of this project provided special wheelchairs that allow handicapped individuals with the ability to navigate the sand so they too can enjoy a day at the beach. The second phase included extended access ramps from parking areas to the waters edge, further expanding access for the handicapped.


The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has launched the first phase of a 5-year plan to increase awareness of fishing and boating among Hispanics, and engage the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population in these activities. Starting with a new Spanish-language microsite,, and targeted advertising, the campaign aims to motivate the Hispanic audience to partake in the joys of fishing and boating. 

RBFF is encouraging its stakeholders, which include the boating and fishing industries, state and federal natural resource agencies and non-governmental organizations with a vested interest in growing boating, fishing and aquatic resource conservation, to utilize the campaign learnings and assets in their own outreach to Hispanics. RBFF has created resources for stakeholders including key research, a photo library, TV and radio public service announcements (PSAs), and Spanish-language how-to videos.

More information about Vamos a Pescar and all of RBFF’s programs and products is available at 

About The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF)

RBFF is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase participation in recreational angling and boating, thereby protecting and restoring the nation’s aquatic natural resources. RBFF developed the award-winning Take Me Fishing™ campaign to create awareness around boating, fishing and conservation, and educate people about the benefits of participation. Take Me Fishing helps boaters and anglers of all ages and experience levels learn, plan and equip for a day on the water. The campaign's general market website,, and the Hispanic market website,, feature tips and how-to’s that can be used all over the country, tools to compare different styles of boats, information on how to get a fishing license and boat registration, and interactive state-by-state maps that allows visitors to find local boating and fishing spots.

RBFF • 500 Montgomery Street • Suite 300 • Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone (703) 519-0013 • Fax (703) 519-9565 •


About Trout Unlimited (TU)

Today TU is a national organization with more than 140,000 volunteers organized into about 400 chapters from Maine to Montana to Alaska. This dedicated grassroots army is matched by a respected staff of lawyers, policy experts and scientists, who work out of more than 30 offices nationwide. These conservation professionals ensure that TU is at the forefront of fisheries restoration work at the local, state and national levels.

The organization remains committed to applying "the very best information and thinking available" in its conservation work and has developed cutting-edge tools such as the Conservation Success Index (CSI), a sophisticated framework for assessing the health of coldwater fish species throughout their native range. Whether this range encompasses a few hundred miles or multiple states, the CSI helps the organization target its efforts toward those populations most in need of protection or restoration.
The CSI also enables TU to measure its progress in achieving the bold goals laid out in its mission and vision. These goals require the organization to work at increasingly larger scales, and to collaborate with other conservation interests, local communities and state and federal partners to begin to rebuild the natural resiliency of watersheds. Such efforts are crucial if North America's trout and salmon are to survive climate change and the host of threats facing them at the start of the 21st century.
Nearly 50 years after its founding, no other conservation organization is as well placed as TU to make a difference for the nation's coldwater fisheries.  To learn more about TU's ambitious conservation agenda, please visit the conservation section of our website. 

The Mission:

To conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

For more information on Trout Unlimited check web site

New Jersey's Trout in the Classroom

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is a supplementary educational activity supported by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Teachers using the program provide a unique experience for their students and affectively teach lessons in a variety of disciplines. Raising trout is a hands-on activity that engages students and helps to connect them to real-life water quality, fish and wildlife issues and problems . . . and inspires them to seek solutions. Watching fish hatch from eggs and develop from fry to fingerlings generates enthusiasm among students and helps them develop caring attitudes about fish species and their habitats. This is the first step in fostering a sense of stewardship for the planet.

The program encompasses not only science, but also language arts, mathematics, social studies and art. The program is easily adapted to the students. the TIC activity guide is correlated to the New Jesey Science Standards.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife supplies brook trout eggs from the Pequest Trout Hatchery at no charge to teachers who want to raise trout in their classrooms. Members of Trout Unlimited in New Jersey have pledged to support this program through their chapters. This program is a partnership between TU, teachers, and the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Trout Unlimited plays a vital role in the Trout in the Classroom program by delivering eggs on egg Day and assisting schools with equipment problems. Some chapter members have expertise in aquatic insects and will work with kids on fly tying or aquatic insect identificiation. All TIC classes are invited to a special tour and fishing experience at the Pequest Trout Hatchery.

To learn more about Trout in the Classroom, visit or write to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife TIC Coordinator, Jessica Griglak, at 605 Pequest Road, Oxford, NJ 07863; 908-637-4125 or e-mail


Cast Your Line on a Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime

Here are some examples of great fishing adventures that were on display at a recent SCI Convention.

The World's best peacock bass fishing experience cruises the rivers of the Amazon, Brazil with Captain Peacock Yachts & Expeditions on board the newest floating-hotel of all South America, the Rio Negro Queen. It delivers world record peacock bass fishing and world class gastronomy and ecotours in one of the last unspoiled places on earth.

The Hoodoo River on the Alaska Peninsula is one of the State's last untouched sport- fishing destinations, and one of the only places where fly fishing for king salmon is suitable. In fact, fishing at the lodge is fast and furious for kings, silvers, reds and chums, with very few pinks in between. The only lodge on the river, R & R Guide Service - Hoodoo Fishing Lodge, offers something unique. It sits on privately-owned land overlooking the Hoodoo River. Their fly-fishing lodge is surrounded by the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge, and the backdrop is the Alaska you've always conjured in your mind's eye.

The Missouri River Lodge would like to invite you out to Montana to spend an X-Stream Fly Fishing-adventure and vacation with them. Their goal is to make this the finest and very best fly-fishing resort in Montana and the Northwest. Anglers from beginner to advanced skill levels are welcome.

Becoming an SCI Member:
Joining Safari Club International is the best way to be an advocate for continuing our hunting heritage and supporting worldwide sustainable use conservation, wildlife education and humanitarian services.

Safari Club International - First for Hunters is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI has approximately 200 Chapters worldwide and its members represent all 50 of the United States as well as 106 other countries. SCI's proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. Visit the home page or call
520-620-1220 for more information.


BoatU.S. Angler Magazine

BoatU.S. ANGLER magazine premiered in March 2008, the first of three issues delivered each year to members of the BoatU.S. ANGLER program, select fishing clubs and West Marine locations across the United States. The new magazine’s goal is to provide fishing information to boat owning anglers among the 650,000 members of the association and to spread the word of its specialty services for fishermen. Raders can get answers to angling questions from pro angler and guide Steve Chaconas and fishing legend Bill Dance in the magazine’s Angling Answers column.

Each issue offers something for the entire family, including recipes, young angler stories and tips, quizzes and crossword puzzles. The overall goal is to make fishing a more enjoyable and a safe, worry-free pastime. Other regular topics will include technical tips and advice, trailering information, boating safety, conservation and do-it-yourself articles from other award-winning BoatU.S. publications. The magazine will also promote the association’s various benefits such as specialized fishing boat insurance, on-the-water and on-the-road towing assistance programs, discounts at BoatU.S. Cooperating Marinas and member rebates on equipment purchased at West Marine stores.



Strikematers® Lithium Lazer™ Is A Bonafide Workhorse

Harnessing the most modern technology available, the new StrikeMaster® Lithium Lazer auger can cut an amazing 56 holes through 2 feet of ice on a single charge. Call it the Little Lithium Auger That Could. It's a full-size drill so you won't be hunched over using it. With a removable 50-volt Lithium Ion battery under the hood, the Lithium Lazer provides consistent speed and torque from hole to hole without reduced power or slow-down from waning battery.

Built on a proven StrikeMaster 25:1 transmission with heat-treated steel gears and polymer gear casting, the Lithium Lazer delivers maximum efficiency with a lighter weight than ever before. Fitted with twin 8-inch, Swedish-made Mora™ stainless steel Lazer blades, it weighs in at only 24 pounds. Featuring an on-board indicator for easy battery level checks, the Lithium Lazer comes with a fast-charging, two-hour, two-amp battery charger. An over-sized throttle makes the Lithium Lazer easy to operate with gloves on, while VANDAR® long-filament high-impact handles make for comfortable operation for anglers who spend long days on the ice.

The Lithium Lazer comes with a limited three-year warranty on its motor and a limited one-year warranty on its battery.

Engineering Highlights:
• Precision-powered 42 cc, 2.5-hp engine by Solo® Germany
• Button-activated electronic ignition system for effortless starting
• Spacious 24-ounce gas tank provides efficient, extended operation
• Tufflite DuPont® Zytel® handles reduce weight without sacrificing durability
• Light and compact (24- to 29-pounds); up to 10-pounds lighter than the competition
• Stainless steel Lazer Blades by cutlery master, Mora® of Sweden
• Available in 6”, 7”, 8” and 10” drill sizes
The Lazer Mag is the affordable “new classic” in StrikeMaster’s breakthrough auger lineup

For more information and a 2018 catalog, contact StrikeMaster Corp., 17217 198th Avenue, Big Lake, MN 55309; (763) 263-8999, or email Website is

Bait, Bait Holders, Lures & Nets


Alliance Marketing Group

Fish Blocks and Fish Chum by Alliance Marketing Group

Fishing is now easier with the help of Fish Blocks. What is a fish block? Alliance Marketing Group has created a fish attractant system, Fish Block™ and Fish Chum in three formulas - catfish, panfish, and chum. The line has the official endorsement of America’s best-known angler, Bill Dance. The Fish Block will stay in the water to attract and feed fish for 2-4 weeks in normal conditions and is convenient because it can be placed anywhere you want to attract fish. Wonderful to use when fishing with kids, the Fish Block and Fish Chum will attract sunfish, catfish, trout, crappie, carp and small baitfish. One of the two 10 lb. blocks is for catfish, containing blood meal and liver. The second block is specially formulated for panfish. Both blocks contain real fishmeal and are packaged in sealed plastic buckets for maximum freshness, are easy to carry, and have a rope that is attached to the block so it can be secured to a limb, dock or anywhere you want to attract fish.

For more information, contact AMG, PO Box 19856, Brentwood, MO 63144; 800- 237-9895, ext. 4732 or visit the company online at


I just tried Big Bite Baits and know now not to go fishing without them! Unlike artificial lures that fall apart or melt, Big Bite Baits are made of durable plastic, come in a variety of colors, and best of all, lure and catch the fish! Very realistic, Big Bite carries every kind of bait including Worms, Lizards, Minnows, Shad, Grubs, Frogs and Tubes. On each package you'll find the wording,

You can buy the bait in Big Bite Buckets. For example, there's a 150 Piece Lizard Bucket in assorted style, colors and sizes; a 400 Piece Shad & Grub Bucket in assorted colors and sizes; a 200 Piece Worm Bucket in assorted sizes, style and colors, including worms, craws and craw tubes.  That's not all -- the 125 Piece Tube Bucket ontains assorted colors of the 3 1/4" Tubes

For samples descriptions and photos of each type of bait, go to Big Bite Baits web site at or call 205-821-9595.


Each of the company's products have been tested both in field by customers and pro staff as well as within controlled environments for fish catching effectiveness and also to ensure Lunkerhunt quality standards have been met before being introduced to the sport fishing industry. Below is a sample of the game fish and panfish product lines.

For details, contact Lunkerhunt at 160 Tycos Drive, Unit #8 Box #111, Toronto, ON, M6B 1W8 or go to web site

Lunkerhunt Waterbug --

Great for trout, panfish and white fish, it sports creature like arms, tail and extended torso which makes the Waterbug a perfect bait for panfish. Fish it on a small jig, under a float or on a split shot rig.

River Worm --

Fish won't be able to tell the difference between the River Worm and the real thing. Designed to impart a moving tail action, the River Worm is used for fishing wary trout and panfish. Available in four fish catching colors.

Firetail Grub --

For trout, panfish and white fish, the Firetail Grubs feature improved craftmanship on the proven design of a grub. The two inch lure catches walleye as well. Split tails and multi-color design create the extra action and awareness that drive fish to strike.

The company's additional items include -- Skinny Drop Shot line gripper weights, another innovative approach to tungsten tackle design. The high quality, high density environmentally friendly skinny drop shot tungsten weights create a more compact presentation which telegraphs conta t vibrations when fished along the bottom. The stainless steel line gripper design makes the drop shot virtually rust proof while at the same time creates a low profile stealth like appearance which is great for clear water conditions.

Also, Screw-in Weights made of high quality high density environmentally friendly screw-in tungsten weights to create a more compact presentation which telegraphs contact vibrations when fished along the bottom. The stainless steel screw-in bait keeper design makes this must have product good for working n and around heavy cover. Tungsten Rig Weights also come equipped with a protective sleeve running thrugh the middle of the weight to protect your line and limit breakage.Other products include Swim Hooks, Drop Shot/Walking Bait Rig and more.


Northland's New Tourney-Winning Spinner Rigs Flash 'Baitfish' Smiles' - Live-Forage Crawler Hauler and Spinner Support Actual Livebait with True-to-Life Realisms

Fish have become harder to catch, turning a little wiser to artificial lures that don’t much resemble their natural food. Meanwhile, in these same waters, hot off multiple FLW and MWC wins, few presentations remain as hot on the pro walleye circuit as Northland Fishing Tackle’s extended family of livebait spinners. Ahead of the latest trend, per usual, Northland was on the clear water scene, developing a new line of ultra-natural spinner rigs, known as the

For more information and a 2026 catalog, contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email

Northland Fishing Tackle Introduces the SLURPIES® BRUSH BEAVER PUP flaps its tail & kicks bass

Largemouth bass are said to consume up to 60% of their bodyweight – quite impressive. But often they refuse to take a lure less than 5% of their bulk. For those days, Northland Fishing Tackle® introduces a new miniature 3 1⁄2” “pup” to it’s popular line of beaver baits … and it’s called the SLURPIES-BRUSH-BEAVERS PUP.

The SLURPIES-BRUSH-BEAVERS>SLURPIES® BRUSH BEAVER is molded from soft plastic and crafted for flippin’ & pitchin’ in weeds, grass, brush and timber. Its short, compact profile is true to life, imitating the looks of a real crawfish. The lure’s oversized legs and flappin’ beaver tail slow down the fall, provoking lunker bass to venture out of cover for a snack. The lifelike molten colored craw is also “salted & spiced” with a crawfish attractor scent called SowSauce™ … to stimulate the bite and kick bass.

For more information and a 2016 catalog, contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email at



Plano's Liqua-bait Locker System Took Best Of Show at ICAST

If you have ever had a bottle of simulated live bait spilled on the floor of your boat, or had one of the bags dry out…. then you understand the value of the Liqua-Bait Locker System.  The Liqua-Bait Locker System (LBL) has been developed to contain the liquids and the odors associated with simulated live baits as well and ensuring their freshness for continued use. Manufactured out of Duraview the LBL systems will withstand the beating that anglers can put on their equipment. The Dri-Loc O-ring seal makes all components of the LBL system leak-proof and airtight, keeping your baits fresh and your tackle box and boat odor free.  While the noncorrosive pinned hinges provide a strong solid hinge that will last through years of use.  Designed utilizing the footprint of a 3700 StowAway® Utility box allowing these products to fit into any bags designed to carry three or more 3700 size utility boxes.

The 4642 Extra Deep LBL includes one bottle, one bait grabber, and one wallet.  The 4642 Extra Deep LBL is designed to hold 4 bottles or wallets (or two of each) with room left over for additional packages of softbait.  The 4642 Extra Deep LBL measures 14”L x 9.13”W x 4.75”H and retails for $24.99.

The 4641 Deep LBL includes one bottle and one bait grabber.  The 4641 Deep LBL is designed to hold one bottle with room for additional packages of softbait.  The 4641 Deep LBL measures 14”L x 9.13”W x 3.25”H and retails for $14.99.

The 4648 LBL Wallet holds multiple packages of softbait or individual softbaits in their juices without the packaging.  The 4648 LBL Wallet measures 7.375”L x 4.5”W x 1.75”H and retails for $9.99. 

The 4651 LBL Bottle hold up to 23.5 ounces of simulated live bait and the liquid they are stored in.  The 4651 LBL Bottle measures 7.25”L x 3.75”W x 2.63”H and retails for $7.99.

For more information about the new Liqua-Bait Locker System, or any other Plano Tackle Systems products, please contact Douglas Riewski at or visit Plano online at



FoodSource Lures produces the world's only molded fishing lures made entirely of 100 percent real, protein-and nutrient-rich food. Some of the new saltwater lures include:

7" Bloodworms --

The adage 'looks can be deceiving falls short in describing the new 7" Bloodworm. With the shape, size, taste and scent of a live bloodworm, fish will think it's the real thing. Ideal for cod and other sport fish, it appeals to fish with their powerful scent. MSRP: $6.95 (12 per bag).

4" Saltwater Minnow -

One of the most versatile shapes used by inshre anglers, this minnow is only limited by an angler's imagination. One of the most effective methods is using a wide gap hook and no weight, working the minnow like a soft jerk bait. Another successful application is with a jig head -- letting the lure sink to the bottom, dispersing the strong FoodSource scent to attract red fish. It comes in various colors - cream White, Hot Pink, Hot Tamale, Lemon, Chartreuse Lime, Bone and Glitter. Each color is available in the Bait Fish Scent. MSRP: $4.95 (9 per bag).

FoodSource® Lures In Many New Products

FoodSource Lures resemble popular soft plastic baits but are 100 percent biodegradable and pose no health hazards to waters, fish or other wildlife. They are beneficially digested by fish, and actually have more nutritional value than an earthworm or minnow. Because they are eating food rather than plastic, fish strike hard and hold on to FoodSource Lures. Order Cut Bait - permeated with scent to draw catfish in as the bait continually dissolves. Highly durable, this catfish bait can be fished in heavy, fast currents. It can also be cut into the angler’s preferred size and shape, or used as chum bait. It comes in various colors. Fat Caterpillars are effective on a variety of catfish and carp and fortified with potent scent, multiple flavors, and several colors. The company's Salmon Eggs make catching trout easy without handling real eggs, come in multiple scents and flavors and last longer than real salmon eggs. The 4" Minnows can be fished like a fluke or jerk bait or used for drop-shotting and the design allows it to be retrieved like an injured bait fish. It features a weedless hook slit, great for walleye or largemouth bass, and can also be used with a 1/4 jig head.


There will be 4 product lines and 15 different lure styles. Each display provides an assortment of great quality and value including; Lunkerhunt’s Award winning Bento Baits (available in 8 styles), Micro Bait 3 pack combos (2 styles), Rattle Crank 2 pack (new for 2013), Cull 5 Jerk Bait 2 pack (new for 2013), 4 pack Micro Spoons and their latest industry changing innovation the Lunker Frog a true to life frog with amazing detailing as well as anatomically correct legs that extend and retract during the retrieve.

Lunkerhunt is a leader in the fishing industry and is known for providing premium quality fishing products for anglers of all skill levels. Lunkerhunt products have been designed to work equally well in freshwater (warm and cold) as well as inshore markets. Lunkerhunt product lines incorporate educational information that will help customers to be more successful on the water. Lunkerhunt has an impressive line of over 200 premium fishing products. From main staples of pro angler tackle boxes like Revealer Tubes and Goby Grubs to the Educational Fishing Kits (EDU-KITSTM) designed to educate novice anglers in order to create positive fishing as well as retail experiences.

The company's selection of lures includes the award-winning Bento Baits in a 3" and 4.5", are hand-crafted and one of the most realistic baitfish imitators on the market. They feature a lively tapered split tail, holographic core and biologically correct detailing and come to life with the slighest movement.
Swimmers & Critters micro bait, 3 pack combos are perfect for fishing in rivers, lakes or streams, and are designed to create a unique swimming action. The Lunker Frog's anatomically correct legs extend on the retrieve and retract on the pause just like a real frog. When paused, the Lunker Frog drops to a 45 degree angle replicating the true resting action of a frog and features high quality components and a weedless design.

To learn more about Lunkerhunt please visit



MacDaddy'sTM, the premiere manufacturer of precious metal and gemstone fishing lures and flies, announced that it has selected platinum as the signature medium for its new 'Fishing for a Cure' - breast cancer campaign. A solid platinum lure with a ribbon design in pink sapphires is the lead item this year, a follow-up to the company's widely publicized Million-Dollar Lure campaign. Matching earrings are available, and the hooks are removable to allow the lure to be worn solely as jewelry.

Mac McBurney, co-founder and chief designer of MacDaddy's Fishing Lures, Inc, also said that 10 percent of the proceeds from all Pink Ribbon sales throughout the year will be donated to breast cancer research and recovery. 'The nature of platinum, its purity and rarity, makes it the ideal medium for this charity campaign to help in the fight against breast cancer,' Mr. McBurney said. 'I chose to design in platinum because of the eternal, enduring character of the metal, and its ability to provide an extremely secure setting for precious gemstones. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, which is yet another ideal characteristic for the anti-breast cancer campaign. It is 30 times rarer than gold and will not tarnish or wear down like other metals,' Mr. McBurney said.

In addition to the solid platinum lures, the company plans to offer a line of copies to allow participation in the campaign by patrons at lesser price levels. These include 14K gold lures with pink sapphires and sterling silver lures with pink cubic zirconia settings. Pricing for these versions is expected to begin at $49.95.

For more information write to Mac McBurney, co-founder, at MacDaddy's Fishing Lures, Inc., 131 Bridge Street, Suite A, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420. Call 805.234.4789. Fax: 805.473.0572. 


Mister Twister has introduced The Mister Twister MAG 12 BUZZ Worm

Mister Twister's NEW 12" Mag 12 BUZZ Worm is a large profile, big bass worm with a tail designed to provide maximum action and vibration while fishing structure. The latest addition to Mister Twister’s bass fishing line-up works great for targeting bass on structure such as ledges, reeds and brush piles in deeper water. It is exceptional for flipping, Carolina rigging and Texas rigging on either a 5/0, 6/0 or 7/0 hook.

The Mag 12 BUZZ Worm's tail has a natural, free falling action imitating wounded baitfish. When a bass's metabolism heats up during the summer, the Mag 12 BUZZ Worm is sure to satisfy big bass appetites.

"I've caught them flipping reeds in Florida to dragging ledges on the Tennessee River system. This bait is a bass getter" says Bass Elite Series Pro Clent Davis. "When the bite gets tough and when I am looking for that kicker, I turn to the Mag 12 BUZZ Worm". The Mag 12 BUZZ Worm was in Clent's lure rotation for his 5th place finish at the FLW Costa event on Kentucky Lake in June, 2017.

"The 12" BUZZ worm is one of those game changers for me," says two-time BASSMASTER Classic Qualifier, 2015 Bass Nation Champion, 2014 ABA National Champion, and 2012 BASSMASTER Weekend Series Nation Champion Albert Collins "I catch big fish on the Hang 10!, but with the Mag 12 BUZZ Worm, I have the confidence that at some point I will get some upgrades," he says.

Mister Twister's NEW 12" Mag 12 BUZZ Worm is available in 10 fish-catching colors, selected by our Pro Team members. amd also at sporting goods stores.

For further information please check web site or write to Mister Twister at P.O. Box 996, Minden, LA. 71058.


Northland's Seductive Swimbait Packs a Powerful Punch -- The new SLURPIES® ROCK-R-MINNOW

Bass can’t resist the methodic, tantalizing finning motion. With the new SLURPIES® ROCK-R-MINNOW, fish will be mesmerized by both its looks and action. It boasts a lifelike baitfish profile and wobbling paddle tail that produces a “rockin’ and rollin’” swimming action that drives fish wild. The belly is slotted for easy weedless rigging.  Each package comes with a FREE custom weighted Gamakatsu® swimbait hook, and is sold in two sizes (4 1⁄2 and 5 inch) and eight provocative colors. #31 Gizzard Shad with Swimbait hook

The SLURPIES® collection of bass catching plastics is developed and tested by Team Northland™. An authority on bass fishing, Northland Fishing Tackle manufactures a complete line of bass fishing lures, including the legendary JUNGLE JIG®, BUCK-SHOT® RATTLERS, JAW-BREAKER® SPOON, and many, many others. Other Northland products include the Mimic Minnow Fry, an innovative jigging lure with lifelike features of its larger family members - the original Mimic Minnow®, Mimic Minnow Spin® and Mimic Minnow Shiner® - but in a miniature model that panfish simply cannot resist. It's available in 1 1/2" and 2" sizes, and in six life-like Baitfish-Image color paterns.

For more information and a 2016 product catalog, contact Northland Fishing Tackle, Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601; (218) 751-6723 or email


Odin Lure Company Introduces Half-Ounce Top-Water Walking Popper Line

Designed primarily for freshwater fishing, Odin Lure Company’s new floating Frigg .5 oz. Top-Water Walking Popper features a built-in fish-attracting rattle chamber and a patented bait well that can be filled with Odin’s specially crafted fish attractant called Fish Smack to leave an irresistible scent trail. The Frigg half-ounce popper was designed with a large cupped face to churn plenty of water and create the surface disturbance that attracts bass and other freshwater fish. With five hand-painted and signed lures to choose from—Blue Bird, Old Gold, Overcast, Silver Side and Tiger Side—there is one for every fish and fishing situation.

This half-ounce floater lure was designed to be worked on the surface in the typical “walk-the-dog” retrieve. This side-to-side motion mimics an injured fish and triggers the natural feeding instinct of other fish. The lightness and buoyancy of this lure make it easy to work when wagging from side-to-side or dancing on the retrieve. The irresistible Fish Smack emitting from the Frigg Lure’s “laceration ports” and trailing the lure will provide extra incentive to strike, should you be sloppy in the retrieve or break your tempo. The scent will keep the fish’s attention as you regain your cadence. With the trifecta of sight, sound and scent, fish can’t resist the floating Frigg half-ounce Top-Water Walking Popper.

Like all Odin products, the Frigg half-ounce lure is proudly made in the USA. This lure comes equipped with two quality VCM treble hooks for a solid hook. Both hooks are securely attached with rustproof stainless steel split rings. All five half-ounce lures are currently available online at for a suggested retail price of $19.95 each. Freshwater Fish Smack is sold separately and is available in two flavors—Stormy Smelt and Rise-and-Shine—for a suggested retail of $12.95 each.

This line of Odin lures is also available in a freshwater Frigg 0.75 oz. Sinking Lipless Jerk Bait, saltwater Frigg 1.5 oz. Floating Top Water Popper and a saltwater Frigg 2.5 oz. Sinking Top-Water Popper. Additional Fish Smack flavors are available for saltwater fishing.

Odin Lure Company, which initially began as the Oozzie Jig in 2012, is re-entering the fishing market this year with a new name, new and larger US manufacturing facilities new owners and a full lineup of new products. Headquartered in Hudson, New Hampshire, Odin Lure will offer a variety of U.S.-made saltwater and freshwater fishing lures. Initially, products will be sold exclusively online at For additional information on Odin Lure Company, write Odin Lure Company, 71 Pine Road, Unit H, Hudson, New Hampshire 03051 or call 603-718-1320.
TX 78015, United States


For anglers who prefer plastic, Uncle Josh has introduced a line of fish catching Soft Plastic Lures. They’re soft and durable and are combined with real pork that brings incredible fish-catching power. These lures have been field tested by knowledgeable anglers and come in five plastic shapes - the J-Frog and the Jumbo J- Frog have an ultra-soft, flexible texture that looks and feels natural, as well as a ‘hard-nose’ tear-resistant design; the Crazy Tail Worm has a double-curled tail for twisting and turning action that attracts and triggers strikes; the Stand-Up Craw has special floaters in its claws which actually raise the claws up to resemble a real crawfish standing in defense of a bass; and the Fossil Lizard has a wider, more visible skeletal body and a fluttering tail for natural action. The baits come in a wide variety of popular colors to enhance your fishing needs.

For more information, contact Uncle Josh Bait Company, PO Box 130, Fort Atkinson, WI 5353


Winchester is taking its legendary brand to the angler, working with Little Sac Bait Company LLC to produce a new line of high-quality, American-made fishing lures. The flagship lure from the Little Sac Bait Company is the Winchester Slim Jim finesse jig, which features a 2/0 60° turned eye, light wire hook with an O'Shaughnessy bend. The hook was specially designed by Gamakatsu for the Little Sac Bait Company and allows for better penetration. The jig design also results in 75 percent less hang ups and better balance over rocks, ledges, and obstructions. The jigs are dressed with 22-30 strands of premium silicone skirting.

Winchester Shaky head and Grub head jigs are also available. The jigs all feature Little Sac's flex systems paint, which is hard enough to withstand plenty of use, yet flexible enough not to chip.

For information on Little Sac Bait Company visit or call 417-833-2277. For more information on Winchester® products, visit




New Hybrid Hobie Mirage®  Revolution Fish Incorporates Speed, Capacity, and Maneuverability.

Hobie has not been resting on their laurels after the successful 2006 launch of the Hobie Mirage® Adventure Fish solo and Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fish tandem pedal-driven fishing boats. Now by popular demand comes the hybrid Hobie Mirage Revolution Fish with the speed of the Adventure Fish, capacity of the Outback Fish, and maneuverability of the Sport Fish. Returning favorites to the lineup include Hank Parker’s Limited Edition signature models, the large capacity Hobie Mirage Outback Fish, and smaller Hobie Mirage Sport Fish, as well as the Hobie Quest Fish for those who prefer to paddle instead of pedal.

There is no learning curve on any of Hobie’s fishing boats. All six provide easy-to-use, stable, and efficient alternatives to traditional fishing boats. They enhance the fishing experience with elevated padded seating and speed to get to the best spots quickly; maneuver easily on shallow flats, rivers, lakes, and oceans and are easy to transport and store. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife estimates the number of adults in the U.S. who fish at 42.1 million. Hobie’s goal is to provide boats to meet all levels of expertise and help keep that number growing. 

Hobie did not just stop with a new boat. A series of fishing-friendly accessories make it possible for anglers to customize boats to fit their own preferences. All fishing boats will now come standard with the new Plug-In Hobie Trax Cart complete with pneumatic wheels for easy rolling of heavy loads over rough terrain and soft sand. Three new Gear Buckets are also part of the package, each stored in a mesh bag that fits into the eight-inch hatches. Optional accessories include ST Turbo Fins that can increase boat speed by over ten percent and an inflatable Sidekick Ama Kit (think Hawaiian Outrigger) for extra stability while standing. Hunters and bird-watchers will especially appreciate the Hobie Camo Dodger to hide leg movement and Bimini to shield the sun.

Hands-Free Fishing

Hobie's patented MirageDrive pedal mechanism is connected to two underwater flippers, much like penguin wings, enabling anglers to propel themselves quickly and effortlessly. Steering is controlled via a left side, fingertip-controlled rudder system, making it easy to cast, hook, and land fish while maneuvering to that secret spot. The rudder can be rotated out of the way for chopping through weeds in very shallow water and for transport or storage. Rudder steering lines are made from Spectra, the world’s strongest fiber, up to 15 times stronger than quality steel. The combination of the MirageDrive rudder system and the hull design ensures a stable ride and enables anglers to cover long distances with little or no fatigue, even against the current or in windy conditions.

The Lineup

The new Hobie Mirage Revolution Fish is the MirageDrive version of the popular Quest Fish paddle boat. Both models are fast and efficient enough to get to the fish quickly, but with plenty of stability for a stress-free, relaxed-pace outing. Fishing-friendly features include abundant storage capacity, an eight-inch and a large 13-inch bow-hatch with space for an optional eight-inch hatch in the stern, two rear molded-in rod holders, and a console with a utility tray and flat area that can be customized with additional equipment. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets provide easy-access storage for tackle and tools. Cup holders ensure that thirst can be easily quenched, whatever the flavor.

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Fish is a 16-foot fishing machine, the fastest solo fishing boat in the fleet and the boat with the most legroom. With its large storage capacity, it can carry all the gear necessary for extended fishing trips and/or overnight camping. At 12 feet eight inches, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fish adds a short and light tandem MirageDrive boat to the fishing line. Both models feature the patent-pending, Twist and Stow rudder that can be lifted and turned to lay flat on deck when not in use, whether in the water, on top of the car, or in storage. Patent-pending Twist and Seal hatches open and close effortlessly with a simple turn of the handle, are highly water resistant, feature a smooth nonskid surface, and seal with a compression O-ring.

According to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, over one quarter of all anglers are female, and most people are introduced to fishing at a young age by a family member. The Hobie Mirage Sport Fish, Hank Parker Edition,  is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users, including these important demographics. At a lightweight 45 pounds, it is designed with a unique adjustable seat, which accommodates four-foot youths to six-foot adults. As the seat is moved forward, the adjustable pedals move backward, shortening the distance for smaller anglers, and vice versa for taller anglers. The Hobie Mirage Outback Fish, Hank Parker Edition.  is longer and faster for those who want to carry more and get to their fishing destination of choice in a hurry. Both boats are easily transportable in the back of a pickup truck or on a roof rack, eliminating the bother of hauling a trailer. 


All Hobie kayaks are constructed of seamless rotomolded Super-Linear II polyethylene hulls and are designed with an open-deck construction and angler-friendly features, including molded-in utility trays, rod holders with caps, and room for tackle, and ample storage. Deluxe two-piece paddles and deluxe, padded back-support seatbacks are included with every model. All six models are available in the new Khaki and Moss, as well as popular Safety Orange.

Hobie Mirage Adventure Fish

Length: 16’                       Width: 27.5”              Hull Weight: 62 lbs            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs            Capacity: 350 lbs

Additional Standard Features: Oversize forward hatch. Two eight-inch Twist and Seal hatches. Twist and Stow rudder that can lie flat on the deck. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. On-deck receptacle with cap for sail mast, dive flag, or nav-anchor light. New Plug-In Trax Cart. Two molded-in mid-boat carrying grips. Rear cargo area.

Optional Gear:  Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick. 

Hobie Revolution Fish – NEW FOR 2007
Length: 13’ 5”             Width: 28.5”            Hull Weight: 59 lbs            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs            Capacity: 350 lbs.

Additional Standard Features: Oversized forward hatch. Two eight-inch Twist and Seal hatches. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. On-deck receptacle with cap for sail mast, dive flag, or nav-anchor light. New Plug-In Trax Cart. Two molded-in mid-boat carrying grips. Low-profile working tray.

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick. 

Hobie Quest Fish

Length: 13’                        Width: 28.5”            Hull Weight: 57 lbs.            Capacity: 350 lbs.

Deluxe Package Features:  “Easy Open” hinged hatch with access to large storage area. One eight-inch Twist and Seal hatch conveniently located in front of the seat. Aft room for second eight-inch optional hatch for additional storage. Adjustable foot braces for paddling leverage. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. Two molded-in mid-boat carrying grips. New Plug-In Trax Cart.

Optional Gear: “Twist and Stow” Rudder Kit

Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fish – (Tandem)

Length: 12’ 8”                        Width: 34”            Hull Weight: 72 lbs            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs            Capacity: 450 lbs.

Additional Standard Features: Three eight-inch Twist and Seal hatches. Twist and Stow rudder that can lie flat on the deck. Forward and rear cargo areas. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Two mesh-covered stowage pockets. On-deck receptacle with cap for sail mat, dive flag, or nav-anchor light. New Plug-In Trax Cart. Mid-ship carrying handles on both sides.

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, bimini, and side kick.

Hobie Mirage Outback Fish

Length: 12’ 1”                        Width: 33”            Hull Weight: 62 lbs.            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs.            Capacity: 400 lbs.

Additional Standard Gear: Oversize hinged hatch in bow with access to large storage area.Two Twist and Seal eight-inch hatches. Molded in utility trays. Oversize rear cargo area to accommodate a cooler, milk crate, or bucket. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. On-deck receptacle for sail mast, dive flag, or nav-anchor light.  Mesh-covered stowage pockets. Mid-boat carrying handle. New Plug-In Trax Cart.

MSRP: $1749

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick.

Hobie Mirage Sport Fish

Length: 9’ 7”                        Width: 29.5”            Hull Weight: 48 lbs.            Mirage Drive Weight: 6.6 lbs.            Capacity: 245 lbs.

Additional Standard Features: Deck layout featuring storage trays. Six-inch Twist and Seal hatch with a storage bag. Eight-inch Twist and Seal hatch. Three New Gear Buckets with mesh storage bag. Oversize rear cargo area to accommodate a cooler, milk crate, or bucket. Mid-hull padded carrying handle. Built-in mast receptacle for optional sail package that goes easily to windward for all levels of sailors. New Plug-In Trax Cart.

MSRP: $1549

Optional Gear: Sail kit, speedometer, dodger, bimini, and side kick.


Plug-In Hobie Trax Cart            MSRP: $129.95

Gear Bucket                                   MSRP: $  14.95

St Turbo Fins                                 MSRP: $  79.95

Sidekick Ama Kit                        MSRP: $145.95

Camo Dodger                        MSRP: $120.95

Bimini     and Mount                    MSRP: $207.99

Sail Package                                    MSRP: $290.00

Check Parts and Accessory online catalog for optional gear.

Since 1950, Hobie has been in the business of shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water, and quality products. From their headquarters in Oceanside, California, Hobie Cat Company manufactures, distributes, and markets an impressive collection of watercraft worldwide. These include an ever-expanding line of recreational and racing sailboats, pedal-driven and paddle sit-on-top kayaks, fishing boats, and authorized parts and accessories.

For more information contact


Fishing Tournament Season Is Better With the Blackfin' Skeg

Today's competitive anglers have discovered a new advantage, the Blackfin˙ Skeg. By installing this new product, anglers are improving the performance of their boat, protecting their investment, and helping to insure that week after week their boat is ready to compete.

The Blackfin˙ Skeg is made of high impact composite and is easy-to-install, with no drilling or changes to your original boat or motor. In fact, the Blackfin˙ Skeg can be installed in an hour or less, and can be ready for use within 24 hours. The assembly requires the use of a specially designed adhesive that provides a flexible barrier against the walls of the skeg. This results in an absorption void with elastic properties. In the event of an impact; the force is equally distributed in all directions and absorbed by the flexible nature of the Blackfin˙ Skeg. The memory of the high impact composite aided by the adhesive makeup allows the Blackfin˙ Skeg to maintain its original shape at all times. This special adhesive also fills all air voids and creates a bond between the new Skeg and your engine‚s original skeg.

The unique contoured and tapered design of the Blackfin˙ Skeg balances the flow of water and helps to remove vibration to the lowest point of the engine. The fins channel cleaner water onto the prop. This means there is not only less drag, but there is less chance of a blow out. The bottom node design creates lift at all angles allowing you to use less trim. Additionally, with more surface area, controlling the boat is easier especially at low speed. The design of the bottom node limits the engine from plowing into underwater objects and is shaped to ride over the obstruction and to clear the prop.

Available in three sizes, the new revolutionary Blackfin˙ Skeg protects outboard engines like never before. Additionally, in the event of damage to your original stock skeg the Blackfin˙ Skeg can be used to easily and inexpensively repair the damage as long as one third or more of the original skeg is still intact. The added protection and enhanced performance of the Blackfin˙Skeg make this new product a must have for any boating enthusiast.

This product is available at Cabela's, and larger marine stores or conveniently online at web site The suggested retail price is $69.95.


The Book of Practical Fishing Knots (Stackpole Books)

In addition to learning how to tie knots for arbors, connectors, hooks and lures, you'll learn how to make fixed loops for leader systems, knots for joining lines, and knots designed to be tied with specific materials. Included are ample color illustrations, approximately 60 knots, plus variations, shown in color illustrations with step-by-step instructions

Knots include the blood knot, perfection loop, needle knot, and variations of the surgeon's knot

Available on-line and at sporting goods stores for $19.95.

Pike & Muskie Guide (In-Fisherman)

This book combines cutting-edge tactics and proven strategies guaranteed to help readers catch more and bigger fish. Like all of this publisher's books, this annual, in-depth guide provides educational and entertaining insight into the nature of these marvelous fish, as well as a thorough review of the newest gear and gadgets designed to increase fishing success. Exclusive features in this issue include:

"Burning Muskie Baits," "Jigs and Plastics for Pike," "Giant Lures for Giant Muskies," "Top Trolling Tactics" and "Cutting-Edge Slashbaits."

Available at bookstores and sporting goods stores. For details check In-Fisherman's website at

Saltwater Fly Fishing: Seven Strategies for Success (Burford Books)

Captain Mike Starke wrote this excellent book and has been a fly-fisherman with over 30 years experience. He's also owner/operator of saltwater fly-fishing gide operation Fly-A-Way Guide Service. Realizing that saltwater fly-fishing is one of the most challenging, even intimidating, skill-sets for the beginner to learn, he wrote about successful strategies - the first one that many fishermen overlook: Learn Continuously -- and demonstrates how learning is key not only to the beginner but also the seasoned fisherman -- and gives specific examples of how learning and research can enhance angling success. "Become a Proficient Caster" covers three strategies. Starke suggests spending time on the water and using the right fly.

This hard-cover 224-pages book has 53 black & white photos, 8 pages in color, 35 drawings and diagrams and is available at bookstores and on-line for $24.95.


Bug Out Insect Free Clothing

Bug Out Clothing

I, and thousands of others like me, attract every kind of insect on Earth. And they bite, hard, and swell and itch and drive me crazy. But I finally found a solution to this problem - and that is wearing special insect-proof clothing made by Bug Out.

I sampled the head cover, jacket and pants and came away without one bite!! In the meantime, some who laughed at the Bug Out clothing placed over my regular street clothes were screaming and running all over the place away from the tiny insects that were chewing on their flesh and making them bleed - while, for a change, it was I who had the last laugh.

The bug repellent clothing is made of 100% polyester and even the no-seeums couldn't get through while I was taking photographs and not being disturbed at all. Best of all, this clothing could be worn over any clothing beneath it; insect repellent could be used without harming the material, and it was used and tested in the military.

The relaxed fit design features extra long sleeves, a three position pull-over hood with draw strings that provide a complete enclosure for your head, ears and neck. Easy to see through and pull back if necessary. The draw string with cord lock allows you to adjust the bottom of the jacket to provide a secure and comfortable fit around your waist. It even comes complete with a pouch pocket for your hands or for storing items. Available in Olive Drab, sizes samll, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra large.

Premium Bug Out Pants sell for $20.00
The relaxed fit design features an elastic waist band that comfortably fits under the jacket when the draw string is pulled and the cord lock is secured, adding another element of protection. The pants feature elastic ankle cuffs that fit securely around your boots. It comes in the above sizes.

The Jacket:

This unique design provides you with the ultimate in head and neck protection. Just slide your arms through the elastic straps, put the headnet on and you are ready to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Its compact size makes it great for easy and carefree storage; and since it uses the same original no-see-um mesh with micro fibers you can relax in comfort knowing that Bug-Out is at work guarding you against biting and stinging insects! This is one of the best face masks available!

Size: One Size Fits All
Color: Olive Drab
Bug Out Outdoorwear helps guard against biting and stinging insects like no-see-ums, blackflies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks - even the nymph stage of the deer tick. So whether you are digging in the garden, fishing at the lake, relaxing in the backyard or doing any other activity that requires you to be outdoors; Bug-Out Outdoorwear offers you ultimate in bug protection. Now you can fully enjoy your time outdoors without the use of potentially hazardous, dangerous, game spooking chemicals, sprays or repellents. The Bug Out System keeps biting and stinging insects out and lets air flow in. The relaxed fit design guarantees you will have time to enjoy the outdoors instead of the outdoors enjoying you.

Bug Out Outdoorwear uses a durable, lightweight see-through mesh that is 100% chemical free and is made of a chemical resistant material. This means if you want added protection you can apply deet or permanone to the material and it will not deteriorate the fabric, unlike some competitors' suits. Not only does the material help guard against biting, stinging, and crawling insects, it is proven to even help guard against the nymph stage of the deer tick, a most aggressive biter that causes Lyme Disease.

The Bug Out System has even passed the U.S. Military's extensive testing and approval process. It has been used in Somalia, Africa, Bosnia, Haiti and South America. Bug Out Outdoorwear is the preferred brand of insect protection. The patented design creates a total enclosure that protects you...but still allows for visibility and comfort.

For details or to order, contact Burleson Sporting Company at 1-800-871-5346 24 hours a day.


The Under Armour® Fish Hunter Collection Provides Anglers with Innovative Performance, Style and Comfort

For the anglers who have spent countless hours in the blazing sun working non-stop to outsmart and outwork their quarry beneath the water, Under Armour® introduces the new UA Fish Hunter shirts and cargo pants. As a global leader in performance apparel, footwear and equipment, Under Armour is dedicated to providing anglers with the best gear on the water. Raising the bar, again, for performance, style and comfort, the new UA Fish Hunter shirts and cargo pants offer innovative features for every angling adventure.

The UA Fish Hunter shirts feature a technical woven fabric that’s incredibly breathable, stretchy and light. It provides exceptional freedom-of-movement and cool comfort when the fishing action heats up. When temperatures rise, anglers will appreciate the moisture-transport system that wicks away perspiration and dries fast, and the mesh-backed shoulder vents add even more comfort and ventilation. The new shirts also have built-in anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes and the shirts are constructed with a stain-release material that prevents stains from soaking in. Another key feature in the new UA Fish Hunter shirts is the 50+ UPF protection to keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay.

The UA Fish Hunter shirts feature dual chest pockets, button-down collars and a straight bottom hem that looks sharp untucked. The long-sleeve Fish Hunter has loop-and-button sleeves for rolling up and retails for $69.99. It is available in black, steel gray, Carolina blue and absinthe green. The short-sleeve Fish Hunter retails for $59.99 and comes in white, Carolina blue, dark orange, cardinal, tan stone, blue marker and absinthe green.

Under Armour has redefined fishing pants with their new Fish Hunter Cargo Pant which retails for $89.99. Built with UA Storm Technology, these cargo pants repel water while remaining extremely breathable. In addition to resisting salt, chlorine and fading, the UA Fish Hunter Cargo features anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. For supreme comfort that never limits mobility, the Fish Hunter Cargo pants feature Under Armour’s signature stretch-engineered waistband and articulated knees for added durability. The multi-pocket design, complete with a convenient knife pocket, ensures the utmost in personal gear management.

The Fish Hunter collection and Under Armour’s full range of apparel, footwear and gear for anglers are available today at and at select retail locations.

About Under Armour
Under Armour, the originator of performance footwear, apparel and equipment, revolutionized how athletes across the world dress. Designed to make all athletes better, the brand's innovative products are sold worldwide to athletes at all levels. The Under Armour Connected Fitness™ platform powers the world's largest digital health and fitness community through a suite of applications: UA Record, MapMyFitness, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. The Under Armour global headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland. For further information, please visit the Company's website at


Flying Fisherman® Launches New Cap Line Offering Removable Sweatband

Twelve new hat designs have been added to the Flying Fisherman® Head Gear collection . The new 'Chasing Lures' series of pigment dyed caps in Khaki, Denim, Cactus and Stone colors feature embroidered fresh or salt water game fish chasing lures on the front and sides of the cap, enhanced by screen printed shadows and water effects...a stylish combination adding extra dimension to the designs.

A removable, terry cloth sweatband and exceptionally detailed embroidery are signatures of the Flying Fisherman® Head Gear collection. Attached by Velcro® backing, the removable sweatband is super absorbent, machine washable and, on a hot day, you can dip it in cold water and re-attach it for a cool assist! Sizing is also adjusted by a Velcro® strap in the back of the hats and visors. In front, it takes 10,000 to 15,000 stitches to embroider the detailed, original Native Angler Collection of game fish designs. The pre-cupped bill is extended, with a non-glare under visor.  All the new caps retail for $15.95.

Information on Flying Fisherman polarized sunglasses, apparel and other angler accessories, including testimonials and a dealer locator, can be found at


Mossy Oak Bottomland Waders and Boots Now Available from Compass 360

Hunters and anglers willing to face the harshest of elements to pursue their obsession that has them outside in the first place must have gear that is willing to work as hard as they are. An all-new assortment of five different waders and one pair of boots are now available from the collaborative efforts of Compass 360 and Mossy Oak, each of which are designed for the specific needs for hardcore hunters and anglers across North America. All new items conceived through this partnership are available in Mossy Oak Bottomland, the official flooded timber camo of Ducks Unlimited.

HardCore 5mm Finisher Neoprene Chest Wader is built for anything mother nature might throw at you. Designed with 5mm neoprene with puncture resistant stretch spandura lining, the Finisher has plenty of storage with 12 shell loops, 2 zippered chest pockets, and a fleece lined pass through chest pocket. The 1600 gram Thinsulate rubber boots make the Finisher ready for late season in any winter weather warning you might encounter. With double reinforced lower leg and butt pad the Finisher is ready for anything.

DURATEK 5mm Camo Neoprene Chest Wader is a tough, top of the line classic neoprene chest wader. Constructed of rugged 5 mm neoprene, and covered with a puncture resistant Dura-Span stretch nylon shell, the DURATEK is guaranteed 100% waterproof

The Rogue 5mm Neoprene 1200-gram Knee Boot is designed for the toughest of cold-weather hunts. With a one-piece solid rubber out-sole, it offers great traction, toasty comfort, and is 100% waterproof.

Learn more about the entire product line offered from Compass 360 in Mossy Oak Bottomland at

To learn more about Mossy Oak, or to enjoy free, timely and entertaining hunting and outdoors content, visit

About Compass 360 -- is an official licensee of Haas Outdoors Inc. Established in 1986, Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., and is home of Mossy Oak. For more than 30 years, Mossy Oak has been a leading outdoors lifestyle brand that specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Brand and patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the parent company of Capture Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, Nativ Living, GameKeepers Kennels and Mossy Oak Properties.Mossy Oak is the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Quality Deer Management Association, and Mack's Prairie Wings and the official pattern of Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

Albright Tackle's New Boot Foot Wader

Albright Tackle has added a new Boot Foot Wader to its popular line of breathable Trinity wader program. The new “Bootstrap” wader features a unique garter system that is attached to the inside of the boot and wraps around the upper calf to secure the boot against slipping on and off the heal while walking through mud. The boot strap is heavy duty and borrows from the surf industry its design for the leash that surfers attach to their ankle to hold the surf board near by. This is an adjustable strap with universal sizing that will fit anyone comfortably and tight.

The Bootstrap breathable boot foot wader is made with a high density felt outsole that is double stitched. The wader material is a tri laminate polyester, membrane and trico fabrication that has proved its durability, waterproofness and breathablility in the market for over a year.

The waders join an expanded size range in the Trinity series that will accommodate three new king sizings. The Bootstrap wader retail for $225.

For more information on the Boot Strap wader and other Albright products, check web site

Weather Suits

Clam Corps Ice Armor™ X EXTREME WEATHER SUIT improves; the “Blue Suit” sees significant price reduction at retail.

Clam Corp has introduced the Ice Armor X Extreme Weather Suit; a black and grey rendition that featured a super-insulated parka. Sales were strong; reviews stellar. Both the parka and bibs in the Ice Armor Extreme Weather Suit will feature Thermal Trap™, a quilted insulating material with exceptional loft to retain body heat. The suit remains waterproof, windproof and breathable, too, but is now warm beyond compare.


Clam Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of portable ice fishing shelters, including the Fish Trap®, The Clam® and Fish Trap X™ brand shelters and accessories. Clam Corp.’s Ice Armor™ ice fishing outerwear has quickly become the standard in cold and extreme weather apparel. Go to to learn more about these and other Clam Corp. products.

Clam Corporations New Handwear to Complement the Popular Ice Armor™ X Extreme Weather Suit

Clam Corp introduced the Ice Armor X Glove and Mitt. Both the Glove and Mitt feature a one-hundred percent waterproof and breathable liner backed by a shielding, water resistant oxford shell. Warmth is trapped with 70 grams of Thinsulate®. The palms are constructed with Amara leather to assist with gripping and extend the life of the Glove and Mitt.

Physically, what separates the Ice Armor X Glove and Mitt from the competition, according to company spokespersons – even other Ice Armor offerings – is the open and extended cuff. Built “gauntlet-style,” the long cuffs are designed to creep up the forearm, tucking parka and jacket sleeves deep inside to keep the snow and cold out. The long cuff is accentuated by a gaiter and adjustable draw cord to really cinch things down. Loosen the draw cord and they flip off in a flash to land a fish.

StrikeMaster Cold Weather Clothing

StrikeMaster Polar Parka

The Polar Parka couples all-day warmth with a flexible, functional fit. 240 grams of polarfleece has been added inside a heavy-duty shell of 300 denier ylon. This cold-and-wet weather gear is tailor-made for the hardcore ice angler and features interior rib knit sleeves with adjustable Velcro to lock cold air out; heavy-duty zippers with Velcro enclosures for easy on and off, and hi-vis reflective panels for all-day safety. Complete with an oversized lined hood, full-zip marine storm collar, and six convenient multi-function pockets, plus bonus Bait Puck/cel and six convenient multi-function pockets, and a bonus Bait Puck/cell phone shoulder pocket, the Polar Parka and Bibs (sold separately) are the ice angler's commando suit.

For information on StrikeMaster's full line of ice augers and gear, and a 2016 catalog, contact StrikeMaster Corp., 17217 198th Avenue, Big Lake, MN 55309, 763-263-8999, or e-mail; or go to web site

Heated Insoles

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Standing on your feet in the cold can be rough and ruin your time on the range. Now, there's help so you can be outdoors for hours with warm, comfortable heated insoles by ThermaCELL offering advanced heat technology providing remote-controlled foot warming comfort as you need it. The insoles are lightweight, durable foot warmers and will definitely make a difference whether you're outdoors for work or play.

Made for men and women, the Heated Insoles are fully rechargeable, allowing you to add just the right amount of heat to your feet as needed. Insert them into virtually any boot or shoe you own and always feel comfortable when heading ooutdoors. The soft cushion design provides additional shock absorption for your feet, while the water-resistant construction keeps the Heated Insoles working in damp environments and are perfect for all types of cold weather outdoor activities. And, I have to admit that because I work indoors on a cold, concrete slab, I put them into my slippers or shoes and feel toasty and can work without feeling cold!

The remote control allows the temperature setting to be changed without removing boots or shoes. With the touch of a button, adjust the temperature setting to Medium (100 degrees F), or No Heat. Use the No Heat setting to conserve battery life when indoors or active. Each remote features a uniquely coded highly reliable, radio transmitter paired to a set of insoles with a range of 7 feet. The remote can be attached to zipprs, bels or used inside a pocket.

The Insoles are made of a durable soft cushion design for years of shock abso9rbing all-day comfort; they are water-resistant protected by water-resistant fabric liner, and customizable - for they can be trimmed to fit most footwear. And, the heat sensors regulate the warmth according to both your body and outdoor temperatures. The battery charge duration is good for 5 hours depending on temperature setting, and the battery life is for 500 cycles.

The insoles are available for men and women in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge at sporting goods stores,, and department stores for under $130. For more information, contact or call 781-541-6900.


New Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator

After you've camped out and crammed all your smelly clothing, towels and gear into bags, it's bound to smell terrible when you arrive home. The question will be: How do I get the stink out completely? Most likely you figure that scented detergents, fabric softener and dryer sheets can mask those deep down odors - but they don't always work well. Here comes the new Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator wash additive to give the laundry a fresh clean scent - maybe even if a skunk left it's scent on it.

The Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator has the power to work seamlessly with any detergent, and while the dirt is cleaned away, the Eliminator fights the tough odors and can be used for all ltypes of odors such as smoke, sweat, mildew, pets, cooking, etc., with just one wash.

This product has a cap that is also a measuring cup, and works well for athletic uniforms, gym clothes, job uniforms, curtains, comforters and other materials that can be placed in the washing machine.

Sold at Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, A&P, Pathmark, Stop&Shop and other groceery, drug, mass retailers. It is available in a 50-fl ounce bottle in Fresh Scent for $8.99.

For more information go to web site


Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy

Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy has announced a 1-year endorsement deal with father-son duo R. J. and Jay Paul Molinere of “Swamp People” on the History Channel. As the energy drink that labels itself as “The Thrill of the Hunt, Canned,” having these rugged hunters on board who tackle alligators for a living represents a major step forward for the new brand.

As celebrity endorsers, the Molineres will promote Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy through marketing materials and to legions of followers on major social media platforms. Additionally, fans will have a chance to see these guys interact with them and the product at outdoors events throughout the United States.

Mossy Oak's New Flavors join the original flavor, available in three new cans.

For more information on Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy, visit or call 1-888-606-3353. The new Orange flavor features a full, fizzy and light orange flavor that’s not too sweet. The Citrus Berry All Zero brings a pleasing flavor blend of berries and citrus with zero sugar, calories or carbs.

For more information on Mossy Oak Pursuit Energy, visit or call 1-888-606-3353.


The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide -- Treatment and Prevention of Outdoor Emergencies (Skyhorse Publishing)

If you’re camping with your family, fishing or hunting with a friend, or simply chopping firewood at your weekend cabin, being self-sufficient in an emergency situation can be a matter of life or death. Dr. George Dvorchak’s thorough pocket guide goes beyond basic CPR and bee sting treatments. Small enough to carry in your backpack, it’s jammed with detailed descriptions of ailments and how to care for them, anatomy lessons, preventive fitness strategies, and body conditioning tips. Whether you’re a casual hiker or an experienced back-country trekker, The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide is one piece of equipment you can’t be caught without. Learn how to:

· Fend off hypothermia with high-energy food; attend to teeth, mouth and eye injuries; make a splint for large or small bones; take care of all types of wounds, from gunshots to punctures and lacerations; handle snake bies and poisonous plant allergies; recognize and manage high-altitude sickness and heat stroke; implement vital P.R.I.C.E. treatment steps when attending to sprains, strains, and fracture -- and much more!

Dvorchak, a self-proclaimed “country doctor,” also discusses common footwear myths, tells how to snakeproof or waterproof your shoes, and presents a practical checklist for developing your own first-aid kit. “Accidents can happen anywhere,” writes Dvorchak, “especially in a wilderness environment where there isn’t a medical facility available.” Have more fun on your next fishing trip or rock-climbing adventure knowing you are capable of keeping a minor injury from becoming a major threat!

Available at bookstores or from for $9.95. For details contact Skyhorse Publishing Inc., 555 Eigth Avenue, Suite 903, New York 10018


Aspirinpod -- Can Save A Life!

You're on your boat having a great time fishing. Or, you're surf casting or fishing at your favorite lake. Suddenly, you feel terrible pain spreading across your chest. It may be a heart attack and, heart attacks can kill. The Aspirinpod could make all the difference and save your - or someone else's life should they feel sudden pain coming on. How? it's a fact that chewing aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack can significantly improve the chances for survival, and the FDA reports that taking aspirin immediately when heart attack symptoms occur not only saves lives, but can also decrease heart damage. Studies show that chewing one uncoated 325 mg or four uncoated 81 mg aspirin immediately when heart attack symptoms first occur can increase your chances of survival.

New products are always coming out, but when I saw the Aspirinpod, I knew, immediately, that this product was not only unique, but a 'must have' for every member of my family and for friends as well.

The Aspirinpod is a red plastic tiny heart-shaped tiny container that holds one or two aspirin. It comes with a key chain that it can easily be placed in your glovebox, gym bag, bicycle, tool kit, handbag, yoga gear, ski jacket, golf bag, lunch box, bedside, tackle box, hunting vest, and dozens of other places. In less than a second, the container can be opened, the aspirin inside chewed, and together with calling 911, can save your life or that of a loved one. I placed one on my key ring so it will always be available.

Note: Do not take aspirin if allergic and ask your physician if aspirin is appropriate for you.

Aspirinpod can be purchased at drug stores, sporting goods stores, or is available by checking web site


Davis Instruments

Davis Instruments Clever Trolling Planer Dives to Perfect Depth

Now it's easy to precisely control trolling depth without a heavy lead ball sinker or downrigger. With the innovative Fish Seeker from Davis Instruments, anglers can select any trolling depth from 5' to 80'. It's ideal for salmon, steelhead, walleye, crappie, trout and striper.

Great in salt or fresh water with a 6-25 pound test line, the Fish Seeker works well with both live bait and lures at 2 mph. A chart makes it simple to choose the right setting and holes for the desired depth. Using snap swivels, anglers attach the rod line to one of the lettered holes at the front the Fish Seeker and the leader line to a numbered hole at the back. Once the specified amount of line is released, the Fish Seeker dives to the correct depth and stays there to help lure in the catch. When a fish strikes, the Fish Seeker flips over and surfaces and the angler takes over to reel it in. It's not meant for use with deep diving lures.

Available in clear, hot pink or chartreuse, the Fish Seeker from Davis Instruments retails for just $7.50.

For more information contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;

Humminbird® Technologies

Humminbird® Introduces the New SOLIX™ 10

When Humminbird® introduced the SOLIX™ Series, it redefined sonar by integrating its most revolutionary technological features into a new line of powerful, easy-to-use fish finders. For 2018 Humminbird has expanded the series with the SOLIX 10. Its 10.1-inch screen makes it ideal for use at the bow or on more compact console settings. The SOLIX 10 helps anglers find and catch more fish with the most advanced sonar, image clarity and mapping capabilities in its class.

Crystal-clear images
The SOLIX 10 comes in two models: one featuring Humminbird’s exclusive MEGA Imaging™ with GPS and CHIRP Digital Sonar, and another with GPS and CHIRP Digital Sonar only. Humminbird’s ultra-clear MEGA Imaging™ is the first Down and Side Imaging technology to enter the megahertz range with performance that’s nearly three times greater than traditional 455 kHz frequencies. It results in the clearest, sharpest on-screen images ever seen.

B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk gives credit to MEGA Imaging for his 2017 victory at Sam Rayburn Reservoir, saying “I found brush piles that other guys drove right past with their sonar units. During practice I stacked up tons of waypoints on brush that held good fish, and during the tournament I was able to go back, see where the bass were on the piles, and smash them.”

Anglers can choose MEGA Side Imaging for an incredible view to the left and right of their boat, while MEGA Down Imaging gives crystal clear pictures of what is beneath the boat. Both carry a range that covers the most popular fishing depths.

“Fish, rocks and stumps almost look like photographs, while man-made structures like shipwrecks or sunken bridges offer up MEGA imagery down to individual beams,” explains Humminbird Brand Manager Ray Schaffart. “After people see it, they just can’t believe it.”

MEGA Imaging works in conjunction with CHIRP Digital Sonar, which fires more pulses than traditional transducers – and more pulses mean more information, improved target separation and superior image clarity at greater depths.

Customizable screen technology
The SOLIX 10 comes standard with Humminbird’s Cross Touch® Interface, which allows anglers to operate the fish finder via touchscreen or with the touchpad. Users can customize the screen with up to four independent viewing panes to simultaneously get the Down Imaging, Side Imaging and GPS mapping information they need – at a glance. Individual panes can be zoomed in/out, or moved to different screen locations based on an angler’s preference or the fishing situation.

Takes mapping to the next level
Standard on the SOLIX 10 is the new Humminbird Basemap, which helps anglers pinpoint fishing hot spots by showing freshwater depth contours in 10- and 20-foot increments for more than 10,000 American lakes, and precise coverage of the entire U.S. coastline thanks to NOAA-based charts, the most trusted source of coastal data. The Basemap also includes navigational aids, marker buoys, depths, points of interest and launch locations to improve the boating experience. In addition to the pre-loaded lakes with contour mapping, the Humminbird Basemap provides shoreline-only maps to hundreds of thousands of other lakes. It also displays highways, roads, railroads, bike paths, and streams, along with more than 200 icons.

Another standard SOLIX 10 feature is AUTOCHART® Live. This exclusive Humminbird technology maps and saves depth contours, bottom hardness and vegetation data on any body of water. Fish relate to depths, weed lines and transition points in bottom type – for example where a soft, muddy bottom transitions to firm sand or rock. By collecting all that data on an AUTOCHART Live map, Humminbird helps anglers find the “spot on the spot” like never before.

AUTOCHART Live is also compatible with i-Pilot® Link™ from Minn Kota® for the utmost in boat control and fishing success. With the fish finder and trolling motor communicating, an angler can tell his Minn Kota trolling motor to “follow” a specific AUTCHART Live contour at a set speed, and with the press of a button the boat will automatically follow the exact path. Without touching the trolling motor controls, anglers can stay on a weedline, depth or bottom hardness contour to keep their bait in active water at all times.

The new units are also fully compatible with Humminbird LakeMaster® charts, SmartStrike™ and Navionics® Gold/HotMaps™.

Bluetooth® connectivity
Bluetooth is built into everySOLIX 10, allowing anglers to sync their smartphones to the fish finder and view text messages, missed calls and signal strength right on the SOLIX display. It creates a flawless on-board network of electronics and connectivity.

For plug-and-fish networking, high-speed ethernet provides easy connections to Humminbird 360 Imaging, Minn Kota i-Pilot Link, Humminbird CHIRP Radar, and additional SOLIX or select HELIX units.

Anglers can mount the SOLIX 10 on the boat dash or at the bow on the included gimbal, or directly to an optional RAM Mount for multi-directional viewing if desired. For more information call Humminbird at 800-633-1468 or visit

About Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Outdoors and consists of the Humminbird®, Minn Kota® and Cannon® brands. Humminbird® is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of marine electronics products including fishfinders, multifunction displays, autopilots, ice flashers and premium cartography products. Minn Kota® is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors, as well as a complete line of Talon® shallow-water anchors, battery chargers and marine accessories. Cannon® is the leader in controlled-depth fishing and includes a full line of downrigger products and accessories.

About Johnson Outdoors
JOHNSON OUTDOORS is a leading global outdoor recreation company that turns ideas into adventure with innovative, top-quality products. The company designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of winning, consumer-preferred brands across four categories: Watercraft, Marine Electronics, Diving and Outdoor Gear.  Johnson Outdoors' familiar brands include, among others: Old Town® canoes and kayaks; Ocean Kayak™ and Necky® kayaks; Carlisle®paddles; Extrasport® personal flotation devices; Minn Kota® fishing motors, batteries and anchors; Cannon® downriggers; Humminbird® marine electronics and digital charts; SCUBAPRO® dive equipment; Silva® compasses; Jetboil® outdoor cooking systems; and Eureka!®camping and hiking equipment.

For more information visit or write to Humminbird, 555 Main Street, Racine, WI 53403

New Humminbird® Technologies Deliver Clearest Imaging Ever and Bring Fish-Hiding Structure to Life Like Never Before --

With a sonar frequency nearly 3-times greater than traditional 455 kHz frequencies, Humminbird is the first to take fish-finding sonar to the megahertz range, resulting in the clearest, sharpest underwater views. The quantum leap to megahertz frequency provides vastly improved MEGA Side Imaging™ and MEGA Down Imaging™, giving anglers a clear choice when it comes to underwater sonar.

According to Mark Gibson, Humminbird Director of R&D, “Our team has dedicated itself to developing the best imaging technology on the water, and the result is unreal screen detail and never-before-seen clarity. It truly needs to be seen to be believed.”

AUTOCHART® Live expands with vegetation and bottom density mapping

When Humminbird first introduced AUTOCHART Live in 2015, it allowed anglers to map the depth of their favorite body of water, revealing some of the best hiding places for fish. No longer constrained by outdated paper maps or tribal knowledge, it was a step forward for fishermen everywhere. Now, Humminbird has expanded this technology even further.

In addition to mapping depth, AUTOCHART Live now gives anglers the ability to map aquatic vegetation and changing bottom hardness. This is regarded as the “trifecta” in essential information, since fish relate so specifically to depth, weed lines and transition points in bottom type – for example where a soft bottom meets hard sand or rocky structure.

The AUTOCHART Live enhancements have BASS Elite pros like Brent Ehrler very excited. “AUTOCHART Live puts the power in our hands to map uncharted waters and surgically study structure contours. Adding vegetation and bottom hardness mapping to the mix is just awesome, because that’s where the fish are – whether it’s the inside turn of a grass line, a little funnel, or spots where mud transitions to rock. You’re now talking about being able to laser in on spots that used to take us hours and hours to find,” he said.

Bluetooth® connects everything
Select new HELIX units feature built-in Bluetooth, which allows users to sync their smartphones and other devices, delivering text messages, missed calls, signal strength and battery life right on the Humminbird display. It creates a flawless on-board network of electronics and connectivity.

Ray Schaffart, Humminbird Brand Manager, explains further how the new Humminbird HELIX technology helps anglers catch more fish, especially used in concert with new technology from Minn Kota®. “Depth, vegetation and bottom hardness contours are like super-highways for many fish species. With Minn Kota trolling motors that have i-Pilot® Link™, you can tell your trolling motor to follow a specific depth, weed line or bottom density contour, then choose your desired speed and the boat will follow that path with the press of a button. That’s automated hands-free fishing with exact boat control, with your bait always in the strike zone.”

Since anglers and boaters have different on-the-water needs, Humminbird offers these new innovations on select second generation HELIX models.

The HELIX second generation networking (G2N) family consists of four screen sizes (7-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch), with each size offering three CHIRPing sonar model options – GPS 2D sonar, GPS 2D sonar/Down Imaging®, and GPS 2D sonar/Side Imaging®. Regardless of the model selected, all three sonar elements CHIRP. Exclusive to the G2N models, each one includes AUTOCHART Live vegetation/bottom hardness and Bluetooth capability. MEGA Side Imaging and MEGA Down Imaging can only be found on the GPS 2D sonar/Side Imaging HELIX 9, 10 and 12 G2N models.

The HELIX second generation (G2) family consists of two screen sizes (5-inch and 7-inch), each one offering the same CHIRPing sonar model options as the G2N. The G2 units are now equipped with AUTOCHART Live, an update over the first generation HELIX models. For the value-conscious angler, three select G2 units have an upgraded user-interface-only.

The G2 family models are not networkable and do not include the new MEGA imaging or Bluetooth technologies, however all models allow registered users to receive software updates when available. The new units are also compatible with Humminbird LakeMaster® charts, SmartStrike™ (internal GPS units only) and Navionics® Gold/HotMaps™.

All units feature an updated operating system and allow for gimbal mounting, or in-dash mounting with an optional kit. International models support 200/50kHz. Optional 50 kHz transducers are available for extreme deep-water use.

For more information call Humminbird at 800-633-1468 or visit

About Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc.
Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Outdoors and consists of the Humminbird®, Minn Kota® and Cannon® brands. Humminbird® is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of marine electronics products including fishfinders, multifunction displays, autopilots, ice flashers, and premium cartography products. Minn Kota® is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric trolling motors, as well as offers a complete line of shallow water anchors, battery chargers and marine accessories. Cannon® is the leader in controlled-depth fishing and includes a full line of downrigger products and accessories.


A Day Spent Gill Netting for River Herring by Rachel Reinhard, Hourly Fisheries Technician, Bureau of Marine Fisheries (New Jersey Div. of Fish & Wildlife)

River herring, a term that includes both the alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) and blueback species (Alosa aestivalis), were once a commercially important fish for the state of New Jersey. Alewife and blueback herring are anadromous, meaning they spawn in freshwater but return to saltwater to live. These fish are typically distributed from Newfoundland to South Carolina. The two species look very similar but can often be differentiated based on eye size and body shape. In the past couple of decades, the population sizes of these fish have dropped dramatically and over time they have become a species of concern.

The introduction of dams in waterways and construction projects around rivers are just some of the major obstacles facing the species. These dams inhibit the species' ability to migrate to spawning sites. Overfishing, bycatch and the return of striped bass populations have also contributed to the decline in numbers. After assessing the scope of problems facing river herring, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) put a ban on the harvest of any river herring in 2013. One year before the ban, a project was introduced by the Division of Fish and Wildlife's Marine Fisheries Administration to research herring species and to track their population sizes.

Typically, river herring spawn in the spring, from March until the end of May. During this time, Marine Fisheries conducts a gill-netting survey for herring and some other target species. A typical day of gill-netting starts at 6:30 a.m. at the Nacote Creek Research Station in Atlantic County. Once the crew arrives at the station, the van is packed with personal gear, such as boots, gloves, rain bibs and rain jackets. The boat is then checked to ensure that all the necessary equipment is aboard. This includes two gill nets, baskets to hold the nets, buoys, anchors, pliers and picks, pH and dissolved oxygen meters, measuring boards, a live-well to hold fish, dip nets, data sheets and buckets.

When everyone is ready to go, we trailer the boat to either the Maurice or Great Egg Harbor River. At the river, the team puts on their bibs and boots and we launch the boat into the water. Once on the water, we head north to our first sampling location and deploy the first gill net. The first net we set is 174' in length with a 3" mesh. First, the small buoy is hooked to the float line of the net and one of the anchors is attached to the lead line. Both the anchor and buoy are thrown over the bow of the boat and two team members work together to feed the net out of its basket. Once we reach the end of the net, the large buoy is attached to the float line and another anchor is clipped to the lead line. To straighten the net out in the water, the float line and lead line are held by team members and the boat is put into reverse. Once the gill net is straightened out, each team member lets go of their line; the net is now set.

Next, I calibrate the dissolved oxygen meter and collect readings for salinity, dissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH and air temperature which are all recorded onto datasheets. These same steps are repeated for the second, southerly location. The only difference is that the net for the second location is a bit smaller at 141' with a 3" mesh size. Nets are typically allowed to soak for 90 minutes. After the soak time is completed, we retrieve the nets and assess our catch. Two team members simultaneously pull the net in over the bow by the lead and the float line. As we are pulling in the net, a third person picks any fish that may be caught in the mesh and transfers them to the live well.
River herring caught in gill net.

Once the entire net is pulled in and placed back in its basket, we can begin measuring the fish. Counts and measurements are taken for all fish, including both target species and bycatch. Target species include any river herring species (alewife, blueback herring, shad) and striped bass. When target species are found, fork and total tail measurements of length are recorded. Only fork measurements and counts are taken for bycatch species. Some common bycatch species that we often find in the nets include white perch, white catfish, and chain pickerel.

River herring are sexed and we determine if the females have spawned recently or if they have yet to release their eggs. When a striped bass is caught, scale samples may be taken. The scales are then brought to the lab and used to determine the age of the fish. After the necessary data is collected for each fish, they are released back into the water and we repeat the process at the second location. On some occasions, a sample of river herring species collected in the nets will be taken back to the lab as samples for further research.

In the summer months, biologists at Marine Fisheries continue herring research by seining for juvenile target species within the same rivers. These two surveys are essential in monitoring the health of river herring populations and New Jersey Fish and Wildlife hopes to see that the statewide harvest ban is helping herring populations to become numerous again.

More Facts

An estimated 13 million kids fished (age d under) in 2000 . . .down from 14.8 million in 1995.

85 percent of kids report being interested in fishing: 50 percent are very interested.

58 percent of kids have fished in the past year.

76f percent of teens own an MP3 player.

82 percent of kids are online by seventh grade.

Kids spend 44 hours a week with TV, computers and video games.

Fishig before age 11 positively affects the way kids will think about and treat the environment in adulthood.

Connecting to family is a primary reason for going fishing.

88 percent of avid anglers over age 35 were introduced to fishing by dad; only 12 percent of avid anglers under 35 were introduced to fishing by dad.

90 percent of avid anglers went fishing for the first time before age 10.

Fishing is not just a guy's sport; fully 1/3 of all anglers are women.

More women went fishing in 2004 than went running or jogging.

39 percent of all women have fished in the past two years.

Connecting to family is a primary reason for going fishing.

Recreational anglers fish an average of 18 days a year.

Most sought after fish -- black bass.

84 percent of fishing days are spent in freshwater; 16 percent in saltwater.

Approximately 72 percent of all anglers age 16 and over live in urban areas; 28 percent live in rural communities.

Over a year, the average angler spends $134 on fishing tackle and other equipment; $331 on trip-related goods and services; and $102 on transportation.



Bioline's special polymer used is categorized as a plastic in which the degradation results from the action of naturally occurring elements. Biodegradable plastics are plastics that can be used as conventional plastics, while on disposal or loss they decompose into water and carbon dioxide. In the early 1970’s Art Glick from Davis & Geck, invented the first bioabsorbable filament for use as stitches. The filaments were introduced as expensive medical implants made from Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), which are polymers derived from corn. At over $5 a yard, the bioabsorbable filaments were very expensive to produce.

Bioline filaments or “biofilaments™”, use similar types of process and manufacturing techniques that some of the original absorbable stitches used. Through the advancement of technology and research, Bioline now offers a performance and 100% biodegradable fishing line. When sealed in its original package, Bioline’s unique polymer structure has a shelf life of five years. Upon removal from the package and spooling on a reel, Bioline retains 100% of its strength and handling characteristics for a period of 10 to 12 months. Put simply, anglers who change their line at the beginning of each fishing season will see zero degradation in performance. And while most anglers change their lines once or twice within each season, loss of strength is never an issue.

Bioline Products Available include:

Follow these instructions for tournament strength results:
1. Store Bioline unopened in its foil pouch until ready for use.
2. Spool on reel.
3. Wet knots prior to tightening.
4. Change Bioline every season or on nine month intervals in year-round fisheries.
TEST & LENGTH are available in 4 lb; 6 lb; 8 lb; 10 lb. and 12 lbs; each in 210 yards.

For more information contact Bioline at 809 NE 25th Ave., Portland, OR 97232 or call (866) 445-4923

20 lb. Bioline & Bioline Tippets are Available to Purchase OnLine

Bioline tippet is a 100% biodegradable fly fishing tippet; the environmentally friendly alternative to monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line.

To purchase go to the following sites:

Northland Fishing Line

BIONIC® unfurls an equally burly braided superline.

BIONIC ICE® BRAID, exceptional superline tames tugs and line-stripping runs to ultimately bring the fish to the surface and meet a grinning, maybe grizzled angler with his own tough guy braids.
It is a premium no-stretch superline, which incorporates Northland® Fishing Tackle’s advanced 4-Carrier Balanced Braid™ Technology. Constructed with micro-sized deniers of PE fibers (superior strength), it provides anglers with a rounder, limper and tougher braid with thread-like diameters down to 1⁄2-pound test. Coated with a low friction anti-freeze skin, BIONIC ICE® BRAID resists icing and stays limp and manageable even on miniature ice reels in the harshest winter conditions. Line visibility is greatly reduced, too, because of the micro diameters and the exclusive AquaFlage™ BLUE CAMO and ICE GREY colors.

Micro-diameter but uncompromisingly strong, BIONIC ICE® BRAID is available in 2-lb. (1/2-lb. diameter), 3-lb. (3/4-lb. diameter), 4-lb. (1-lb. diameter), 6-lb. (1 1/2-lb. diameter) and 8-lb test strength (2-lb. diameter) to fine-tune line weight and strength to your presentation and size of targeted species. The unique fishing line is perfect for bull bluegills, slab crappies, pound-plus perch and lunker walleyes. BIONIC ICE® BRAID will instantly become your superline of choice.

For more information, contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN 56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email at




Fish Gripper

After my hand was stabbed when a catfish raised it's dorsal fin while I was trying to release the hook, I searched for a product that would prevent this from happening again. Fortunately, I found Berkley's Fish Gripper that firmly closes around the fish and makes removing the hook easy - and safe. The gripper works with a Stainless steel spring to secure gripping action, the design is ergonomic for less hand stress, the aluminum construction is durable yet lightweight, compact for easy storage and portability, and the strong lever-operated jaws firmly grasp the catch.

Available at sporting goods stores like Dick's or Bass Pro for $12.99.


Magma Combines Two Great Products Into One Versatile Mount                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Just when boaters and outdoor enthusiasts thought it couldn't get any better, Magma Products introduces an innovative mount that adjusts and locks in place at both ends. They joined the patented LeveLock™ Locking Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount with the patented Pow'rGrip™ Locking Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount to create the state-of-the-art Pow'rGrip with LeveLock Double Locking Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount.

The patented Pow'rGrip with LeveLock mount is the strongest and most versatile mount in the industry. The Pow'rGrip portion adjusts to any size rod holder and locks in place with a simple twist of a convenient wing nut. Locking Magma's rectangular grills, single mount tables or cleaning stations securely in place with just a pull of a handy lever, the LeveLock portion enables the user-friendly mount to adjust to any angle.

This double locking mount is constructed of 18-8 marine grade stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum and durable all-weather ABS for dependable service in any condition. The instant locking ability also makes the adjustable mount easy to store. With a twist of the wing nut and a push on the lever, the Pow'rGrip with LeveLock Double Locking Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount is ready to fold flat against the bottom of the grill or table for space-saving stowage.

The T10-375 Pow'rGrip with LeveLock Double Locking Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount from Magma retails for around $69.

Contact Magma Products, 3940 Pixie Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712; 562-627-0500.;


Shurhold's Sleek Fishing Handles Give Fishermen A Good Grip

A successful fisherman uses only the best equipment. Offering comfort, style and convenience, Shurhold introduces its new Fishing Series Handles built for use with the company's fishing nets, fish taggers and gaff. Designed with Shurhold's signature high standards of quality, these fishing handles are great for the professional or recreational fisherman.

Sleek black with hand-wrapped gold trim, these handles have extra-long foam grips for added comfort. Featuring Shurhold's exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release system, they positively lock with any Shurhold accessory including deck brushes, mops and other boating accessories while matching the look and feel of most fishing rods.

The series includes three sizes, including 5', 6' and 9'. The lightweight and convenient 5' handle has a fixed length. The 6' telescoping handle quickly locks at 4 different lengths from 40"-72", while the 9' can be locked at 5 different lengths from 60"-108".

Shurhold's Fishing Handle Series has a starting retail price of $75.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold offers a free guide of 5 key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

Contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.


The Mazdog Elite Series

The “Elite 500” Edition — (A numbered series of only 500 offered on a first come, first served basis) — is a serial number-coded series of exceptional fly rod cases. The option also exists to have the same serial number added on all future Mazdog™ Outdoor Elite gear so as to better identify the owner in case of loss.

The “Elite 500” Edition Rod Cases Offer:

• Titanium lids and end caps.
• Choice of colored hard coat anodized on the Titanium.
• Choice of Diamond Weave or Tweal Woven carbon fiber rod cases.
• Choice of corporate logo or monogrammed full name or initials — these can either be inlaid into the carbon fiber or engraved into the collars.
• Choice of fly rod sleeves within the rod case for ultimate fly rod protection.
• Seven (7) coats of automotive grade polyurethane to protect the unique exterior.

More customization can be done pending your unique desires. From Gold, Platinum, etc.

The “Elite 500” Cases will be priced as follows:
• 1.625 diameters 29"to 35" will be $1,479.00
• 1.625 diameters 40"to 49" will be $1,579.00
• 1.625 diameters 50"to 59" will be $1,679.00
The 2"
• 2" diameters 18"to 29" will be $ 1,389.00
• 2" diameters 30"to 39" will be $ 1,489.00
• 2" diameters 40"to 49" will be $ 1,589.00
• 2" diameters 50"to 62" will be $ 1,689.00
The 2.5"
• 2.5" diameters 18"to 29" will be $ 1,399.00
• 2.5" diameters 30"to 39" will be $ 1,499.00
• 2.5" diameters 40"to 49" will be $ 1,599.00
• 2.5" diameters 50"to 62" will be $ 1,699.00

All base model “Elite” rod cases will be priced $300 less than the base model “Elite 500” cases. The standard Elite Series rod cases will have all the features of the Elite 500, except they will not be the limited series, and they will they have only three (3) coats of finish instead of seven (7).

The above can only be ordered through Mazdog™.

Pro Series
The Pro Series will have the same length choices; but will be limited to a hard coat anodized airplane grade aluminum caps in multiple colors only and three (3) layers of automotive grade polyurethane.
The Pro Series comes with your choice of Tweal or Diamond patterned carbon and can be bought at fly rod pro shops.

Original Series
The Original Series will be hard coat anodized airplane grade aluminum, caps brass only, and bare carbon with no protective coating. The Original Series can be found at any of your quality sporting good stores.

The following are the dimensions to choose from:
• 1.625" diameter fly rod case, available in: 29", 35", 40", 43", 46", 49", 52", 55", and 58" (specify length).
• 2" diameter fly rod case, available in: 26", 27", 29", 37", 39", 41", 43", 46", 49", 52", 55", 58", and 61" (specify length).
• 2.5" diameter fly rod case, available in: 26", 27", 29", 37", 39", 41", 43", 46", 49", 52", 55", 58", and 61" (specify length).
For dealer inquiries, please contact or call 406-360-4857. For other inquiries, contact MazDog at



Catch & Release Trout Net

Cortland's catch and release net features a soft, clear rubberized net material that's gentle on the fish and won't tangle, rot or mildew.  The clear color won't spook fish because it virtually disappears underwater.  The frame is made from laminated bamboo and hardwood.  Size 24-1/2" x 11." I tried it while fishing for trout from my kayak and it worked great!


Frabill Power Folding Stow Net

This one is a winner. I caught a stingray that was so heavy and fighting so much that my rod was bent in half and probably would have broken had it not been for the Frabill Power Stow Net that proved the company right -- for it offered the strength and toughness to subdue big heavy fighting fish.

This Power Stow Net, Model 8501, has a hoop size that's 14x18, is in netting style 3/8" Mesh, it's 16 inches deep, the handle telescopes easily from 36 inches to 60 inches, while it is only 8x26 when closed. Great for crappie and panfish, it proved valuable for the heavy Stingray and also several Whiting. Snag less with this net -- featuring a double-dip coating with tangle-free performane. The netting is virtually knotless and very fray-resistant. The stowable glass-filled nylon yoke is great for kayaks, rowboats and its fold-away capability compacts the net for easy storage anywhere.

Available at fishing and sporting goods stores for approximately $100. For more information go to Frabill at web site or call 800-558-1005.


Barefoot Fishing Hooks

Circle Hook by Barefoot Fishing

Barefoot Fishing introduces its revolutionary Chin Weight Unlimited. Instead of enduring a 20-minute procedure, the Chin Weight Unlimited's design takes users less than a minute to rig Spanish mackerel, bluefish, large squid or split-tail mullet. Fishermen just limber up the baitfish, insert the hook through the chin and out the bridge of the nose, remove the eyes, wire through the sockets and deploy. Skirts are optional.
Ideal for catching blue and black marlin, giant bluefin tuna and other large gamefish, the advanced Chin Weight Unlimited ensures baitfish swim perfectly in the water. Preferred by many fishing tournaments throughout the country, circle hooks hook fish at a much higher percentage and rarely gut hook, reducing the mortality rates of catch and release fish.

The retail price of the Chin Weight Unlimited from Barefoot Fishing is only $9.99 for the large, 18/0 hook with 5 oz. chin weight. Smaller, 5/0, 7/0 and 9/0 hooks with 7/16 oz., 3/4 oz. and 7/8 oz. chin weights respectively are available in 4-packs for $9.99. Barefoot Fishing donates 5% of all proceeds to Fish For Tomorrow, an artificial reef program.

Contact Barefoot Fishing, Wilmington, NC , or web site


Mustad® Introduces Proportionally Correct Circle Hook Range

Mustad®, the world’s best-selling hook brand, has created a new circle hook range that combines Mustad’s legendary strength with important new features to enhance performance. Unique to the is the fact that they are the only circle hooks with Precision Proportions™. This revolutionary design aspect means the point angle and length, gap, front length and all other parameters have the same proportions across the entire size range for maximum effectiveness. The range also boasts a new modified point design with a 96º angle which is optimum for insuring a high percentage of lip and jaw hooking.

Demon Perfect Circle Hooks include the following patterns:

Non-Offset Designs: For catch and release enthusiasts and tournament anglers - hook
specifications that exceed design standards for best conservation practices.
• 39950BLN: 3 extra strong; sizes 16/0-3/0
• 39955Z: Z-steel finish; 5 extra strong; sizes 16/0-10/0

Offset Designs: live bait hook designs, with and without welded rings and engineered for
easy baiting and superior presentations.
• 39940BLN: 1 extra strong; sizes 6/0-1
• 39941BLN: 2 extra strong; sizes 9/0-2/0
• 39942BLN: 3 extra strong; sizes 10/0-1/0
• 39943BLN: 4 extra strong; sizes 12/0-4/0
• R39942BLN: welded ring; 3 extra strong; sizes 9/0-1/0
• R39943BLN: welded ring; 4 extra strong; sizes 10/0-4/0

Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks now feature new 4.3 Micro Sharp Point Technology for a sleek, slimmer, incredibly sharp point. This unique 2-stage opti-angle point has less metal removed in the sharpening process than with traditional methods, providing all the benefits of a true needle point with incredible strength and durability. Chemically sharpened and Nor-Tempered to be up to 30% stronger than conventional hooks, UltraPoint® is a very sharp, very strong needle point that delivers quick, easy penetration…and longer performance.

For more information on the newly expanded lineup of Mustad® hooks, tools, swivels and attractants, call (315) 253-2793; write O. Mustad & Son (USA) Inc., P.O. Box 838, Auburn, NY 13021; or visit

Mustad's Light Wire Hook for Tube Bait Presentations

Mustad®has added a new light wire version of its popular tube bait hook pattern to its line of premium Ultra Point® bass hooks. Part of the popular Big Mouth™ Tube Bait Hook Series, this new premium Ultra Point® hook (Ref No. 38107R) features an extra-wide gap to increase hook-ups and an offset shank to hold baits in place. It boasts a chemically sharpened Opti-Angle™ needle point and a durable red finish for extra attraction. It is available in today’s most popular tube hooks sizes: 5/0, 4/0 and 3/0.

Ultra Point® hooks are created using a state-of-the-art, three-stage Opti-Angle™ sharpening technology which removes less metal from the point than traditional methods—without compromising sharpness. The result is a very sharp, very strong needle point that delivers quick, easy penetration…and longer performance.

For more information on Mustad’s newly expanded lineup of hooks, line, tools, swivels and attractants, call (315) 253-2793; write O. Mustad & Son (USA) Inc., P.O. Box 838, Auburn, NY 13021; or visit

Mustad New Bottom Fishing Rigs Include Activate Dispersion Device

Mustad®, has added three new Ultra Point® Bottom Fishing Rigs that include an adjustable Surestrike™ device for dispersion of Activate™ Pheromone Attractant. These new premium Ultra Point® rigs come ready to fish, feature a Glow-In-The-Dark Hoochie for added attraction, a sturdy 3-way swivel, and are hand-tied on 22-inch-long Mustad Pro-Plus™ Ultra Line™. The rigs are available in three models:

BF554BLN: Features two Mustad Ultra Point Octopus/Beak Hooks tied in tandem (Ref No. 92554BLN); each boasts a chemically sharpened Opti-Angle™ reversed needle point, 2 extra strong wire and a sleek, smooth black nickel finish. It is tied on 150 lb. test Mustad Pro-Plus Ultra Line and is available in size 8/0.

BF150H: Features Mustad’s Ultra Point Demon® Circle Hook (Ref No. 39950BL), which boasts a chemically sharpened Opti-Angle™ curved in, needle point with a special black finish. It is tied on 150 lb. test Mustad Pro-Plus Ultra Line and is available in sizes 12/0, 10/0 and 9/0.

BF250H: Features Mustad’s Ultra Point Demon Circle Hook (Ref No. 39950BL), which boasts a chemically sharpened Opti-Angle™ curved in, needle point with a special black finish. It is tied on 250 lb. test Mustad Pro-Plus Ultra Line and is available in sizes 12/0, 10/0 and 9/0.

Ultra Point® hooks are created using a state-of-the-art, three-stage Opti-Angle™ sharpening technology which removes less metal from the point than traditional methods—without compromising sharpness. Activate™ is a scientific blend of pheromones, fish oils and attractants that is proven to attract fish and stimulate feeding.

For more information on Mustad’s newly expanded lineup of hooks, line, tools, swivels and attractants, call (315) 253-2793; write O. Mustad & Son (USA) Inc., P.O. Box 838, Auburn, NY 13021; or visit

Mustad's Neon Ultra-Sharp Live Bait Hook

Mustad® has introduced the Neon™ ultra-sharp live bait hook in six hot, fish- attracting colors, including a new two-tone finish that’s the first in the industry. The Neon hooks, available in fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, fluorescent pink, chartreuse, flame/chartreuse and glow in the dark, feature special tempering so the product is up to 30% stronger than standard hooks, and are designed for a wide range of use, including walleye, steelhead, and many other live bait applications. The hook also features a forged, chemically sharpened needle point for fast penetration and a turned-up tapered eye, available in sizes 6/0 to 1/0 as well as 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8.

At sporting goods stores or call O. Mustad & Son Inc. at 315-253-2793 for more information.



StrikeMaster Slushmaster

The Slushmaster is the only solution for totally cleaning and clearing yur fishing holes. Powered by a simple cordless drill, the Slushmaster flushes and desluches ice holes instantly. Instead of flooding the outsides of yur hole with ice chunks, the Slushmaster, according to StrikeMaster's Randy Havel, "plunges the mess back down and under the hole, leaving a mirrow clean fishing area.


StrikeMaster Glide-Lite Gear Sled

For the adventurous as well other anglers, the Glide-Lite gear sled is the answer. It's the sturdiest, roomiest, yet lightest ice sled available. It holds a huge amount of gear; has a slot for a standard 5- or 6-gallon bucket, which even incudes a seat. A vertical rod rack accommodates five ice combos, and it also has a spacious main compartment that easily stores flashers, cameeras, tackle boxes, coolers, and plenty of other gear. This tough, yet slick looking roto-molded trnasport is easy to tow on snow and slush alike. Its compact size allows it to fit neatly inside a portable ice shelter thus keeping gear organized and close at hand.


Strike-Master Bait Pucks Great for Cold Weather

These bait containers are pocket-sized, tough as nails, too, even when stepped on, and the compact size allows easy rebait hooks with one hand. They're great for storing lures and other tackle in one and bait in another, so buy a few. The Bait Puck is 3" wide x 1" deep, and the larger Bait Puck 2 is 5" x 2-3/8", featuring sturdy screw lids and high-vis red or yellow finishes.

Pick-of-Life Ice Awls

I wouldn't leave home for ice fishing without taking along a pair of Pick-of-Life Ice Awls. This product is a self rescue ice awl for anyone venturing out onto the ice - or for saving someone else's life if the ice breaks and they fall in! The Picks provide solid hand holds enabling a victim to climb out of a hole in the ice. The patented design features retractable pick covers and unsinkable materials. An extra long lanyard (6' long) now includes GloCord, a reflective cord which is highly visible in low-light situations. The light from a flashlight will reflect strongly when the beam hits the GloCord. Along with this product you'll find an ice Safety Guide. This product is a MUST for rescue professionals, snowmobilers, ice skaters, ice anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. I tried it out on the ice to see if the spikes would work and it was outstanding. Also, I threated the long cord through my jacket so it would always be available, just-in-case. What I especially liked was that the spikes are hidden until used - so it can't rip clothing or cut into your skin.

Made of ABS plastic and foam-filled, it is unsinkable and indestructible.

Available from Angel-GUARD Products, Inc., 70 James Street, Worcester, MA; 800-325-4832 for $14.95 plus shipping.

NOTE: For ice fishing clothing, click on clothing.



Versatile Mega-Lights Consume Little Power

Dependable light goes a long way to ensure safety, security and comfort onboard or outdoors. Because of limited battery capacity on vessels and RVs, minimal power draw is a must to keep a light shining. Requiring a miniscule 0.11 amp, Mega-Lights from Davis Instruments can run 12 hours on one amp-hour of 12V power. Also capable of operating continuously for more than 700 hours on a 12V, 80 amp-hour battery, three Mega-Light models offer multiple features and functions. All feature a bulb that draws just 0.11 amp, roughly 1/10 of an amp, that's visible for two miles when used as an anchor light. Also included is a easily interchangeable, brighter bulb for reading or use as a cockpit or interior light. It draws a mere 0.32 amp, or 1/3 amp.

Convenient and versatile, Mega-Lights are great for marking boats, reading and close-work, inspecting an engine, fishing at night or preparing a campfire meal. The waterproof, dual-function Fresnel lens projects light visible up to two nautical miles. When hung upside-down, the clear 1:1 lens provides area lighting to illuminate decks, cockpits and campgrounds.

A built-in light sensor on the Mega-Light Utility and Masthead models automatically turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn to provide security while owners are away. Unlike inexpensive yard lights, Mega-Lights are completely sealed and won't corrode in saltwater air. Their incandescent bulbs also react more quickly to sensors than LEDs as twilight descends.

The Mega-Light Utility features a new energy-efficient circuit board. It comes with 15' of heavy-duty cord and plugs into a 12V lighter socket. The featherweight light hangs from an adjustable, triangular bracket. Easily installed on a masthead, interior wall, cockpit or bulkhead, Mega-Light Masthead comes fastened to an L-shaped stainless steel bracket. A 12" pigtail simplifies wiring directly into the power source. Along with the two incandescent bulbs, Mega-Light Ultimate Cockpit Light features a red and yellow LED controlled by a waterproof push button. Six modes include steady white, red or yellow as well as blinking and alternating flashing red and yellow. Myriad uses include vessel identification, reading charts at night or creating ambience while entertaining aboard. It comes with 15' of heavy-duty cord, a 12V socket plug-in and sturdy hanger. The LEDs are guaranteed for more than 100,000 hours.

A spare Mega-Light works well in the car for emergencies or for loading and unloading at night. These powerful little lights are perfect stocking-stuffers or for giving on any occasion.

Suggested retail pricing for the Davis Instruments Mega-Light starts at $49.99.
Contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;



Bug bites are often seen as a necessary evil of outdoor activity. They're annoying, causing itchiness, swelling and redness to the skin. But statistics show that they can also be extremely dangerous -- leading to West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Lyme disease and even Malaria. Last year there were over 3,500 cases of West Nile Virus, resulting in 121 deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control. With the warmer, high-risk months fast approaching, individuals and families can rely on the innovative Don’t Bite Me! patch to help protect themselves against the annoying and potentially life threatening effects of bug bites.

The Don’t Bite Me! all-natural insect repellent patch offers a first of its kind solution. Available nationally for the first time after they flew off the shelves in limited distribution last summer, the discreet, all-natural transdermal skin patch delivers a blend of protective Vitamin B1 and aloe combination throughout the body, protecting individuals against bites from pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, chiggers, sand fleas and no seeums for up to 36 hours.

Concerns about increased prevalence of West Nile, Encephalitis and Lyme disease in the United States and also exposure to Malaria and other diseases have helped fuel sales of insect repellent, up over 30 percent since 2001. The potential of disease, coupled with concerns about the possible side effects of DEET, have led a growing number of consumers, particularly parents, searching for insect repellents that work but have low or no toxicity. The Don’t Bite Me! Patch provides the answer.

Vitamin B1 is the key effective ingredient in Don’t Bite Me! Patch, and when applied to the skin, provides protection from biting insects.  The thiamine-based formula is absorbed into the bloodstream through the transdermal delivery of the Don’t Bite Me! Patch. Excess B1 is then secreted through the body’s pores, creating an odor that is almost undetectable to humans, but offensive to mosquitoes.  This odor forms a protective barrier around the body that shields the user from mosquitoes and other biting insects. Aloe, the other active ingredient, accelerates the absorption of the B1 and serves as an anti-inflammatory, and in the event of a rare bite — it helps reduce the reaction, particularly for those who are sensitive to mosquito bites.

Don’t Bite Me! Patch offers the following positive attributes as compared to messy sprays, lotions or towelettes:

No DEET, safe for children and adults alike
Easy, no mess application– just apply a patch to your skin
Protects skin often missed with a spray, such as ears and scalp
Waterproof, no need to re-apply after swimming or exercise
Protects up to 36 hours
Patent pending, all-natural formula
Incredibly effective

The Don’t Bite Me! Patch is available at natural food stores and major retailers nationwide including Kroger, Rite Aid, and select Walgreen’s and Wal-Mart stores nationwide. The product comes in a five-pack for a suggested retail price of $4.99 and a 10 pack for a suggested retail price of $7.99. For more information on where to buy, visit


La Fresh Creates New, Easy-to-Use Insect Repellent Towelettes

The All Natural Biodegradable Insect Repellent Towelettes made by La Fresh are the perfect answer for always having insect repellent on hand - whether it's when traveling by car, train, boat, bus, or on foot hiking. Carry the easy-to-use towelettes in yur purse or backpack where it takes up the tiniest space so they're always ready to use outdoors while enjoying your favorite activities. Carry them in your bike bag, too, or even your pocket! DEET-free, they are also biodegradable and TSA friendly.

The La Fresh Insect Repellent Towelettes are $4.99 for six or $19.99 for 30. For more information go to web


Thermacell's New Patio Shield HALO Mosquito Protection

How many times have you sat on a fishing bucket or chair and had insects buzzing all around you and biting you? Thankfully, we tried Thermacell's Patio Shield as a last resort -- and now it's our first go-to repellent that creates a 15' x 15' zone of protection. It's lightweight and portable so it stows in a small space onboard, has no open flame so it's very safe, is EPA-evaluated for safety and effectiveness, and includes Thermacell repeller, three (3) original repeller mats, and one (1) butane cartridge. More pluses include a 48 hour fuel capacity, a ZoneCheck monitor, it's silent and scent-free.

The entire product - Thermacell Patio Shield HALO Mosquito Repeller - is ready-to-go in just a minute, and is available on, sporting goods stores, Wal-Mart and other stores at the manufacturer's suggested price of $39.99.

For more information please contact Thermacell Repellents, Inc., 26 Crosby Drive, Redford, MA 01730; email-; or call toll free at 866-753-3837.

Thermacell New, Improved Mosquito Repellent Gadget Keeps You Protected from Nasty Insects

Friends always stick close to me when we're out fishing - because they know every insect, including no-see-ums, bites ME while they remain safe. Until now, it wasn't unusual for me to suffer 10-20 really itchy bites - whether it was from a mosquito or another biting critter and even no-see-ums. Now, at last, I'm free of those horrible, itchy bites that swell up and take days to disappear -- thanks to discovering Thermacell's new, improved Mosquito Repellent gadget, #MR450.

This unique product offers a zone of 15' x 15f' mosquito protection, is rubber armored, has a zone check indicator, and a redesigned grill - plus an adjustable belt that fits around my waist AND a sturdy clip that allows the gadget to hang onto my clothing, belt, or even archery bag.

Its heat activated mat releases repellent into the air crating a 15' x 15' zone of protection, and includes 3 Mosquito Repellent mats (each mat lasts a maximum of 4 hours; one butane cartridge (each butane cartridge lasts a maximum of 12 hours; one CR2032 battery; and the belt clip.

Best of all, Thermacell stands behind its products and quality. If you're not completely satisfied with your Thermacell purchase, it can be returned to the company for repair, replacement, or refund.

This product may be purchased at most sporting goods stores, from amazon Wal-mart, and other stores. For more information, contact Thermacell Repellents, Inc., 26 Crosby Drive, Redford, MA 01730; email-; or call toll free at 866-753-3837.

ThermaSCENT Teams With Wildlife Ressearch Center #174 to Create the Ultimate in Game Attractant

ThermaSCENT has teamed up with Wildlife Research Center #174; to offer the ThermaSCENT #1 Estrus Package, the ultimate in game attractant. With #1 Select Estrus now included in the ThermaSCENT package, hunters will no longer need to purchase their attractant scent separately.

ThermaSCENT is an extension to the family of the highly effective butane-operated ThermaCELL mosquito repellent. The system is designed to continuously release scent by vaporizing scented liquids. The appliance uses patented ThermaCELL 12-hour butane cartridge technology to heat a mat treated with a scented liquid, which in turn releases scent into the air. The appliance heats and accelerates the amount of scent released into the air almost immediately, dispersing scent seven times faster than other scent dispensers. To maximize effectiveness, ensure the scent is carried in the right wind direction.

The Wildlife Research Center &#174; #1 Select Estrus, an industry leader, combines natural doe urine with Estrus secretions and an added touch of musk to make it one of the most powerful attractant scents on the market. The #1 Select Estrus is most effective during the rut (October through December). The one-fluid-ounce bottle, paired with the ThermaSCENT appliance, will be available this Fall.

The ThermaSCENT appliance is brown in color, measures 7.5" long, 1.5" thick and is 3" wide at the top and 1.5" at the bottom. It weighs a mere 6.4 ounces with a full butane cartridge. The ThermaSCENT #1 Select Estrus package is available exclusively at Academy Sports Outdoors. MSRP is $24.99.

For more information on ThermaCELL's complete line of products call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS. For retail locations visit

The ThermaCELL Lantern -- Great When Fishing

The ThermaCELL Lantern is up to 98% effective at warding off mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums, is silent and odor free, has no messy wax, and turns off authomaticlly if accidentally tipped over. It operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing Allethrin, an insect repellent that is a synthetic copy of pyrethrin, a natural insecticide found in the pyrethrum flower, creating a 15 x 15–foot comfort zone.  Each mat contains enough repellent for four hours of protection and each butane cartridge will operate the unit for 12 hours.

The Lantern is available in a standard clear, as well as a mood version that provides a vivid, ever-changing “color show” of rainbow light.  The Mood Lantern is best viewed in low-light conditions and adds ambiance to any patio, deck or campsite. 

The Mood Lantern can be used as a Mosquito Repellent Lantern, as a Mood Lantern, or as both at the same time.  The “color show” uses a proprietary battery-operated LED unit imbedded in the base of the lantern and is activated by pressing the “ON” button on the bottom of the unit. The zone of mosquito protection is activated by inserting a butane cartridge and repellent mat and lighting the lantern.

The Lantern comes with one butane cartridge and three repellent mats.  The Mood Lantern comes with one butane cartridge, three repellent mats, and 4 batteries.  Both lanterns are 8.5” tall and 5” in diameter at the widest point. MSRP is $24.99 for clear and $29.99 for the Mood Lantern.  Both are available at mass merchants, hardware stores, and outdoor retailers.

For more information on ThermaCELL’s complete line of products call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS.  For retail locations visit

ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent System

One thing I won't forget to take with me on my trips to Florida is Thermacell's new Mosquito Repellent System because, no matter who I'm with, I'm always the one who gets bitten - even through my clothing! With this unique butane-operated mosquito repellent system, I no longer have to use smelly sprays, greasy lotions, or cumbersome netting -- because not only is it highly-effective, but it's small, portable, and fits neatly into a pack or vest pocket.

The unit, which operates on a single butane cartridge, heats a mat releasing Allethrin, an insect repellent that is a synthetic copy of pyrethrin, a natural insecticide found in the pyrethrum flower. Each mat contains enough repellent for four hours of protection and each butane cartridge will operate the unit for 12 hours. The odorless 4.5 x 4.5 meter comfort zone offers up to 98% effective protection against mosquitoes, blackflies, and other biting insects. With the click of a button, ThermaCell is on and repelling these nasty insects, and the complete comfort zone is created in under 10 minutes.

This must-have, especially if you're tired of scratching those horrible, itchy bites, unit has been used by professionals around the world, including the U.S. Army in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, and has been approved by the PRMA for safety and effectiveness. The unit is available in Olive, Grey, or Woodland Camouflage, and the suggested retail price is $21.99 for Olive or Grey, and $24.99 for Woodland. The unit measures 19 cm x 7.6 cm x 3.8 cm at the top, and 19 cm x 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm at the bottom, and weighs only 6.4 ounces with a full butane cartridge.

For more information on this and ThermaCELL's complete line of products, call 781-541-6900, or for retail locations, check web site

Thermacell Introduces Team Realtree Mosquito Defense System

The world’s most effective area insect repellent is now available in the world’s most effective camo pattern--REALTREE® Hardwoods Green HD™.  With the announcement of a new Team REALTREE ThermaCELL® mosquito repellent unit, this important tool can blend in just as well as all your other hunting gear.

The ThermaCELL system creates a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection that is up to 98% effective against mosquitoes and other biting insects.  REALTREE, a highly regarded brand in the outdoor industry, produces some of the most realistic and recognized camouflage patterns on the market.  With ThermaCELL now available in REALTREE Hardwoods Green HD, not only is the repellent undetectable to game, so is the unit. 

The unit operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a mat releasing Allethrin, a synthetic copy of a naturally occurring insect repellent.  Each mat contains enough repellent for four hours of protection, and each butane cartridge will operate the unit for 12 hours.  

The REALTREE ThermaCELL appliance , MSRP $29.99, measures 7.5” long and 1.5” thick, and is 3” wide at the top, 1.5” at the bottom.   It weighs a mere 6.4 ounces with a full butane cartridge. 

For more information on ThermaCELL’s complete line of products call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS.  For retail locations visit



Hi Mountain says that its new Jerky Knife is a 'Cut Above the Rest.' After testing this knife for cutting jerky, I can honestly say that it is, indeed, a cut above the rest. Not only that, but I also tried cutting fish, veggies and meat with it and am totally impressed.

The nine-inch razor-sharp 420 stainless steel blade ensures superior edge retention and durability for literally decades of use. The knife is  ergonomically designed with a five inch rubberized Kraton handle that  provides a no-slip grip for comfort during long periods of slicing and dicing. Ideal for making the perfect slices of jerky, this knife can also be used for slicing and dicing just about anything you serve in your kitchen.  With a suggested retail of only $9.98, this is one utensil your kitchen can‚t afford not to have.

Hi Mountain's entire line of products, cooking tips, instructional videos, and recipes are also available at, and the products can be found at high-quality sporting goods stores, farm and ranch stores and your local grocery stores.

Located in the heart of Wyoming, Hi Mountain Seasonings was founded in 1991. It is the premier manufacturer of kits for homemade jerky and sausage. Hi Mountain Seasonings has successfully captured distinct, traditional Western flavors in its Jerky Cure & Seasonings, Western Style Seasonings, Bacon cures and other products that make up the unique line of gourmet Western seasonings. For additional information, write: Hi Mountain Seasonings, 1000 College View Drive, Riverton, WY 82501; call toll-free 1-800-829-2285; or visit the company website at


About Outdoor Edge:

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Denver, Outdoor Edge is a leading designer and manufacturer of knives and tools. Today, Outdoor Edge continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art products for outdoor enthusiasts, game processors, survivalists, handymen and others who require the very best knives and tools available for leisure, work and everyday-carry needs. The company prides itself in offering a variety of products that undergo extensive field-testing in harsh, rugged environments resulting in durable, long-lasting products that come with a lifetime guarantee. For additional information on Outdoor Edge and its full line of products write to: Outdoor Edge, 5000 Osage Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80221; call toll-free 800-477-3343; email; or visit

The TrailBlaze is the New Drop-Point Folding Knife from Outdoor Edge

Versatile and easy to carry, the new TrailBlaze drop-point folding knife from Outdoor Edge is a fully capable hunting knife that is also conveniently suited for everyday carry. Available in either a 2.5- or a 3.3-inch blade length, the new TrailBlaze features ambidextrous thumb studs for easy one-hand opening as well as a stainless-steel pocket clip for easy sheath-free carry.

Outdoor Edge designed the TrailBlaze handle to be both extremely durable and ergonomic. With its orange glass/nylon polymer handle and molded thermoplastic rubber (TPR) inserts, the knife is instantly comfortable in the hand. It affords confidence and a non-slip grip when field dressing game, working in camp or on a job site. Made of Japanese stainless steel that is precisely heat-treated and hand finished to be shaving sharp, the TrailBlaze blade offers superior edge retention and performance.

The new TrailBlaze will be available this Spring for a suggested retail price of $20.95 for the 2.5-inch version and $26.95 for the 3.3-inch knife. Be sure to pick one up for your next hunting, fishing, camping or everyday adventure.

TrailBlaze Specs:
Blade: 2.5 or 3.3 ins.
Overall length: 5.75 or 7.5 ins.
Steel: 8Cr13MoV
Handle: Glass/Nylon polymer with TPR inserts
Weight: 1.2 or 2.6 oz.

For more information contact or find it at retailers nationwide.

Outdoor Edge Expands Award-Winning RazorLite EDC™ Line With Its New 3.0" RazorLite EDC 3-inch blade

Outdoor Edge, a world-renowned knife and tool manufacturer celebrating its 30-year anniversary, announced the expansion of its award-winning RazorLite EDC Line with the addition of a smaller-sized 3.0" RazorLite EDC. The new 3-inch blade version joins the 3.5" RazorLite EDC as one of the sharpest, strongest, replacement razor-blade knives available, with blades that change quickly, safely and easily at the push of a button.

To provide strength and security, a black-oxide coated blade holder supports the razor-blade making it as strong as a standard knife with the sharpness of a surgical scalpel. The 3-inch Japanese 420J2 stainless razor-blades are heat treated and hand finished to be shaving-sharp. With rubberized TPR inserts, the 3.0" RazorLite EDC’s double-molded Grivory® handle provides a non-slip grip, even when wet. A double-sided thumb stud provides easy one-hand opening, and the replaceable stainless steel pocket clip sleekly contours with the handle, making it an integral part of the grip.

“Customer response to the original 3.5" RazorLite EDC has been overwhelming,” said Outdoor Edge owner David Bloch. “Each year, sales have continued to increase, and to fill the increased demand for these unique daily-carry knives, we are pleased to introduce this 3-inch version. This lighter and smaller RazorLite EDC is the perfect size for carrying all the time.”

Specifications for 3.0" RazorLite EDC
Blade Length: 3 ins. (7.6 cm)
Overall Length: 7.5 ins. (19 cm)
Razor-Blade Steel: Japanese 420J2 Stainless
Blade Thickness: 0.6 mm
Blade Holder: 420J2 stainless with black-oxide coating
Handle: Grivory® glass/nyon polymer with TPR inserts
Pocket Clip: Stainless Steel
Weight: 2 ozs. (57 grams)

The new 3.0" RazorLite EDC is available with orange, blue or gray handles and comes with a total of four replacement blades. It will be available conveniently online at or at retailers nationwide in June 2018 for a suggested retail price of $34.95. Replacement blades are available in a pack of six for a suggested retail price of $12.95.

Outdoor Edge Makes Filleting Fish Easy with the New Reel-Flex Fillet Knives

I've tried numerous knives while fileting fresh caught fish, but found that the Outdoor Edge new Reel-Flex Fillet Knive is superior and very easy to use. The company combines functional design with the finest materials and hand craftsmanship to create quality knives and tools, makes filleting your catch easier than ever with its new Reel-Flex fillet knives. Designed by custom knife maker, Jerry Hossom, the Reel-Flex fillet knife blades are crafted from German 4116 stainless steel that is known for its corrosion resistance and excellent edge retention.

The Reel-Flex fillets are available with 6-inch, 7.5-inch and 9.5-inch blade lengths to meet the cutting demands for all fresh and saltwater species. They are ergonomically shaped with blue TPE composite handles that ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip, even when handled with wet or slick hands. Each knife is hand-finished, shaving-sharp and includes a polypropylene sheath with a swivel-clip belt attachment for easy carry at all times.

The Reel-Flex fillet knives is available at retailers nationwide or conveniently online at for a suggested retail price of $22.95 to 24.95.

About Outdoor Edge

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Denver, Outdoor Edge is a leading designer and manufacturer of knives and tools. Today, Outdoor Edge continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art products, not only for outdoor enthusiasts, Outdoor Edge also creates everyday carry tools for survivalists, handymen and others who require the very best knives available for their leisure and work needs. The company prides itself in offering a variety of products that undergo extensive field-testing in harsh, rugged environments resulting in durable, long-lasting products that come with a lifetime guarantee. For additional information on Outdoor Edge and its full line of products, write to: Outdoor Edge, 5000 Osage Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80221; call toll-free (800) 447-3343; email; or visit



Deluxe LED Lighting System by Clam Corp

The Deluxe LED Lighting System features 30 intense, white LED bulbs in 3-feet of flexible and durable marine-grade rope. The white light is bright enough to hook bait by, tie knots by, even play cards by. It gets its juice from 12-volt sources --- similar to the sealed battery used to power portable flashers and underwater cameras. On a single charge, the Deluxe LED Lighting System will run for 48 continuous hours. Highly sensitive to power surges, it features resistors to maintain constant voltage, mounts to the side poles or overhead hoop poles on conventional portable shelters, and has heavy-duty zip-ties and electrical alligator clips.

For more information, visit web site and



This light is one of the most popular LED flashlights on the market today, and Leatherman has updated and upgraded both features and technology in its new P7.2 for the best possible light experience.

The P7.2 flashlight with 320 lumens has simple to remember high/low/off settings, and features the Advanced Focus System™ to quickly cast a far-off spot, or close up spill light for reading. Extremely durable anodized aluminum casing surrounds the four AAA batteries needed to power this impressively bright light, enhanced by a new CREE® LED chip.

The all-new P7.2, with a suggested retail price of $76, is the perfect combination of size, power, reliability and easy-to-use operation – great for camping, hunting, hiking, walking the dog, work and more.

• LENGTH: 5.12 in | 13 cm
• WEIGHT: 6.17 oz | 175 g
INCLUDES: A Lanyard and Sheath


Leatherman takes extraordinary measures so your LED LENSER product will give you many years of dependable service. If it doesn't, the company will gladly repair or replace it, at its discretion, with one of equal or greater value under the 5-year guarantee. This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your LED LENSER product. This warranty does not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, or color finishes.

Advanced Focus System™
Dynamic Switch
Modular System
Matte "Frozen Black" Texture
Improved Rapid Focus
Redesigned Switch

Traditionally, light-focusing systems have consisted of either a lens, or a reflector. The Advanced Focus System (AFS) is the patented combination of a reflector AND lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close reading. AFS means whether you’re reading a map up close or focusing down the path to a landmark in the distance, your light will be easy on the eyes, clear and bright.

For more information contact web site




Revolution 7000 Casting Reel; big fish beware, there’s a revolution coming

Whether you’re chasing the mighty muskellunge, battling bruiser blue cats, or subduing supertanker stripers, the Revolution 7000 casting reel has what it takes to make them surrender. This reel, designed and built for taking on heavyweights, features a super high capacity, double-anodized aluminum spool that accommodates heavy line, whether it’s monofilament or braid. The Revolution 7000 holds 270 yards of 20-pound monofilament or 235 yards of 80-pound braid, which is plenty to go toe-to-toe with the toughest, longest running fighters out there.

Bass Pro Shops Revolution Levelwind Round Baitcast Reel Plus, a precision carbon fiber drag system with an easily adjustable drag star puts you in control from hookup to landing. The 4-bearing system with Power Lock™ instant anti-reverse provides smooth, reliable performance whether you are casting lures or hauling in the big one. A counter balanced power handle with soft-touch grip ensures a secure, balanced feel no matter the conditions. The 4-pin centrifugal braking system and aluminum post-style line guide ensures maximum casting distance while helping to prevent backlashes.

Fishing with the Revolution 7000 is one adrenalin-inducing ride, but it’s also an economical one. This high-quality, full-feature big game reel is available at your nearest Bass Pro Shops® store and on online at for just $129.99.

Revolution 7000 Casting Reel features:
•  4-bearing system with Power Lock instant anti-reverse
•  Durable aluminum frame and side covers
•  Powerful carbon fiber drag system
•  Counter balanced power handle with soft-touch grip
•  4-pin centrifugal braking system
•  Aluminum post-style line guide for maximum casting distance even when fully spooled with heavy line
•  Protective hood with soft-touch thumb rest pad
•  Adrenalin-inducing audible bait clicker
•  MSRP: $129.99
•  Available at Bass-Pro-Shops-Revolution-Levelwind-Round-Baitcast-Reel/product/1405280651231/

Bass Pro Shop's Revolution 300 Casting Reel

The Revolution 300 Casting Reel lets you throw bigger baits with more line in reserve for those fish that won’t come quietly. Rod and reel combat with the monsters lurking in your secret spot calls for big baits and heavy line. That’s why the Bass Pro Shops® Revolution 300 Casting Reel should be your weapon of choice.

Whether you’re fishing for lunker largemouths, massive muskies or other big fish with attitude, the Revolution 300 reel has the perfect blend of smooth action, line capacity, and pure power to boat that fish of a lifetime.

The Revolution 300 Reel uses a seven-bearing system that includes six stainless steel ball bearings and a PowerLock instant anti-reverse for solid, silky smooth retrieves. A strong, precision engineered aluminum frame ensures that the gears remain in precise alignment under any amount of stress. An adjustable Dual Braking System combines a six-pin centrifugal brake and a magnetic brake to control spool speed at the beginning and the end of each cast, which helps prevent backlashes.

A high-capacity, double-anodized aluminum spool easily accommodates heavy line and offers a line pin for secure attachment. The Revolution 300 is also offered in two gear ratios to match the line retrieve needs of your fishing situation. The 300H has a 6.2:1 gear ratio with 28 inches of line retrieved per turn. This is great for burning fast moving baits to elicit reaction strikes. The 300S has a 5.3:1 ratio and retrieves 24 inches of line per handle turn. This reel speed excels when pulling heavy lures that produce a lot of resistance.

The drag system features a carbon washer system that has up to 20-pounds maximum of drag force while the oversized handle with Soft Touch PVC knobs gives you plenty of leverage. What it all means is the Revolution has what it takes to land the biggest fish in the lake.

For more details contact or your nearest Bass Pro Shops® store.

Specifications of the Revolution 300 Casting Reel

•7-bearing system includes Powerlock instant anti-reverse
•Aluminum frame
•Double-anodized-aluminum spool with line pin
•Adjustable Dual Braking System
•Carbon washer drag system
•Cast control knob
•Power Crank handle with Soft Touch PVC knobs
•MSRP: $99.99
•Available at

Model: RNC300H    

Line Capacity:


Braid Capacity:


Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Ball Bearings: 6+1
Max Drag: 20 lbs.
Recovery: 28" per turn
Reel Weight:10.5oz.

Model: RNC300S
Line Capacity: 


Braid Capacity:


Gear Ratio: 5:3:1
Ball Bearings: 6+1
Max Drag: 20 lbs.
Recovery: 24" per turn
Reel Weight: 10.5 oz.

About Bass Pro Shops®
Bass Pro Shops®, which specializes in outdoor fun, operates 90 retail stores and Tracker Marine Centers across America and Canada that are visited by more than 120 million people every year. Bass Pro Shops stores, many of which feature restaurants, offer hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor gear while their catalogs and website serve shoppers throughout the world. The company’s Tracker Marine Group®, a leading brand of fishing boats for more than 36 years, manufactures and sells a variety of boats for fishing and cruising. Family fun is on tap at Bass Pro Shops resort Big Cedar Lodge®, voted number six by Travel + Leisure Magazine as World's Best Hotels for Families.

For more information, visit To request a free catalog, call 1-800-BASS PRO. Follow uson Facebook at
Bass Pro Shops, 2500 East Kearney, Springfield, MO 65898 United States


Doug Hannon WaveCast™ System Revolutionizes Spin Fishing Eliminates Tangles, Casts up to 30% Farther

Doug Hannon has introduced a new spinning reel design that will hit anglers like a tidal wave! The Hannon- designed 'WaveCast™ System' not only looks different from any other reel, but also performs like no other reel. The WaveCast™ reel completely eliminates the possibility of a loop in the spool that leads to tangled line, and it is estimated that more than 10% of spinning casts form a loop that most times lead to a tangled spool and 'birdnest' snarls. The WaveCast™ reel is specifically designed to work equally well with both mono and super-braid lines.

The unique, patented 'wave' design works by allowing the line to skip from peak to peak on each 'wave' on the spool. Loops lie harmlessly down between the waves and never engage the line during the casts, completely eliminating snatchback and birdnests. The WaveCast™ does not allow a loop to flow backward onto the spool, keeping it secure and tight against the spool face until it leaves, unnoticed, in normal sequence of the cast.

As all anglers know, tangled spools result in major frustration, wasted time untangling line and re-tying lures, and more money spent on replacement line. And of course time spent untangling and re-tying is time not spent catching fish!

Another major benefit of the WaveCast™ reel is the ability to cast up to 30% farther than traditional spinning reels. This is accomplished because peak- to- peak minimal spool contact produces virtually no friction as the line comes off the spool. Since it does not offload loops, the WaveCast™ spool can also be filled to a higher capacity, guaranteeing even longer casts.

How WaveCast™ Eliminates Tangles

During the retrieve, on traditional spinning reels loops are inevitably formed when small increments of slack line are reeled onto the spool. With a standard smooth spool these loops often crawl together forming a hair pin or even a twisted loop that overhangs the spool lip . During the cast, a high-speed, high-energy line is pulled tight against the spool lip, engages the loop and snatches it and all the line spooled on top of this loop off in the form of a "birdnest." With WaveCast™, as a loop forms across the face of the spool, it is forced to exit and re-enter the spool through the paths of least resistance as a single, tight loop at the base of the waves . In the cast, as the line skims harmlessly over the peaks of the waves, it never contacts the loops hidden safely down between the waves. Loops leave the spool unnoticed in the normal sequence of the cast and tangles are completely eliminated.

Why WaveCast™ Casts Farther

It is a well-known fact that a high-speed boat runs faster over a wavy surface than on smooth water. When running on top of a choppy water surface (the waves), it encounters the least amount of surface friction. This allows the boat to run faster. This is because hull friction and drag with the water are minimized by contact only on the tops of the waves. The WaveCast™ reel is designed using this same proven principle. As the line leaves the spool during the cast, it touches only on top of each "wave peak," producing a minimum amount of friction and drag, compared with traditional smooth, round spool designs. Since virtually all friction is eliminated as the line leaves the spool, you'll enjoy longer and more accurate casts.

Visit to enter your email address for updates and availability.


Bro Series Reel advances the cause for ice fishing specific gear

As part of the ongoing evolution, new from Frabill® for the ice fishing season comes the Bro Series Reel. Every feature of the Bro Series Reel considers the unique demands of ice fishing. For one, ice anglers tend to use smaller diameter line, which constricts and coils around the reel arbor. Frabill’s solution was incorporating a spool with a wider arbor. Another issue is trying to fish multiple line-weights and diameters with the same size spool. Thick 10-lb. test line, for example, doesn’t perform very well on the typical ice fishing sized reel. With that in mind, the Bro Series Reel comes packaged with two spools, one for finesse fishing line weights of 1- to 5-lb. and the other for meatier 6- to 12-lb. test. Bam!

Line loops and over-winding are common problems with the average ice fishing reel, but not the Bro Series Reel. A special low-profile spool cap steers clear of incoming and outgoing line, leaving it to spool cleanly and release effortlessly. Bam!

Frabill, Inc. (Jackson, Wis.) is in its 72nd year of engineering premium, trusted fishing equipment. Frabill’s ice fishing product mix consists of portable ice fishing shelters, rod and reel combos, tip-ups, bait containers, portable aeration, apparel and other related accessories. Open water products include landing nets, portable aeration, bait containers, bait care, bait traps and seines, and other accessories.


Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reels

I tried the new Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reel and absolutely love it. Not only does it stand up to the company's high standard of quality, consistency and innovation, but its performance is outstanding. The innovative composite Bail Halo completely surrounds the rotor which gives the ball-support arm a fully ringed shape instead of the typical crescent shape. Its polymeric body is stronger and lighter than aluminum, but the company still incorporates aluminum where it's critical in the handle and the double-anodized spool. The carbon fiber drag puts even pressure on fighting fish, and the EVA handle knob is lightweight and comfortable. It's also to recognize this reel from your other reels due to the bright green color in back of the drag.

The Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reel specs are as follows:

• 10 Bearings with an instant anti-reverse for smooth operation

• Innovative Bail Halo for superior strength

• Extremely strong advanced polymeric body and rotor

• Aluminum spool and handle with a EVA knob

• Smooth hybrid carbon fiber drag

• Machined aluminum spool and handle

Available at sports stores or on-line for $69.99. For more information contact web site


Muzzy Introduces New XD Pro Tournament-Style Bowfishing Reel

Muzzy, the leader in bowfishing equipment, continues to set the benchmark in bowfishing reels with the introduction of the new XD Pro Reel, designed with a unique finger-activated lever switch that clearly indicates an open bail or locked bail with the flip of a switch. No more forgetting to push the button, merely flip the switch back over after the shot to retrieve the line. The new XD Pro Reel is compatible for right- or left-handed archers.

The XD Pro Reel features a permanently integrated stainless steel mount, which eliminates the old-school reel-seat mounting system and its inherent complexities. The new mount design makes the XD Pro Reel much easier to install as well as making it more durable and lighter than previous models. The polished stainless steel hood on the XD Pro Reel has been designed to give it an identity of its own, and it also increases the line flow out of the reel. Inside the reel is an oversized spool for increased capacity, and an all stainless steel and brass drive system provides reliability and durability for years of use. It comes preloaded with 150-pound Spectra line and includes fasteners to bolt it directly to the bow.

The new Muzzy XD Pro bowfishing reel has grey accents with white graphics with a suggested retail price of $89.99.
Founded in 1984, Muzzy is the number-one name in fixed-blade broadheads, and it is a pioneer in the art of bowfishing. A division of Feradyne Outdoors, Muzzy is located in Cartersville, GA. For more information on the full line of Muzzy’s fixed-blade broadheads and state-of-the-art bowfishing equipment, contact Muzzy Outdoors, LLC, 110 Beasley Rd., Cartersville, GA 30120; call (770) 387-9300; or visit




Offshore Angler® Sea Lion Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Sea lions are known as tough, alpha-predators of the marine world. That makes them the perfect namesake for the Offshore Angler® Sea Lion Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. These rods and reels are built and paired to face the rigors of saltwater fishing. It all starts with a powerful Offshore Angler® Sea Lion Spinning Reel with its 5-bearing system and exclusive Powerlock instant anti-reverse. Its rotor, frame, and side cover are all constructed from durable graphite. The double-anodized aluminum spool, zinc alloy drive gear, and stainless steel main shaft are impervious to corrosion, too. When the fight is on, the fiber and stainless steel drag stack apply up to 35 pounds of smooth, reliable pressure.

The Sea Lion Spinning Reel is paired with a 2-piece, tubular, E-glass blank for fish-whipping strength and shock absorption. Stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts reduce friction and increase casting distance. The graphite reel seat includes cushioned, stainless steel hoods for a rock solid link with the reel. EVA grips ensure a comfortable grasp in any condition.

Offshore Angler® Sea Lion Spinning Rods are available in 7-, 8-, 9-, and 10-foot lengths in medium and medium heavy power ratings. Sea Lion Spinning Reels have 4.6:1 and 4.9:1 gear ratios with line capacity of 220 yards of 14 pound, 230 yards of 17 pound, 210 yards of 30 pound, and 180 yards of 40 pound.

While the Offshore Angler Sea Lion Combos are alpha-predator setups, they can be had at truly economical prices. Available at your nearest Bass Pro Shops® store and on online at, they are just $59.99 - $79.99.

Offshore Angler® Sea Lion Spinning Reels
•  Graphite rotor, frame, and sidecover
•  5-bearing system with Powerlock instant anti-reverse
•  Fiber and stainless steel drag stack
•  Double-anodized aluminum spool
•  Zinc alloy drive gear
•  Chrome-plated oversized line roller
•  Anodize aluminum handle
•  Solid stainless steel bail wire
•  Reversible left/right hand retrieve
•  Available at

Offshore Angler® Sea Lion Spinning Rods
•  2-piece, tubular, E-glass blank
•  stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts
•  EVA cushioned grips
•  Graphite reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hoods
•  Available at

About Bass Pro Shops®
Bass Pro Shops®, which specializes in outdoor fun, operates 90 retail stores and Tracker Marine Centers across America and Canada that are visited by more than 120 million people every year. Bass Pro Shops stores, many of which feature restaurants, offer hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor gear while their catalogs and website serve shoppers throughout the world. The company’s Tracker Marine Group®, a leading brand of fishing boats for more than 36 years, manufactures and sells a variety of boats for fishing and cruising. Family fun is on tap at Bass Pro Shops resort Big Cedar Lodge® (, voted number six by Travel + Leisure Magazine as World's Best Hotels for Families. For more information, visit To request a free catalog, call 1-800-BASS PRO. Follow on Facebook at

Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series Fishing Rods put the advantage in your hand

Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series Fishing Rods use cutting-edge technology to produce lightweight rods that are super strong and sensitive. Plus, these rods are available at a cost that will leave anglers with enough cash to stock up on all the different lengths and actions they need.

The Johnny Morris Signature Series rod starts with a one-piece, RT5 Graphite blank. RT5 graphite is the perfect blend of strength and sensitivity. Wrap that blank with Bass Pro Shops exclusive Carbon Coil Technology™, which weaves carbon fibers in a spiraling 35-degree double helix formation. What you end up with is a rod that lets you feel every nuance, twitch and touch of your lure, and then have the backbone to haul the biggest, meanest fish to your boat.

Fuji KR Concept® guides add to the rod’s sensitivity and give you greater casting distance by reducing drag on the line. Bass Pro Shops exclusive skeletonized reel seats offer increased blank exposure, letting the RT5 connect right with the reel. As an added bonus, the seats also reduce weight, a plus when you’re on the bite and just keep needing one more cast. Premium cork grips make sure the rod stays right in your hand, too.

The new Line ID System allows you to track the line weight spooled on each rod and reel combo. The last thing you want to do is set the hook on a big fish only to realize at the most inopportune moment that you grabbed the rod with 8-pound line when you needed the one with 20 pound.

Available in both casting and spinning models, the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series rods are ready to help you catch the bass that will make you the legend you were meant to be. Get your own at or your nearest Bass Pro Shops® store.

Johnny Morris® Signature Series Casting Rods
•  Thin, lightweight rods that are super strong
•  Top-of-the-line RT5 graphite blanks
•  Exclusive Carbon Coil Technology
•  Skeletonized reel seats enhance sensitivity
•  Fuji KR Concept guides with Alconite rings reduce line friction
•  Comfortable cork grips
•  MSRP $149.99
•  Available at: /

Model - JMR68MT   
Length - 6’8”
Power - Medium
Action - Fast> Line Weight - 8-17 lb  
Lure Weight - 1/4 - 5/8 oz

Model - JMR68MHT    
Length - 6’8”
Power - Med Heavy
Action - Extra Fast
Line Weight - 10-20 lb  
Lure Weight - 3/8 - 1 oz.

Model - JMR72MT   
Length - 7’2”
Power - Medium
Action - Fast
Line Weight - 10-20 lb  
Lure Weight - 3/8 - 1 oz.

Model - JMR72MHT    
Length - 7’2”  
Power - Med Heavy
Action - Fast
Line Weight - 10-20 lb  
Lure Weight - 3/8 - 1 oz.

Model - JMR76HT  
Length - 7’6”
Power - Heavy
Action - Extra Fast
Line Weight - 12-30 lb  
Lure Weight - 3/8 - 2 oz.

Johnny Morris® Signature Series Spinning Rods
•  Thin, lightweight rods that are super strong
•  Top-of-the-line RT5 graphite blanks
•  Exclusive Carbon Coil Technology
•  Skeletonized reel seats enhance sensitivity
•  Fuji KR Concept guides with Alconite rings reduce line friction
•  Comfortable cork grips
•  MSRP $149.99
•  Available at

Model - JMR68MS   
Length - 6’8”
Power - Medium
Action – Extra Fast
Line Weight - 4-12 lb
Lure Weight - 1/8 - 1/2 oz.

Model - JMR68MHS  
Length - 6’8”
Power - Med Heavy
<> Action - Extra Fast
Line Weight - 6-17 lb  
Lure Weight - 1/4 - 5/8 oz.

Model - JMR72MS    
Length - 7’2”
Power - Medium  
Action - Fast
Line Weight - 4-12 lb  
Lure Weight - 1/8 - 1/2 oz.

Model - JMR72MHS    
Length - 7’2”  
Power - Med Heavy
Action - Fast
Line Weight - 6-17 lb  
Lure Weight - 1/4 - 5/8 oz.

For more information, visit To request a free catalog, call 1-800-BASS PRO. Follow on Facebook at

Bass Pro Shops® CatMaxx Casting and Spinning Rods

Catfish anglers are a special breed. They seek their prey in places, conditions, and hours of the night that send lesser anglers seeking a warm bunk and the coffee pot. They need equipment purpose-built for their rough and tumble sort of fishing. The Bass Pro Shops® CatMaxx Spinning Rods are exactly that kind of gear.

Bass Pro Shops® CatMaxx™ Casting Rod

The ultra-tough rod blanks are made of E-glass and carbon to go toe-to-toe with heavy, hard-fighting fish. The addition of reinforced Pac Bay DPL guides helps these rods withstand the battering that comes with heavy use whether fishing from the bank or a boat. EVA cushioned handles are rugged and comfortable with crosshatched shrink-wrap for secure grip even when wet. A flared rubber butt enhances comfort and leverage when battling the big ones. Integrated, cushioned reel seats securely lock your reel in place. To help detect strikes at night, Bass Pro Shops® CatMaxx Rods are made with high visibility white blanks.

The range of rod lengths and actions in the CatMaxx rod lineup covers every catfishing location, technique, and bait presentation. Casting style rods range from 7-foot medium heavy to 15-foot heavy power ratings. Spinning rods are from 8 feet to 10 feet in medium heavy to heavy power ratings. There’s a rod length and action that allows you to fish lighter half-ounce rigs for channels all the way up to one that will let you toss a half a pound to hold a bait in heavy current.

The great thing is Bass Pro Shops® CatMaxx Casting and Spinning Rods are tough on catfish, but easy on your wallet. They range from $59.99 to $109.99 each and are available now at your nearest Bass Pro Shops® store or online at

Bass Pro Shops® CatMaxx Casting and Spinning Rods
•  Pac Bay DPL Guides for rugged reliability
•  Cushioned EVA crosshatched handle with wet-grip shrink-wrap
•  Flared rubber rod butt for fish fighting comfort
•  High visibility white blanks for night and low light fishing


Emmrod Unveils Strike Master Salt Water Rod & Stream Master Fly Rod

Emmrod Innovative Fishing Gear has announced the introduction of both the world's smallest flyrod and their new saltwater big game rod. Emmrod Innovative Fishing Gear is the manufacturer of revolutionary fishing rods, featuring small and compact angling systems that rival conventional 7-foot casting rods, and yet measure only 23-inches in length.

The Stream Master fly rod measures only 32-inches in total length and tips the scales at only 8-ounces. Loaded with a 250 grain shooting head line, the little Stream Master in the hands of master fly fisherman, Mr. Gary Graham (President of the largest fly fishing operation in Baja, CA), was able to use the Stream Master to cast repeatedly a distance of just over 60 feet!

The equally revolutionary Strike Master big game rod measures 37-inches in total length and is rated to catch big fresh and saltwater fish up to 100 pounds. The secret is in a beefed up rod/handle system and dual stainless steel tip

Full information about Emmrod Fishing Gear can be found at web site

Emmrod's Innovative Fishing Gear - Packer Premium Combo; The Mountaineer Premium Combo; and The Outback Premium Combo

Emmrod has announced new combination packages to suit every angler's needs and gift wish wish. Premium Emmrod fishing systems available include:

1) The Packer Premium combo with four interchangeable rods. It comes with 4 quick change interchangeable rods and by changing from the 8 coil to the 4 coil you have changed from fishing for the Pan Fry Fish to fish weighing up to 25 lbs. This model can be used with a bait casting, level-wind, or a closed-face spinning reel. New rod handle colors include pink, blue, Biker -- orange/black and lady Biker -- pink/black. Suggested retail price is $94.70.

2) The Mountaineer Premium combo with eight interchangeable rods comes with 8 different rods and can be used with the following reels: bait casting, level-wind trolling, close-face spinning, or an open-face spinning reel. Quick release--1/4 turn system enables the angler to switch the rods in order to catch Pan Fry Fish, to one for catching up to 5 lb. fish, one to 10 lb. fish, and finally up to 25 lbs. fish. The Mountaineer rod can be fished straight, or can be angled and adjusted for an ergonomic fit. This package retails for $193.65.

3) The Outback Premium combo with nine inerchangeable rods fishes all the reels as the Mountaineer Premium, but comes with 9 different interchangeable rods. This model can be used just like the Premium Mountaineer, but features a longer reinforced handle system. In addition, it features the additional Two-Tip rod that is rated to catch fish upwards of 50 lbs. This package retails for $193.65

For more information about Emmrod Fishing Gear, along with video clips and high quality digital images, check web site

Emmrod Unveils Strike Master Salt Water Rod & Stream Master Fly Rod

Emmrod Innovative Fishing Gear has announced the introduction of both the world's smallest flyrod and their new saltwater big game rod. Emmrod Innovative Fishing Gear is the manufacturer of revolutionary fishing rods, featuring small and compact angling systems that rival conventional 7-foot casting rods, and yet measure only 23-inches in length.

The Stream Master fly rod measures only 32-inches in total length and tips the scales at only 8-ounces. Loaded with a 250 grain shooting head line, the little Stream Master in the hands of master fly fisherman, Mr. Gary Graham (President of the largest fly fishing operation in Baja, CA), was able to use the Stream Master to cast repeatedly a distance of just over 60 feet!

The equally revolutionary Strike Master big game rod measures 37-inches in total length and is rated to catch big fresh and saltwater fish up to 100 pounds. The secret is in a beefed up rod/handle system and dual stainless steel tip

Full information about Emmrod Fishing Gear can be found at web site

Emmrod's Packer Premium Combo; The Mountaineer Premium Combo; and The Outback Premium Combo

Emmrod has announced new combination packages to suit every angler's needs and gift wish wish. Premium Emmrod fishing systems available include:

1) The Packer Premium combo with four interchangeable rods. It comes with 4 quick change interchangeable rods and by changing from the 8 coil to the 4 coil you have changed from fishing for the Pan Fry Fish to fish weighing up to 25 lbs. This model can be used with a bait casting, level-wind, or a closed-face spinning reel. New rod handle colors include pink, blue, Biker -- orange/black and lady Biker -- pink/black. Suggested retail price is $94.70.

2) The Mountaineer Premium combo with eight interchangeable rods comes with 8 different rods and can be used with the following reels: bait casting, level-wind trolling, close-face spinning, or an open-face spinning reel. Quick release--1/4 turn system enables the angler to switch the rods in order to catch Pan Fry Fish, to one for catching up to 5 lb. fish, one to 10 lb. fish, and finally up to 25 lbs. fish. The Mountaineer rod can be fished straight, or can be angled and adjusted for an ergonomic fit. This package retails for $193.65.

3) The Outback Premium combo with nine inerchangeable rods fishes all the reels as the Mountaineer Premium, but comes with 9 different interchangeable rods. This model can be used just like the Premium Mountaineer, but features a longer reinforced handle system. In addition, it features the additional Two-Tip rod that is rated to catch fish upwards of 50 lbs. This package retails for $193.65

For more information about Emmrod Fishing Gear, along with video clips and high quality digital images, check web site


Falcon Rods Unveils BuCoo™  Bass Series Rods with Eva Split Grips

Ask any angler in Lousisiana how many fish he caught and the answer is usually "Beaucoup." A lot. At Falcon Rods the popular expression has inspired the design and name of a new series of extremely light and tough tournament rods -- Falcon BuCoo -- based on Falcon's proprietary made-in-the-USA blank.

Falcon Rod's Chris Beckwith announced the new series of one-piece rods, calling attention to features like Fuji "Lite Bite" reel seats for sensitivity plus EVA split grips for light weight and comfort "after a long day of catching Bucoo fish." Beckwith said every rod in the line -- seven casting and three spinning models -- weighs less than four ounces yet includes models specifically designed for heavy-duty applications like flipping and pitching, Carolina and Texas-rig worm fishing, and casting double-bladed spinnerbaits.

The seven casting models include trigger sticks from 6.5 to 7 feet in length for casting lures from 3/16 up to one ounce in weight for techniques like spinnerbaiting, crankbaiting, finesse jigging, and worm fishing. Three spinning models handle light-bite situations in which the angler also needs to launch light lures long distances, including into the wind.

Falcon Rods manufactures a broad array of rods for fresh and saltwater applications. In addition to the new BuCoo series, Falcon's made in the USA rods also include Falcon Expert, Falcon Coastal, Falcon LowRider, Falcon Original, and Falcon Cara.

Information about Falcon Graphite Rods and other Falcon merchandise is available at web site or by contacting company headquarters in Broken Arrow, Okla., 918-251-0020. Email

Falcon Rods Cara T7 -- Tournament-Technique Rod Series

Falcon Rods has introduced Cara T7, a series of lighter, more sensitive tournament-style technical rods featuring braid-tough guides and ergonomic reel-seats for accuracy and control.

Cara T7 for 2008 features 17 casting and 6 spinning models outfitted with streamlined, anti-grooving Fuji Alconite Concept guides. Sleeker, lighter, corrosion-resistant S-4 stainless steel frames hold rings made with a new generation of Alconite ceramic that is lighter and 80 percent stronger than aluminum oxide. A diamond polishing process makes the guide inserts smoother, increasing casting distance and preventing grooving with small-diameter, low-stretch braided line. Falcon applies a thicker flex coat to protect the guide wraps from damaging rays from the sun.

The Cara T7 series supercede previous Cara casting, Cara spinning and Cara Reaction models but the heart of the new series remains Falcon‚s American-made F44X blank, a proprietary weave of 44-million modulus graphite praised for its balance of sensitivity and durability.

For all casting models Falcon specified Fuji‚s newest blank-through ACS trigger-style reel seat which has been shown to increase casting accuracy, lure control, as well as reduce arm and wrist fatigue. The ergonomic trigger, hollowed-out for less weight, is shaped for the index finger. In addition, the trigger has been repositioned in such as way that the rod tip automatically will line up with the direction of the cast, resulting in better accuracy.

Chris Beckwith, vice president of marketing, said inspiration for the Falcon Cara T7 rods comes from the evolving techniques and increasing demands of bass tournament professionals. He said they are individually designed to solve the technical requirements of properly casting and retrieving various artificial lures, in a variety of demanding situations, including pitching, flipping, drop-shotting, finesse fishing, and fishing heavy structure and vegetation.

Two new casting models also make their first appearance with the Falcon 2008 Cara T7 series. Cara Amistad, named for the acclaimed big bass Texas lake, is 7-foot, 3-inches long and is described as the ultimate power rod for fishing jigs and soft plastic payloads up to one ounce. Another new power rod, the Cara "Head Turner," is 6-foot, 10-inches and handles lures up to 3/4-ounce.

Split cork handles on the Cara T7 Amistad and Cara T7 Head Turner adopt a handle-blank-handle configuration that provides at least four more advantages to the angler ˆ less rod weight, better casting control, increased forearm-to-blank sensitivity, and more mechanical advantage. The rod extension, resting against the angler‚s forearm, provides leverage to pull big fish from deep water, out of thick grass, and away from structure. To protect the handle at the bottom, where it is most vulnerable, Falcon has capped the butt of the A-grade Portuguese cork with a durable rubber-cork composite.

Headquartered in Broken Arrow, OK, Falcon has been an industry innovator and quality leader since 1991. Today Falcon Rods designs and produces an array of more than 200 rods for fresh and saltwater spinning, casting, trolling and fly-fishing. Falcon also manufactures the Cenderi Ti series, Falcon Expert, Falcon Coastal, Falcon LowRider, Falcon Cara Fly, Falcon Coastal, Falcon Cobra, and Falcon Deep Blue. In addition to fishing rods, the company markets FTO ˆ Falcon Tackle Organizers ˆ dry polymer boxes, bags and wallets designed to hold lures and other tackle, tangle free, in less space.

Information about Falcon Graphite Rods and other Falcon merchandise is available on web site or by contacting company headquarters in Broken Arrow, Okla., 918-251-0020. Email

Cara T7 Casting Models

Model Description Action/Flex Lure weight (oz) Length Retail Price

CC-5-16MH-T7 Medium Heavy Cast MH/F 1/4 to 5/8 6‚ $139.99

CC-4-166M-T7 Medium Cast M/M 1/4 to 3/4 6‚6 $149.99

CC-5-166MH-T7 All Around Casting MH/F 1/4 to 3/4 6‚6‰ $149.99

CC-6-166MH-T7 Worm N‚ Jig MH//M 1/4 to 3/4 6‚6‰ $149.99

CC-5-167MH-T7 Weightless Worm MH/XF 1/4 to 3/4 6‚7‰ $149.99

CC-5-1610MH-T7 Finesse Jig MH/F 3/16 to 5/8 6‚10‰ $159.99

CC-6-1610H-T7 Grass Rod H/MH 1/4 to 3/4 6‚10‰ $159.99

CC-4-17M-T7 Mansfield Cast M/M 1/4 to 1/2 7‚ $159.99

CC-5-17MH-T7 Medium Heavy Cast MH/MF 3/8 to 3/4 7‚ $159.99

CC-6-17H-T7 Lizard Dragger I H/F 3/8 to 1 7‚ $159.99

CC-7-17H-T7 Lizard Dragger II H/M 3/8 to 1-3/4 7‚ $159.99

CC-6-276HT-T7 Telescopic Flipping H/M 3/8 to 1 7‚6‰ $169.99

CC-8-2710XT-T7 Bobby‚s Perfect Frog Rod XH/M 3/8 to 2 7‚10‰ $179.99

CC-6-1610S-T7 Head Turner H/MF 1/4 to 3/4 6‚10‰ $159.99

CC-7-173S-T7 Amistad H/F 3/8 to 1 7‚3‰ $169.99

CC-8-172XH-T7 Pro Grass XH/F 1/2 to 1-1/2 7‚2‰ $169.99

CC-7-176H-T7 Carolina Cara H/F 3/8 to 1-1/4 7‚6‰ $169.99

Cara T7 Spinning Models

Model Name Action/F lex Lure weight (oz) Length Retail Price

CS-4-166M-T7 Medium Spin M/F 1/8 to 3/8 6‚ 6‰ $169.99

CS-5-166MH-T7 Medium Heavy Spin MH/UF 1/4 to 5/8 6‚ 6‰ $169.99

CS-4-169M-T7 Drop Shot ML/XF 3/16 to 1/2 6‚ 9‰ $179.99

CS-3-17ML-T7 Nester Falls Spin M/F 1/8 to 1/4 7‚ $179.99

CS-4-17M-T7 Mansfield Spin M/F 3/16 to 5/8 7‚ $179.99

CS-4-176M-T7 Spinning M/XF 3/16 to 5/8 7‚6‰ $189.99

Falcon Rods: Expert Rods Feature Next Generation Graphite

The "Made-in-the-USA" rod company says its new, proprietary weave formula CrossMatch -- makes Falcon Expert Series lighter, stronger and more sensitive.
Falcon® Rods has revamped its high performance Expert Series for 2009 with a hi-tech matrix of graphite that makes its top-of-the-line largemouth bass rods stronger, lighter and significantly more sensitive.

With CrossMatch, Falcon's new proprietary weave of carbon fibers, each rod in the Falcon Expert line -- 10 casting and 5 spinning rods -- now weighs less than four ounces, approximately 20 percent less than earlier models, said Vice President Chris Beckwith. The retail price on each is under $300.

Falcon has continued other features contributing to the Expert Series' superior credentials in the competitive bass fishing category including Fuji ACS exposed blank reel seats, Fuji Alconite guides and split-grip handles with high-density EVA for less weight and better casting control.

The Expert Series of trigger stick casting rods includes rods for all competitive techniques including flipping, pitching, lizard dragging, fishing heavy grass, worm 'n jigging, and retrieving topwater, swimming and vibration lures of various weights and characteristics. Expert spinning models are designed for a variety of fishing styles including shakey head, Carolina rig, drifting tubes and more.

Originally developed for the U.S. aerospace industry, Falcon's CrossMatch graphite configuration for Expert Series rods maintains blank roundness, called hoop strength. This, in turn, helps prevent a common cause of rod breakage, fiber collapse, which results when too much pressure is applied to one spot.

During the testing process, Falcon founder John Beckwith took prototypes of the new Expert Series to the lake that 20-years ago inspired the company name, Lake Falcon on the Mexico-Texas border. "I really leaned into these rods, really stressed them, and they performed wonderfully. My first fish weighed 6.6 and the second weighed 10.3 pound. I think that's a good sign," he said.

Falcon Rods, headquartered in Broken Arrow, OK, designs and markets more than 200 different rod models for fresh and saltwater fishing. In addition to the Expert Series, Falcon manufactures the Cenderi Ti Series, Falcon Coastal, Falcon LowRider®, Falcon Cara®, Falcon Original˙ and Falcon Deep Blue˙. The company also brands and markets FTO ˆ Falcon Tackle Organizers ˆ dry polymer boxes, bags and wallets to hold lures and tackle, tangle free, in less space.

Information is available at web site or by contacting company headquarters in Broken Arrow, Okla., 918-251-0020. Email
EC-66M M UF 8-17 lb. 1/4 to 1/2 oz 6'6" $279.99

EC-66MH MH F 12-20 lb. 1/4 to 3/4 oz. 6'6" $279.99

EC-66H H M 15-30 lb. 3/8 to 1 oz. 6'6" $289.99

EC-610MH MH F 10-20 lb. 3/16 to 5/8 oz. 6'10" $289.99

EC-610H H F 12-25 lb. 1/4 to 3/4 oz. 6.10" $289.99

Tenkara USA Introduces New Hane Rod -- More Compact, Featherweight, Perfect for Backpacking

Tenkara USA, the original American tenkara rod company, is proud to introduce the new Hane Rod, built to pack down even smaller for hiking, bikepacking, or any kind of travel. Measuring just under 15 inches when collapsed, the Hane (pronounced: "huh - nay") is a super compact all-around tenkara fly fishing rod that will quickly become your favorite adventure rod. The compact size and light weight allows the Hane to fit nicely inside a small day pack or bike pannier, and is an ideal tenkara rod for backpacking, bikefishing and other adventures. 

Deigned to be a rod that can tag along in a variety of conditions without compromising durability, the Hane works well in mountain streams as well as urban fishing outings like ponds. Whether you’re targeting trout or bass, the Hane will be a go-to rod for off-road adventure.

The white color is unique among the Tenkara USA lineup, blending in with open skies above. A black rod does a good job blending in with canopy, but white is a perfect camouflage for fishing ponds and open meadow streams. The tip of the rod is black, however, so we slow humans can keep our eyes on it.

Hane Specs:
Weight: 3.5 oz (100 g);
Closed length: 15" (38cm) 
Open lengths: 10'10" (330cm)*
Handle length:8" (20.5cm) 
Segments: 12

Rod Holders

New Rod Holder Lets Anglers Work With Two Hands    

Anglers who try to balance their rod while baiting hooks or unhooking fish know it can be hard to do two things at once.  The new Troll & Stow rod holder from Manufacturers Industrial Group (MIG) gives fishermen the freedom to use both hands without rods slipping overboard.

Developed by a fisherman for fellow fishermen, the Troll & Stow secures rods and holds them steady.  Baiting hooks, changing baits, removing fish and tying rigging can all be accomplished using both hands when rods are placed in the Troll & Stow. The rod holder also prevents rods from rolling around on deck so there’s no danger of stepping on them.  Two different positions allow users to troll and drift without worrying about tangled lines.  Using the Troll & Stow is easy, too.  Users just slip their rods into the holder, which makes removal a snap as well.

The Troll & Stow is produced by Manufacturers Industrial Group, a leader in parts assembly manufacturing.  Constructed of aluminum with a plastisol coating, the Troll & Stow can accommodate all spinning and bait casting rod sizes up to 1-1/2”.  Mounting screws are included.

Retail price for the Troll & Stow is $23.95.

For more information contact Troll & Stow, 450 MIG Drive, Lexington, TN 38351; Phone: 731-967-0001; Fax: 731-967-5005



The Clam Corporations Fish Trap® X™ shelters create the new ‘top shelf’ in portable ice fishing shelters.

The category known as “portable ice fishing shelters” has forever been changed. Clam Corp punched out the lights with the introduction of the innovative and powerful Fish Trap X series.

Fish simply aren’t safe anymore.

Fish Trap X series – now four unique models strong – was designed for anglers who take ice fishing very seriously; not the casual fan. Within the ice fishing crowd there is the elite group that doesn’t check weather forecasts, because they’re going fishing anyway. Heaping snow isn’t an obstacle. Nor are branch-rattling winds. That’s all just part of the deal.

Well, Clam Corp has made the experience easier for the elite, bolstering their mobile fortress. All Fish Trap X models feature 1 ¼ inch tubing, the biggest and strongest in the industry. These meaty tubes slide up and down with ease because of Clam Corp’s inventive Pole Glide Technology, where aluminum telescopes inside a durable synthetic sleeve. The 900 denier polyester tents are the toughest around, and resist wear, tear, and won’t rot like cotton canvas.

Fish Trap X sled bases are equally as impressive – this isn’t the flimsy stuff. The sled bases are formed from dense polyethylene, yielding unmatched strength and durability for the long tow. “Walleye fisherman are pretty serious,” said Clam Corp Director of Marketing Kristin Osborne. “We built the Fish Trap X line with their requirements in mind: heavy tent material; strong pole system; and a sled superior to anything on the market. We’ve definitely built what they asked for, and ended up with a line of shelters that work for most anglers, no matter where or what they fish.”

The Fish Trap X is a one-person model with single cushioned swivel seat. The Fish Trap X2 is larger and comes with two seats. The distinctively-shaped Fish Trap X4 accommodates four anglers. And new for 2008 is the Fish Trap Thermal X, a two person vessel that features an amazing insulated tent.


Clam Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of portable ice fishing shelters, including the Fish Trap®, The Clam® and Fish Trap X™ brand shelters and accessories. Clam Corp.’s Ice Armor™ ice fishing outerwear has quickly become the standard in cold and extreme weather apparel.

Go to to learn more about these and other Clam Corp. products.

Light House Replacement Tent Ice Shelter

Clam Corp., manufacturer of Ice Armor ice fishing outerwear, has introduced the Light House Replacement Tent that's made from the same Ice Armor material as the company's Blue shacks, but in a whitish gray. The premise behind the Light House is to let as much outside light through the fabric, and into the shelter, as possible. The supplementary illumination makes it easier to do the normal sorts of things an angler does in a fish house - watch a bobber, thread on a minnow, find and open a beverage, tie on lure, and even read.

For more information, visit and www.iceteam.comFor a look at all Flying Fisherman® products, visit


Yamaha Pros Excited to Fish in 2020 Bassmaster Classic®

All Predict Heavy Weights As Long As Weather Cooperates, For Drew Cook, Scott Canterbury and Patrick Walters, walking across the stage as a competitor for the first time in this year’s Bassmaster Classic® will be the realization of a life-long dream. Even for Matt Herren, Keith Combs, Bill Lowen and Mark Menendez, who have fished in previous Classics, the excitement is every bit as strong because this will be the 50th anniversary of the most famous bass tournament in the world.

These anglers are among 13 Yamaha Pros who have qualified for this year’s Classic,® which will be held March 6–8 on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville, an impoundment as legendary as the event itself. Annually rated as one of America’s best bass lakes, the 69,000 acre Tennessee River reservoir has been the site of several Bassmaster Classics and numerous national tournaments during the past half-century.

“I think whomever wins this Classic will need to find several different schools of fish in different areas of the lake,” he added, “because on Guntersville, especially with such heavy pressure, location can be more important than an actual pattern. Running and gunning, hitting a lot of different places, might be really important. Somebody will bring in a 30-pound catch, but it’s still going to take two more 20-pound days to win.”

“It is definitely going to be a very special and exciting event,” emphasized Combs, a Texas-based pro who finished 22nd in the 2014 Classic on Guntersville and has two 5th place finishes in other national events on the lake. He likes Guntersville because it has many similarities to two equally famous impoundments near his home, Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend.

“The fish are already lure-educated because of the heavy tournament pressure, but it’s still going to take a lot of weight to win,” the veteran Yamaha Pro continued. “I like to use crankbaits, but because Guntersville has such varied habitat—vegetation, stumps, rocks, shoreline brush and boat docks—it’s going to take more than one lure and more than one place to catch the 75 or so pounds I think it will take to win.”

Lowen, who has fished two previous Classics at Guntersville, thinks the lake is setting up to potentially produce one of the heaviest winning weights in Classic history.

“Just keep your fingers crossed for good weather,” he smiled. “If it’s a true pre-spawn bite and the big bass are moving shallow as they should be, an angler could catch 20 pounds a day and not even finish in the top 10. The lake is that good. I’ll be fishing jigs, of course, and I already have them packed and ready to go.”

This will be the 6th Classic for Menendez, but perhaps more impressively, the fourth decade in which he’s qualified for a Classic.® He spent three days on the lake in November, but only actually fished for an hour and a half.

“What I did was just look at places where I’d caught some quality bass in previous tournaments and try to learn why they were in those places,” he explained. “It gives me something to build on when the Classic officially begins and at least I have a place to start that first morning. I feel like we’ll have a lot of spectator boats on the water, especially since this is the 50th Bassmaster Classic. Catching a minimum of 20 pounds a day is going to be a challenge, but I couldn’t be more excited.”

A Yamaha Pro last won the Classic in 2018, when Justin Lucas finished the tournament with a winning catch of 47 pounds, one ounce. A total of 13 Yamaha Pros qualified for this year’s Bassmaster Classic, and in addition to the above-mentioned anglers, they include Chris Zaldain, Darold Gleason, Whitney Stephens, Skylar Hamilton, Caleb Sumrall and Ron Hanselman, Jr.

Major League Fishing Announces the 2020 Bass Pro Tour Schedule

Major League Fishing (MLF) has announced the 2020 Bass Pro Tour schedule and locations. A collection of eight Stages, the Bass Pro Tour 2020 season will begin Feb. 7 on Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, Ala. and conclude on Jul. 26 on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vt.

Two Feb. 21-26 Lake Okeechobee Okeechobee, Fla. Okeechobee County Tourism Development Council

Three Mar. 13-18 Lake Fork Emory, Texas Lake Fork Area Chamber of Commerce

Four Apr. 3-8 Jordan Lake, Falls Lake, and Shearon Harris Reservoir Raleigh, N.C. Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance

Five May 15-20 Kissimmee Chain Kissimmee, Fla. Experience Kissimmee

Six Jun. 5-10 Lake Winnebago, Lake Butte des Morts, and Green Lake Neenah, Wis. Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau

Seven Jun. 26-Jul. 1 St. Lawrence River Ogdensburg, N.Y. St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce and the City of Ogdensburg

Eight Jul. 21-26 Lake Champlain Burlington, Vt. Experience Vermont

The Bass Pro Tour began in 2019 and features 80 of the best professional anglers in the world, including Kevin VanDam, Edwin Evers, Aaron Martens, Mike Iaconelli, Jordan Lee, and Skeet Reese. Each stage includes six days of competition using the Major League Fishing, catch-weigh-and-immediately-release format, where every bass over one-pound counts toward a cumulative weight total for the day. The field of 80 anglers is divided into two groups of 40 to compete on days one and two respectively for the Shotgun Round. On days three and four, the Elimination Round culls the field based on a combined 2-day total weight from each angler’s Shotgun and Elimination Round. The top 20 anglers from each group in the Elimination Round (40 total) advance to the Knockout Round on day five, which determines who will compete on that final day, the Championship Round, for the Stage title and $100,000. 

In addition to the economic impact on a host community, Major League Fishing showcases the region through their award-winning, live and linear programming. Each Stage of the Bass Pro Tour is broadcast live on the Major League Fishing app, MyOutdoorTV (MOTV), and, totaling more than 325 hours of original programming. Fans can follow the fast-paced nature of the MLF format as it unfolds on the live leaderboard through “SCORETRACKER® updates.” Highlights from each Stage of the 2020 Bass Pro Tour will air on Discovery Network beginning in July 2020 and Sportsman Channel in early 2021. 

“MLF offers the strongest broadcast presence in the industry to fans and sponsors,” said Jim Wilburn, President and CEO of Major League Fishing. “And with these lakes planned for this coming Bass Pro Tour, we know 2020 will be our best year yet as we continue to capture a broad audience of both longtime fishing fans and those new to the sport, thanks to our fast-paced, fan-friendly format,” 

About Major League Fishing    
Founded in 2011, Major League Fishing (MLF) brings the high-intensity sport of competitive bass fishing into America’s living rooms on Outdoor Channel, Discovery, CBS, CBS Sports Network, World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, and on-demand on MyOutdoorTV (MOTV). The Bass Pro Tour consists of eight events and a championship streamed live on and MOTV. 

MLF recently announced an agreement to acquire Fishing League Worldwide (FLW), which expands their portfolio to include the largest grassroots fishing organization, including the strongest five-fish format professional bass fishing tour, the FLW Pro Circuit (formerly FLW Tour), as well as the FLW Series, FLW Bass Fishing League (BFL), and high school and college tournament circuits. 

For more information on the league and anglers, visit and follow MLF on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Mailing address: Major League Fishing
1000 Chopper Cir
Denver, CO 80204-5805


Coppertone Products

Coppertone Sunscreens Will Protect You from the Sun's Harmful Rays

Today, melanoma cases are on the increase - and is one of the major & deadliest Cancer killers. Be safe, apply sunscreen frequently, and stay out of the sun during peak hours. Coppertone makes various sunscreens to choose from depending on your outdoor activities and preferences, as follows:

Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen

The company's Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen is available in SPF 15, 30, 50, and 70 6 oz. continuous spray, and has a unique, patented technology that delivers a continuous spray you can control. Coppertone Sport sunscreens stay on strong when you sweat so they won't run into eyes and sting, while protecting skin during vigorous outdoor exercise. This first-to-market innovation from the #1 sport sunscreen brand provides an improved delivery solution designed to help reduce mess and waste through targeted sunscreen application.

According to the company, it is:

-- The only sunscreen product line with patented accurate spray technology

-- Continuous Spray Sunscreen you can control

-- High performance, durable formulas

-- Controlled application designed to reduce waste and mess

-- Stays on strong when you sweat; won't run into eyes ad sting

-- Water resistant (80 minutes)

-- Photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection

It is available nationwide at food, drug and most internet retailers for the suggested retail price of $9.99.

Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30

This lip balm worked great while I was kayaking, feels good on my lips and does the job.

It is a convenient new lip offering from the #1 sport sunscreen brand and helps smooth and soften lips while providing broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

It is portable; photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection; and water resistant (80 minutes).

Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30 is available in 15 oz., and available nationwide at food, drug, mass and internet retailers for the suggested retail price of $2.99.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lotion

Available in SPF 30, 50, 80 and 100+. I especially liked the feel of this lotion which protected my skin during my kayaking with bright sun shining down. It didn't run into my eyes or sting and offered, according to the manufacturer, broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and helped fortify skin's natural defenses by replenishing the antioxidants depleted during sun exposure.

It is water resistant for 80 minutes; photostable, broad spectrum, UVA/UVB protection, is enriched with replenishing antioxidants to help fortify skin's natural defenses and has a no slip grip.

Note: All Coppertone lotions and sprays with an SPF 15 or greater in stores today already meet the newly announced 2012 standard for 'broad spectrum' protection.

This product is available in SPF 30 and 50 in 8 oz. lotions; SPF 80 in 6 oz. lotion; and SPF 100+ in 4 oz. lotion. It is available nationwide at food, drug, mass and Internet retailers at a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Stick SPF 55

The sunscreen in this stick stays on when you sweat and protects skin during outdoor activities year-round. It also offers broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays which can cause sun damage and burning.

It is water resistant for 80 minutes; is portable; photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and specially formulated to provide spot protection for sun exposed areas like the ears, nose and face.

Available in 0.6 oz, at nationwide food, drug mass and Internet retailers at the suggested retail price of $5.49.

Perfective Ceuticals

Perfective Ceuticals' Ultra-light Sunscreen SPR 40 with Titanium Dioxide Not Only Protects Skin, It Improves Appearance

NOTE: I tried this new sunscreen and found it applies easily, isn't greasy like most sunscreen products tend to be, has no odor (great for those allergic to perfumes); and was great for my skin.

No doubt you've read or heard from your physician how important it is to protect against skin damage - especially when you're out fishing. Perhaps you don't use a sunblock thinking it's cloudy out? Wrong. You can get severe skin damage even when the sun isn't shining. And, especially while fishing when you're outdoors most of the time. Thankfully, Perfective Ceuticals has introduced its Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide.

This proprietary formula, developed by Perfetive Ceuticals with the help of biochemists and doctors, not only provides protection against UVA and UVB rays, but it improves the texture and appearance of skin the more it's used, according to the company. Perfect to wear alone, over daily moisturizer or as an invisible makeup primer, this sunscreen can help reduce the size of noticeable pores.

Its beneficial ingredients inclufe:

-- Titanium Dioxide: An earth mineral used in sunscreens. Capable of creating a physical barrier to block both UVA and UVB

-- Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: An herb used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-irritant.

-- Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: A form of Vitamin C Ester. Works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent cellular aging by inhibiting the cross-linking collagen, oxidation of proteins and lipid percutaneous absorption and stability.

-- Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract: Has positive effects on improvement of noticeable pores, and improvement of skin elasticity.

Using an exclusive ultra-light technology, Perfective Ceuticals' Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide glides on smoothly leaving the skin with a soft, non-grasy finish. It is non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

This product retails for $36. For more details and to purchase, go to web site

About Perfective Ceuticals:

Perfective Ceuticals is allied with renowned biochemists, medical specialists and doctors in developing the finest and most advanced formulas to provide comprehensive solutions targeting the aspects of skin aging. The company addresses the importance of complimenting cutting edge science with naturally derived ingredients and century old methods that have proven results.



CGEAR Sand-FreeBackpack

I tried this new product both when I went fishing and also boating -- and it's excellent. CGEAR Sand-Free Backpack is a versatile beach bag designed to be as functional as it is durable. It features a see-through mesh body, fold-over top, hanging loop, and a zippered bottom compartment made from the only patented sand-free technology on the market. I loaded it with a lot of my fishing equipment when I went ocean fishing -- and found the bag free of sand even when I put it down on the sane. It also worked great in my kayak. When a motorboat caused a wave to splash on the bag - both fishing gear and my iPhone - everything remained dry.

It's similar to the company's sand-free totes but with the convenience of over-the-back carry, and this bag is perfect for a range of outdoor and water-related activities and adventures.

Hassle-Free Durability – In addition to its open-mesh design, this bag uses only high-quality PE / PVC material to ensure extreme durability and resistance to water, stains, mold, and UV damage.


The company's proprietary system works by staggering precisely engineered layers to form a type of conveyor belt. As you walk, particles of sand, dirt, and dust naturally sift through the fabric. Because the layers are staggered, sand can only go one way (out), so debris won’t come up through the bag when you set it down. Because only high quality material is used, this bag is quick-dry, won't have that moldy smell, and is UV resistant.

In addition to its zippered bottom compartment, the CGEAR Sand-Free Backpack has an internal sand-free pocket, adjustable polymer buckles, and a fold-over top that can accommodate different sized loads.


Dimensions: 19” (H) x 16.5” (W)
Weight: 1.06lbs
Perfect for carrying a CGEAR Sandlite Beach Mat – as well as towels, toys, refreshments, snacks, and more.

Sand-Free Weave Technology
Mold-Free Material
UV Resistant


Get FREE Shipping when you order any Backpack.*

For more information or to order, contact CGEAR, 1017 N. La Cienega Blvd., #216, Hollywood, CA 90067.


Mossy Oak's Evolution Outdoor Design Tackle Bags and Backpacks Now Available in Mossy Oak Elements Agua

Mossy Oak Fishing is proud to partner with Evolution Outdoor Design to launch an all-new product line featuring Mossy Oak Elements Agua, the official pattern of B.AS.S. on premium fishing tackle bags and a backpack. The entire product line includes eight different product models, all of which are designed with a wide variety of functionality for anglers of all skill levels and are tailored to the needs of all styles of fishing, whether saltwater, or freshwater.

Large Mouth Double Decker Mossy Oak Tackle Backpack

Durable 600 denier polyester
High capacity double decker backpack
Largemouth opening for quick access
Padded top carry handle
Gusseted exterior zipper pockets
Padded backpack straps with sternum strap
Exterior EVA plier holster on side pocket
Holds up to 4 - 3600 tackle trays in top compartment
Bottom compartment tray storage holds up to 3 trays
Includes 3 trays
Size: 18" x 16" x 7.5" Inches

Large Mouth In-line Mossy Oak Tackle Bag - 3700

Durable 600 denier polyester
In-Line shape for maximum storage
Largemouth opening for quick access
Gusseted exterior zipper pockets
Padded top carry handle
Rubberized mesh slip pocket on back side
Built-in bait binder in front gusseted zipper pocket
Removable shoulder strap
Holds up to 6 trays (3 + 3 side-by-side)
Includes 3 trays (3600)
Mossy Oak Manta/Grey
Size: 25.5" x 9" x 7.75" Inches

Large Mouth Mossy Oak Tackle Bag - 3600

Durable 600 denier polyester
Wide mouth opening for easy access
Padded carry handle
Gusseted exterior zipper pockets
Zippered mesh pocket inside of front pocket
Rubberized mesh slip pocket on back
Adustable, padded removable shoulder strap
Includes 3 trays(3600)
Size: 15.5" x 8.5" x 10.5" Inches

Mossy Oak launched Elements Agua at the ICAST show in July 2017. Since then, Elements Agua has been named the official pattern of B.A.S.S. and can be see on the top-performing anglers in professional fishing.

All products are available now at


Plano 4870-40 Elite Kevin Van Dam Signature Series Tackle Bag

I've been using this tackle bag for several months and find it incredibly handy for all of my gear so that I can just reach in, know where everything is, and quick access to my lures and gear.

• Included:

• Molded waterproof, non-skid base

• Padded removable shoulder strap for ease in carrying your gear to fishing site/boat

• Four zippered pockets, three external pockets and multiple interior pockets

• 23.5 x 14.5 x14 inches weighing 7.8 pounds

and 5 plastic boxes with compartments you can set up according to needs.

Available at sporting goods, fishing stores and on-line. For more information, contact Plano Synergy Holdings, 431 E. South St., Plano, IL 60545; 630.552.9499 Office


Scientific Anglers M-Series Waterproof Fly Boxes

The C&F Design from Scientific Anglers offers four new medium size Micro-Slit foam fly boxes that can fit into more pockets than the larger C&F waterproof boxes. They provide extra depth to protect flies even better, and several foam options are offered (Streamer, 8 row, 10 row and 14 row) so properly secure all kinds of flies.

JW Outfitters Fishing Backpack from 3M Scientific Anglers

You can, indeed, bring everything along on your next fishing trip -- rain gear, camera, insect repellent, even lunch, and have it on hand at all times. How? By using the enormous amount of storage space in the new JW Outfitters Fishing Backpack from 3M Scientific Anglers. With a main compartment offering 1731 cubic-inches of storage, an 850 cubic-inch separate nylon mesh wet compartment with expandable pleats, and two side pockets, this backpack is ideal for fly anglers whether on vacation or at their favorite home-town fishing hole. Designed with comfort in mind, it includes load-adjusting compression straps, adjustable padded shoulder straps, a thermal-formed back panel, plus dedicated space for a rod tube so you can keep your hands free when hiking into remote spots. The wet compartment will stow waders and boots, while the removable dry bag keeps wet and dry gear separate. Mesh drain holes release water in case you’ve waded in a little too deep! Constructed from urethane-coated 500-denier nylon fabric, along with heavy-duty #10 zippers in all high-stress points, the backpack, which retails for under $99.95, is offered in both green and willow colors.

For more information, check web site, For the nearest dealer, call 1-800-430-5000.


Readi-Lure Passion Pink Tackle Box... a Great Gift for Gals

Tackle Tech, the "Made in America" makers of the renowned Readi-Lure tackle box, introduce for the Lady Angler -- the new Passion Pink tackle box!

The Readi-Lure tackle box has been highly acclaimed by dozens of outdoor writers who have tested it, and thousands of anglers who have purchased it, and found that its unique design and ultra-high volume capacity, leave the competition with that "sinking feeling."
Able to store over 200 lures without getting tangled, and instantly enable an angler to locate and quickly change baits or lures, the Readi-Lure tackle box has been traditionally offered in green, chartreuse or clear.

Retailing for $79.95 plus shipping, the new Passion Pink is another innovative design from Tackle Tech of Lubbock, TX. Armor™ Series: Ready for any adventure no matter what Mother Nature brings! This fully rugged line of interactive cases safeguards from rain, dust, dirt, drops and other mishaps. With a fully rugged polycarbonate shell and impact-absorbing rubber inside the case to cradle the device, iPods and iPhones can now handle drops, splashes or bumps with ease. Clickwheels and screens remain completely interactive and protected by a thin, scratch-resistant, hi-impact polycarbonate membrane. Available for the iPhone, nano, classic and touch, the Armor™ series protects devices so you can take your technology virtually anywhere, rain or shine!**

As experts in Apple® iPod protection, Otter Products, LLC. offers a variety of cases for any iPod, iPhone or technology enthusiast. For more information call 888-695-8820 or



Fitovers Eyewear & Baby Boomers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the number of people turning 60 in the United States in 2006 was 7,918 per day. (330 per hour). It is estimated that there will be 57.8 million baby boomers living in 2030; 54.9% would be female. That year, boomers would be between ages of 66 and 84.

Fitovers® Eyewear introduced their first sunglass, designed to be worn over prescription eyewear in 1993. Since then the Australia based company has changed the way people think about sunglasses fitting over the top of prescription glasses. Target Market: Anyone 55 to 90 that wears prescription eyewear.

With 10 fashionable styles everyone is sure to find the perfect fit for their prescription glasses. Fitovers® Eyewear products are extremely lightweight; so the prescription eyeglass wearer be unaware they are wearing two pairs of glasses.

In the United States there is great concern for skin cancer and everyone is using sunscreen to make sure that their skin is protected from damaging (UV) rays. Sun Protection for the eyes is not taken as serious as sunscreen for skin in the United States. It is believed that overexposing your eyes to damaging UV rays can lead to eye disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Advantages of Fitovers® Eyewear products:

1) Lenses: Premium Polarized PDX™ front and side lenses with 100% UV A & UV B protection: Polarized lenses completely block out annoying glare and reflection. Fitovers® Eyewear Products are available in 4 lens tints: PDX™ Grey, PDX™ Amber, PDX™ Blue Mirror and TriLenium™ Gold by Eagle Eyes®.

2) Lightweight and Comfortable: Fitovers® Eyewear products are made of Crystal Nylonand are so lightweight that they float over your prescription eyewear. The prescription eyeglass wearer will not even realize they are wearing two pairs of glasses.

3) Fashionable colors and styles: Fitovers® Eyewear products are available in 16 rich fashion colors – Midnight Oil, Rustic Bronze, Sapphire, Blue Marble, Olive Crystal and Claret to name a few. 10 fashionable styles are available to fit perfectly over a variety of prescription eyewear.

4) Alternative to expensive prescription sunglasses: The Jonathan Paul Fitovers® Eyewear collection retails for $49.95. A pair of prescription-polarized sunglasses with a progressive lens (a progressive lens is a bifocal or a trifocal in the lens, but it is invisible) will cost $600 to $700.

5) Prescription Changes: There is no need to worry about buying new prescription sunglasses when your prescription changes – simply put the Fitovers® Eyewear products over your new prescription glasses.

6) Convenience: Keep a pair in your car, on your boat, in your Fishing tackle box, or in your golf bag. When you need sun protection the most they will be there to fit over your prescription glasses.

For information on Fitovers™ Eyewear products visit web site or call toll free customer service at 888-834-8872 ext 104


In addition to producing sportfishing programs for television, Flying Fisherman® launched its line of polarized eyewear in 1985 after years of research and development in the Florida Keys, its home base since 1972. The extreme sun and harsh conditions in the Florida Keys, along with the tremendous variety of game fish, provide the best fishing opportunity in continental America, and phenomenal product testing grounds.

During the production of the company's sportfishing TV programs, polarized camera lenses were used to reduce glare and capture the action. Sight fishing and deep-water action revealed the obvious need for polarized eyewear as well, just as local sportfishing professionals needed polarized sunglasses to do their daily job. Add the three big reasons for "turn over" -- glasses being lost, scratched, or broken -- and the company discovered a need for quality, affordable, polarized eyewear.

Flying Fisherman® Polarized Sunglasses are designed by fishermen for fishermen, and are a quality alternative to expensive eyewear. Every fishing environment out there, except for ice fishing, is available in the Florida Keys…from gin clear to brackish brown water, the deep blue Atlantic, sand and grass flats, and more. It's here that top sportfishing professionals assist us every day in field testing and developing new products...before the Flying Fisherman® brand name is put on them.

The Quality Alternative to Expensive Eyewear

Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are designed to provide quality, affordable polarized eyewear. More than 35 frame styles and a variety of AcuTint™ Sunlens options make up the collection, from classic, traditional models to sleek wrap around designs and mirrored lens treatments, Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are both stylish and fully functional, and offer uncompromising clarity, performance and value.

Polarization & UV Protection

The process of polarization uses a special filter to absorb glare producing light waves reflected off horizontal surfaces. Flying Fisherman AcuTint™ lenses eliminate glare with minimal color distortion, sharpen visul acuity and reduce eye strain.

Flying Fisherman Sunglasses provide maximum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and meet or exceed FDA, ANSI and European(CE) standards for general purpose eyewear.

AcuTint™ SunLenses

Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are offered in five durable lens materials.
• Precision Ground & Polished Polarized Glass
• Virtually Indestructible Polarized Polycarbonate
• Polished Polarized Glass
• S13 Hard Coated Polarized Plastic
• Premium 1.1mm Polarized Plastic

The color of the sunlens is critical to the ability of your sunglasses to function under various conditions. Flying Fisherman AcuTint™ sunlens system offers the most effective lens tints in the color spectrum.

Smoke - Best for bright, sunny conditions such as deep water, lakes and offshore fishing. Blue mirror coating available with some styles.

Amber - Excellent for shallow water fishing, cloudy or rainy days, or other high contrast conditions. Green mirror coating available with some styles.

Yellow-Amber - Great for fishing in extremely low light, like early morning or late evening.

Vermillion - A favorite for sight fishing, muddy water and low light conditions. Red/Gold mirror coating available with some styles.

For more information or a free catalog, please contact 1-800-3-FLYFISH (800-335-9347) or 305-852-8989 FAX 305-853-0100, PO Box 545, Islamorada, The Florida Keys, 33036

Flying Fisherman® Introduces Polaris With Full Wrap And Lens Flair Lens Designed For Maximum Eye Coverage

Guide response to the new Polaris sunglasses by Flying Fisherman® for 2008 has been excellent.  The most favored design feature was a toss up between the anti-fogging breather ducts built into the TR90 frames, and the extra light weight -- just .9 ounces. The frames have an adjustable wishbone nose bridge with super soft, comfortable nose pads, and the same super soft materials are used in the grip tip temple pads. The virtually indestructible RhinoLenses are 70mm wide, for excellent coverage, and are made of optically correct polycarbonate for superior visual acuity. There'‚s an extended flair at the base of the lenses to enhance the wrap around design, providing maximum eye protection.

Flying Fisherman's AcuTint lens color system -- in smoke with a Dark Crystal Gray frame, amber with a Dark Crystal Brown frame, and Vermillion with Crystal Black frame -- is the final ingredient added to the new Polaris style, priced at $65 US retail.

The Polaris, along with two other new Master Angler Series additions, the Caribbean and Madrid, will be available this fall.

For a look at all Flying Fisherman® products, visit


Mossy Oak GO Now Streaming "Break Down" with Gerald Swindle

Mossy Oak GO is now streaming "Break Down," an all-new series, featuring Major League Fishing pro and Mossy Oak Fishing Team member, Gerald "G-Man" Swindle. Available only on Mossy Oak GO, "Break Down" will follow Swindle as he travels to some of the most popular lakes and rivers in the U.S., offering his professional approach to each body of water. Swindle will provide an in-depth insight into every variable of his strategy, including everything to consider as it relates to the specific water he is on and the fish that dwell within it.

The first episode finds Swindle in the Missouri Ozarks as he breaks down the legendary Table Rock Lake.

Mossy Oak Fishing recently announced Mossy Oak GO, its all-new 100% FREE television and mobile digital streaming platform, offering on-demand access, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, with any device to Mossy Oak's latest video offerings as well as archived content since the launch of Mossy Oak Productions in 1995.

With Mossy Oak GO, viewers don't have to deal with expensive subscription rates or being interrupted by redundant commercials. Mossy Oak Fishing made it simple. Viewers download the app through a preferred streaming platform and start watching free, uninterrupted outdoors entertainment. Download Mossy Oak GO and stream "Break Down: Table Rock Lake" now:

To learn more about Mossy Oak GO, visit and to learn more about Mossy Oak, visit

"IGFA Saltwater Adventures"

IGFA Saltwater Adventures is presented in stunning high-definition as Boyce takes viewers to some of the world's best saltwater fishing locations: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Tahiti, the Seychelles, Grand Cayman, Grenada and Southern California. Viewers can live and fish vicariously through Boyce as he stays at the best resorts, visits the local hot spots, and heads out on the water for a memorable, and potentially world record setting, fishing adventure.

About WFN: World Fishing Network

WFN: World Fishing Network is the only 24/7 television network dedicated to all segments of fishing with programming that covers instruction, tips, tournaments, travel, food, boating, outdoor lifestyle and more. WFN's wide-ranging programming lineup includes primetime theme nights, a selection of the best international series and the most diverse species coverage of any TV channel. Featuring popular programs hosted by the world's top anglers, WFN offers a variety of exclusive lifestyle shows including; Hookin' Up with Mariko Izumi, Reel Fishy Jobs with Mark Melnyk, The Lodge and Getting School'd with JP DeRose. The beauty of WFN's programming is available in 100 percent stunning High Definition. WFN's multimedia platform includes a mobile portal for the Apple and Android platforms, WFN Fishing Log app for the iPhone and iPad and a robust fishing website,

For more information, visit


How to Keep Chicken Livers Stay on Hooks

Get a large can, place livers in it and salt each layer with non-iodized salt. Then put the can in the refrigerator for a few days. You'll find that the livers got hardened somewhat and besides not worrying about the spoiling, they won't fall off your hook - but will catch the fish you're after!

Bass Tips


Throughout much of their range, white bass can be caught readily even in the heart of winter. White bass are usually not difficult to catch but it does pay to have several varieties of lures ready to use with different fishing conditions and moods of the fish. My #1 choice is a small white jig with either a hair dressing or small plastic curly tail. Sizes from 3/16—1/32 ounce are best. If jigs don’t produce, a good choice is a tailspinner such as the Blakemore Roadrunner. Small vibrating lures also can work well. If they are concentrated in tight schools on a deep hole, try 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 ounce slab spoons or small blade type lures. Edwin Evers is a 11-time Bassmaster Classic® Qualifier For more tips, log onto

Tips from the Boat Owners Association of the United States

Winterizing Your Boat - the Right Way

The Boat Owners Association of The United States has reviewed its insurance claim files and reports the following six most common mistakes made when winterizing a boat:

1. Failure to drain the engine block: Surprisingly, it's the balmy states of California, Florida, Texas, Alabama and Georgia where boaters are most likely to have freeze-related damage to engine blocks - and it routinely occurs to boats stored ashore. Water retains heat longer than air so boats left in the slip are less susceptible to sudden freezing.

2. Failure to drain water from sea strainer: Like an engine, the seawater strainer must be winterized or residual water could freeze and rupture the watertight seal. Sometimes you don't know it's damaged until spring launching and water begins to trickle in.

3. Failure to close seacocks: For boats left in the water, leaving seacocks open over the winter is like going on extended vacation without locking the house. If a thru-hull cannot be closed the vessel must be stored ashore - the sole exception are cockpit drains. Heavy snow loads can also force your boat under, allowing water to enter through hulls normally well above the water line.

4. Clogged petcocks: Engine cooling system petcocks clogged by rust or other debris can prevent water from fully draining. If it's plugged, try using a coat hanger to clear the blockage or use the engine's intake hose to flush anti-freeze through the system.

5. Leaving open boats in the water over winter: Boats with large open cockpits or low freeboard can easily go under by accumulated snow. Always store them ashore.

6. Using bimini covers as winter storage covers: A cover that protects the crew from the sun does a lousy job protecting the boat from freezing rain and snow. Unlike a bonafide winter cover, biminis tend to rip apart and age prematurely by the effects of winter weather.

BoatU.S. - Boat Owners Association of The United States - is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters providing its 670,000 members with a wide array of consumer services including a group-rate marine insurance program that insures nearly a quarter million boats; the largest fleet of more than 500 towing assistance vessels; discounts on fuel, slips, and repairs at over 835 Cooperating Marinas; boat financing; and a subscription to BoatU.S. Magazine, the most widely read boating publication in the U.S. For membership information visit or call 800-395-2628.

For a free copy of the BoatU.S. Winterizing Guide full of tips to help you prepare your vessel for the winter, go to and click on "Winterizing Your Boat," or call 800-283-2883.

Tips from

SOUND ADVICE -- from Kevin VanDam, Bassmaster Classic Champion.

Fish can hear as well as they see, but sound waves don’t transmit well from air to water,
so talking is OK. Sound waves do however travel much better through the water, from land to water, and from boat to water. That means fish can easily hear any bumps or bangs in
your boat, a fly line or big lure hitting the water, your engine and trolling motor, the wake
of your boat splashing, and any other sounds they don’t normally hear. Unless you want to spook a big fish that was just waiting to strike your lure, you need to be aware of every sound you make and be as quiet as you possibly can.

TIPS FOR WALLEYE from Garry Parsons on the Professional Walleye Trail at

If you’re seeing walleye suspended 6 or 8 feet off the bottom, and, yes, walleye do suspend, tie up an extra-long snell on 4-pound test line. Attach a floating jig head and inflate your nightcrawler with a worm blower. That should get your offering into the fish zone. When you find walleyes holding over flat, featureless areas, they’ll usually be scattered unless something specific is holding them in a given area. A crankbait is a good choice of lure to cover the flats. It allows you to cover water quickly. If legal, multiple lines can be used behind trolling boards to allow you to cover a wider band of water. Gary Parsons competes on the

STOP FISHING Tips from Stacey King, a 12-time Bassmaster Classic® Qualifier

Fish follow the lure all the way back to the boat but refuse to strike. What do you do? Some people recommend speeding up your retrieve to elicit a take from a trailing fish. Others say slow down your retrieve. Still others say to make a figure eight with your rod tip at the side of the boat to draw a strike. These all work at times, but I’m suggesting you just stop your retrieve entirely. Many species of fish will strike the dropping lure with a vengeance. In murky water, watch for the slightest twitch in the line. In clear water, let the lure drop until you see it hit bottom—if a fish doesn’t suck it in before that. Some fish will even pick it up off the bottom. This works with all types of baits, but it’s deadly with jigs,
plastic worms, and spinnerbaits.

Tips from Northland Tackle

Catching Crappies! “Slabs of Spring” by Travis Peterson

Across Canada and the northern United States, “ice-out” is like a long awaited holiday. Each spring, the first anglers to float the boat are often in search of crappies. Initially, an ice-free lake will have fairly consistent temperatures throughout. Within a week of ice-out however, “warm-spots” will develop. This translates to “hot-spots” for the anxious slab chaser, as water temperature is the key to locating early spring crappies.

After a long lazy winter, crappies move shallow. Not to spawn, rather, they are drawn to the shallows in search of basic comforts; warm water and food. It’s here that a flurry of life in the form of insect larvae, zooplankton, and other bottom critters occurs. Minnows move in to feast on the buffet of micro-organisms. Crappies soon follow and feast on all of the above. During this time period, crappie location is as predictable as it will be all season.

Scoutin’ Slabs
No need to rise early for spring crappies. The afternoon hours are generally more productive as the water in a given area will often heat up a few additional degrees. Afternoon air temps are typically more appealing to the spring angler as well.

Read the rest of the story at website

Fishing & Outdoor Tips from Wrangler Rugged Wear®

---Tune crankbaits to swim crooked

Woo Daves of the Wrangler Rugged Wear Outdoor Advisory Team tunes his crankbaits to run crooked. 'When I'm fishing boat docks I know the bass are usually going to be on the shady side,' says Daves. 'So I will tune my Bagley's crankbait to run off to the side just a little so it can bump each piling, triggering strikes as it comes off. This little trick catches a lot of bass other fisherman miss.'

---Talk to the fishes

Woo Daves of the Wrangler Rugged Wear Outdoor Advisory Team adcises 'After you catch the first fish of the day, let the fish tell you how to catch the next one. In a manner of speaking, ask him where he was. Was he on a point? Was he on a shaded bank or warming up in the sun? Was he on a rock, clay, sand? Was he in stained water or clear water? Did he react to the lure in anger or eat it for food? Put all this information together and a lot of times you can determine a pattern quickly and have a great fishing trip.'

---Don't fish and hunt alone

One sees fishing and hunting differently with advancing age. Bodie McDowell, the dean of outdoor writers and a sage on the Wrangler Rugged Wear Outdoor Advisory Team, offers this perspective. 'There was a time when many of us fished or hunted alone. For safety and enjoyment, fish or hunt with a friend. Not only will it be safer but you may pick up a fresh tip or two, proving that old sportsmen, as well as old dogs, can learn new tricks.'

---Get permission to fish farm ponds

Farm ponds offer terrific fishing. Look for them as you drive around. But, before you wet a line, get permission from the owner. Sometimes such permission will not be granted because the owner has a commitment or a lease arrangement with somebody else. Bodie McDowell of the Wrangler Rugged Wear Outdoor Advisory Team explains how important it is to speak with the owner of the pond. After receiving permission, Bodie says you should discuss their policy for keeping or releasing fish, offer to catch and clean a few for them, and also offer payment or services to help maintain the pond.

---From Woo: Flipping grass?

When flipping heavy grass, world champion Woo Daves recommends anglers use a small crawdad imitation because it slides through the heavy cover to the bottom more efficiently. 'Some craws have big flappers which prevent them from dropping through the grass to the bottom,' Daves said. A member of the Wrangler Rugged Wear Outdoor Advisory Team, Daves typically uses a craw with small pinchers like the Zoom Crittercraw. He also sprays it with a fish scent. 'It makes the lure slick so it goes through heavy mat a lot better and fish hold on to it longer, too,' said Daves.

---Offshore, use the current to position boat and bait

Two of the biggest obstacles to successful offshore reef fishing are stiff currents and big waves. For a natural presentation in rough water, Texas professional Larry Bozka of the Wrangler Rugged Wear Outdoor Advisory Team, uses a light egg weight above the swivel. He slowly pays out line until the rig reaches the desired depth. The bait will suspend in the strike zone instead of bouncing up and down with the wave action. Bozka also anchors the boat well up current from the reef and then lets the tidal current carry the bait back to the precise location where the fish have been marked.

Night time is the best time, angler

Big fish put on a feed before winter. Ron Tussel, Wrangler Rugged Wear professional and host of 'The Pennsylvania Sportsman' TV series, says trophy fish - stripers, walleyes, bass, muskies - will tend to feed at night and anglers should take advantage of that. 'I think the wall-hangers are a little less cautious at night and, of course, there‚s less pressure on them at night,' said Tussel. 'Anglers need to change little in the way of gear or tactics,' Tussel said. „Except they'll want to wear a good headlamp and bring a strong beam flashlight or spotlight for navigation.'

Tips from Yamaha Marine

Yamaha Marine's Tips on How to Find More Fish

A modern LCD depth finder is good for a lot more than just showing water depth. It is one of the most important pieces of fishing tackle on your boat no matter what kind of fishing you do, which is why they are also called “fish finders.” Unfortunately, many new to fishing don’t understand the critical role an LCD depth finder can play, especially given the fact that there are many species of fish classified as structure dependent. A quality depth finder functions as another pair of eyes, allowing you to view what is going on underneath your boat. Turning it on with everything set to automatic might be fine for running, but it is capable of so much more when fishing.

Here are some suggestions that will help you get the most from your unit so it can help you catch more fish. Sonar works by transmitting audible signals from the transducer at specific frequencies into the water, and capturing the return signal after it bounces off the bottom or an object in between. The sonar beam is similar
to a inverted ice cream cone, with the widest section at the bottom. The deeper the
water, the wider the area surveyed.The return signal is channeled through a microprocessor and displayed on the monitor as a two-dimensional picture of a threedimensional world. The images are affected by the power output and frequency of the transducer, the processing filters, the speed of the boat, the density of the reflecting object and other factors. By manually adjusting the unit’s output and receiving operation, you can maximize the amount of information displayed. With practical experience and keen observation, you can learn to interpret the data in ways that will surprise you. Start off by turning down your unit’s filters (on some units, the filters are called “Surface Clarity,” because they reduce surface clutter on the monitor). Set at high, they can filter out important information so reduce them to the lowest preset.

Learn to read through some clutter, and you’ll see a lot more of what is really down there. Turn off the auto sensitivity feature and set the signal strength manually using the “sensitivity” or “gain” control. By increasing the output, the unit will receive stronger return signals and depict bottom structure, bait schools and fish more distinctly, even if they are near the edges of the transducer cone where the signal is weakest. It will also make subtle bottom structure easier to identify. You will even be able to determine variations in bottom composition, which will appear as a change in the thickness, and even the color of the bottom representation on screen. Why is that important? Some bottom fish prefer hard bottom rocks, mussel beds or gravel, while others prefer sand or soft sediments. Not all wrecks stick up from the bottom very high, but you can still find them watching for these changes. Are you starting to get the picture? It’s also important to use the zoom feature. Depth finders have zoom functions that let you expand a section of the water column to fill the screen. Instead of viewing from the surface to the bottom in 80 feet of water, you can zoom in on say 40-to- 80 feet, which makes bottom structure and fish holding on it easier to identify. You can even split the screen to show the full water column and the zoomed in section side-by-side. Understanding what you are seeing on the monitor requires interpretative skills that come with a little continued from large striped bass the boat just passed over. Stripers have a very strong signal return
and a definitive appearance on the LCD screen. experience. If you don’t pay attention to what you are looking at on the screen, and then relate that information to what you see in the water or at the end of your line, you’ll never make the connection.
First note that not all depth finders portray similar targets in the same way, so spend time with your unit. When it marks fish, study the signature. When
you catch one, you’ll be able to relate what kind of fish made that specific mark because different species look differently on the screen. Imagine being able to discern between striped bass and bluefish as you pass over them. Or recognizing the difference between a tuna and a small pod of baitfish. If you’re trophy hunting for big fish, spending your time around a school of large forage fish certainly ups your chances.

As you can see, depth finders are a critical factor in successful fishing excursions. Be sure to purchase a quality unit, and spend the necessary time learning how to interpret what is on the screen. The better you are with a depth finder, the better saltwater fisherman you will become and you can take that to the bank.

For more information contact Yamaha Marine Group | 1270 Chastain Road NW | Kennesaw | GA | 30144

Plastic Worms Offer a Good Alternative Throughout the Spring Months

On Heavily-Pressured Waters, Russ Lane Chooses Worms Instead of Jigs or Crankbaits
When Russ Lane gave up a promising baseball career to become a fulltime professional bass fisherman, he quickly realized he had to change his normal fishing strategies if he wanted to compete successfully against the best bass anglers in the world. The Yamaha Pro’s initial decision—looking for alternative lures—turned out to be one of the most important he’s ever made.

“Not only was I fishing against excellent fishermen, but we were all competing on heavily-pressured lakes where the bass had apparently already seen all the lures in my tackle box so they ignored them,” laughs Lane, who has since qualified for four Bassmaster Classic® championships. “I had always enjoyed fishing small plastic worms, so that lure became my alternative bait, and it’s really effective now during the spring months because very few other anglers use them.”

Lane likes a little 4 - inch worm that features a ringed body design but with a slightly larger tail. It has practically no action of its own, but the worm is still bulky enough he can rig with a larger 4/0 hook, quarter ounce slip sinker, and 22 pound fluorocarbon line.
“It’s a finesse-type lure I can power fish with stronger tackle,” explains the Yamaha Pro, “and while it’s a great alternative lure throughout the spring months, it’s actually a very good lure throughout the year. I can pitch and flip it to boat docks, brush, stumps, practically any form of cover in water less than five feet deep.

“I nearly always use the very same presentation, too, regardless of what I’m fishing. I like to pitch the worm to the cover, let it fall to the bottom, then just let it sit motionless there for several seconds. When I do move it, I barely raise my rod so the worm only glides a foot or two before settling back to the bottom. It’s during that slow, subtle glide that the bass hit it.”

Lane’s realization he needed to find an alternative lure to use when fishing “used water” behind other pros isn’t unique, but his lure choice is certainly unusual. Most of his contemporaries change to fast-moving crankbaits in hopes of generating reflex-type strikes, so his ultra-slow retrieve—he rarely even hops the worm—truly is something the bass don’t see that often.’

“I think it’s effective because the worm looks extremely natural in the water,” continues Lane. “Bass aren’t spooked by it because it’s not an intrusive or aggressive movement. I know bass hear the worm as it hits the water and then sinks to the bottom, but instead of darting away, I envision them swimming up to within a few inches of the worm while I’m letting it sit there motionless. 
“When I slowly lift my rod and move the worm, it just slowly rises off the bottom and glides a very short distance. For a bass, that type of movement represents a very easy target, and I think that’s why they hit it so well, even during the post-spawn season when fish typically are not very active.”
Lane also likes fishing the small worm because it catches all sizes of bass throughout the day. He’s caught numerous fish in the six pound range using his slow presentation, and he credits the worm with helping him qualify for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic.® He used his technique in all eight Elite Series qualifying tournaments, from Florida to Arkansas to Wisconsin, and ranked 28th in the B.A.S.S.® Angler of the Year standings.

“I don’t believe there’s a lake or river system in the country where this little worm and my slow presentation won’t catch at least some bass,” concludes the Yamaha Pro. “I really started fishing this worm as an alternative bait, but now it’s become one of my favorite lures, and I use it wherever I go.”


Cape Cod Weather Glass

Tired of relying on inaccurate weather forecasts? Do what I did -- buy a Cape Cod Weather Glass. It’s a fun way to predict weather changes, and just as sailors who navigated clipper ships had to rely on weather glasses to warn of approaching storms, today’s weather glasses can be even more accurate than the weather station’s news. All you have to do is watch the rise and fall of colored water in the glass. Predicting weather up to 24 hours away, a rise means a storm is approaching; a fall means clear weather.

Available from Gardener’s Supply Company (128 Intervale Road, Burlington, VT05401; 1-800-427-3363), it’s available in a brass holder or black holder for $26.95 plus postage.

New Jersey's Trout in the Classroom

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is a supplementary educational activity supported by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife. Teachers using the program provide a unique experience for their students and affectively teach lessons in a variety of disciplines. Raising trout is a hands-on activity that engages students and helps to connect them to real-life water quality, fish and wildlife issues and problems . . . and inspires them to seek solutions. Watching fish hatch from eggs and develop from fry to fingerlings generates enthusiasm among students and helps them develop caring attitudes about fish species and their habitats. This is the first step in fostering a sense of stewardship for the planet.

The program encompasses not only science, but also language arts, mathematics, social studies and art. The program is easily adapted to the students. the TIC activity guide is correlated to the New Jesey Science Standards.

The Division of Fish and Wildlife supplies brook trout eggs from the Pequest Trout Hatchery at no charge to teachers who want to raise trout in their classrooms. Members of Trout Unlimited in New Jersey have pledged to support this program through their chapters. This program is a partnership between TU, teachers, and the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Trout Unlimited plays a vital role in the Trout in the Classroom program by delivering eggs on egg Day and assisting schools with equipment problems. Some chapter members have expertise in aquatic insects and will work with kids on fly tying or aquatic insect identificiation. All TIC classes are invited to a special tour and fishing experience at the Pequest Trout Hatchery.

To learn more about Trout in the Classroom, visit or write to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife TIC Coordinator, Jessica Griglak, at 605 Pequest Road, Oxford, NJ 07863; 908-637-4125 or e-mail

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